How to start producing kvass yourself

Investments: from 170,000 rubles

Payback: from 2 months

Natural kvass invigorates and restores strength, relieves fatigue, quenches thirst. The use of this drink has grown over the past few years. Every year the market for this product increases, according to marketers, by fifteen to twenty percent. These rates will remain unchanged in the near future. Kvass is a leader in the field of soft drinks, which means that a well-established production will bring a stable income.

Business Concept

Customers give preference to a bread drink, which is obtained by natural fermentation of rye wort at a certain temperature. You can expand the assortment with berry and fruit kvass.

The short shelf life of "live" kvass - no more than a week - requires a special approach to product sales. Before opening a production, you need to establish channels for the sale of the drink.

In addition, decide in advance on advertising that will help attract future customers. You need to make a business card website, print flyers, advertise in the media.

There are two manufacturing methods. You need to carefully analyze the market and your own monetary opportunities for the right choice. Both methods are efficient and, if properly organized, can give a good profit. Let's consider each of the options:

Manufacturing method Features Home production Low-power equipment is used, which will not allow working with large customers. It is only possible to sell according to friends or on the market. Manufacturing on an industrial scale. Use specialized equipment. Production volumes may vary. This is not necessarily a whole plant that requires a lot of money. Alternatively, a small workshop with the sale of a drink on the local market is possible

A finished product can be sold by supplying it in bulk to retail chains or directly to customers by organizing its own points of sale.

When choosing the second method, prepare in advance for spending, as you need specialized equipment for pouring and renting a place with high traffic. However, this is a great way for a beginner merchant: there is no need to find buyers.

The main rival of bread kvass is an unnatural drink. Its shelf life is much longer - six months, which gives more opportunities for marketing. But its health benefits are questionable.

What do you need for implementation?

Yeast, sugar, natural malt and water - we know the recipe for this healing drink from our grandmothers. Kvass surpasses all known carbonated drinks in its refreshing and taste qualities. In the late 90s, due to low sanitation, the number of sales of the drink in barrels on the street and the popularity of kvass along with them began to decline. But modern PET containers and thermokegs have helped to solve this problem. The niche of kvass producers in Russia is occupied by about 20%, so start-up entrepreneurs have great chances to succeed in the production of this bread drink. And how to open the production of kvass from scratch and whether it is profitable, we will tell you more.


Kvass production is a small workshop where the drink is infused, fermented in large containers, bottled and sold in bulk from the warehouse. The drink can be infused based on various components:

  • Malt and rye bread - classic.
  • Berries and fruits (juice from them or puree) - unconventional.
  • Ginger root with rose hips - ginger.

A beginner entrepreneur needs to decide in advance on the range of his products. To do this, the products of competitors are analyzed, their relevance in the market and their cost. Your products should be favorably distinguished by three criteria: cost, quality and assortment. Once you reach a balance, you can create a successful production.

The most difficult moment is to make the cost of products lower than that of large manufacturers. The fact is that a naturally fermented product has a short shelf life and must be stored at a certain temperature. To prolong the life of products, many manufacturers use various preservatives and acids, such as citric acid. This reduces the taste and quality of the product, but the manufacturer has additional time for implementation, and the price of such kvass is lower.

Live kvass, which we propose to make, has an old recipe and a short storage time - no more than 10 days at temperatures from +1 to +8 degrees. It is risky to manufacture such a product in large quantities. Therefore, the discovery should begin with finding the source of sale for your drink. The main consumers can be:

  • Wholesalers.
  • Stores and retail chains (if products are packaged in bottles).
  • Retail customers (if you organize your own retail department).

To sell your products at retail, you need to additionally organize a sales point, and this is an additional cost for a small business. Beginners are encouraged to focus their energies on attracting wholesale buyers and try to promote their drinks through large retail chains.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any other activity, this business idea has its pros and cons:

Among the areas of business in the catering industry, the production of kvass is one of the most underestimated. This drink is popular and rightly considered a healthy alternative to sugary soda. It is really useful if it is made from natural ingredients using natural fermentation technology. We tell you whether such a business is relevant, what permits you need to obtain before starting work, how and from what kvass is produced.

Relevance of kvass production business

Kvass is a popular drink, but the demand for it is seasonal. Sales are high in summer and drop to zero in winter. When planning a business, you should definitely take this factor into account. Advertising and marketing companies can slightly reduce losses in the cold season, but do not compensate them in full. From this point of view, it is more profitable to organize the production of sweet carbonated drinks or drinking water.

Often, a brewery is combined with a brewery. The demand for beer changes little throughout the year. The technologies for the production of these two drinks are very similar, and the equipment is similar.

