Opening of a workshop for the production of vermicompost

Earning money in the business related to the cultivation and sale of indoor and other types of plants, from self-production of flower pots to the design of beautiful flower arrangements, has always been considered a profitable occupation. An even more profitable business is the procedure for growing vegetables and fruits with their subsequent sale to grocery stores or private buyers. However, neither indoor flowers, nor vegetables, nor fruits can be grown with high quality without the presence of special fertilizers - biohumus. It follows from this that the production of such fertilizers is a very profitable business, since there has always been and will be a great demand for fertilizers.

Interestingly, the production of fertilizers does not require practically any initial financial costs from the entrepreneur. This means that you can start this business from scratch - without any initial capital. Any money that you make from this business will be your net profit, which you can use at your own discretion, without covering any initial costs.

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Content of the article:

Biohumus production technology

Since soil fertilizers are an extremely demanded material necessary for almost every experienced farmer, flower garden or gardener, you will not have any problems with the sale of vermicompost (if you decide to start producing this substance).

Anyone can produce fertilizers for the soil. If you decide to engage in this type of activity, you first need to prepare raw materials that will form the basis of your compost. Compost is a collection of organic substances that, in the process of natural processing, turn into fertilizers for the soil.

Any organic matter that can decompose in natural conditions is suitable as a material for creating compost. This can include any food waste (peel from potatoes, bananas, heads of apples and cabbage, etc.), fallen leaves, wood sawdust and much more. All of this is collected and folded into one place, which is called a compost pit or bin, and lightly dusted with earth.

Naturally, you will hardly be able to create a compost pit in the middle of the city, nevertheless, this is a great business idea for the village.

After you have prepared the compost, you let it brew for 2 weeks, and then put special worker worms inside the compost pit, which will produce vermicompost.

Worms for biohumus

For the production of fertilizers from compost, as a rule, 2 types of worms are used - these are ordinary earthworms and California worms. The latter are much better suited for the production of fertilizers, on the other hand, the former will cost you much less.

Vermicompost is an effective organic fertilizer that is successfully used to increase yields. The prime cost of vermicompost is quite low, and the demand for it is constantly increasing, so that the production of such fertilizer can become a very profitable business. However, before developing a business plan, it is necessary to comprehensively study the shortcomings and possible risks of this type of activity.

Where to start production

First of all, an aspiring entrepreneur must register his business. Next, you need to start looking for land, equipment, raw materials and personnel.

Activity registration

There are two ways to register an activity:

  • IE (suitable for a small, "home" company);
  • LLC (for a large project and active cooperation with other enterprises).

As the tax regime, you should choose the simplified tax system, according to which you need to pay 6% of income. Unified agricultural tax is not suitable, as vermicompost is not an agricultural commodity.

Land search

It is logical that the biohumus production workshop should be located in rural areas. There are several requirements for a land plot:

One of the most important factors in the location of production is the presence of livestock farms in the immediate vicinity. As a rule, cattle manure is used for biohumus, therefore, there must be a source of raw materials within a radius of 50 km.


Equipment for the production of vermicompost is not complicated, but an entrepreneur will need:

  • composters (in which raw materials are processed);
  • drip irrigation systems;
  • thermometers, hygrometers, instruments for measuring soil acidity;
  • sita;
  • a tractor and a trailer for transporting raw materials;
  • handy tools (forks, shovels, buckets, carts).

Biotechnology in industrial and agricultural spheres is actively developing today. They can significantly reduce the cost of producing a product and maintaining a farm. There is a particular demand among companies for natural fertilizers, in particular, biohumus. And aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a profitable business direction should consider the idea of ​​releasing these products. The main advantage here is that you can open a home production of vermicompost with your own hands at a minimum cost. And in the presence of "free" finance, there are real chances to launch a profitable full-scale industrial enterprise. Vermicompost is a product obtained by natural processing of manure and various food waste. It is actively used in agriculture as a natural fertilizer.

Initial investment - 200,000 rubles.

Market saturation - medium.

Difficulty starting a business - 5/10.

The industrial production of vermicompost as a business is associated with some peculiarities. Let's consider them in more detail.

Do I need to register a business?

Where to start a business?

The production of vermicompost at home and on an industrial scale begins with the search for a suitable area. In the first case, you can even use a shed on your own suburban area - both the main and packaging "shops" will be located here. But a manufacturing enterprise that produces large batches of vermicompost will require a more serious approach, since in order to place equipment and provide storage facilities, a workshop with an area of ​​at least 80 m2 is needed.

The total area occupied by the facility will depend on the scale of production. Approximate calculations are as follows - from 1 m2 of area annually you can get up to 300 kg of vermicompost.

Vermicompost production should be carried out under certain microclimatic conditions. And this will entail additional investments - the premises must be equipped with ventilation, all communications must be connected here. For the re-equipment of a small private farm, you will spend at least 100,000 rubles.

