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Entrepreneurial activity must be confirmed by the organizational and legal form, otherwise you will not avoid problems and fines. An individual entrepreneur with a simplified taxation system is suitable for this business with low turnover or at an initial stage.

Product range and sales

Gloves are produced for hand protection, therefore the scope of application of cotton gloves is very wide:

  • agricultural works;
  • construction sites, workshops;
  • loading works;
  • housing and communal services ;
  • work with various tools.

  • density ;
  • the presence or absence of PVC coating;
  • sizes;
  • colors.

Purpose of gloves:

  • PVC coating - for hand protection, working with lubricated parts;
  • uncoated - more suitable for summer cottage work (good air permeability).

Product marketing directions:

  • retail;
  • sales to wholesalers;
  • businesses;
  • municipal and utility services.

When drawing up a business plan, take into account the competition in the market, conduct market research. Study competitors' products, this will help determine their weaknesses and improve your product.

For healthcare workers, special gloves are one of the main means of protection against infections during medical procedures.

Recently, manufacturers increasingly choose nitrile for the production of disposable gloves. Unlike latex, nitrile does not cause an allergic reaction, and in addition, such gloves are resistant to mechanical damage and do not dry the skin.

Due to the high degree of elasticity (stretching reaches 500%), the product easily adjusts to the shape of the brush. Nitrile can easily withstand heating up to 130 degrees, and if the thermometer drops to -20 degrees, the quality characteristics of the gloves will remain.

Space requirements and staff

In order to launch the production of medical gloves, it is necessary to invest at least 4 million rubles. The bulk of these funds will be directed to the purchase of production units, the rest will be needed to equip the premises.

The workshop must occupy an area of ​​at least 800 square meters. In this case, the rent will cost an average of 100,000 rubles. The room must be equipped with electrical wiring, plumbing, and a ventilation system. Be sure to provide a convenient approach for trucks. The distance between residential buildings and the production hall should be at least fifty meters.

In addition to the workshop in the rented premises, allocate space for a warehouse of finished products, raw materials, as well as additional rooms for various purposes.

For the production to function, it is necessary to hire at least fifteen people. Among them there will be operators servicing an automatic line, a shop manager, a foreman for equipment repair, an accountant, a warehouse worker, a loader, a sales manager, a security guard. On average, 250,000 rubles need to be pledged to pay wages.

Raw materials

Synthetic rubber is required to manufacture gloves. In addition, products include natural rubber as well as various synthetic rubber types, including isoprene. In addition, it is necessary to purchase a natural emulsion, antioxidant, titanium pigment, calcium nitrate, zinc oxide separator. The purchase of raw materials will require an average of 200,000 rubles.

Manufacturing technology

The gloves are made of nitrile. It is a polymerized alloy of acrylonitrile and budatiene. The result is a nitrile elastomer that is dense and elastic. These properties protect the worker from puncture and rupture of the gloves.

To work in this business, you will need to purchase a quality certificate. The registration of such documents is carried out in special certification centers. To do this, you need to pay from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles for an examination, after which you will draw up the necessary document.

Given the small financial investments and high profitability, own production of gloves is a tempting idea, against the background of the crisis that continues to torment the population of Russia. The demand for them never falls, and given the constant injections of the state into the construction industry, it will only grow.

Due to the nature of the professions where they are used, such gloves are simply irreplaceable. In addition, the use of protective equipment is prescribed by Russian law, in the safety rules.

To establish a business in this area, a minimum of technical equipment is required.

  • Room for work.
  • Hardware.
  • Workers.

To understand how the production process works, you need to delve a little into the technical equipment of the workshop.

Glove making machine

The knitting process is carried out on one machine. Average productivity of approximately 360 pairs per work shift. Parameters can be adjusted manually or set by a specialized program, in more expensive models.

For the best profitability and production speed, it is recommended to purchase models with a large number of needles (at least 15). This affects the density of the knit, and therefore the quality of the gloves in general. To increase the demand for the product, overlock equipment can be used, which allows finishing the edges, to prevent thread loosening.

Types of glove making machines

In the manufacture of gloves, the main emphasis is on a good machine. Leadership bar in this area is held by Japanese manufacturers of Shima Seiki devices. Korean knitting machines breathe on their backs, and you don't need to discount the Chinese models. They do their job well, and the inexpensive cost will allow you to start a business on a small budget.

Knitting machines are of two types according to the principle of operation:

PVC coated gloves are used both in everyday life and in many types of production. The unique properties of polyvinyl chloride, which the gloves are coated with, help protect your hands from the effects of acids, alkalis, solvents and many other aggressive substances. Due to the low production cost, these accessories can be bought at a ridiculous price. The organization of the production of PVC coated gloves will not require fabulous investments and unique skills from a businessman. The main thing is to do everything consistently and thoroughly.

