Manufacturing business

A manufacturing business is a profitable idea for a business. A beginner who does not have large amounts of money for investment can also do it.

Although the manufacturing business often requires large investments, it is not only profitable, but also allows for profitable realization.

And this is often much more important for many entrepreneurs than the amount of revenue.

After all, the trading business is based on the final stage of someone's production.

That is, no matter how skillfully you trade, your name is unlikely to go down in business history.

But at the same time, it is necessary to build on the demand of buyers, first of all, by selecting ideas for the manufacture of goods and products for sale.

Demand will affect the price set, the volume of production and, in fact, the fact itself: is the chosen business idea worth the implementation?

Although this business really usually requires solid investments, 300-500 thousand rubles (sometimes even less) are enough to organize a mini-production.

Below we will look at a few examples from each "price niche".

Mini business ideas for production with investments of up to thousands

Mini production is a great idea for a budding entrepreneur who has the zeal, time, ideas, but no funds for a more serious startup.

If you fit this description, the nose is higher.

Is it profitable to open an online store; personal experience, what is the job

Manufacturing goods is a profitable activity, but it will require significant investment to get started. We have collected examples of successful businesses and step-by-step instructions for the production of food, sporting goods, textiles. Production can also be based on agricultural activities. An example of such a production is the milk business. Within the framework of import substitution, domestic products of good quality marked "eco" will appeal to both customers who have not been affected by the crisis, and ordinary citizens, whose incomes have greatly decreased over the past two years.

Production of environmentally friendly products

Business on a modern farm

The Cheburashkin brothers started the project thanks to their parents, who helped them raise funds for start-up capital. Stanislav and Vladislav were farming and selling raw milk. The crisis forced them to look for new ways and sales markets. They decided to go to the direct consumer themselves. The first were vending machines, which were placed near villages and highways. Milk was regularly replaced with fresh milk in them - once every 24 hours. The price of a bottle of a natural product was 50 rubles. Milk machines made the company recognizable, people became interested in the products. Later, milk machines began to sell cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, natural yogurt.

Fresh Chilled Milk Vending Machine

40 vending machines have already been installed in the capital and the region, selling dairy products (it is worth noting that now such a business is equated to the construction of a small stall). The brothers decided to spend their free capital on the construction of a milk processing plant. The packaging design of their products has received a number of top awards abroad, including the Cannes Lions winners. Today the Cheburashkins are cooperating with supermarket chains, and in the future they want to seriously engage in cheese production. The investment amounted to about 1,000,000,000 rubles. Investments in domestic production have fully justified themselves.

Collection and sale of honey

Yulia Romanenko decided to start beekeeping. The first hives brought in about 40 liters of honey. Despite the fact that at first the girl was very wary of the inhabitants of the hives, she decided to get serious about the matter. She spent her vacation in Europe, where she communicated with the local beekeepers and asked them for help in organizing her own business. Breeding and caring for bees at the start required an investment of 200,000 rubles. Additional equipment and several dozen more hives were purchased. A thematic site was created and packaging design was developed. Julia was pleasantly surprised by the number of orders on the Internet, now the family business is developing successfully, the family sells confectionery with bee products, there is an active support of investors.

The development of the company required a number of packaging and design improvements. Now you can buy not only honey, but also souvenirs, gift sets, wax candles and natural cosmetics. The company now owns two apiaries, each of which contains three hundred beehives. In addition, the apiaries are equipped with modern equipment. There are private retail honey shops and an online store. The company's annual turnover is 20,000,000 rubles.

Eco-food production for children

Home baking business is real.

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