Pharmaceutical business plan

The main goals of the company

Before forming a business plan for a company, it is necessary to understand its main goals, on which the strategy for the development of pharmaceutical production will be based. Such a company is being created for the production of medicines and their marketing through a network of pharmacies. But for the enterprise to be successful, during the implementation of these tasks, it is necessary to strive to satisfy the needs of all segments of the population. Therefore, when implementing a business plan, one should strive for the following:

  • Determine the volume of production capacities and try to reach them as quickly as possible.
  • Only high-quality raw materials should be used as the basis for production.
  • Strictly adhere to advanced production technologies.
  • For production, it is necessary to purchase the most modern equipment, since it is being improved at a high rate.
  • It is quite possible not to overstate the prices of products, it is quite possible to return the costs and make a profit if a moderate mark-up is established.
  • Aim at the fastest possible conquest of the market.
  • To formulate a clear policy of production, marketing, advertising.
  • Periodically update the assortment and equipment.
  • Conduct their own research on the effectiveness of drugs.
  • Create your own developments, release them under your own brand.
  • Expand the activities of the company.
  • Taking the company to the international level, conquering foreign markets.

Fundamental steps in building a business

The pharmaceutical business requires huge investments, but it can also bring huge revenues. True, in order to ensure their desired level, it is important at the very beginning to take the right steps towards its formation.

First of all, choose the optimal form of business implementation, then register it officially, obtain all the necessary permits and licenses. If your plans include the formation of production capacities, you need to build or rent a room, carry out the necessary repairs in it. Then you will need to purchase all the equipment necessary for the production, which is not cheap. At the same stage, it is worth considering the range of manufactured pharmaceutical products.

In addition, it is necessary to provide for the development of our own laboratory for quality control and research. A separate structural unit should be engaged in the development of marketing policy, promotion of the brand on the market. If you think in advance and provide for the competent development of the company in these areas, you can count on a quarter of the local market and have a real chance of gaining leadership positions in the country.

Business implementation form

A pharmaceutical company's business plan can be implemented in two ways. Either become a representative of a foreign company, or organize your own production of pharmaceutical products. Each of these options has its own advantages. Thus, the representative gets the opportunity to supply products on preferential terms, including the equipment that he needs for work. To some extent, the representative is protected from raider attacks. But the company's activities will be strictly limited to the foreign head office. Own production allows you to completely hold in your hands all the income of the enterprise and not depend on anyone.

As for the official registration of such a company, they most often stop at such an organizational and legal form as a limited liability company. This decision is dictated primarily by the fact that licenses are required to carry out pharmaceutical activities. For example, for the wholesale of medicines. And such permits are issued only to legal entities.

Construction of production facilities

For the construction of a pharmaceutical plant, it is advisable to find a land plot of about 10 hectares. Since the production belongs to the category of dangerous and poisonous, it is necessary that the plant is located at a distance of more than two kilometers from residential buildings. When choosing a site and coordinating construction with local authorities, consider the possibility of expanding production areas.

Please note that an industrial power grid must be connected to the site; for water supply, collectors are needed at a distance of about a kilometer from each other. Their diameter must be over 300 mm. Industrial and domestic wastewater should also be provided. They should be delimited so that the manufacturing enterprise can then take out and dispose of it on its own.

Today, there is a slowdown in the growth of the pharmaceutical market. Over the past 5 years, it has decreased 6 times. So, in 2021, the growth was 16%, and in 2021 this figure dropped to 1.8%. However, the total amount in monetary terms is 1.7 million rubles. The indicator is quite high. If you are smart about developing your business, you can make good money by opening your own pharmacy. However, keep in mind that the business is associated with obtaining a large number of permits.

Pharmacy organizations: types

Pharmacy owners are required by law to license their products and comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Health. Select a business category. There are the following types of pharmacies:

  • Standard. Cooperation is carried out directly with customers, and the goods are sold at retail.
  • Production. The main work is aimed at making preparations. Products are sold in bulk.
  • With the right to issue aseptic products. Has the same capabilities as a manufacturing pharmacy. Additionally, sterile medicinal products are manufactured in specialized aseptic rooms.
  • Pharmacy item. Differs in area, assortment of goods and structure of premises.
  • Pharmacy store. The activity is focused on the retail sale of goods. No preparations are made.

