Opening of a workshop for the production of ice cream

Hobiz. u reminds that mankind, for more than 4000 years, has loved the taste of chilled delicacies. That is, ice cream as a commodity, and therefore a business, is a very old business niche. The first prototypes of ice cream, mixed ice and fruit, were a traditional dessert at the court of the Chinese emperors. In its modern form, ice cream appeared in Europe in the 18th century.

Nowadays, traditional ice cream, at the production stage, is divided into two types - seasoned and soft. The main difference between them is the freezing temperature of the final finished milk dessert. For example, hardened or hard ice cream is frozen at -25 ° C. This is the most delicacy from childhood, sold from trays, carts, in stores and in ice cream parlors.

Soft ice cream is obtained when slightly frozen - it is cooled down to only -4 ... -8 ° C. In this regard, soft ice cream has a short shelf life. You can't freeze it for the future. But the ease of such production makes the soft ice cream business simple and accessible to a wide range of entrepreneurs. It does not require large investments. Everything easily fits into the business-in-place format. That is, soft ice cream is made right in front of the client using simple equipment.

The production of soft ice cream requires several starting ingredients and one machine - a freezer - a special machine for mixing.

Of course, nowadays, there are many freezer options on the market that are very different from each other. And if hobiz. u will start talking about everyone, readers will not have the patience. Therefore, in this business idea, only the concept of soft ice cream production will be considered. It only includes a few simple steps.

Soft ice cream ingredients are mixed with warm water or milk according to the recipe of the original ingredient manufacturer. The resulting mixture is filtered and pasteurized, this is an obligatory step. During it, possible mechanical impurities are removed and pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed. Then, the mixture is homogenized and pre-cooled to + 4 ° C for maturation. This increases the consumer quality of ice cream. But you can do even easier - use ready-made dry mixes produced specifically for the preparation of soft ice cream. This simplifies the process to one or two steps: the dry mixture must be diluted with water (milk) and the resulting solution must be loaded into the freezer.

The finished liquid mixture in the freezer is mixed again, whipped with air, cooled to -8 ° C and discharged into the hopper. From which the finished product is poured in portions as needed. Soft ice cream at the outlet from the freezer - at the time of spill - has a temperature of at least -4 ° C.

Freezers for soft ice cream are divided into household and industrial (commercial). The difference between the devices in the volume of ice cream production. In addition, they can differ in additional functions, such as: mixing the finished mixture, pasteurization, the type of delicacy produced, the possibility of adding syrups and fillers to ice cream during the production process.

Commercial soft ice freezers, depending on the ingredients and blends used, can also produce other chilled desserts - sorbetto, granito, frosen yogurt (frozen yoghurts), milkshakes, and more.

The average cost of a commercial freezer for soft ice cream is 140-180 thousand rubles. This is a desktop version of the refrigerator. This freezer produces 10-18 liters of ice cream per hour. It usually has two containers and three dispensers. Accordingly, such a freezer can simultaneously produce ice cream of two flavors (2 different mixtures in two bins), as well as their combination using the third nozzle of the dispenser.

Ice cream is a delicious sweet product, adored by both children and adults, for which demand will never end. It is sold in every grocery store. The assortment is huge. It is not surprising that today many entrepreneurs build their business on this delicacy. After all, he brings them considerable profit.

Our material is intended for those who wish to test their strength in this field. To start an ice cream business, you will have to select the appropriate equipment. At minimal cost, a business can be run even at home. If you plan to do a large-scale business, then you will have to spend up to $ 3-4,000 for the purchase of equipment.

Business Advantage

The popularity of the favorite delicacy generates a stable demand. It should be noted that in the industry there is such a thing as “seasonal sale”. The increase in sales is observed from April to October. Therefore, when planning a business launch, this factor must be taken into account. The best time to start is mid-March.

The industry is quite competitive. In recent years, manufacturers have not really adhered to generally accepted standards. Many of them introduce their own innovations, add interesting flavor combinations to attract the attention of buyers.

When opening a mini-factory, you need to make the following accents:

  • originality of products;
  • taste of excellent quality;
  • bright packaging and design;
  • aggressive marketing campaign.

Only if these rules are observed can you count on successful business. Thus, during the year, the operation of the equipment will help to recoup and increase the initial investment.

An integral part of a business plan is determining the feasibility of investing in equipment. For this, a preliminary calculation of such economic indicators is carried out:

  • production cost;
  • sales proceeds;
  • net profit;
  • payback period of initial investments.

