Meat chips making business idea

Of all the business lines related to the production of snacks, the production of crackers is the most profitable and profitable.

To implement a business idea, you will need a start-up capital of $ 25,000. Most of it will go for the purchase of equipment, rental and renovation of premises, advertising services to promote a new brand.

Despite the high competition in the segment of the snack business, small businesses also have chances to develop and establish good sales. Naturally, the activity should start at the regional level, with further prospects for expansion. At the same time, it is rational to analyze the local market for the presence of competitors, their pricing policy and methods of product promotion.

For these purposes, a detailed study can be ordered from a professional marketing agency. The costs for this will be about $ 450-500.

By the way, you can use ready-made studies that you can find in our catalog here.

The technology for making crackers is quite simple. The raw material is finely porous, densely structured, without voids, wheat and rye bread, which is cut into strips or cubes with the help of special equipment, roasted in the oven for 10-15 minutes, then the necessary spices and flavors are added to the croutons. The product is cooled down and packaged.

Product consumption is as follows. To prepare 100 kg of crackers, an average of 130-150 kg of bread, up to 4 kg of spices and food additives, 35-40 liters of sunflower oil are needed. Bread can be purchased outside, but many entrepreneurs bake it themselves in order to increase the profitability of the product.

Snack Equipment

The price of units or an automatic line for the production of croutons depends on the manufacturer and capacity. The most popular is Ukrainian equipment.

Professional bread slicer - from $ 1,500; its productivity is 100 kg / h; Gas oven for frying croutons - from 800 USD .; Dragee machine - $ 750; Semiautomatic packing machine - 1200 $ (up to 500 packs / hour).

In addition to the main units listed above, you will need additional equipment and inventory - scales, dishes, containers and containers for storing food and ready-made crackers, furniture - tables, shelves, racks.

The total cost of this will be $ 3,000. ...

The production of rusks and snacks as snacks is a new, but already quite competitive niche in the domestic market. However, with a wise approach, opening your own production in this area promises significant profits and a quick return on investment.

If we recall the recent years, the phrase vobla and beer were practically inseparable from each other. No beer drinker ever imagined that there could be a better snack than dried salted fish.

If you look at the counters of beer shops now, you can see a large number of the most diverse, never before seen, snacks, for example: squid rings, octopus tentacles, various snacks, and fried croutons, which are completely unusual in their simplicity.

Cooked with various spices, flavors, they can be salty, with the taste of dried fish or with the addition of hot spices - as a rule, it is a red aromatic pepper. According to the results of the latest consumer market research, these products are in great demand, since the production of high-quality beer is under development: separate shops, specialized cafes, retail outlets are opening, and accordingly, specific snacks are needed, which are related products, and therefore a separate type of business.

The production of crackers is a very profitable business, judge for yourself: if you cut a loaf of bread into thin portioned pieces, then cut each piece into strips, cook it appropriately and pack it in bags, you will get about 70 sachets, and now Estimate the cost of the final product yourself, it goes beyond 200%.

In order to start the production of fried rusks, a large start-up capital is not required. However, for a full-scale business, the purchase of equipment, its installation and rental of premises will cost only 90-110 thousand. Modern equipment for the production of fried rusks allows you to flexibly respond to changes in the market, sometimes it is enough to change the color of the packaging for the presentation of a new type of beer and the sales increase significantly. Therefore, if you correctly link the business plan for the production of crackers or snacks to the needs of the market, then in a year or two, having paid off the equipment costs, you can get a good income.

Paperwork for the production of rusks and snacks

In parallel with the selection of premises for the production of snacks and crackers with snacks, you need to coordinate documents with local supervisory authorities: fire protection, tax inspection, and most importantly - the sanitary and epidemiological service, which is the last resort when obtaining a license for selected production.

It should be remembered that the paperwork can take 2 - 3 months and will cost about $ 210 - 650. Remember that the business you open is the production of food products and any deviation from technology, the use of low-quality products, can have very serious consequences.

In additional control over the quality of products, the regional SES takes part in the verification for the issuance of permits. It carries out control and additional checks on the quality of products and without its permission, the sale of products will be prohibited. If the documents are drawn up in accordance with the law, then there will be fewer possible problems with obtaining a license for the sale of crackers and snacks.

Technological equipment for the production of rusks and snacks

To start the production of croutons, you must have the following equipment:

  • bread slicers ;
  • oven for drying bread;
  • spray for applying butter;
  • a device for adding flavorings;
  • filling and packaging machines.

The average price of all equipment will be approximately $ 81,000. When looking at hardware price levels, it varies considerably from country to country. The price of a bread slicer from Italy is $ 6 - $ 6.5 thousand, Russian - $ 3, 5 thousand, Turkish and Chinese - $ 2.5 thousand. A packing machine can be purchased from 1.5 to 3.5 thousand euros. The stoves will cost from 1.5 to 5 thousand euros, depending on functionality.

