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Lack of career prospects pushes people to either look for a new job or start their own business. It is clear that no one wants to sit in one place, but finding a new source of income is not always quick. Today, the guest of the Reconomica magazine Vyacheslav Eremin will talk about how he and his friend managed to organize their own production of tables and chairs for kitchens, how they started, what difficulties they overcame, and what they achieved in this field.

How it all began

My name is Vyacheslav Eremin, I am a co-owner of a small furniture factory for the production of tables and chairs for kitchens. Our brand is called "MILIO". At the very beginning of our journey, my partner and I immediately decided - we will make a strong and high-quality product, so we wanted to choose the name in the same spirit, with a bit of something European. We were very encouraged by furniture manufacturers from Italy, and this is how the name "MILIO" was born. Currently, our team employs about 40 people, we have been working on the market for over 6 years. Our products are presented in about 70 cities of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

The idea to open our own production did not come immediately. My partner and I worked at a large glass processing plant. When it became clear that it was very difficult to grow further and there was nowhere else to go, we decided to start building our own business, so we had to resign from the growing company and abandon a stable salary and a social package. Of course, this decision was not easy, but there was no choice.

Our friend organized his own production of glass TV cabinets, 10 years ago it was a big breakthrough! But times are changing, over time, the production required modernization, then my partner and I decided to enter the share. For this, the production was reorganized and the production of fairly simple glass kitchen tables was launched.

We wanted to produce an exceptionally high-quality product that will satisfy the needs of any customer, so we decided to start making tables and chairs. The product showed its liquidity already in the first year of operation, and we began to replicate in all cities of Russia and the CIS. In addition, they came to grips with the development of more complex models, attracted designers to visualize new products, designed and tested new mechanisms.

Nobody taught us this: there are no disciplines at school and institute that would help in business, but since childhood I wanted to build my own company, I always sold something, I was looking for an opportunity to make money, so for 12 years I started making my first money myself.

I believe that the most important thing in any business is to love what you do.

More - more

In our company, the manufacturing process begins with a sales plan, procurement plan and budget. All this is an integral part of the work, because the product must have a market value that will be available to the buyer. In short, at first everything is cut out, cut and welded, then sewn, knitted and many more incomprehensible for a simple layman.

Three years ago we had the simplest workshop, now we have a full-fledged serial production at our disposal, it is located in Sterlitamak rep. Bashkortostan. In addition, the equivalent branch of production is located in Salavat - my partner is from there, so it is so convenient for us to work, because everyone controls their own area.

There are many good reasons why a person chooses a home based business over regular employment. Not everyone can literally afford to go to work on a tight schedule, but this does not mean that you will have to be content with the fate of the unemployed. There is more than one home business idea that allows you to generate additional or main income, practically without leaving your home.

Home Business Types

If we try to classify the types of home businesses, then they can be roughly divided into three categories. The first, strictly speaking, is not a business as such, it is, rather, a remote method of working for someone, it just does not require a visit to the direct duty station.

The second category is services. A very wide range of activities, covering many types of profitable ideas. Services can be provided in almost any area. The main thing is that no complicated and expensive equipment is required. For example, it can be services in the field of beauty, education or health.

Finally, the third category is the production of any goods or creative activity, the material expression of which will be some objects - jewelry, paintings, accessories or something else. The best home business business idea must combine the ability to have an adequate income with a reasonable amount of effort, or it will turn into hard labor.

Remote work via the Internet

Such activities as accounting, editing and translation of texts, preparation of various documents are often considered as remote work. Modern means of communication allow you to quickly exchange information, for this you do not need to be in the office. However, as a home business from scratch, “remote work” should not be considered, it was and remains a hired labor with a fixed or piece-rate pay.

What is freelancing?

In the broad sense of the word, freelancing is a periodical job in any field, where the relationship between the contractor and the customer can be both one-time and permanent. At the same time, the contractor is absolutely free to decide whether to agree to this type of work and the amount of payment. In the narrow sense of the word, freelancing is now understood as work on the Internet. This includes programming at various levels, copywriting, design. In this case, all equipment for a home business consists of a computer and other auxiliary equipment for working in the chosen industry.

The main difficulty of freelancing is the lack of direct communication with the customer, and the absence of a boss can affect performance. Not everyone is able to organize and follow their own work schedule. However, if you manage to overcome procrastination or common laziness, the result can be impressive.

Home Services

Want to start a brick factory but don't know where to start? Read this article urgently!

We will tell you about the peculiarities and nuances of business, our expert will share practical advice on choosing a place for a workshop, raw materials, type of products. He will talk about ways to solve financial and production issues. Only useful and relevant information plus the personal experience of the plant owner!

Brick making business - is it worth the candle?

A wide selection of building materials on the modern market will help to bring to life even the most unusual design project. Real men who have given birth to a son and planted a tree become consumers of bricks and tiles. And not only them.

Our today's expert, Nikolay, decided to make money on the "man's dream" by starting brick production. He shared his experience of launching a brick factory.

According to Nikolay, the firm is thriving because the need for people to live in their own private housing is growing. It is the owners of houses, dachas, household plots and small entrepreneurs who are the main buyers of its products.

Which brick can be sold

Thinking about a brick, we used to imagine a block of artificial stone of terracotta color. But this concept was outdated 400 years ago. Even its color scale in modern conditions varies from cream to almost black. And the bar can now not only have an irregular shape, but also be seen through through special holes!

