Own business: production of notebooks

Fortunately, the creators of these crazy ideas do not sit still. They work, invent, experiment and create new, equally attractive business ideas. And Andrey Tymoshenko continues to bring these business ideas from Hollywood. For which a special big thanks to him from hundreds of entrepreneurs from our country.

Today we will talk about another Hollywood development. She is also associated with entertainment. It is also associated with education and children. Rather, with my studies at school. The new product is both simple and familiar to everyone and, at the same time, unique and high-tech. These are notebooks. But not those simple ones that we used while studying at school, but living ones. Living notebooks. Or notebooks that come to life, to be more precise. After all, until their owner performs certain actions, they will remain simple paper notebooks with a bright cover. But once you read the instructions on the cover and follow a couple of simple steps, the notebook will come to life. And it will surprise literally all students and teachers who are nearby.

New and unique product on the school supplies market

How can you bring a notebook to life? Anyway, what else can you think of that is not in modern school notebooks? Colored covers with your favorite characters or just beautiful landscapes. Helpful reference material at the end or at the beginning of the notebook. Checked white pages, in a line, or without any marking lines at all. All this is already as old as the world. None of this will surprise anyone. Moreover, a child.

A new product - living notebooks - appeared on the market just recently. Late last year. Several months ago. But he has already managed to win the hearts of entrepreneurs and clients around the world. It is also interesting that in our country the product appeared almost immediately after it entered the world market. No traditional delays, which is nice.

So, what are living notebooks for schoolchildren? Outwardly, these are simple 48-sheet notebooks with bright covers and funny characters. But all this simplicity is deceiving. A child needs to download a special free application to his mobile phone, activate it, point the camera at the cover of the notebook, and ... watch a real miracle.

Cover characters are starting to come to life. It looks fantastic. Dinosaurs, sharks, cartoon characters, funny monsters - they all start to come out of the cover, dance, jump, even scare a child. No descriptions, videos, pictures, and so on can convey the incredible sensations that children experience when they observe all these processes of coming to life.

Benefits of business on living notebooks

Living notebooks are incredibly popular among schoolchildren. And you all know, it is enough for one to come to school with something interesting, and the next day a whole line will line up for the same product. Yes, word of mouth is paramount in this business.

The second major advantage of this business is its novelty. Notebooks with animated characters appeared at the end of 2021. They spread very quickly. But, all the same, the sales market is still not saturated yet.

Of course, those who want to start their own production of notebooks will not become the pioneers of this business, nevertheless, it will be quite easy for them to succeed. Not a single person can be imagined without a notebook, notebook or other office supplies, regardless of whether it is a housewife or a schoolboy, an elderly person or a young man. They are in every briefcase, backpack or handbag. That is why such a business as the production of notebooks in Russia is in demand.

Getting Started

To get started, an entrepreneur needs to conclude a long-term contract with an organization engaged in paper processing.

Thus, he will get rid of problems with the supply of raw materials for his notebook production, which is important in the face of strong competition on the stationery market.

Not only future turnover depends on this, but also the estimated profit. The larger the assortment of notebooks, the more customers or buyers will buy it from a particular manufacturer, which means that the income from the business will increase.

It is not so difficult to organize the production of school notebooks or notebooks, although, of course, it is impossible to do it at home. For work, you will need special equipment that works with computer precision.

Market specifics

The production of notebooks, according to experts, is a very profitable business. After all, notebooks, regardless of the number of sheets, are always in great demand. They are on sale all the time, besides, they are most actively bought up on the eve of the opening of the school season.

At the same time, buyers very rarely remember the name of a trademark, in addition, they are not picky about brands in this area. For them, the main thing is price, design and quality. Therefore, in order to increase the level of sales of their products, many manufacturers are trying by any means to attract consumers to it, offering them not only exclusive goods, but also new collections.

In the process of developing the design of notebooks, it is imperative to take into account a fairly large number of different nuances. It is necessary to take into account not only the age category or preferences of small buyers, but also their social status. It is very important to choose the right time to start releasing licensed products when the popularity of this or that series becomes unusually high, or, for example, the premiere of a sensational cartoon or film is scheduled for the next few days.

At the same time, even the most experienced marketers cannot be one hundred percent sure that the production of notebooks depicting these favorite characters (the second edition) will be in the same demand as the production of the first. At the same time, according to the heads of large companies producing stationery, it is necessary to change the collection at least once a year, although some players in this market update them two or three times during each new season.

Technology for the production of notebooks

Manufacturing includes only two stages. First, notebook sheets are printed in accordance with design layouts and folded. The second step is to bond them together. With the help of staples, notebooks with a small number of pages are obtained.

Among the many types of business that are relevant at any time of the year and have a lot of consumers, it is worth paying attention to the production of notebooks. This standard school attribute is actually needed by everyone: students, office workers, and housewives.

