Lemonade production: profitability and prospects of opening a workshop

Benefits of a mini lemonade plant

The relevance of the lemonade business does not raise questions, since everyone knows and loves this drink. The only drawback is that the demand for it is seasonal, and reaches its greatest peaks between April and October. Thus, a budding entrepreneur in the winter may have to work at a loss. To avoid this, you should plan the start of activities in February - March, in order to “skim the cream off” in the summer as much as possible.

Lemonade is one of the few drinks that can be produced without natural ingredients, such as apple and lemon juice, or natural colors, but only with artificial flavors. Such a product will not be inferior to a natural one in terms of taste, but it will significantly benefit from a price.

It makes no sense for a budding businessman to invest in a large-scale enterprise that will be more difficult to build and equip with equipment. It is much easier to purchase a mini-plant, which will be second only to the capacity of installations by productivity, but in this case there is an opportunity to modernize it, expanding the range and increasing output.

Overview of some models of finished production complexes

The production of lemonade, kvass and other soft drinks has a similar technological process and the same set of production equipment. Today, the offer of ready-made mini-factories is quite large - domestic companies, European and Chinese.

Russian models are the most popular because they offer an adequate price and high quality. It is easier to negotiate with domestic companies, they can always send a specialist-adjuster, and the cost of delivery will be several times lower than imported analogs.

Agromolmash offers a ready-made plant for the production of soft drinks with a maximum capacity of up to 5000 liters per day.

Technical characteristics of such a complex:

Aurora Engineering Plant offers equipment for small enterprises for the production of carbonated water. Features:

  • total capacity of all nodes - 100 kW / h;
  • required area - 120 m 2;
  • capacity - up to 6000 bottles per day;
  • cost - 400,000 rubles.

Production equipment

Delicious, refreshing lemonade is a great addition to any holiday. In addition, the sweet drink allows you to cool off on hot summer days. Given the popularity of lemonade among all age groups, opening a small mini-distillery for the production of a drink can bring a decent profit.

As polls show, lemonade is most often purchased in the warm season. Thus, from April to October, the entrepreneur produces the largest volumes of sweet carbonated drink. It is not surprising that in warm regions, thanks to the long summer, the profitability will be much higher than in the northern parts of our country. However, despite the seasonality of the business, a competently drawn up business plan and its skillful implementation are capable of making an enterprise break even.

Where to start?

Make a business plan that will show how profitable the planned business will be and whether you have enough own funds to open it. The approximate plan of the future enterprise includes the following:

  • Lemonade market overview: identifying potential demand, studying competitors.
  • Development of a marketing strategy: identifying the competitive advantages of products, determining the target audience and the price of a drink, developing an advertising campaign, etc.
  • Calculate the initial cost of producing lemonade.
  • List of monthly expenses - utility bills, purchase of raw materials, wages, employee training, transportation costs.
  • Accounting for production costs, as well as forecasting net profit and revenue.
  • Setting a time frame after which the production will start to pay for itself.

Activity registration

First of all, it is necessary to register a company with the tax office and obtain certificates giving the right to produce soft drinks. Moreover, a separate certificate is required for each type of carbonated product. If you have never encountered such a procedure, consult with the specialists of Rospotrebnadzor, who will explain all the nuances of certification.

In addition, the production of lemonade requires a sanitary and epidemiological permit. Such a document gives the green light for the sale of drinks. In addition, this paper must be presented to all regulatory authorities in the future.

Find a production facility

The production of lemonade belongs to the food industry, so there are a number of serious requirements for the premises:

Many aspiring businessmen are racking their brains over how to start a lemonade production. Such interest in this issue is due to the high demand for non-alcoholic carbonated water (especially in the warm season). If everything is done correctly, the business will develop steadily and generate high income.


The lemonade production line consists of a water preparation system, a syrup boiler, a saturator (apparatus for carbonating liquids), containers for connecting and storing raw materials, a bottling and packaging system.

Equipment for the production of lemonade is produced by Russian, European, Chinese companies. Its cost depends on the configuration, performance and how automated the workflow is. The minimum price is 1 million rubles.


Lemonade production technology is based on blending (cold, semi-hot, hot), that is, mixing food products in certain proportions.