Different components are used to make bricks.

  • Clay. Clay bricks are called ceramic bricks. During the production process, they are molded, dried, fired (1000 ° C). They are used to lay out load-bearing walls, refractory areas (chimneys, baths, etc.), rooms with significant temperature and humidity changes.
  • Sand with lime. This material forms a silicate base. It is cleaned, shaped into bars, pressed and autoclaved.
  • Screenings of limestone rocks with Portland cement. Such products are called hyper-pressed. Their ideal shape (even or "torn") is used in the cladding of structures.

  • 1 How much money is needed to open a business for the manufacture of summer cottages and swings
  • 2 How to start organizing a business for the manufacture of summer cottages and swings
  • 3 We open a mini-workshop for the production of garden furniture
  • 4 What equipment to choose for the manufacture of summer cottages and swings
  • 5 Search for sales channels for finished products
  • 6 How many you can earn money making garden furniture
  • 7 How much money is needed to start a business
  • 8 Which OKVED must be specified
  • 9 What documents are needed to open
  • 10 What taxation system to choose for the manufacture of country benches and swings
  • 11 Do I need permission to open
  • 12 Technology of manufacturing country benches and swings
  • 13 For a newcomer to garden furniture business

Country houses and dachas today are often used for temporary and permanent residence.

This is why consumer interest in garden decor is growing.

A profitable micro-business can be organized on the basis of the business idea of ​​manufacturing country furniture, which will bring a good profit to its founder almost at any time of the year.

How much money is needed to open a business for the manufacture of summer cottages and swings

To open your own production of garden decor items, you will need start-up capital in the amount of 200-250 thousand rubles.

How to start organizing a business for the manufacture of summer cottages and swings

Before starting a project, it makes sense to decide on the specialization of microbusiness.

As practice shows, the highest demand among owners of suburban real estate is used for swings, summer cottages (with or without backs), as well as sets of garden furniture (tables, chairs, etc.).

If an entrepreneur has the skills to manufacture structures from wood and metal, at the initial stage he can do without hiring personnel.

Many start-up entrepreneurs want to start production at home, and their desire is quite justified in our modern realities. At first, such an enterprise may not be formalized. In addition, you do not have to pay for the rental of production premises, that is, you can open your own business with minimal financial investment. We offer you several popular business ideas for small home production, which have repeatedly proven their efficiency in practice.


According to experts' estimates, a home business for the production of bricks pays for itself in 1-2 years. This is a fairly promising highly profitable idea for mini-production at home. The biggest expense item in organizing such a business is the purchase of special equipment, in particular a mobile automatic press. As raw materials, you can use various waste - clay, screenings, shell rock or brick breakage. Such equipment can work in any conditions, therefore, you do not have to equip the room and bring communications to it. The most affordable option is a mechanical machine. It can produce products of three standard sizes. If necessary, such equipment works without being connected to the mains.

Making bricks at home will be profitable only if you produce 1 million units of finished products per year. The most important thing in this business is sales. If the equipment is idle, you will lose profit. At first, bricks can be sold to individuals, but it is better to agree on cooperation with some private company that will buy your products in bulk. One brick costs 15 rubles. For the business to pay off in 1.5-2 years, you need to sell at least 3 thousand pieces daily. In this case, you will be able to receive 1 million 350 thousand monthly. rubles of proceeds. Business profitability is at least 20%.


Making sausage at home as a business, like any other business, requires certain financial investments. First of all, you need to purchase equipment for mini-production at home and arrange the supply of fresh high-quality meat. In addition, it is necessary to obtain quality certificates for finished products.

A technological line for mini-production in a private house will cost you 600 thousand rubles. If you subtract all costs, a small sausage shop will bring in about 100 thousand rubles of net income per month. Try to conclude contracts for the regular supply of your products with shops and supermarkets. If this is not possible, you can open several of your own retail outlets on the market. Another marketing option is cooperation with fast foods, cafes and canteens. An entrepreneur who knows how to properly organize production at home will be able to return the initial investment in 1-1.5 years. If you want to ensure a production profitability of 100%, you need to produce and sell 200 kg of finished products per day. In general, the idea for a business, the production of sausages at home is a rather profitable occupation, the main advantage of which is the high demand for products. Its only drawback is frequent inspections by regulatory authorities and great responsibility for the quality of products.

Paving slabs

The most cost-effective small business can be easily set up at home. The most important thing is to pick a good idea and bring it to life. If you have a private house, you can organize the production of paving slabs. It is one of the most popular building materials and is always in demand. Home production of paving slabs is a business that has many advantages:

  • Small start-up investments;
  • Lack of licensing;
  • Simple technology;
  • Wide sales markets;
  • High profitability.

Among the shortcomings, there is a lot of competition in this market segment.

Mechanical equipment for home production costs several times cheaper than higher quality, automated counterparts. Paving slabs can be produced using two technologies - vibrocompression and vibrocasting. For the first option, you will need a vibrating press, and for the second, a vibrating table. At first, it is better to engage in the production of paving slabs by vibration casting, since such equipment is much cheaper. But, unfortunately, products made using this technology are inferior in quality, so over time you can collect the required amount and purchase equipment for vibrocompression.

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