Paving slab production as a business

Many businessmen who know a lot about production and sales are increasingly choosing it for their product.

Advantages and disadvantages of this area

There are quite enough advantages in this business, but there are also disadvantages:

  • Firstly, tiles are more and more bought for the beautiful decoration of cities and private houses. Customers often do not look at the high cost of paving stones, so the prospect in its manufacture is quite understandable. But we must remember that many want to make money, so the competition is high here.
  • Secondly, it is as easy as shelling pears to register such a business. There is no need for documents that this product has special certificates, and the owner of the future production in this case only needs to register as an individual entrepreneur. He doesn't even have to fully understand production technology and, in general, the construction industry. If a manufacturer wants to present documents on the quality of goods to his customers in the future, then a special certification service will help him with this by conducting a special study. There they will check all the properties of the products and enter them in the quality passport.
  • Thirdly, the production facility can be located anywhere, and when buying high-quality imported equipment and with a small footprint, the staff can consist of only three people.

Everyone can produce tiles due to the simple process of their production. One has only to know that employees will be engaged in boring and monotonous work. With all this, this business, with its correct construction, is distinguished by high profitability and quick payback, although orders can come seasonally.

Material variations

There are only two types of coverage on the market:

Paving stones also differ in the material from which they were produced:

  • Most often it is made from concrete, as from the cheapest substance, and this material is the only one for making vibrocast tiles.
  • Clay is another raw material for the production of vibro- and hydro-pressed paving stones. It will cost more, but the quality will be higher, comparable to roofing tiles.
  • The most expensive type of high-strength paving slabs are made from various natural stones such as granite.

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Required premises and equipment

Paving slabs serve many times longer than asphalt or concrete, are easy to install, differ in a variety of shapes and colors. It does not heat up, does not emit toxic substances, and the tracks from it look neat. The demand for the material is high: tiles have excellent characteristics, urban infrastructure is expanding and renewed, and a lot of attention is now being paid to landscape design. The production and sale of paving slabs is a profitable business: the costs are relatively small, and the profitability reaches 100%.

Prices for paving stones in Russia - from 400 to 800 rubles. Since we will draw up a business plan, we will set the price: 500 rubles. per m².

Target audience

  • Government organizations, whose tasks include the improvement of urban infrastructure;
  • For construction firms;
  • Owners of houses, shops, restaurants.

It is more profitable to cooperate with government agencies interested in permanent suppliers. However, the production of paving slabs will not allow you to immediately enter a large market with large customers. Therefore, we will focus on individuals, small business owners.

Which technology to choose?

The production of paving slabs can be carried out using one of 2 technologies:

  • Vibrocompression. The finished mixture is compressed with a vibrating press. The technology requires expensive equipment that can handle large volumes (up to 1000 m² per working day) with little or no manual labor. Equipment prices start at $ 5,000, so this is an option for large companies.
  • Vibration casting. For production, you need a concrete mixer, vibrating table, plastic molds. Products are formed on a vibrating table and dry on it for 2-3 days. The product will be ready in 30-32 days. Up to 100 m² can be produced in a working day. This method of production is "distinguished" by a high percentage of rejects, the labor is completely manual. Vibrocast masonry does not withstand high loads. Usually it is bought by private individuals to decorate the territory of summer cottages and country houses.

Vibratory casting can be used to produce paving stones of various shapes with a smooth surface, and the equipment costs are small. This is a good solution for small businesses.

What do you need to start a business?

Let's tell you what an entrepreneur should know to draw up a business plan for the production of tiles.


The production of paving stones is an interesting idea that can bring good profits even to a novice entrepreneur. Moreover, today it is the construction sector that is one of the most promising and profitable. With the right approach, it will be possible to reduce the size of capital investments, which will allow starting a business even for those who do not have a lot of money available.

It is also interesting that the production of paving stones at home is quite realistic, since this business format does not require licensing. And for the work of the workshop, you can equip the backyard of your house or a garage.

The relevance of the idea is also explained by the fact that consumers' confidence in domestic paving stones has greatly increased over the past few years. They are ready to give up imported products in favor of local producers.

What are paving stones made of?

The paving business demands full commitment from its owner. Even at the initial stage, you need to think about the quality of the finished products. After all, success and relevance will subsequently depend on this.

