Lumber production: a list of equipment, a description of the manufacturing technology, the nuances of business organization

The cutting boards business is always relevant - they are used not only as kitchen utensils, but also as an element of decor. The demand for products made from natural materials is constantly growing. Starting your own business does not require large investments. But before launching it, you need to understand the intricacies of organizing a woodworking workshop.

Registration required

Making 2-3 boards a month for sale is not considered a business, but a hobby that does not require official registration. But if a large-scale production is planned with the involvement of hired workers, you need to register your activity as an individual entrepreneur.

To do this, you need to contact the tax office with a certain set of documents:

  • a copy of the passport;
  • a receipt for payment of the fee;
  • a statement on the P21001 form.

Finally, the taxation system is selected. A simplified version or purchase of a patent is preferable.

Premises and workers

At an early stage, the production of boards can be organized at home, competently equipping your workspace. It is better to allocate a separate room for the workshop. Tools will take up a lot of space and should always be within reach. It is recommended to divide the room into 3 functional sections:

And as production expands, you can rent a separate room. The main requirement for it is good ventilation. If the budget for starting a workshop is limited, a small room in a local art house or similar organization may be suitable as a workshop. There, the rent will be less than for a separate room.

In the process of increasing the scale of the business, assistants will be needed to delegate various tasks to them. For a start, remote employees are enough - an accountant with a salary of 10 thousand rubles. and a social media promotion manager (RUB 5,000).

Wood products have not lost their relevance and are valued for their environmental friendliness. How to open a woodworking enterprise from scratch and what difficulties a novice entrepreneur may face, we will tell you in this short review. The business idea is relevant for a medium-sized region with an extensive forest belt.

Why business is interesting

The woodworking company is engaged in primary and secondary processing of cut timber. Buyers are offered finished material in the form of the following sawn timber:

  • Peeled log.
  • Round log.
  • Edged board, floor.
  • Beam (simple, profiled).

If additional equipment is available, it is possible to dry lumber in chambers and produce glued laminated timber from lamellas under the influence of a press. Dry lumber is more expensive, so buying a drying chamber or infrared plates will quickly pay off. As an additional line, it is planned to open additional workshops for the production of lining and doors from wood. The demand for these goods depends little on the seasonality, and in winter, when sales are falling, this income can become the main one.

Starting a company is beneficial for people who already have connections with the owners of forest plots, who can lease or sell them. It is more expensive to purchase raw materials from suppliers than to have your own or leased plot. The price of a forest, depending on the type of wood, per cubic meter is from 2,500 rubles. You can sell edged boards or beams at a price of 6,500 rubles. If you subtract depreciation and energy costs, then revenue from 100% is obtained from each cube. If the wood has undergone additional processing (chamber drying or profiling), then the wrapping from the cube can exceed 150%.

The most expensive type of processed wood is bog oak. Bog oak lumber is appreciated in the market, but processing requires effort, time and knowledge. Bog oak is harvested at the bottom of rivers, lakes or during the development of peat bogs. It is difficult to get heavy and wet wood to the surface, and after drying, the wood becomes harder than stone, so a special machine will be required for processing. It is recommended to leave the production of this type of wood for the future, when your company begins to generate a stable income.


The pros and cons of a business are as follows:

  • Bringing large incomes in regions where there are few companies involved in the construction and production of wood goods, furniture, business will not be. You will have to look for buyers in neighboring regions, and this business niche is rarely free.
  • Large furniture manufacturers and construction companies are engaged in woodworking themselves and will not overpay for raw materials.
  • Quality woodworking equipment is expensive. At a low cost, you can buy machines from a Chinese manufacturer or used. For outdated models, spare parts are either not available or are expensive. Their amortization reaches 80%, and profitability decreases.
  • It is better to work with wood if you understand something about its types, drying, storage. Wood is a capricious material, and if stored incorrectly, high-quality raw materials can easily turn into low-grade scrap.
  • The pluses include the ease of organizing the workflow. If the plot is ready, equipment is purchased and workers are hired, then you can start production on your own in a matter of days.
  • Whether production is profitable depends on the seasonality. In summer, sales are 70% higher than in winter. This is due to the suspension of construction and repair work in private housing construction. Furniture factories also reduce purchases, as consumer demand falls.