The production of vermicompost is carried out with the "participation" of worms - they will have to be constantly purchased. Californian red worms are more commonly used. Find a reliable supplier early in your business. The price of 1000 worms ranges from 2021-5000 rubles. This amount of "living creatures" is enough to populate 2 m2 of land. Make calculations taking into account the scale of the planned enterprise. In addition to the need to buy worms for vermicompost, you need to make a certain supply of manure and food waste. The cost of raw materials ranges from 1000-2021 rubles per ton. Every year you will need to purchase about 15-30 tons of manure. Taking into account the specifics of this line of business, the production of vermicompost with worms is most profitable for private entrepreneurs who are already operating in the field of agriculture - they keep pigs or cattle. In this case, you will not have to spend money on the regular purchase of raw materials, and vermicompost will become an additional product for sale.

Biohumus production technology

Modern people prefer to buy organic vegetables grown on the basis of vermicompost. This is a very valuable technology that helps preserve human health. In addition, this is one of the fairly promising and profitable areas of activity for aspiring entrepreneurs. We will talk about how to open the production of humus at home in this article.

What is biohumus for?

Almost all fields in our country are contaminated with pesticides and various mineral fertilizers. Farmers constantly complain that crop yields are decreasing every year and, accordingly, profits are decreasing. Pests and all kinds of diseases destroy plants right at the root.

Vermicompost is an organic fertilizer with unique properties. Of course, this is not a panacea that can solve all problems, but nevertheless, such a drug provides real help. Nowadays, it is widely used in agriculture instead of chemical fertilizers for growing organic vegetables.

Business Features

To be engaged in the production of vermicompost at home is most convenient for those people who breed cattle. In this case, the entrepreneur will not have to purchase raw materials. Californian red worms are most commonly used for the production of this organic fertilizer. They live 4 times longer than ordinary earthworms and reproduce much more actively. You can buy these amazing worms online. They can be delivered to any region of our country without any problems. Before starting this business, it is necessary to draw up a detailed business plan for the production of vermicompost. This will help you plan all stages of your activity correctly and organize your work correctly.

Technological process

Now let's figure out where to start the production of vermicompost. First of all, you need to prepare the substrate and purchase worms. This business should be approached very responsibly. Usually, worms are purchased from specialized vermicelli farms. The genetic population must contain at least 1,500 individuals, including both young worms and cocoons. Before buying worms for vermicompost, prepare a place for them. You can use compost heaps or ordinary wooden crates for this. Also, read about growing and breeding worms as a home business.

Scheme: Biohumus production

Traditional technology of vermicompost production consists of four stages:

From home production of vermicompost, you can get a stable high profit if you find sales channels for finished products in advance.

Investments: from 80,000 rubles

Payback: from 6 months

In the modern world, the demand for organic fruits and vegetables that can be grown using vermicompost (also called vermicompost or worm compost) is increasing. This type of fertilizer is safe not only for humans, but also for the soil itself, and therefore is relevant for farmers. Land contaminated with pesticides and other fertilizers does not yield the proper harvest and needs to be rehabilitated. It is believed that the production of vermicompost is very profitable and can be very profitable.

Business Concept

Vermicompost is an effective, environmentally friendly organic fertilizer, which is the result of processing manure and food waste with special technological worms. Vermicompost not only promotes healthy crop growth, but also has the ability to restore soil fertility and heal it by displacing pathogenic microflora (that is, common plant diseases).

Traditionally it is done as follows:

  • all components are placed in prepared boxes, mixed thoroughly and covered with dry grass or straw to maintain the required temperature and humidity. Once every 2-3 days, the compost must be mixed and moistened with settled warm water;
  • when the substrate is brought to the required condition, it is necessary to populate it with worms, which will begin to multiply in a few months. During this period, monitor the indicators inside the box: the temperature should not fall below 19 ° C, the humidity should not be lower than 70%, and the pH should not rise above 8;
  • a couple of months after you populate the worms , it is necessary to count them. When the amount exceeds the allowable, they can be planted and sold, for example, to poultry farms as feed or sold to fish farms. Thus, it becomes an additional source of income;
  • collection and packaging of humus.

The main buyers of ready-made vermicompost are gardeners, farms, agro-industrial complexes, shops of farm goods, flower farms.

What is required to implement the idea?

To make vermicompost you need the following:

  • manure (cow, horse or bird droppings);
  • peat and lime;
  • technological worms (California or other varieties) ;
  • containers for worms and compost (wooden boxes or specially made composters);
  • a well-heated room for storing compost and worms;
  • scales, plastic bags and a sealer for packaging products;
  • irrigation system;
  • working tools (shovel, rake, sieve, etc.);
  • devices for measuring soil temperature and acidity ;
  • storage room (warehouse or shed).

Step-by-step startup instructions

Financial settlements

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