How to start the production of wooden toys

Investments: from 500,000 rubles

Payback: from 6 months

Making and selling wooden tableware can be a business that will bring good money to its owner. Crockery is a popular product, and its wooden design is not only a trend of fashion, but safety and environmental friendliness required by every consumer. These qualities are very valuable and are considered a guarantee of excellent health. Let's take a closer look at this business idea.

Business Concept

Wooden tableware is very popular now and will remain in this position for about 5 more years. Here are the benefits to offer customers:

  • does not beat;
  • does not emit harmful substances;
  • does not absorb odors.

An interesting fact: wood crockery is often referred to as a handmade product, which is highly appreciated by lovers of the handmade direction.

People who prefer these products are of medium and high income. Among the establishments that prefer the fashionable trend are restaurants and cafes. Selling wooden utensils is available in specialty stores and fairs. Either through your own website (social network group) or on an online auction.

When living in a tourist area, if you are more creative in the production of tableware, you can trade in memorabilia made of wood. To do this, you need to put up a small tent in a good place.

What is required for implementation?

Industrial premises. A large area is not required to practice this craft. With the smallest output, a garage or production facility up to 50 sq. ...

Probably, people who are keen on woodworking sooner or later ask the question: “What kind of wood products for sale with their own hands could be created in order not only to occupy their free time, but also to make good money on it "? Of course, here you can offer a lot of business ideas made of wood. But which of them will be the most successful depends on many factors. And then we will talk about how to make production profitable, as well as give a few tips - what you need to open a small business on wood products.

Why is a wooden business profitable?

Before we find out which wood products can bring good profit to their manufacturer, let's try to analyze what advantages such a business has. And to begin with, we want to note that the business of manufacturing wood is an excellent opportunity to work with environmentally friendly, completely non-toxic material, which is quite a rarity in modern production. And this is its main advantage.

In addition, a do-it-yourself wood business is a chance:

  • Even without special knowledge and experience, master a new specialty and quickly learn everything through practical actions;
  • Start production without renting premises (if you are looking for an idea that can be produced in a garage for sale, then this option is quite suitable);
  • Always be able to purchase raw materials inexpensively;
  • Constantly have interested buyers;
  • Not be tied to the production of one model and always be able to manufacture what is in demand and at the same time be original (of course, if you are a creative person and want to create, not just produce).

That is why it is believed that in such a business people with good taste and imagination, rich in creativity and ready for physical work can be successful.

By the way, an entrepreneur who has decided to start a business in the manufacture of wood products may well count on a monthly income of 100,000 rubles.

Where to start a business?

  • Study of the future sales market. As part of this research, you can visit bazaars, fairs, thematic exhibitions, talk with store owners to understand what they buy often, and what they pay a lot for, but not so what they are looking for, what they buy seasonally, etc.;
  • Assessing your skills and capabilities and determining what exactly you will do. For example, if you are a craftsman who, as they say, has a good deal of wood, you could produce expensive products that do not fit into the standards, which are very different in terms of labor intensity from ordinary products, but pay well. Also, a carpenter-woodcarver can make good money on his original products. Well, for novice carpenters, you can take a closer look at the idea of ​​making simpler wood products with your own hands, evaluate the possibilities of what you can do with your own hands at home and sell, and slowly earn money due to the number of products made and the speed of production.

Actually, when everything is settled with these moments, you can start drawing up a business plan for wood products.

Where will the workshop be located?

This stage of preparation for the start of the implementation of the business plan is also very important. Indeed, most of the time of the day will pass at the workplace, so it must be organized so that the stay is comfortable and, while working, relaxing, communicating with customers, you feel as comfortable as possible. And so that all this can be organized, experts recommend looking for a room with an area of ​​at least 50-60 square meters, preferably with high ceilings (in the event that you have to make some unusual wood products with your own hands of very large sizes, for example, a non-standard high furniture or other products).

A shed, garage or basement is perfect for this purpose. It's great if this is your personal space. Then you don't have to pay rent and ask the owner for permission to renovate it.

Investments: from 1 million rubles

Payback: from 8 months

Everything returns to the old days, to square one. Antiques and old household items are back in fashion. So, many people dream of furniture made of antique wood, but these luxurious dressers, chairs, wardrobes are expensive. Therefore, craftsmen have learned to artificially give wood a shade of "eternity", and this is a demanded business these days. Let's figure it out.

