Monument making business

The topic of ritual business is frightening and strange for many people. However, it should be borne in mind that this activity is one of the most profitable. People are born into the world and, having passed their life path, die. That is why funeral services will be in demand at all times. They are not affected by economic leaps, inflation, or any other factors.

Marketing Research

Unlike an organization that provides funeral services, a company that produces monuments may not be involved in burials. The list of her works will include only the production of gravestone elements and their installation.

Before starting a business on monuments, you need to research the market in your region and determine the demand for this service. It is worth remembering that this type of product is very specific. The presence of great competition in the person of a couple of large manufacturers dooms to failure an entrepreneur who has just decided to enter this market.

Document preparation

To open an enterprise you will need:

- register a legal entity;

- organize points where orders will be accepted;

- open a production workshop;

- conclude contracts with suppliers of materials;

Own business: production of monuments

Types of monuments

First of all, monuments and slabs can be of different shapes and scales:

  • memorial complex - in this case, in addition to the monument itself, a fence, a small table, and seating are installed;
  • sculpture based on an individual sketch;
  • a concrete or stone cross with or without a photo;
  • a standard rectangular slab with a photo, name and period of life.

Based on the material used, there are monuments:

  • Metallic. Galvanized metal is usually taken. Has a low cost, respectively, gives a low profit. Usually organized as an additional production.
  • Stone from rocks. Production requires high costs for the supply of raw materials, the purchase of equipment. It is impossible to organize any additional production. Therefore, it makes sense to open such production in big cities.
  • Stone artificial stone. Raw materials are natural stone granules, bonded with polyester resin. Usually marble chips or polymer granite are purchased for this. Then the production time of the product is significantly reduced, since such material is easier to process. The advantage of this production is that outwardly the products practically do not differ from products made of natural stone.
  • Concrete. Often supplemented with stone elements. Inexpensive production, which allows you to simultaneously manufacture other dimensional elements. The quality of products is not inferior to other types of raw materials.

Drawing up a business plan

The business plan should provide for the following stages of starting a business:

  • registration of a company;
  • opening of order stores;
  • study of production technology;
  • organization of production;
  • study of product installation technology.

Regardless of the form of business organization, individual entrepreneur or LLC, when registering, you must indicate OKVED 26. 0. (cutting, processing and finishing stone for monuments). If you decide to master the manufacture of concrete products, you must indicate OKVED 26.6 (production of concrete, gypsum and cement products). For taxation we choose UTII.

It is better to organize a shop for sale or an order acceptance point right at the cemetery. It is also possible in residential and office districts of the city, where there is a large flow of people. Here it is necessary to purchase office equipment: furniture, catalogs, office equipment, a sign, a plate with a work schedule.

The production area must occupy an area of ​​70 sq. m. The ideal option is to rent space at the factory, but your own garage is also suitable. It is important that the equipment and raw materials fit there.

Concrete Products Equipment

To pour concrete molds, you need the following equipment:

Of course, they fulfill the assigned tasks of organizing the funeral in all aspects. However, such organizations are not able to allocate resources for the independent production of monuments. Due to the lease of a small area, this task becomes unbearable for small agencies of funeral services. And it's easier to order a variety of goods from different manufacturers, thereby expanding the range offered.

These firms take one of two paths. They either offer ready-made, purchased goods. The customer can inspect it personally and choose the appropriate option. Or they themselves order tombstones and gravestones, having previously coordinated the order with the client. This option is especially convenient for non-standard orders. But still, production is more profitable than sales. And the production of monuments is quite a profitable business.

Market research or how not to become the fifth leg of a dog

No matter how good a business idea for making monuments is, market research is a necessary step. First of all, you need to assess the saturation of the market. How many such agencies already exist in this city. What is the life expectancy of the population. It is possible that existing firms can barely survive in fierce competition. Then the beginner is definitely doomed to failure.

But where there are ten firms, maybe the eleventh place will be enough. In this case, you need to assess the localization of offices of this type. You will have to choose a place where there are fewer of them or not at all, taking into account, of course, all important factors. One should also not forget about the specifics of such production. Slabs can be marble, optionally granite or concrete. There are also metal headstones. Each company will choose one for the manufacture. This does not solve the competition in general, but adds niches for the development of various areas of this kind of business. Because even the equipment for the production of monuments will be different.

Monuments made of galvanized steel and metal

The cheapest type of monuments both in terms of price and production costs. And the production of such tombstones cannot be large-scale. It's all about the unprofitability of this type of activity. Privately, they can be produced by factories that work with tin products, the production of bathtubs, buckets. And also masters in working with metal and welding. But these are isolated cases, exceptions to the rule. In addition, metal gravestones are more capricious in everyday life, corrode over time, and are short-lived.

Marble, granite, natural stone as the main material of monuments

In this case, you can observe the exact opposite situation. These are very expensive monuments. And the equipment for the production of monuments of this type and the processing of the necessary materials is very expensive. Buying such a monument is rather a sign of status and prestige. And it cannot be massive.

