Launch of production and implementation of business ideas with minimal capital

You have long wanted to open a business in the field of production, but you think it is difficult and unattainable, and therefore do not know which option to choose? We offer you the TOP business ideas in the field of production: with minimal investment, in popular areas, with ease of implementation, development prospects.


Manufacturing contains more options than popular categories such as retail and services. At the same time, very few beginners and experienced entrepreneurs prefer production, considering this area the most difficult to implement.

One of the problems that gets in the way: making the right decision about what to produce, because you need to offer the consumer something familiar, but with its own "flavor". And after that, there is a need to understand how to put everything into practice, and what distribution channels to choose to bring the product to the consumer.

We offer you TOP-15 business ideas in the field of production that will help you take a step towards realizing your dreams. And if the right option is chosen, there will be solutions for all tasks!


Plastic bags provide convenient transportation and storage of many things and products. You can find a garbage bag in every home, and almost every trip to the store ends with the purchase of another "T-shirt", while many essential products, such as bread, milk, salt, meat, are packed in a plastic bag.

However, if you think about it, one plastic bag takes about 70-80 years to decompose! This causes great damage to the environment, to preserve which many measures are being taken today. Therefore, making biodegradable bags is one of the topical manufacturing business ideas in 2021.

Benefits of a biodegradable bag business idea:

  • The average time it takes to decompose the package is 1 - 2 years
  • The opportunity to get support from the state when starting a business, since the project has social significance
  • Simple production: from the mass with the addition of a special substance - a degradant, they produce products of the required shape, add a logo and cut bags


Cheese is one of the oldest dairy products, the production of which dates back to about 8000 BC. And since then, a dairy product, especially of hard varieties, has been indispensable in the diet of many people. A hearty breakfast and preparation of many dishes is indispensable without cheese, as it adds a "zest" to them and is easily combined with other ingredients.

Despite the fact that the year began quite difficult due to the crisis aggravated by Western sanctions, this provoked the growth of mini-business. The country has an opportunity to establish its own production of products with minimal costs. Naturally, the question arises of how to open your own production. Initially, you need to consider all the ideas that can bring the maximum profit in a short period of time, including ideas with the minimum investment. Due to the fact that due to the sanctions, competition has significantly decreased, the founders are able to create their own industrial entrepreneurship.

Of course, business production is considered the most difficult, but at the same time the most promising. So what kind of business can a budding entrepreneur start? First, you need to consider the most promising release ideas currently. Find out which undertaking is the most profitable. What kind of manufacturing business with minimal investment can an entrepreneur be able to open in his region? Having considered all the ideas and projects, you can make the final decision and start acting.

Frozen foods: fruits and vegetables

  • Bubbling - vortex air cleaner;
  • Washing machine;
  • Trimmer;
  • Machine for blanching;
  • Freezer;
  • Packaging machine;
  • Conveyor;
  • Refrigeration equipment for storing finished products.

The cost of each apparatus, excluding refrigeration storage equipment, is on average estimated at half a million rubles. A refrigerated warehouse is more expensive equipment. The minimum cost of a freezer is 150,000 rubles. Thus, small business production of frozen vegetables and fruits is a promising undertaking. However, it will not be easy to launch it with minimal investment. One idea is not enough to build a serious business.

Forged products manufacturing

Today it is profitable to produce forged products. Experts predict that the demand for artistic forging will grow, which means that the business production of such products is quite promising. Small-scale industry is expected to take the bulk of the market. The most important thing in this business is the talent, experience, ideas and professionalism of the master.

Starting a wrought iron business is best done in early summer.

The cost of the bending machine will cost 300 thousand rubles, additional equipment will require another 30,000 rubles. Raw materials of 1 m² cost about 950 rubles, the finished product will cost about 3500 rubles. Accordingly, a business can be started with minimal investment. In 30 days, you can sell 90 m² of products, which will amount to 300 thousand rubles. and will allow you to pay off your investment in 2-3 months. This is quite profitable and promising, because the business of making forged products with a minimum number of hired workers brings in hundreds of thousands of rubles. With additional investment, a business can have a turnover of several million.

Promising business - colored rubble

  • 1 Advantages of mini-factories
  • 2 The most common mini-factories
  • 3 List of the most popular mini-factories
  • 4 Step-by-step plan for starting a business
  • 5 How much you can earn
  • 6 How much money is needed to start
  • 7 How to choose equipment
  • 8 Which OKVED to indicate during registration
  • 9 What documents are needed to open a business
  • 10 Which taxation system to choose for registration
  • 11 Do I need permission to open a business
  • 12 Mini-factories operation technology

For most people, the word "plant" gives rise to associations with giant factories, of which a lot were built during the Soviet Union.

As a rule, a large number of people worked there, and bulky equipment was used.