Where to start?

The surest start to this business is a thorough analysis of the sales market and the activities of companies competing in this area. If the monitoring yielded encouraging results, then you can start taking action, namely:

  • Register IE. Without a certificate from the OGRN, the way to big business will be closed to you. You are obliged to pay taxes to the state treasury, but it is better to do this not often and little by little. Therefore, we choose the simplified taxation system (STS).
  • Rent a room. The area of ​​the production workshop must be at least 50 sq. meters. It is imperative to have good heating and ventilation, since it is important to maintain a constant temperature in the room at +15 - +25 degrees Celsius. The ceilings must be relatively high (at least 3 meters). You will also need separate premises for a warehouse, office, bathroom and utility room.
  • Hire staff. You will need one skilled production foreman, several auxiliary workers and a night watchman. There is no need to hire an accountant - it is more profitable to use his services as needed.
  • Launch an advertising campaign. All interested parties should know about your company. And there is no better way to declare yourself beautifully than creating an informative site and promoting it in search engines. Other types of advertising include outdoor banners on busy city streets.

So, the first steps to success have been made, and the only thing left is small - the most profitable purchase of equipment and production raw materials. But here you have to turn on all your communication skills and charm in order to negotiate with uncompromising suppliers.

Equipment and raw materials

Equipment for the production of PVC-coated gloves is not very difficult to operate and does not require special working conditions. Domestic equipment samples are in many ways superior to their Western counterparts, and they are cheaper. The complete production line includes the following mechanisms:

  • Machine for automatic knitting of glove blanks, with a capacity of about 400 pairs per day, - 100,000-150,000 rubles.
  • An overlock machine capable of processing up to 350 pairs of workpieces per hour - about 100,000 rubles.
  • Section of the production line for applying PVC coating at a rate of about 800 pairs per hour - from 360,000 rubles.
  • A device for drying gloves - from 100,000 rubles.
  • Packing machine - from 100,000 rubles.
  • Consumables and auxiliary materials: needles, pushers - on average 5 rubles per piece.

It is logical to assume that the production line will not work without the necessary raw materials. Accordingly, you will need to purchase:

  • Latex thread at 250 rubles per kilogram (consumption - 1 gram for a pair of gloves).
  • Overlock thread - 230 rubles per kilogram (consumption - 0.3 g / pair).
  • Combined yarn at 90 rubles per kilogram.
  • PVC coating, which costs 45 rubles per kilogram.

With an increase in demand for products, you can always "strengthen" the production line with additional knitting machines and a couple of new employees.

The production of work gloves is a type of business that has low start-up costs and no sales problems. Cotton products are in high demand for various jobs. They protect hands well, but at the same time wear out quickly and need to be updated, which keeps demand high throughout the year.

Scope and range

Cotton work gloves are used in various fields of activity - agriculture, during the construction of an object, in the process of loading, in housing and communal services and when working with hazardous tools (puncher, grinder, etc.). They will be useful to every car owner and good home owner.

Work gloves are conventionally classified by size, density, color and the presence of a special coating such as PVC. Products with a “spray” applied to the surface are used to protect hands when working with lubricated elements. The production of gloves without an additional layer is more aimed at meeting the needs of summer residents and builders. The main advantage is the breathability of the material.

To implement the project, you will need a business plan that will take into account the initial and monthly costs, demand and other issues. The study of competitors' products deserves special attention. It is important that the new product has better characteristics or can be offered at a more affordable price.

Manufacturing Features

The production technology of work gloves is simple. The main component is threads of various types - cotton, combined, half-woolen or woolen. For a secure fit on the arm, an elastic band (cuff) made of latex thread and trimmed with cotton is used. To give the finished product the best qualities, other elements can be added to the composition:

  • Kevlar thread - makes the structure of work gloves denser, protects hands from damage from sharp objects.
  • Teflon thread - resistant to high temperatures.

Work gloves are manufactured using automated equipment (for example, a knitting machine). The process takes place in several stages:

  • Specifying the parameters of the finished product. The number of loops and rows is set in the program. Depending on the type of equipment, the initial data is corrected on a digital display or a plastic chain. The first option is more preferable due to the clarity of the process.
  • Knitting. The machine starts at the fingertips. When it comes to the cuff, a rubber thread is added.
  • Overlock edges (using polyester thread).
  • Application of a protective PVC coating. When performing this work, plastisol is used. The surface is covered by screen printing. The type of pattern that will be reflected on the product is indicated in advance.
  • Drying and packing.

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