There is nothing difficult in it, so a person without relevant experience can master it.


The technological process of lemonade production consists of 6 steps:

  • Liquid preparation.
  • Supplying ingredients to the cooking pot.
  • Cooking syrup.
  • Cooling, carbonation.
  • Mixture supply to the filling machine.
  • Packing, moving products to the warehouse.


You need to start opening a business by registering a company with the tax office. If you wish, you can open an LLC, but this is not necessary: ​​individual entrepreneurs can also engage in this type of activity. When filling out the form, indicate the OKVED code 11. 7. - production of sugar-containing and / or flavored soft drinks (except for mineral waters).

Lemonade is a drink, the taste of which we all know well from childhood. The refreshing taste of the drink of attractive yellow color with the scent of lemon oils especially saves in the summer and perfectly complements the menu on holidays. The drink recipe is simple and does not require large investments. Typically, the production of carbonated soft drinks includes the production of lemonade as an additional source of income. Also, when developing an effective business plan, you can open a lemonade business as an independent business from scratch. In the business plan, it is necessary to lay down such cost sections as renting premises for production and a warehouse, a transport site, buying equipment for the production of lemonade and its bottling, regular delivery of raw materials and containers, or PET preforms for self-blowing PET bottles, plan costs for the implementation of marketing strategies for going to market, studying the competitive environment and advertising campaign, training and staff salaries, operating costs and possible equipment repairs. It is also necessary to develop a strategy for selling the drink: wholesale supplies to supermarkets or the purchase of vents. For mini-production, a room of about 170 sq. ...

It is divided into the following blocks:

  • Workshop for the production and bottling of lemonade;
  • Warehouse rooms for raw materials, containers and finished products;
  • An office for the administration and a room for staff;
  • Household block.

In front of the premises there should be a parking lot for transport, unloading and loading of packages with raw materials and goods. A fully automated lemonade production line requires electricity and water supply to run smoothly.

Equipment for a mini lemonade plant

To implement a business, you need to buy equipment for the production of lemonade, which includes:

  • One double-layer boiler with thermal insulation, in which syrup is brewed, with a volume of about 5 cubic meters;
  • One plate filter for syrup with a high-pressure pump with type-setting plates; <
  • One refrigeration unit with a circulation pump;
  • One cold accumulator for 1.7 thousand liters;
  • Three blended two-layer containers without thermal insulation for 6.3 tons. l. with control panel for cooling and agitator;
  • Two single-layer tanks of 500 l. with stirrer for ingredients;
  • Two double-layer tanks with thermal insulation for storing blend or water for 6.3 tons;
  • Two refrigerating units for 6000 liters per hour;
  • One common control panel for pumps, temperature in blending tanks, cooling.

Technological scheme of lemonade production

On a production scale, lemonade is prepared by the blending method, in which the ingredients required by the recipe are mixed:

  • Water, which contains 80% of lemonade;
  • Sugar;
  • Juice (apple or tangerine);
  • Kohler (burnt sugar as a natural color).

Features of the beverage production business

The main advantage for opening a lemonade workshop is the constant relevance of the drink. Lemonade is loved by both children and adults. The product has been popular among all segments of the population for many years. It is only important to consider that the larger the range of tastes on offer, the better for implementation.

The only drawback of a soft drink is its seasonality. During the summer, about 85% of the total annual sales are realized.

In general, in order to create a profitable and promising enterprise, you need to carefully think over all the nuances and draw up a business plan for the production of lemonade.

Making a soft drink at home

Before buying and installing equipment, looking for premises, registering, you should familiarize yourself with the technology of lemonade production.

Everyone's favorite drink is prepared according to a very simple recipe:

  • Lemon juice, in the amount of 0.3 liters, is poured into a special container prepared in advance.
  • 1 - 1.5 pure water (preferably distilled) and about 50 g of sugar should be added to the juice.
  • After the sugar is completely dissolved, you can add water to the resulting concentrate.
  • The drink is ready to drink.

But, such lemonade production will not be able to compete with large factories that make drinks with the addition of artificial ingredients that can increase the shelf life of the product. And lemonade made from natural ingredients will cost much more.

What you need to make a drink

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