An additional complication is high competition. It will be difficult for a budding manufacturer to compete with large enterprises operating under a well-known brand. Buyers trust them more. This shortcoming can be compensated by actively selling draft kvass through a network of mobile outlets and kiosks.

Space requirements and permits

Preparation for the launch of the enterprise will begin with the search for a suitable workshop and its arrangement. The workshop will have to pass the inspection of sanitary and fire inspections, therefore it is necessary to meet the criteria for hygiene and safety:

  • Recommended area from 70 sq. ...
  • The walls and floor are finished with ceramic tiles. The ceiling is painted with water-based paint.
  • Ventilation and connection to all communications.

Specialized food shops, former canteens, are well suited. The room is divided into 3 zones:

  • production area;
  • warehouse for raw materials;
  • warehouse for finished products.

To start working legally, you need to register with the tax service as an individual entrepreneur or LLC and issue the following permits:

  • lease agreement or certificate of the owner of the premises;
  • positive conclusion of the inspection of the fire inspection;
  • positive conclusion of the inspection of Rospotrebnadzor;
  • a certificate from the water utility confirming the quality of the water used in production;
  • quality certificates for equipment;
  • technological scheme of beverage production, a description of the workflow, a list of products and recipes;
  • labor contracts with employees and their medical records;
  • sanitary and epidemiological conclusion for finished products from Rospotrebnadzor.

Kvass is not just a frothy drink that tastes great, but also a traditional way to quench your thirst in our country. The pleasant aroma of rye bread and the thick color of kvass are familiar to everyone from childhood. Compared to soda, the drink has no carcinogens or dyes, therefore it is safe for children. Kvass is in demand, so the demand for it is growing. So, in 2021, 15% more kvass was sold than in 2021. In 2021, demand is projected to increase by another 20%, which is associated with the trend of healthy eating. A business plan for the production of kvass will help beginners to correctly predict income and organize a workflow.

Legal information about the company

Main activity: production and sale of kvass, from classic bread to berry juice.

Location of the company: production is located on the edge of the city, a separate rented premises with an area of ​​150 sq. m. The lease is confirmed by the rent agreement.

Working hours: in the summer in two shifts. 1st shift: from 08.0 to 17.0; 2nd: from 20. 0 to 05. 0. In winter - one from 8. 0 to 17. 0. Saturday and Sunday - days off.

  • Classic bread kvass.
  • Okroshechny kvass.
  • Berry kvass in assortment.
  • Ginger kvass.

As an additional service, delivery of products to the consumer is offered, if a batch of 5,000 rubles or more is ordered.

Form of legal registration: LLC, since several founders organize production.

Taxation: unified imputed tax.

Competitors are large companies that produce kvass. It is planned to fight them with the help of quality. Due to the short shelf life, competitors use various chemical additives in their production; our business plan provides for the production of a natural bread drink. The main risk is low demand due to the higher price of the drink. It is planned to reduce it by using information about the usefulness of a natural drink in advertising, segmenting the target audience (highlight healthy lifestyle lovers for whom the price difference is not important) and optimize the volume of production, since the shelf life of our product is shorter than that of cheaper kvass.

Since live kvass is stored at a temperature of plus 3-5 degrees for only 7 days, it is recommended to find buyers before making the first batch. The main customers of the manufacturer can be wholesale buyers of small cafes, shops, street tents. Since kvass is a cold drink, there will be more buyers in warm seasons and sales will increase by 40-70%.

The kvass production business is quite profitable. Its profitability is at least 100%, and under favorable conditions it can reach 300%. Also, the size of this figure depends on production capacity, product quality, assortment presented and other factors.

Features of this enterprise

Kvass is a non-alcoholic drink that is obtained after fermentation of certain raw materials. The volume fraction of alcohol in such a product is not more than 1.2%. Depending on the raw material, kvass can be of the following types:

The most popular is the traditional drink based on kvass wort, which is naturally fermented. Such a product has a short shelf life - up to 7 days. Therefore, during its production, it is necessary to establish permanent distribution channels.

The process of making a "live" drink

A mini-plant of such specialization works according to the established scheme, which involves the following technological stages of production:

Completing the production line

For the production of kvass on the basis of a mini-plant, it is necessary to prepare a whole complex of various units. The business will be profitable if you purchase all the equipment that will allow you to get a high quality product.


The equipment in which the fermentation process takes place is called fermenters. They can have a different volume, which directly affects the capacity that the mini-plant will have. For small production, it is best to choose stainless steel fermenters, which are additionally equipped with cooling jackets. Depending on the volume, such equipment will cost:

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