First Steps

How to start a small business, if you are familiar with wood, the plot is rented and you need to organize and start production? First of all, documents must be drawn up. If you plan to cooperate with large construction companies and furniture manufacturers, we recommend opening an LLC right away. At the level of individual entrepreneurs, making big money in this area, most likely, will not work. To register an LLC, it is necessary to prepare the company's charter. It is easier to take a typical document and remake it for your data. There is no need to have several founders to organize an LLC. You can build and run the process alone. To register an LLC, the following documents are submitted to the local tax office:

Our team "Arsenal Masters" (based on English-language materials on the Internet) made a photo review below about such a successful business, we hope the information will be useful to you. Russia, like America, is rich in forests and traditions of using wood in interiors and furniture, so the idea of ​​a business - to deal with wooden SLABs and produce products from them - is now very popular with us. If you have comments, your photos and video materials and you are ready to share your experience, then send us information by e-mail info @ arsenalmastera. u We will be glad to post information material about you in this review below as a continuation of the topic with a Russian bias, including with a link to your website or page on social networks.

So, we present to you a relatively young, but successful and actively developing company URBN TIMBER and its founders - three entrepreneurs from Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Summary (quick links down)

About URBN TIMBER and its founders

Tyler Hillyard, Treg Sherman and Tyler Sirak founded Urbn Timber in January 2021.

Tyler Hillyard's father is a construction worker, and Tyler's training in woodworking began in childhood. He spent the summer and weekends on projects with his father and brother, graduated from college and received a degree in furniture reproduction from Rio Grande University. After 9 years at Columbus Woodcraft, Tyler joined Urbn Timber where he is now responsible for most of the woodworking industry. Treg Sherman - The observation of a grandfather who has a woodworking and antique business led to the desire to start his own business one day. In 2021 he received his BS in Construction Management from Ohio State University. At Urbn Timber, Treg is responsible for customer relations and finishing. Tyler Sirak received his Bachelor's degree in Logistics Management in 2021, worked as a financial analyst. At Urbn Timber he is responsible for finance and has a passion for epoxy work.

Urbn Timber has made a useful idea about the preservation of the forest key: only hardwood, which was historically left for waste or firewood, Urbn Timber turns into wooden slabs and modern furniture. Thanks to partnerships with local loggers and services, they take from them trees that were felled due to potential danger, new construction, sick and old ones that fell themselves after the storm, etc. And they preserve them - in the form of SLAB furniture - for future generations, which will last another 100 years and become part of the family history.

There is a Tree City USA program in America to encourage local services to better care for the nation's forests through community recognition. In 2021, for the 36th consecutive year, Ohio was named National Leader in Tree City USA communities with 243 participating cities, villages and towns. In 2021, they planted over 27,000 trees, pruned more than 81,000 trees, spent over 50,000 hours in urban forestry programs, and invested an additional $ 40.8 million towards urban forestry efforts.

The photo below is a white oak that was cut down due to the installation of an access road in Clintonville, Ohio. Urbn Timber has saved some of this white oak, sawn and air dried and will be available for crafting ONLY in 2 years.

Arsenal Masters comment: we draw your attention to this fact: wood is brought to the state of the highest readiness for the most demanding customers. Which takes a long time - as much as 2 years. That is, this wood significantly increases the added value itself during this time. And the joiners who buy these blanks in the future are ready to pay for it, as they understand that in the end it will make it possible to make a more beautiful, reliable and expensive product.

Lumber is a product made from wood with specified dimensions and quality.

