Metal products as a business

The production of metal structures is quite a profitable business, but it requires a lot of financial investments and experience. To open a profitable production workshop for the production of metal structures, you should know the basic rules and features of this production.

What documents are needed to run

Initially, it is required to legalize production activities - to register a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. These types of legal forms allow cooperation with large developers. If the goal is to manufacture playgrounds, garden furniture or other uncomplicated structures, then you should choose the registration of an individual entrepreneur.

Basic documents to launch:

  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • completed application for registration of an individual entrepreneur;
  • receipt of payment of state duty - 800 rubles;

It is also necessary to print an individual and open an account with a banking organization. After being approved as an individual entrepreneur, the applicant receives an extract from the USRN.

Registration of an LLC is somewhat more complicated than an individual entrepreneur. In the case of opening an LLC, it is required:

Selecting the direction of production

When choosing a direction, you should base not only on your own desires, but also on some factors that will help you navigate at the initial stage.

  • average consumer income;
  • market assortment;
  • number and type of buildings in the city;
  • number of competitive enterprises;
  • usefulness for the population.

The most common directions are:

  • premises for warehouses;
  • hangars;
  • garages;
  • sports complexes;
  • bus stops;
  • production of playgrounds;
  • benches;
  • garden furniture;
  • staircases;
  • fences;
  • production of radiators and boilers.

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Two wonderful welders, one with extensive experience, the other just recently graduated! They are looking for an attractive idea. What would the two of them, and maybe more, do! From the desired but still undecided What would these fellows make this in order to recapture the lease of the premises, but leave them for bread!

In general, we are waiting for your wise suggestions!

Hello. A month ago, I began to look for orders for metal structures and give them for a percentage to a friend. n welder assembler. Handy and knows how to design. is a tool. Orders were sent, and not bad ones. He watched and evaluated performed and I was 10%. then he began to be greedy and give less. I decided to start my own business. There are people I can hire too. I will definitely find akazy. But there is a plug - I do not know how to calculate complex structures: awnings, stairs, other structures. I can count the fences. 1) Who needs to be hired to calculate the metal structure: foreman, foreman, engineer? His responsibilities will include visiting the facility with me, modeling the structure, calculating the material and drawing up technology for the installers. 2) How to pay for his work? 3) What are the criteria for hiring him? The rest of the questions as they come in. I would like to read advice from those who have a business in this industry.

Hello, dear entrepreneurs, I have: 1. production site (two workshops of 700 sq. m.) 2. equipment for metal processing 3. tin on the shoulders, as well as straight arms 4. a strong desire to do business, so to speak, useful to society

What kind of steel structures do you think will be in demand? Does it make sense to change the field of activity? How to make the most of the production area (except for lease)?

Hello everyone. There was an idea to open a forging and welding workshop in the Moscow region. Until that moment, I had nothing to do with this area and I don't even know what kind of welding you need to cook)) There is a constant income in trade and construction, but there is an idea that it will expand in this direction (as a hobby), i.e. the partner (his idea) has a good outlet for metal and forged elements. The idea is to buy ready-made forged elements and cook works of art from them in the form of fences with grape bunches, gates, barbecues, awnings, railings, etc. There is already a designer on the staff .. We found a room, although it is questionable ..

There are also small sales channels (points in the system of markets), although I do not take them into account. We will create our own, large channels)) The site is already ready, it remains to fill it with sketches and launch I-direct.

There are a few questions. How is the salary of a welder in the workshop calculated? The options were as follows: For the welding point (?), = The cost of metal, salary of 25,000 rubles. How much does it cost to install products? How is the salary of a molar calculated? What equipment to buy? )

A business idea like the production of steel structures is not the easiest thing to do.

But very popular and profitable. Before you decide to create such a business and start drawing up a business plan, we want to warn you that this area requires huge investments.

You cannot start such a business on your own, so you will need additional investments.

How to start opening a production of metal structures

The first procedure that awaits you is the registration of your activity.

To draw up and collect the necessary documentation, you will need about 50 thousand rubles.

After that you need to find a suitable room. Its area should be no less than 250 sq. meters.

In your workshop, you need to place devices, machines, and additional utility rooms.

Each of the factories is built in different conditions, but on average you can keep within 700-900 thousand rubles.

Also take care of the selection of employees in advance. The staff of your workshop will be at least 30 people. Your employees must be qualified specialists, have a certain length of service and experience in this field of activity.

Of course, most of the funds will be spent on purchasing the necessary equipment. It can be ordered not only from foreign companies, but also from domestic ones.

The high, constantly growing demand for metal structures makes their production profitable and profitable business that requires large investments. A business plan for the production of metal structures is usually based on attracting third-party investments, which will pay off in the next 5 years. Startup capital for a startup is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, so a business plan must be carefully thought out.

The high demand for metal structures in various industries is justified by the characteristics of the products: durability, strength, high wear resistance. Convenience in the installation of structures and structures makes their acquisition profitable.

Product Description

Steel structures are divided into:

  • whole ;
  • collapsible ;
  • mixed.

The last two categories are convenient for the buyer in that the assembly does not require special skills, installation can be done on their own.

Depending on the area of ​​use and the role assigned to metal structures, there are:

  • Sheet (made from sheet steel or sheet alloys based on aluminum). They are used for the release of containers, pipelines, chimneys, and other elements of buildings and structures.
  • Large-span (frames and arches).
  • Bridge, for the construction of road and railway bridges, hinged bridges and pedestrian crossings.
  • Crane, construction of support and suspension cranes.

The release of one or several types of metal structures involves the purchase of the necessary equipment. Before making a choice, you need to carefully study the market, supply and demand, if possible, occupy one of the vacant (or least occupied) niches.

Market Analysis

Production of metal structures: features and relevance of the idea + market analysis and step-by-step guidance for starting a business + technology for manufacturing metal structures + choice of registration form + selection of premises, equipment, raw materials and personnel + types of advertising + calculation of capital investments.

Organizing your own production of metal structures is a rather complicated and costly business, but at the same time it is relevant and profitable. The demand for building materials in Russia has not been falling for a long time, which means that business in this area can bring a good income.

But opening a production facility, finding your target audience and reaching the first profit is not so easy. Metal structures are undoubtedly a popular building material, but they require incredible precision in manufacturing.

If, despite all the possible difficulties, you think that this type of business is within your reach, right now we will tell you how to organize your own production. You will learn what equipment to buy and how to organize advertising of metal structures for their successful implementation.

Steel structures: purpose, types, advantages

Metal structures or, as they are called in abbreviated form, metal structures are building materials that are used in the construction of buildings and structures.

Metal structures are the building frame of the building, on the basis of which further construction is carried out.

Depending on the purpose of a particular design, the following types are distinguished:

  • Leafy.
  • Long-span.
  • Bridge.
  • Crane.

Steel structures themselves can be built in different ways.

Depending on the elements of the structure, they are subdivided into:

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