Making and selling tailored clothes at home

Perhaps every person in his life comes a moment when he is ripe for opening his own business. For some, this process drags on for many years, and, already on a well-deserved retirement vacation, he suddenly decides to invest all his experience in his own business, and someone, while still very young, starts his own business. One way or another, but we all come to this.

And then questions arise: what to do? Where to invest your hard-earned money? Despite the seeming overcrowding of various markets, with the right approach, you can always find a niche for your own business. One of the most profitable and promising areas has been and remains its own sewing studio. But how do you open it? What needs to be done for this? How to organize a business and how much money will it take? You will learn about all this from our material.

With or without work experience?

Let's start with the question of who should open their own sewing studio in the first place. Of course, these are the people who have previously stewed in this business as seamstresses or cutters. Even if you have not become super-aces in this business, you should at least have a craving for sewing.

Otherwise, you have nothing to do in this area. After all, here it is important to know both the technological process and the correct organization, building a business. You need to think carefully about everything before starting your own business.

In particular, you must clearly understand where you will get fabrics for sewing, what kind of clothes to produce, what state to hire, where to locate it, what equipment to purchase and, most importantly, how to subsequently sell finished products. In other words, at all stages of organizing this business, as well as in the process of work, you must clearly understand what you need to do in order to ultimately achieve financial success.

Calculate everything carefully

In order not to get confused, we advise you to draw up a detailed business plan for sewing production. What will he give? Thanks to the plan, you can build a phased development of your business, from concept to implementation and financial reward.

In case of a lack of funds at the stage of purchasing equipment or distributing wages, you can apply for financial support to partners. In other words, a sewing business plan can become a kind of beacon in the world of entrepreneurship, which can be consulted in times of strong sea waves.

Hope not only for luck

However, there are many examples when people started this business, practically not understanding anything about it. In the end, they achieved simply amazing success thanks to their business acumen, ability to do business, negotiate with people and delicately feel the current needs of the market.

Therefore, if you have an entrepreneurial streak, but practically no work experience, you have little idea of ​​what a sewing workshop is, you should still try your hand at it. The most striking thing about this area of ​​business is that it is very versatile. There are hundreds of different types of fabrics in the world. You can only deal with women's or men's clothing, or you can focus on children's clothing. It all depends on what market you are currently targeting and what tasks your sewing workshop business plan solves.

What to sew and for whom?

Target audience of the sewing business

You also need to know exactly which client you are going to work for - mass or not. Mass production involves the production of the same models of things, but in large quantities. Moreover, the price of the models should not be very high. There is also an option to produce custom models for exclusive clients who are willing to shell out much more money for updating their wardrobe. Without identifying these points at the very beginning, it is impossible to continue to engage in the organization in the future.

Sewing direction

The main task of this stage is to identify those products that are not enough on the market. For example, if the market is teeming with cheap consumer goods, then there is no point in producing cheap and low-quality things. In this case, it is appropriate to direct efforts to making good author's models of things that will be bought by people with taste and good social wealth. If inexpensive consumer goods are not enough on the market, then it is logical to produce it for the average buyer. But at the same time, your work will not be as creative as it is productive, in this case the Vedas will have to be taken in volume, not quality.

Of course, it cannot be that there is an abundance of one product on the market and a cardinal drawback of another, but this analysis is still necessary. It will allow you to identify the needs of the population in specific things that you will produce in the future. The needs of people are constantly changing, so you will have to analyze the market more than once, but this will be after.

Having decided on the direction of sewing, it is appropriate to find out the prices for fabrics and accessories that you plan to use. In this you will be helped by marketers who will further sell your products. These people will help you build your business plan by giving you specific numbers.

Clothing business expenses

Should I buy new sewing machines? If the budget allows, then it is better to buy new ones, but if the amount of capital investment is limited, then you can buy a used model. Buying used devices will save you a lot of money. Also, savings are possible in renting a room. It makes no sense to organize production in the city center. For this, a room is also suitable outside the city, but not very far. At the same time, take into account the costs of transport, because if the premises are very far away, then the cost of gasoline can exceed your savings several times (nowadays, fuel is expensive). And you will have to travel a lot:

  • provide source material;
  • take away finished products;
  • take out production waste, etc.

A separate part of expenses is advertising and brand promotion. It is not difficult to create a company and a brand, but registering a name based on authorship is difficult and expensive - about $ 600 to $ 1,500. Little things like care instructions, labels and packaging also need to be thought through and consumption determined. All items of expenditure must be presented in the business plan. It is also necessary to provide for the possibility of opening your own clothing store - a retail outlet for the sale of products. Constant purchases of accessories and fabrics, salaries for all employees, rental of premises are expenses that should be reflected in the business plan.

It is practically impossible to create your own production facility at the start-up stage, because this will require millions of dollars. However, organizing a small production is quite within your power.

Basically, the amount of initial investment that you are going to spend on starting a business depends on what kind of clothes you want to produce. If these are exclusive models, then you will need the best fabrics, the best accessories, sewing machines and other equipment. You also need the best specialist who will know all the intricacies of sewing. Remember that even the best tailor and couturier will not be able to sew good clothes on bad equipment, so it is better not to consider the issue of saving at all if you are going to produce designer clothes.

The modern clothing and fabric market is overflowing with goods from China and Turkey. And, as a rule, the quality of such products corresponds to its low price: often the size range differs from the generally accepted standards, and the tailoring and the fabric itself leave much to be desired. Therefore, domestic buyers are increasingly paying attention to the products of local factories and cooperatives.