Certain functions are assigned to each category of the organization. The buyer can go to the pharmacy to buy medicines with a doctor's prescription. The store sells only drugs that are available for free distribution.

Graduation is made according to the method of product sales. There are open or closed pharmacies. In the first case, medicines are displayed on open shelves. The buyer can familiarize himself with the product before purchasing. In closed pharmacies, medicines are displayed on display cases under glass. Sales are controlled by a pharmacist. Choose the first implementation method if the estimated attendance exceeds 10,000 people. Open sales of medicines will increase sales by up to 30%.

How to open a pharmacy: step by step instructions

To quickly open a pharmacy, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Study the market, analyze the offers of competitors. Estimate the reset and the possible costs of starting your business.
  • Make a business plan for the pharmacy, indicating all the nuances of starting a company. Use a ready-made example of a document, reflecting personal data.
  • Find a room by renting it or buying it. At the first stage of business development, the first method is preferable. This way you will protect yourself from large expenses and will be able to direct money towards business development. However, renting will increase your monthly expenses.
  • Register a business, issue permits.
  • Hire staff. The pharmacies are staffed by employees with a pharmaceutical education.
  • Get started promoting your business. Set aside a monthly advertising budget.


To get started, register an individual entrepreneur or LLC. If we are talking about the pharmacy business, it is better to choose the second option. In the case of registration as an individual entrepreneur, you must have a university degree and 3 years of work experience. Therefore, it is easier to register an LLC. In this case, the pharmacist's diploma must be present with the director of the pharmacy.

Then select OKVED codes. If the pharmacy manufactures medicines, enter code 24.42. When a pharmacy is opened only for the sale of medicines, the code 52 is suitable. 31. Then you need to proceed to the preparation of documents. You will need:

  • license for the sale of medicines and medical supplies;
  • permission to use the premises;
  • permission from the fire department.

The pharmacy business is one of the most in demand today. The demand for medicines and related products is constantly increasing in our country. This is due to many reasons: the deterioration of the ecological situation, the growing interest of people in health, etc. All this makes the pharmacy business profitable. Owner reviews confirm this information. The article describes the competent organization of business.


Based on the analysis of the average bill, people in a pharmacy spend almost as much as in a supermarket, so a business based on the sale of medicines is quite in demand. But, according to reviews, it is quite difficult to enter this market segment. Until some time it was so, because:

  • a family business;
  • the possibility of removing administrative barriers is small;
  • it is difficult to stay without connections.

The situation is different now. Opening a pharmacy business can be a profitable business, you only need the necessary resources:

  • sufficient initial investment;
  • organizational skills;
  • hard work;
  • business activity.

A business selling medicines can be opened both in a large city and in a small settlement. With proper organization, it will always be profitable.

Forms of organization

According to the owners, the pharmacy business will be successful with careful consideration of all the nuances. It is important to decide on the form of organization. Business can be represented as:

  • a pharmacy or small kiosk;
  • a pharmacy;
  • a pharmacy of finished medicines;
  • a manufacturing pharmacy;
  • pharmacies with the right to manufacture aseptic products.

Each institution has different organizational aspects. For beginners, it is better to choose the first three options, and best of all from the pharmacy of finished drugs. This form has the following advantages:

  • many functions (from implementing simple tools to serving prescriptions);
  • gaining rich experience;
  • extending.

All people get sick, some once a year, others constantly. And everyone turns to doctors and pharmacies, or they limit themselves to the idea of ​​visiting a pharmacy, where they will be advised something. And although the idea of ​​opening profitable pharmaceutical establishments is constantly being implemented, older citizens spend up to 20% of their income on drugs, and younger ones from 5 to 10%. And this is a very significant amount and the business idea of ​​opening a pharmacy has every chance of becoming a successful enterprise, in order to make sure of this we will draw up a rough plan.