In addition to tombstones, such a company can also manufacture memorial plaques and various decorative elements. But that doesn't change the situation much. In order for the business idea of ​​making monuments to be justified, the population and the status of the city must be appropriate. It will be very good if it is a regional center. And, of course, it will not be superfluous to assess the situation for the presence of such firms, their number and popularity.

Concrete Monuments

This option can be safely called the golden mean. On the market of funeral services, this type of activity is quite developed and will not require catastrophic investments. In addition, these monuments are decorated with decorative elements made of marble or granite. And the quality of production makes them durable and hardy.

The loss of a loved one makes his place in life empty, but he remains in the heart. It is not difficult to immortalize the memory of the deceased these days - many manufacturers of monuments and fences offer such services. An entrepreneur intending to enter this area with his ideas and knowledge base will have a difficult time. Assess the market, competitors, competitiveness of the offer, otherwise large financial investments risk not paying off.

Business specifics

The high demand for monuments and other attributes of burial sites in a cemetery is closely related to an increase in the standard of living of people and technological support of manufacturers. As before, much of their work has to be done by hand, but a large part is done by machines (cutting, grinding, polishing, engraving). From this, the speed is higher and the price is lower. However, even the cheapest marble monument 70 cm high will cost the customer 6-7 thousand rubles, and large-scale plinths with benches and complex engravings - up to 300 thousand rubles.

The advantage of the manufacturing business in the ritual business is the lack of seasonality. Burial, as a rule, takes place in a short time after death, and at this moment a wooden cross is placed on the grave (their manufacture can also become part of your business, if you have the appropriate equipment, materials and place in the workshops). The need to erect a granite, marble, diabase or other monument, as well as to put in order the grave (fence, flower garden, vases, basement) appears later, not less than a year later.

To have an advantage in the business of producing fences, monuments, accessories, crosses, it is necessary not only to do high-quality technical work (for which to have good equipment), but also to hire qualified personnel. Much depends on engravers, milling cutters, designers - on their creativity and attitude to their work. You will have to pay people a decent salary to see them in your ranks.

Phased preparation


Any business starts with market analysis, cost estimates and projected income, but registration with the tax authorities is an important part of the opening. The form of doing business depends on the scale of the work.

For example, if you plan to limit yourself to a small assortment of stone for work, several machines, then you can issue an IP. But if the activity is planned with many directions, an impressive staff, a workshop area of ​​100-200 sq. m, then an LLC or PJSC should be registered. Tax regime - UTII.


It is preferable to locate the production workshop near the cemetery. If this is not possible, a suburban area is quite suitable. The fact is that the work is associated with a fairly high noise level. Area - from 70 sq. m.

Experienced manufacturers are zoning workshops in the following areas: work with stone, concrete, wood, fences (welding and forging can be located separately, as well as orders for standard and non-standard sizes of products), engraving. If possible, you can arrange a place for a designer. Now many of the team have a 3D designer and artist who creates unique projects according to any wishes of clients. You can organize your office in a downtown or residential area with sample racks and catalogs.

Equipment purchase

It is believed that the provision of funeral services is a very profitable business. Its integral part is the production and installation of monuments and tombstones. Some of the most common materials for them are concrete and polymer concrete. To open a production, simple equipment is needed: a concrete mixer, a vibrating table and shapes of different sizes for concrete monuments. But technology and sales have their own subtleties that an entrepreneur who decides to do this business needs to know.

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How to start your monuments business

Before starting your own business, you need to do an analysis of the market for similar products in the region. If this is a small city, then one or two workshops are enough for its needs. Products related to the funeral procession have their own specifics, so a new product may remain unclaimed. If this niche in the region is still free or the entrepreneur has found guaranteed sales channels, then you can safely start organizing the production of concrete monuments.

Necessary equipment for the production of concrete monuments

The main thing that will need to be purchased is equipment. The key element of the entire production line is the shaking table. It is designed to compact the working mixture and form products. Forms for the production of concrete monuments are placed on the table, and liquid material is poured into them. The table top makes movements, as a result of which the contents of the form are compacted. This method allows you to get a strong and durable product. This is the only machine that cannot be replaced by manual labor. The rest of the devices are purchased for the mechanization of manual labor and production efficiency. You can buy it from 50 thousand rubles.

Any of these events will result in losses. Manual sifting of cement will significantly slow down the technological process, and sooner or later will become economically unprofitable. The cost of this equipment is from 10 thousand rubles.

A concrete mixer or concrete mixer allows you to make the concrete solution homogeneous and also significantly reduces the production time. A model with a capacity of 130-165 liters will be optimal, and its cost is in the range of 11.5-16 thousand rubles.

Monument production technology

The most significant part of the initial investment is always spent on the purchase of templates for concrete monuments. One or two are not enough here, they are purchased at least ten. This amount is optimal for the formation of a sufficient range of products, but this is also at the first stage. In the process of work, it will be necessary to observe new trends in the design of monuments, and to buy new models. The cost of one form is from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. They are usually made from:

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