Even at the stage of developing a business plan for sewing production, you should choose which consumer the products will be focused on. When developing a business from scratch, it is better to give preference to the middle segment - those customers who pay attention to the quality of the thing, and not to the name on the tag. You won't be able to compete with serious brands at the start.

What to consider in a business plan for garment production

For the smooth operation of production, it is required to determine the direction of its activities. There are such options:

  • clothing is the most popular trend, which includes casual, special, outerwear for adults and children;
  • textiles for home use;
  • soft toys;
  • other accessories.

What documents are required to register a sewing business: table

Let's compare the list of necessary documents that need to be collected before starting a sewing business:

IPOO A copy of all pages of the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation Application drawn up according to the form 11001 Application drawn up according to the R21001 form Decision to create a legal entity (if the owner of the sewing business is one) or the protocol on its opening (if there are several owners) Application for transition to the USN (if you plan to keep accounting records under this system), drawn up in accordance with Form 26. -1 Statutory document LLC Receipt for payment of the state duty in the amount of 800 rubles Passports and their copies certified by a notary (the document must be submitted by all founders) Application for the transition to the simplified tax system (if accounting will be conducted using this system), drawn up in form 26. -1 Receipt of payment of the state collection 4000 rubles

The term for consideration of the application is 5 working days. Then the founders will be invited to the local office of the tax inspectorate, where they will receive a package of documents from an entrepreneur or legal entity. Having received documents for running a sewing business, you should open a company bank account and order a company seal.

The following OKVED codes are used for sewing production:

  • textile clothing and accessories - 18.;
  • overalls - 18.1;
  • outerwear - 18.2;
  • other clothes and accessories - 18. 4.

When starting a sewing business, the following key factors should be considered:

Sewing production is one of the areas of business that is always in demand. At all times, people try to dress beautifully. Even the financial crises and rising prices for fabrics do not stifle buyers' enthusiasm. How to organize a sewing production, how much it will cost to implement this idea and what difficulties await an entrepreneur in this niche - read the article.

Project Summary Market Analysis

In the nineties of the last century, domestic clothing markets flooded with cheap goods from China. The shuttles carried them across the country in huge checkered duffel bags, which later became a symbol of perestroika. Chinese things are not a thing of the past and have retained their place on the shelves. The price of such products is pleasing, but the quality is poor.

In the comparison between a good thing and a set of cheap things, taking into account the average wear period, the first wins, and more and more people understand this. And clothing markets are becoming a thing of the past. Shopping centers with dozens of branded boutiques inside are conquering an ever larger segment, gradually replacing the good old markets. The prices are slightly higher, there are more discounts and promotions, there is no draft in the fitting rooms.

Has product quality improved over this period? Not much, but there is still progress. Buyers continue to fall into three categories:

  • Those who value value over quality.
  • Those who value quality over cost.
  • Those who have the brand name at the top of their priorities. Neither price nor quality matters.

Most often, the target audience of sewing shops is from the second category. Consumers are gradually losing interest in imported goods and are shifting their attention to domestic ones, especially if they are made with high quality and according to individual orders. In addition, there are no monopolists on the sewing market in the Russian Federation who can dictate their pricing policy.

The clothing business has two sides. One side is bright, colorful, illuminated by the cool neon light behind the transparent shop windows. The other side of the shadow is workshops with the same type of workplaces, where seamstresses work in the sweat of their brow. This is the very sewing production where you can create both ordinary low-quality things and unique designer clothes of the highest quality. But in terms of prices, it is very difficult for small to medium-sized production to compete with China. Therefore, when starting such a business, they often focus on the quality of things.

How to start a sewing production from scratch Business format

First of all, you need to decide on the format of your business. There are two options:

  • Starting a production involves renting premises, purchasing equipment, hiring personnel and working with orders from individual designers, large companies and even other sewing workshops that cannot cope with their orders.
  • First, a trial batch of products is created, the design of which is developed independently. Then the search for sales channels and analysis of demand for certain lines of models begins.

In the first case, the entrepreneur follows the path of least resistance. He has orders, he fulfills them, delivers batches of finished products to customers and receives money for this. In this format, it will not be possible to create and launch your own brand, but no one will bother to do this after the business is on its feet and the need for expansion arises. This scenario requires a lot of capital investment, but it also has a higher return.

How to launch your own clothing brand

Previously, the profession of a seamstress was very popular. After all, there was no such abundance of clothing in stores, and it was expensive. Today shops are full of interesting items, but women are trying to start sewing on their own or looking for tailors in search of exclusives.

What you need to know when starting your own business

Any business needs to be constantly developed. First you need:

A minimum cost must be determined. This will help protect yourself from major bankruptcy.

Initially, a minimum initial capital is required, which will be required to purchase materials for future products.

Attention! It is worth remembering that any business will have to be registered with the tax authorities.

Reasons for the high demand for handmade products

Products made by human hands, and even on the customer's own order, are valued much more than products put on stream. There are reasons for this:

  • the quality is higher than the factory quality;
  • the soul and imagination of the manufacturer is put into every thing;
  • the uniqueness of the product;
  • at the development stage, you can make adjustments at the request of the client;
  • exclusivity;
  • less pay for work (there are no intermediaries in the deal).

Some ideas for starting a sewing business

To develop your abilities, you need to choose one industry in which you want to become a professional. Of course, you can add areas to work with as you work. What can you sew at home for sale:

  • Toys and dolls;
  • Clothes for pets;
  • Bedding;
  • Children's clothes and accessories for carrying;
  • Clothes for adults;
  • Curtains.

There can be many ideas for generating income. To understand what to sew for sale will help imagination and skills.

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