How to start the production of fridge magnets

Today there is a fairly large number of entrepreneurial ideas. Making fridge magnets is one of the cheapest and easiest to plan ways to start your own small home business.

Why magnets? Decorating kitchen surfaces with souvenir, brought from some place as a souvenir or simply interesting magnets from a design point of view is a very popular, if not ubiquitous, hobby. In some families, it even takes the form of collecting. There is no doubt that this product is and will be in demand.

Based on the above, we can say that the production of fridge magnets can bring quite a good profit. Let's take a look at some of the features of this case.

Making photomagnets is the most profitable business

The most common today are photomagnets. Their whole idea is that almost any image can be placed on the surface of such products, from a beautiful landscape to photographs of various events. In addition, it is precisely such a production of fridge magnets that is easiest to implement. You do not need any special knowledge and skills. In addition, it should be noted that the entrepreneur can easily provide such a service as the creation of magnets to order.

What kind of magnetic vinyl can be?

Photomagnets owe their appearance to special vinyl (magnetic paper). It is a rubber-like elastic material that combines the qualities of both elastic rubber and a permanent magnet. It possesses these properties due to its main components - magnetic powder and polymer substances. The base for fridge magnets can be:

1. Self-adhesive, i.e. with an adhesive layer.

3. Coated for high quality inkjet printing.

4. Coated with UV curable inks and solvent inks

Is there a demand?

When you come to visit, you probably paid attention to the collection of similar items, proudly taking their place on refrigerators.

Almost every person has at least a couple of magnets at home, because they allow you to remind yourself and inform guests about where you have been, and also just help to decorate the interior of the kitchen. Demotivator magnets are also very common, especially for those who are losing weight.

As you can see, the idea of ​​making fridge magnets is very interesting, especially if it is implemented correctly. After all, there is definitely a demand for the product!

Equipment for the production of fridge magnets

Consider what equipment you need to make fridge magnets. It should be said right away that there are several varieties of such souvenir products, and almost each of them has its own characteristics. Therefore, we will consider them in order.

Vinyl Magnet Making

Magnetic vinyl is very flexible and elastic, because it combines the properties of 2 materials at once: rubber and a magnet with permanent poles. It is filled with polymers as well as magnetic powder, which ensures good adhesion to metal surfaces.

There are several types of vinyl magnets:

The most convenient way to produce vinyl magnets includes the following steps:

A business like making fridge magnets can generate a lot of income at a low cost, since the products are well bought and in demand.

Consider the simplest ways to open your own business with a minimum investment and a high return on investment.

Materials for making fridge magnets

The production of fridge magnets is based on attaching figures and images to a magnetic sheet. Various materials are used in the manufacture.

The most popular types of fridge magnets

Equipment for making fridge magnets

You can arrange the mass production of fridge magnets at home by purchasing special equipment. Typically, the average cost of a fridge magnet machine is about $ 500

You can buy high-quality equipment for the manufacture of fridge magnets, both domestically produced, and order no less high-quality machines from China.

When ordering equipment from China, you can save a lot.

Best Magnet Equipment and Cost (Vinyl)

Fridge magnets manufacturing technology

You can set up a business for the manufacture of fridge magnets in any conditions. For business, you can equip a place at home or in a garage.

To start the production of fridge magnets at home, you need to supply 380 volts of electricity.

A refrigerator is a pretty handy thing, used not only for its intended purpose, but also to remind you of very important things. One has only to write on a small sheet of what needs to be done in the near future and fix it on the device using simple magnets.

As soon as the appetite kicks in, a piece of paper with a reminder will involuntarily come into view. In this review, it was decided to consider in more detail how the manufacture of fridge magnets occurs. This business idea can be successful for entrepreneurs.

What is the reason for the popularity of magnets?

Perhaps this thought played a significant role in the appearance of decorative souvenirs. It happened back in 1971. Throughout its existence, this product has undergone a fairly large number of changes. From factory conveyors, their production abruptly turned into small business with a rather small initial contribution. And if earlier for the production of magnets, a press and an enameling device were primarily required, then in the modern world it is quite easy to make a decorative product for a refrigerator, having a computer and a printer at hand.

But it is impossible to say that in connection with this transition the need for souvenirs has decreased, and the manufacture of fridge magnets has become less promising. The thing is that the symbols of the era are constantly changing. This also entails a demand for certain products, which will embody new symbolic images. Accordingly, old products will be thrown away or hidden, and new ones will take their place on the refrigerator door.

Magnet technology is constantly being simplified

The time when the manufacture of fridge magnets took place at the expense of magnetized metal is long gone. Modern equipment made it possible to apply a very thin layer of ferromagnetic materials to almost any polymer product.

They are able to maintain magnetic induction for a sufficiently long period of time. The backing is usually vinyl. On the other part of this material, a special coating is applied, on which a certain image is subsequently glued.

Vinyl is not an expensive material

Based on the above, we can say: there is nothing strange in the fact that over time, the manufacture of fridge magnets has become possible at home. Vinyl for making magnets is a material that is magnetized rubber of various thicknesses. It can be produced not only in rolls, but also in sheets. The cost of one roll reaches 4.3 thousand rubles. According to many experts, vinyl is an ideal material for making a variety of magnetic calendars, flyers, souvenirs and notebooks.

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Fridge magnets are one of the most popular souvenirs that we bring to friends and relatives from travel, and we do not forget to grab ourselves in memory of the trip. The magnets on the refrigerator door reflect the entire geography of our wanderings ... Here and New Year magnets with wishes - a gift from colleagues, and homemade heart magnets from children.

Magnets are a popular souvenir, suitable for almost any event, and also inexpensive. At the same time, giving a magnet is a great way not to ignore a loved one.

And since a small magnet has so many advantages, it's time to consider it from the point of view of an idea for organizing a business.

How to make fridge magnets - idea overview

A magnet is a highly demanded item in the souvenir market. But there are a lot of offers of various versions of this product. One of the hallmarks of the magnet business is high competition.

This can be considered a minus or a plus. The presence of competitors encourages the entrepreneur to think creatively and create products that have their own flavor and stand out from the general background.

Making fridge magnets as a business

There are many fridge magnets for sale, especially in places where tourism is developed. In this case, magnets can be different - flat, embossed, volumetric. They are made from almost any material that can be processed: plastic, acrylic, vinyl, glass, metal, wood, ceramics, rubber, etc.

By the way, ceramic magnets can be seen as an extension of your product range if you are in the pottery business. The same applies to metal and wood magnets. Blacksmiths can make forged magnets, wood carvers can make wood. Remnants of materials from the main production are suitable for the execution of such small products, and the gizmos are rather unusual.

Such souvenirs will be in demand at exhibitions and fairs of craftsmen, in museums where folk crafts are presented. You can position them as unique handmade samples and sell at a high enough price.

One of the lines of business in the production of magnets is to produce kits for making them yourself. Such sets can be sold in the departments of goods for creativity and hobby. Making magnets on their own can become an activity for children on special creative islands that entrepreneurs create in shopping centers, parks and other places where there are many children.

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