When choosing a successful strategy, you can open your own profitable business. For a business to generate income, it is not necessary to open a company as a legal entity. It is enough to register individual entrepreneurship. In the field of sales, soft ice cream is in great demand. Business in this category is easy to open. The right approach to business will ensure a stable profit.

Starting a small ice cream business: worth it or not

Starting a small business is a demand-driven business. Knowing this particular indicator, which is relevant for a specific territory, will help analyze a niche in terms of productivity.

Much of the success depends on the territory within which this business will be launched. The northern regions of the country, where a cold climate prevails, are not quite suitable for starting a young business. Regions with hot climates will provide high demand for most of the year.

Types of ice cream freezers: device and principle of operation

To start your own business, you need to draw up a detailed business plan. Bulk ice cream cannot be handcrafted in the required quantity. To do this, you need to purchase specialized equipment - freezers.

Type One: Hard Ice Cream Machines

Machines of this type are designed for the production of ice cream, firm category. Such a machine works according to the technology known since the last century. The principle of operation of this apparatus is based on the basic technology of freezing. A spiral with a cooler inside is wrapped around a container containing ice cream raw materials.

Depending on the model of the router, the method of forming and feeding the end product is also different. The functionality of modern machines allows for simple and quick production of ice cream.

Soft ice cream freezers

Freezers of this type are designed for direct sale. Their technical capabilities make it possible to make ice cream immediately before sale.

If you are thinking about how to start an ice cream production from scratch, you should carefully weigh all the pros and cons of this business, because there are a number of objective and subjective nuances in this matter. In this article, we will try to review some of them and offer readers a solution to how this business idea can be implemented.

Market realities

According to economic statistics, existing domestic ice cream producers are capable of producing over 1 million tons of product per year. But ice cream lovers, even with the full effort of all their efforts, can only eat half of this amount. As a result, ice cream factories operate by half, and in some regions, by a third of their capacities.

Producers, known since Soviet times, have significantly sagged, and modern enterprises, due to a competent marketing policy, close the entire economic chain from production to sale of a finished product, significantly strengthening their market positions.

This effect has been achieved through the creation of reliable and cost-effective distribution networks that compensate for the low cost of ice cream and apply higher trade margins, sometimes reaching 60%. These successful producers make their own money both in the production and sale of ice cream.

Before deciding which way to go when implementing your idea, you should answer the question of what your company will be like. Perhaps you will start your own small business just for the production of ice cream. But, as practice shows, this option does not allow you to make big money. It seems more preferable to open a company that will simultaneously deal with the sale of products.

Having chosen the second option as a more promising one, we will consider a number of problems that everyone who decides to start producing ice cream will have to face one way or another.

We organize production

There are many types of ice cream on the domestic market, among which the most popular are creamy, milk, ice cream, aromatic, fruit and berry. Depending on the technology used, it is also subdivided into soft and hardened. Also pay attention to the packing methods:

  • By weight (for cafes and other public catering).
  • Small packaged (cups or briquettes).
  • Large packaged (cakes, boxes, packages of 0.5 kg and more).

The cost of production depends on the quality of the raw materials used, the mass of the standardized fat fraction, and additional ingredients. There is also specialized ice cream with the addition of vitamins, which can be sold to the public catering of a healthy diet.

Financial model of ice cream production

Brief Investment Memorandum

Today, the business of producing and selling ice cream, despite the high level of competition, is a very profitable and promising type of business. This is due to the following factors. First, there is a change in consumer preferences. Secondly, this is a change in the consumer's attitude to ice cream as a commodity of everyday demand, and not a treat. Given all the difficulties associated with storage and technological features of production, this business can be an excellent investment of your own funds. The payback period for this project is 20 months, and the break-even point falls on the 4th month of the project.

To organize production, you will need an appropriate room. It must meet all the standards of the sanitary service. The minimum area is 300 m2. Also, the production will require hiring competent specialists. The total staff of the company will be 19 people.

On average, a company will produce about 20,000 kg of products per month. Also, with an increase in demand, it is possible to increase production using existing equipment. The cost of production of 1 kg of products is 100 rubles. The cost of selling 1 kg is 160 rubles. These prices are relevant for wholesale companies and distributors. As a result, the financial indicators of the project will be as follows:

The amount of initial investment - 4 580 000 rubles

Monthly profit - 258,000 rubles

Payback period - 20 months

Break-even point - 4 months

Return on sales - 4%

Description of business, product or service

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