Today, many of us are looking for a reliable and high-quality product, based on one more criterion - its environmental friendliness. Some materials used for construction have a high radioactive background. Probably the most striking example of this is granite, which is added as a filler to concrete, or used for decorative purposes at home. However, there is material that our country is rich in, which makes any room lively and natural. That's right, it's wood. However, it would be impossible to achieve either comfort or naturalness if the woodworking industry and the production of lumber did not exist. Let's talk about this in a little more detail.

Equipment for the production of lumber

The process of producing lumber from poor wood will generate a lot of waste. In order to organize large-scale production, it is necessary to purchase a whole complex of sawmill equipment. In order to get this or that type of finished product, you need to choose the right machine or a series of machines. For the production of lumber, wood-cutting machines with various cutting tools are used, with the help of which some part is separated from the wood in order to obtain products of specified shapes and sizes with surfaces of the required quality.

If lumber is produced from raw materials with a diameter of 50-80 cm, then a band saw is needed, and when using coniferous logs up to 12 cm in diameter as a raw material, a circular saw is more suitable.

In the northern regions, circular saws are most often used because they are more reliable, they can easily cut frozen wood, and maintenance of circular saws does not require expensive sharpening equipment. The disadvantage of using such machines will be a large amount of waste, due to the considerable width of the cut.

For those who are taking the first steps in the production of sawn timber, tape technology is well suited. Band machines are used for deep processing of wood to obtain precise geometric dimensions. They have a thin, smooth cut and can be used to make export-quality sawn timber.

In a large enterprise, other machines may also be used, such as milling, edging or thicknessing machines. Milling machines are used to process grooves for rectangular locking joints of wooden beams. Edging machines are used to produce clean-edged sawn timber. Thicknessers are used for flat planing of boards and beams.

The size of production, assortment, the number of required personnel will largely depend directly on the sawmill. For the convenience of comparing prices and the nuances of using technology, the technical characteristics are summarized in the table:

FeaturesSawmill typeDiscFrame BandPrice, rublesfrom 700,000from 200,000from 150,000Productivity, m3 / hour 85 Cut, millimeters 551.5 Accuracy High Medium Low Assortment of lumber Unlimited Depends on the setting of the sawmill Depends on the staff

The band sawmill is the most common due to its low cost to purchase and maintain. However, the most effective is the disk drive due to the complete mechanization of labor. At the same time, a sufficiently high qualification is required from the operator to set up and maintain the equipment. As for the volume of production, the frame cut is the most popular. However, this suffers from the quality of the cut and the high amount of production waste.

Lumber production technology

Types of lumber

Production of decking: analysis of the Russian market + production technology + distinctive characteristics of the material + 5 main steps of starting a business + equipment for the production of decking + analysis of payback and complexity of building a business + useful recommendations for novice entrepreneurs.

Decking is a really useful and irreplaceable building material that has recently become a popular choice among designers, architects and builders.

This composite of wood and PVC is used for cladding interior and exterior walls, as a floor covering, it is used to create fences and fences, in roofing, and other construction.

How to create an efficient decking business, how to choose the right decking equipment, and how, in the end, to effectively sell the finished product? Find out further in the article.

Production of decking in Russia: analysis of the market situation

On the Russian market, WPC is represented by many small enterprises that produce decking in small batches "to order", individually for each customer.

This is due to the fact that it is simply unprofitable for entrepreneurs to make large volumes of products in advance, and a sufficiently fast production rate, coupled with low costs, allows them to produce goods as new orders come in.

In general, WPC is a new, rather popular product. Over the past 8 years, the share of Russian manufacturers has tripled, now about 80% of the entire range is represented by domestic manufacturers.

If we talk about opening our own production, now is the most convenient time for this, since in the future demand will only grow, and it is likely that in the next 4-8 years the market saturation will remain at the same level ...

Pay attention! The high popularity of this material is due to its relative cheapness, unpretentiousness and good resistance to adverse conditions, moreover, there are no formaldehyde resins in the decking, so the material is completely safe for people and the environment.

Decking: Manufacturing and Manufacturing Standards

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