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Meat chips are a new type of snack with high nutritional value. They are high in protein and nutrients.

Unlike ordinary chips, such products are absolutely harmless to health. It contains no trans fats, harmful dyes.

Meat chips consist exclusively of meat and spices, this business idea will be able to open your own promising business.

In appearance, these chips are thinly sliced ​​and dried pieces of meat.

How much money is needed to open a meat chips workshop

Since these products have appeared on the market relatively recently, the investment in the project for their manufacture and sale will pay off quickly.

The competition in this area is still minimal, so an entrepreneur has a chance to enter the business without significant financial risks.

To open a small shop for the production of meat chips with a capacity of 50 kilograms of products per day, you need about a million rubles.

How to start producing meat chips

At the initial stage, an entrepreneur needs to find suitable premises and find an experienced technologist who has long-term experience in the food industry.

Each manufacturer has his own secret of the quality of meat chips.

Starting capital - from 800 thousand rubles.

All kinds of snacks (mainly products with salt and / or flavor enhancers) are categorized as “snacks” and are intended to be eaten “on the go”. They came to the domestic market from the USA and European countries and almost instantly gained wide popularity. The target audience of crackers and snacks is people aged 18-40 years. Also, these products are positioned by manufacturing companies as “snacks for beer”. This segment has always attracted start-up entrepreneurs with high demand and good prospects, as well as a relatively small start-up capital. In Russia, products made by domestic manufacturers dominate (about 75% of the total). Of all the varieties of snacks of this kind, making crackers is the most cost-effective. These products are in high demand among lovers of the foamy drink. According to statistics, more than 40% of respondents (at the end of 2021) choose crackers as the main snack for beer, 22% opt for dried squid and other seafood, while the rest choose salted nuts (peanuts / pistachios with different flavors), snacks from cheese and meat (for example, Pigtail cheese) and other products.

Despite the high level of competitiveness in this segment, it is still far from oversaturation. This is because several large brands dominate, selling their products throughout the country. At the regional level, they have good prospects for start-up entrepreneurs.


Organizational issues

If you decide to open a business for the production of crackers and other snacks, you should start by creating a business project. So you will be able to assess the competitiveness in your region, analyze the demand for the selected products, calculate the start-up costs, and think in advance about the distribution channels of the manufactured products. You can immediately start looking for partners and develop an advertising campaign if you are confident of success.

Competitiveness in this segment, as mentioned in the last paragraph, is quite high. If you do not have a large start-up capital, then do not immediately try to compete with large manufacturers, especially with importing companies. Focus on your region first. As you get comfortable - you can take the bar higher. When analyzing a segment, consider a number of the following factors:

  • The number of brands in your region;
  • The assortment they produce;
  • Prices;
  • Advertising sources; <
  • Points of sale of products.

It would be better if you order such a study from specialists - in a marketing agency. The cost of such a service is from 20 thousand rubles. If you have enough experience or skill in this area, and also have free time, you can do this work yourself. Results are your basis when writing a business project.

Technological process

The technological process for making croutons and snacks is relatively simple and is divided into the following stages:

Many entrepreneurs face difficulties at the beginning of their journey and cannot continue their business. However, Oleg and Victoria Kotlyarovs not only successfully overcame the emerging obstacles, but also developed a plan for the creation of the Union of Snack Producers.

KrupaMuka learned from the entrepreneurs how their business began and what are the prospects for the production of restaurant-type snacks in modern realities.

Restaurant type snacks

“First my wife and I wanted to join a snack food franchise. But after talking with the owner and the franchisee, they realized that they could do such a business on their own, ”recalls Oleg Kotlyarov.

Entrepreneurs hired two chefs-technologists and began to develop production technology, experimenting in the kitchen and choosing the tastes of appetizers. As a result, we settled on products, the production of which does not require a complex technological process - restaurant-type snacks. This is how the company's assortment includes Borodino bread croutons, onion rings, various sauces, fried beans, peanuts and brushwood.

“We realized that we had created an optimal product that could be brought to market. We rented a room, attracted another partner, who later left the business, and started selling snacks. Their peculiarity is that restaurant-type products have a fairly short shelf life, about a day, so they need to be sold quickly, ”says Oleg.

The product is new and unfamiliar

Typically, the sale of restaurant-type snacks occurs through the shops of draft drinks. The Kotlyarovs also began to supply their product there.

“When we entered the market, we faced an unexpected problem: the customer is not familiar with such a product. We monitored reviews all the time, imported new products, adjusted the taste of the product. But people are used to buying so-called “sushnina”: chips, crackers, fish snacks, with a shelf life of up to six months, ”continues Oleg.

Then the entrepreneurs decided to start cooking potato chips in parallel, which was a more familiar product for many customers. They succeeded: not only residents of Lipetsk liked the chips, but also buyers from other regions.

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