Most often, paving stones are produced by vibration casting. This option assumes the need to use the following components:

  • sand ;
  • cement;
  • crushed stone (in the form of pebbles 0.5 - 1 centimeter in size);
  • water;
  • colorants;
  • plasticizers.

The composition of the paving stone is not that great. At the same time, each entrepreneur strives to make some changes of his own in the recipe. This allows you to separate from competitors, attract loyal customers and increase the amount of income you receive.

Finding the exact recipe for paving stones is problematic, as businesses try to keep this information secret. Therefore, even before the start of production, you need to independently develop the technology. If a businessman does not have his own knowledge, then it is better for him to seek help from a specialist in this industry.

After the formulation has been developed, tests must be carried out. In appearance, high-quality paving stones can have various flaws. For example, it may not withstand various kinds of mechanical stress or deteriorate severely due to environmental influences. Only after making sure of the excellent quality and impeccable characteristics, you need to go directly to the production of paving stones.

In many ways, the quality of finished products will depend on the quality of the components used. Therefore, it is equally important to find reliable, proven and positively proven suppliers. Establishing long-term relationships will allow you to receive favorable prices, a continuous flow of raw materials, discounts and other bonuses. Ideally, if the supplier is geographically located close to the workshop. This will reduce the cost of transporting raw materials.

Paving technology

For the improvement of city streets and not only, paving stones have been widely used for a long time, instead of the usual asphalt. This road surface looks aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. Paving stones are widely used in the design of administrative and commercial buildings, as well as private yards. Every day someone needs paving slabs and by organizing even a small production, you can recoup the investment and create a profitable and stable business.

Paving stone is a hard road surface. Thanks to a special manufacturing technology, it has high strength and long service life. Most often, this material is used to cover city streets.

The paving slab business is relevant, since the demand for these products is always stable: no construction is complete without landscaping the adjacent territories. Asphalt pavement has a number of imperfections, therefore, in many cases it is not used.

Buyers of paving stones can be large construction organizations that purchase materials directly from the manufacturer, construction supermarkets and individuals.

Starting a Business

Despite the fact that paving stone is a popular material, there are many enterprises for its production. In some settlements, this niche is practically filled. Before starting a workshop, it is necessary to carefully analyze the market and the activities of competing firms. To do this you need:

If the market is oversaturated with manufacturers of this material, then it is not recommended to make huge investments. You can always buy additional equipment in case of increased demand and expand your production.

Before starting a business, you need to officially register it, as well as register with the tax authorities. In the case of opening a small production, it will be enough to register as an individual entrepreneur. This will provide some benefits:

  • savings on the accountant (reporting can be done independently);
  • the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that are provided as support for small businesses;
  • simple taxation system.

Purchase of raw materials

Paving stones are actively used not only for the repair of sidewalks and expensive in various settlements, but also in private housing construction.

In recent years, this building material has gained a certain peak in popularity. The streets of many cities began to be massively laid with paving stones instead of old asphalt. By signing an agreement with local governments, you can generate super profits from your small production.

In addition, the paving stone business is available to almost every novice entrepreneur, both from the financial side and from the production technology of this building material.

The total cost of this type of business will be about $ 10,000. The profitability of this business idea is estimated on average at 35%.


Before starting your business, you will need to formalize as an entrepreneur. To do this, it will be enough to register as an individual entrepreneur. If you wish, you can immediately register as a legal entity. person if you plan to sign contracts with other legal entities.

Since you will most likely need to hire workers for production, you should register as an employer and officially register your workers, paying taxes every month.

From the documents, one can also note - permission from the SES for the premises, as well as from the fire supervision.

Room selection

When drawing up a business plan for a paving stone workshop, you need to decide not only on the format of activities and the required premises. If it is seasonal, then the requirements will be the same, if year-round, then completely different. So, on average, you will need to rent a room of about 100 - 150 sq. ... It should include: a production hall, a product drying room, storage facilities, and a staff room. In the case of year-round operation, it will be necessary to provide an appropriate temperature regime throughout the building for the comfortable work of staff (about 18 - 20 degrees Celsius), and a drying room (30-40 degrees Celsius).

Of the main requirements for the premises, one can single out the connection to the 380V power grid, as well as ventilation for closed rooms. Also, the building must be supplied with water.

Equipment for the production of paving stones

When choosing equipment for this business, first of all, you need to focus on its quality. Of the main blocks for production can be noted:

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