And most of the range of any stationery store is made up of them - notebooks.

Which notebooks are profitable to produce

It will be quite difficult for a new, and especially a small company, to compete with large-scale industries, because the mark-up on a notebook is small, and large enterprises are also constantly reducing prices. Small notebooks of up to 48 sheets are especially "competitive".

Therefore, it is more profitable to produce general notebooks with bright covers of this particular format: they buy them for a long time and are ready to pay more.

Another profitable option is the release of additional products, for which you can make a larger markup. This includes envelopes, notebooks, office paper, and not just the production of notebooks.

Features of consumer demand

In order to properly organize the production and sale of goods, you need to take into account some of the nuances. For example, general notebooks are equally in demand at any time of the year, but school notebooks, which are thinner, are best sold in July-September, before starting school. Therefore, during this period it is worth focusing on their release.

Another point - as a rule, in relation to notebooks, buyers do not pay attention to the brand, but are guided by completely different values. Basically, the price and design of the product are important.

That is why all manufacturers pay so much attention to the covers of notebooks, various interesting "chips" (like the multiplication table or various formulas on the inside of the notebook), and all this - with a desire to reduce the cost of goods as much as possible.

Is it possible to make money with handmade notebooks? In this article, we'll talk about a small but cozy handmade stationery business and its trends that you need to catch in order to please the buyer.

It would seem that in our digital age, opening a business in the office is impractical. Is it worth making handmade notebooks when all the notes have long migrated from paper to smartphones? Current trends in the stationery market claim to be worth it. Today, notepads are still popular. But these are no longer standard notebooks with lined pages, but individual and stylish planners, diaries, sketchbooks ... Modern notebooks have turned from a subject for keeping records into a way of self-expression, demonstration of individuality and creativity. The paper office got its second wind. And the handmade market supports it.

What notebooks are popular today

Today the choice of notebooks is extremely huge and it is easy to get lost in this variety. The market for paper stationery can be called motley, but rather conservative, since many of the same type of product from different manufacturers are presented on the shelves. Most of the offer is made up of stationery produced on an industrial scale. Mass market is usually Chinese assembly and printing. The versatility of the model is appreciated here because it is the easiest to sell.

But despite this, in recent years, the stationery market has been dynamically developing due to new manufacturers who are quicker to respond to trends, adapt to consumer needs and are ready to experiment.

Several types of notebooks have become popular in the last two years:

1. Creative notebooks - interactive diaries with creative assignments;

2. Planners - organizer notebooks, in which it is convenient to write down your daily plans;

3. Sketchbooks - mini-albums for sketches;

4. Notepads for pregnant women in which expectant mothers keep a pregnancy diary;

Starting his development, each entrepreneur must make a decision - he will be engaged in production (offer) or sale. Unfortunately, the trend is developing in such a way that two out of three entrepreneurs choose a simple and easy, in their opinion, way of getting rich and making money - trade. This leads to the fact that the prices of goods rise sharply, the competitiveness of trading companies and individual entrepreneurs decreases, and the demand for the production of goods and services increases.

Internet magazine newbusinessideas. u offers a simple example of the production and sale of exercise books to understand the prospects and opportunities for individual entrepreneurs.

Market Conditions

If you decide to start producing school exercise books, you should choose the right strategy for your development. You can satisfy mass demand, or you can supply unique products to the market.

Notebooks are in great demand, while their production costs remain low. There is no need for huge capital expenditures, but notebooks can be quickly sold through various distribution channels (shops, online stores, social media). If you take any direction in business, then, as a rule, a part of sellers (distributors) will be an order of magnitude higher than the share of manufacturers. If you decide to make and sell your notebooks yourself, you can significantly increase your income level.

Who can buy your notebooks:

  • Trading organizations for resale;
  • Schoolchildren;
  • Students different educational institutions;
  • Ordinary people to take notes.

You can give your products for sale in stores with stationery, actively promote in social networks.

Summing up, certain conclusions can be drawn:

Start of production

It is believed that the production of school exercise books is a highly profitable business. This is so only in those cases when the issue of sales has been resolved and the production technology has been debugged. At least 30-40% of the cost of the notebook is the cost of implementation. Accordingly, the lower the costs are, the higher the profit will be. Small factories aim for small but lucrative orders, while large manufacturers are focused on mass production. You will never be able to compete in price with a huge factory, high-tech automation and wholesale supply of raw materials in terms of price. All that remains is the offer of the original product and the satisfaction of the consumer's demand, which the large market players cannot satisfy. A high markup with low quality or oversaturation of the market is a path to ruin and bankruptcy.

In parallel with the production of notebooks, it is also profitable to produce diaries, notebooks, notepads, envelopes and other souvenirs. In this niche, originality, high product prices and low competition are highly valued.

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