Business Concept

This area is new, so few people understand it. The scheme is simple - you need to make fresh wood look old, and its value will rise. Various furniture and other household items are made from aged wood: they are more expensive than ordinary ones. There are several ways to artificially age wood.

  • Brushing. Another name is brushing. For this method of processing, the following tool will be required: an electric drill with a rotor brush or a metal brush. By brushing, a relief pattern with protrusions and depressions is obtained. The wood of such trees as dussia, ash, oak, merbau, maple, teak, walnut, jatob, kempas, pear is excellent. The costs are minimal, and the method itself is widely used among firms that are engaged in aging wood
  • Blast-abrasive processing contributes to obtaining decorative effects, as well as the relief of wood. But this option has a drawback - the appearance of hairiness. To eliminate it, you need special equipment.
  • Milling. Corduroy cutters are used more often. This processing method has positive qualities and disadvantages. The advantages include the high processing speed, and the disadvantages - the uniformity of the resulting relief.

Processing defects are also common. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully select the blanks in order to increase the cost of the future product.

  • to age the wood and sell it to the final manufacturer;
  • to age the wood and put it into furniture production yourself. That is, you will establish a full production cycle: "from wood to masterpiece" (the path is more expensive).

Let's consider the first option, as it requires less investment, knowledge, etc.

What is required for implementation?

To start a business, you need to understand the tree. What kind of wood? How to handle it correctly and how? What is dangerous for a particular species? What is more in demand? There are other questions as well. The case will require extensive knowledge, so you will have to re-read a bunch of books and forums.

You also need a supplier of quality wood, because quality is the key to success!

Think about logistics in advance (how to deliver fresh wood, and how to ship ready-made materials to the manufacturer).

Due to safety and environmental friendliness, wooden toys are at the peak of popularity and demand. Most parents would like to buy wooden toys for their child due to the natural composition. They do not contain polymers and plastics that are harmful to health. Such a business does not require multi-million dollar investments, and its payback is only one year.

Is it worth doing business with wooden toys?

This type of business is specific, unique and profitable. The production of wooden toys does not require millions of investments.

You can start a business with small parties. You will be able to recoup your investments within one year, and the monthly profit of the minimum enterprise is on average 100,000 rubles. When making toys at home, the income will be 30,000 rubles.

The cycle of the production process includes: procurement, processing, dyeing and packaging. Qualified workers should be engaged in the manufacture of products.

The advantages of making wooden toys are:

Wooden toys are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST and TU, so parents can be sure that the products will not harm the child. The surface of the toys is smooth, without sharp corners, the coloring is attractive and there are no small details.

If you decide to do business on toys made of wood, then you should produce products for children of different ages:

To start the production of wooden toys, at the start it is not necessary to rent large areas at once. You can start your own business in a small utility room with a minimum amount of carpentry equipment.

You need to prepare in advance for opening your own business. You need to think over registration, investment, collection of permits, draw up a business plan.

How to register a wooden toys business?

Registration of an enterprise is carried out with the tax authorities at the place of residence. The inspector will accept the necessary package of documents (passport, IIN and their certified copies), an application and payment of the state fee - 800 rubles. The cost of registration, which is carried out on the basis of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, in 2021 is 25,000 rubles.

The documentation package is reviewed within a week. If the answer is yes, the individual entrepreneur receives a certificate, an extract from the state register, as well as an application form for the chosen tax system. It is recommended to choose the USN, OKVED code: 36. 0 “Production of games and toys”.

As promised, we are publishing the third part of the material on the topic "Making money on simple things made of wood."

In the first two parts, we looked at 14 examples, suggested processing, marketing, and initial online sales options.

Let's start as usual with examples. And we will give advice at the end.

Food Trays

The tray is easy to make, inexpensive in materials, and you can design it as you like. Including under the order.

The cost for a product is from 1000 rubles more than 10,000 for a tray made of valuable wood species.


A photophone is even less expensive to manufacture. You often see a beautiful background on which to take pictures of jewelry, manicure or food. So, this is a photophone, and it is an integral part of the work of creative people who upload photos to the Internet.

The photophone can be flat, at an angle of 90 degrees, or from three elements. The main thing is that its surface is not glossy, otherwise it will glare.

Cutting board

Here, too, the cost can be very high if you choose expensive and valuable wood species. And also the author's painting. The field for work is huge. Whole sets can be made.

Or choose a more complex technique like marquetry. End boards, although difficult to manufacture, are practical and in demand.

Embossed map on plywood

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