Currently, such factories are unprofitable, as they require large investments in the maintenance and modernization of equipment.

They are increasingly being replaced by mini-factories, which can compete in many industries, and the opening of a mini-factory is a rather promising business idea for starting a business.

And most importantly, even a novice entrepreneur can create a mini-plant.

Benefits of mini-factories

Mini-factories have a number of advantages:

  • Mobility. The design of such a plant is very simple. It is easy to assemble. The plant can be located in a small area. If necessary, it can also be easily disassembled and moved to another location.
  • Economy. Allows you to save on the purchase of equipment. Savings on wages thanks to a small workforce.
  • High efficiency. The use of technologies and resources that are different from the traditional ones used in most enterprises.
  • Environmentally friendly. Very often, mini-factories use secondary raw materials or process industrial and household waste.
  • Exclusivity. The ability to produce exclusive goods, as opposed to mass-produced goods.

When creating a mini-plant, there is a high probability of receiving a subsidy from the state. Especially if the plans are to purchase equipment that would be socially significant.

This also applies to those factories whose activities are aimed at recycling waste (for example, recycling plastics), which, in turn, improves the environment in the area.

Some entrepreneurs started their activities with the organization of a mini-factory in the garage.

The most common mini-factories

After analyzing the data provided by the Institute for Complex Strategic Studies on the number of officially registered enterprises in Russia, the journalists of the Kommersant newspaper in 2021 came to the conclusion that small business in Russia is losing ground. However, in the same year, the situation suddenly changed, and the number of small businesses increased by 0.03%. It is assumed that this was facilitated by more comfortable conditions for taxation and simplified registration for the self-employed, so this market will develop in the future. We have collected 40 new production ideas for small businesses, allowing you to quickly reach a stable income in 2021.

Sewing products

Sewing is a specific business that requires clear planning and proper organization. The competition in this area is quite high.

According to Fashion Consulting Group estimates, the market is gradually reducing the growth rate to 14% per year, which indicates a slight oversaturation of the industry.

To get started, you must have professional sewing skills or hire qualified personnel. Opening an atelier also requires specialized and, as a rule, expensive equipment.

Experts of the Altera Invest portal analyzed the popularity of tailor services in Russia in 2021: tailoring and repair of clothes is in the greatest demand

Car Covers

According to the representative of the Tour Auto company M. Shelatonov, the demand for car accessories is growing every year, but the indicators of the assortment saturation of the market are also increasing. It follows from this that car owners are ready to buy related products for their vehicles, but they need to be "surprised" - to offer a unique or truly high-quality accessory.

Youtube blogger Evgeny Zakharov interviewed Alexander Zhizhenkov, who set up a business for the production of car covers in Bryansk:

A high-quality protective cover can be a great new thing for a vehicle, and the business of sewing them does not require much effort. The production process can be adjusted using ready-made patented ideas.

To get started you need:

  • Room for the production of covers.
  • Several skilled workers.
  • Sewing machines.
  • Overlock,
  • Pins, thread, machine needles.
  • Nylon twine.

The material is usually a multi-layer polyester with a water-repellent and "breathable" effect.

  • 1 Advantages of the self-tapping business
  • 2 What equipment to choose for the production of self-tapping screws
  • 3 Technology of manufacturing self-tapping screws
  • 4 How to sell manufactured self-tapping screws
  • 5 How much money is needed to organize the production of self-tapping screws
  • 6 How much can you earn from the production of self-tapping screws
  • 7 What equipment to choose for such a business <
  • 8 Which OKVED to indicate when registering a business
  • 9 What documents are needed to open
  • 10 Which taxation system to choose for registering a business
  • 11 You need whether permission to open

Despite the crisis, the construction market is still in a growth zone, in addition, such building materials are in demand absolutely always and in any home, and even if the market starts to decline, these market segments will be less affected Total.

Advantages of Self-tapping Screw Business

This type of small business has a lot of advantages, such as quick distribution of goods, a fairly stable price.

A small threshold of initial investment, as well as very easy to find premises for organizing such a business (in comparison with other areas, of course) and the implementation of a business idea for the production of self-tapping screws is undoubtedly promising.

In the production of this building material, the manufacturer does not have to worry about a quick sale, self-tapping screws do not have an expiration date and can lie for years, waiting for implementation.

All that is needed for this is to restrict the access of moisture, just so that they do not rust.

Also, there are many wholesale customers on the market who will take a large amount of goods at a time, which means you don't have to worry about the clientele - by finding several reliable buyers, you can ensure constant sales of products for a long time.

Another plus is that advertising costs in this type of business are minimal, you don't have to spend money on constant ads in the media to maintain the level of sales.

Another undoubted plus is that there is no need to hire highly qualified personnel for this production.

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