  • Investments: 4.6 million rubles
  • Profitability: 890 thousand rubles per month
  • Payback calculation: 6 months
  • Staff: 19 employees

The idea of ​​opening a profitable pharmacy business: what are the formats

A pharmacy, like any profitable and relevant idea, needs planning. If the future owner does not have a medical education, it is better to contact a business services company that knows what it takes to open a pharmacy, as well as how to open a pharmacy business, what kind of license is needed. In addition, he will draw up a business plan, a profitable pharmacy trading plan, and help to open up.

Pharmacy by type is:

  • Drugmaker.
  • Realizing finished preparations.

Pharmacy is divided by format into:

  • traditional ;
  • point and shop;
  • online pharmacy.

This business plan will analyze an example of a rare format on how to open a discounter pharmacy.

A discounter does not mean that the pharmacy sells expiring drugs. It's just that the prices in such a pharmacy are 10-30% lower than in ordinary ones, at least 5 dispenses work at the point and there is always a queue, and the profit is provided by turnover.

The choice of a place should be determined by the convenience for visitors, you need to find a room near the transport hub, where there are buses, trolleybuses, route taxis and, preferably, the metro.

Current costs of the pharmacy business

Opening and developing a pharmacy retail in Russia is a troublesome business, however, with a successful coincidence and the development of a permanent customer base, it can become a good source of income.

For a long period of time, the pharmaceutical business has remained a relatively stable sector of the economy, but 2021 has brought quite a lot of significant changes in this niche. The fall in the ruble against foreign currencies was accompanied by significant changes in terms of legislation in the pharmacy sector, followed by the widespread spread of coronavirus infection in the pocket of drug retail.

Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs are considering entering the market for the sale of drugs in the near future, and therefore in our today's material we will try to answer in more detail the main questions they will face. How to open a pharmacy in 2021, what does a step-by-step business plan for opening a pharmaceutical retail look like, and what are the features of this area in the current realities? Let's figure it out together.

Pharmacy business of the year: who's new?

Let's start with the changes in the legislation. Here we will have to admit an indisputable fact - alas, the pharmaceutical industry has been and continues to be one of the most regulated business sectors in our country. Only now it is even more difficult with this.

Drug labeling. The day before the New Year, on July 31, 2021, Government Decree No. 1954 was signed on the mandatory labeling of medicines by all participants in the pharmaceutical market. A full transition to marking was planned from July 1, but the process has been delayed to this day.

Change in tax burden. The tax burden on pharmacies is also changing. Since the summer of 2021, a number of pharmacies are leaving UTII for other taxation formats. At the same time, not everyone will have the opportunity to use the simplified tax system - only those participants in the pharmaceutical retail, whose turnover does not exceed 150 million rubles. in year. What should the rest of us do? The options are not particularly foreseen - only the transition to a common taxation system, and this significantly increases the tax burden for business.

Online trading. Another trend of the season in the pharmacy business is permission for online sales of OTC drugs. In general, frankly, the idea is not new - in the fall of the eighteenth year, the Internet giant Ozon provided its users to order drugs online and receive them by courier. Of course, representatives of the traditional pharmacy retail did not like this "trick" of the online retailer, lawsuits followed, but the activities of the pioneers of delivery in Russia were recognized as legal. In 2021, the President put the final point in the battle “Pharmacies versus online stores” by signing a corresponding decree authorizing the sale of over-the-counter drugs.

In a word, you don't have to wait for an easy life when you open a pharmacy business. If you haven't changed your mind, we suggest moving on to a step-by-step strategy for starting a pharmacy.

Registration of a pharmacy business

To open a pharmacy, you must register a new legal entity with the tax office and obtain permission to carry out this type of activity.

The list of documents for obtaining a PSRN certificate is standard: an application is prepared in the prescribed form, a charter is developed, a decision or a protocol on the creation of an LLC is signed, after which the state duty will need to be paid. Even if you do everything through a consulting company in order to get rid of the red tape in the workflow, the costs will not exceed 10,000 rubles.

In addition to registering a legal entity, you will need to obtain permits from the SES and the fire inspection, and then a license to conduct pharmacy activities.

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