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There are large manufacturing firms on the market with which it is almost impossible to compete, especially at first. The best option is to open a mini stewed meat production plant. Small batches are easier to sell, the main thing is to make products of the highest quality.

Product range

Your stew can be prepared from:

  • beef ;
  • pork;
  • goose meat ;
  • chicken ;
  • ducks ...

In addition, you can cook from offal, and also add various cereals, peas or beans, even pasta to the recipe. Stew in jelly is very popular. Also include the production of stews from meat products, such as minced meat, sausages, sausages, etc.

Stew is different in purpose:

  • snack bar ;
  • children's ;
  • dietary ;
  • delicacy.

Such an assortment is only suitable if you organize a full-fledged stewed meat production workshop with the appropriate equipment. If your budget is limited, start by making one type of product, and then expand the range.

Composition of products:

Home-made stew can be beneficial for you, since today this market is full of low-quality products. Buying stew in a store, the client pays not only to the manufacturer, who must recoup the cost and make a profit, but also to several intermediaries: wholesale bases, stores and other transitional links in this chain wind up the price. As a result, the cost increases several times and ceases to correspond to the quality of the product. Therefore, in order to make such a business competitive and profitable, you need to produce high quality stew and sell it at a reasonable price with a minimum of intermediaries.

Registration of a stewed meat production enterprise

If you are setting up production in Russia, then before the enterprise starts functioning, you need to register it. For small turnovers of production, registration of an individual entrepreneur will be sufficient. To draw up the necessary documents, you need to contact the FTS branch at the place of your registration. In time, this process will not take more than a week.

Making canned meat at home as a business requires a special permit issued by Rospotrebnadzor. To obtain a permit, the production facility, equipment and recipe must comply with the law. The stew that you will produce must meet the standards established by the Technical Regulations CU 021/2021 "On Food Safety".

Preparation of the production area

The mini-plant for the production of stew should be located in a suitable room, which must comply with the standards of Rospotrebnadzor, be convenient and have a suitable area. It is most convenient to locate a workshop outside the city: this will significantly reduce the cost of renting premises if it does not belong to you.

Your mini-factory should be divided into several separate zones:

If you are hiring workers, make sure they have a room to change and rest.

What the products should be

The production of stewed meat in cans involves the use of both raw and frozen meat. Keep in mind that frozen food should not be stored for more than six months. It is also recommended to use meat from young animals (no older than 8-10 years).

Important! Buy meat only from trusted suppliers, require them to provide quality certificates.

Canned meat in tin or glass containers are always very popular among the population. They can be eaten as an addition to various side dishes, as well as for preparing all kinds of dishes. Stewed meat production as a business brings good income. We will talk about how to open such an enterprise in this article.


Before opening a mini-production of stewed meat, you must officially register your activity. To do this, you need to collect all the necessary documents to open an individual entrepreneur or LLC. This procedure can be significantly accelerated by entrusting this matter to a specialized law firm.

Since canned meat falls into the food category, its manufacture is subject to safety and quality laws. Therefore, before starting a line for the production of stewed meat, it is necessary to obtain an act stating that the premises and equipment meet all the established requirements. In addition, you will need a manufacturer's declaration, as well as a SES conclusion on the premises and according to the recipe. You may still have to go through the product certification procedure.

Choice of location and premises for the workshop

Types of finished products

Canned meat is divided into several types depending on what they are prepared from. You can mix several types of meat, such as pork and beef, or duck and chicken. In addition, canned food can be meat and vegetable and from offal - liver, tongue, kidneys, or a mixture of these. A meat and vegetable product is made by mixing cereals, soybeans or beans with different types of meat.

When drawing up a business plan for the production of stew, be sure to consider what types of products your company will produce.


As a rule, the equipment for the production of stew consists of the following machines:

  • Meat deboning machine;
  • Slicer;
  • Washing machine;
  • Meat dosing machine;
  • Autoclave;
  • Seamer;
  • Device for applying labels.

To purchase equipment for stewed meat, you will need about 2 million rubles. For this money, you will buy a production line with performance. 5 thousand cans a day. If you don’t have a lot of start-up capital, you can purchase lower capacity machines or used equipment. The easiest and most affordable option is to make stew at home. To set up a home business, 250-300 thousand rubles are enough.

Stewed meat production is a promising business with high profitability. The investments made in his organization will pay off in a very short time due to the high cost of finished products relative to the cost of raw materials. The main task of an entrepreneur is to establish sales channels and a competent approach to launching a project.

Where to start

After deciding on the organization of stewed meat production, first of all, you should decide on the size of the start-up capital and its possible sources. You will need approximately 13,000,000 rubles, this amount includes:

In order for an enterprise to bring a stable profit, it is necessary to provide for all the subtleties associated with its opening and further functioning. In addition to organizational issues, it is recommended to take into account several nuances:

  • Exclude slaughter at the start of the project and use the purchased raw materials. In the future, in the process of production development, it is better to have your own farm.
  • Make the brand name bright and unusual, attracting the attention of the consumer.
  • Arrange the delivery of raw materials on their own, thereby eliminating the possibility of interruptions.

Opening an enterprise for the production of stewed meat will require documentation in the following state bodies:

  • RosTest (certification center);
  • SES;
  • pension fund;
  • tax service;
  • fire inspection;
  • veterinary supervision.

Business Registration

You can register a business in two forms: individual entrepreneur or LLC. At the beginning of the activity for a small business, the first option is suitable. Over time, with an increase in cash turnover and an expansion of the scale of production, an individual entrepreneur can be re-registered into an LLC. The business registration procedure includes several stages:

To register an individual entrepreneur you will need:

  • copy of passport;
  • application;
  • TIN;
  • receipt confirming payment of state duty.

LLC registration is carried out in the same sequence.

Product range

Compared to previous years, the demand for canned meat in Russia has significantly decreased. It is easy to explain this - many consumers today are trying to purchase natural products, and canned ones remain for a "rainy day" when it is necessary to cook something in a hurry (for example, in the country). And even despite this, the stewed meat production business promises good development prospects for the entrepreneur. If you draw up a detailed business project and buy equipment for the production of stewed meat and other canned meat, it will not be difficult to launch the workshop. Opening a large high-performance enterprise will require an impressive investment amounting to tens of millions. And it will be very difficult to compete with the giants of this niche. Therefore, the optimal option for many novice businessmen is a mini-plant. An enterprise with a capacity of up to 5000 cans per shift is able to bring its owner a good profit.

Starting investments - from 2,000,000 rubles.

Market saturation is high.

Difficulty starting a business - 5/10.

What nuances are important to consider when launching a mini-plant for the production of stew?

What range of products can there be?

The production of stewed meat as a business may not be limited to the release of only this product. Modern equipment will make it possible to produce some other types of meat products. In general, canned meat can be:

It is worth deciding in advance on the container in which the product will be delivered to store shelves. There are few options here - either a tin or a glass jar. The technological scheme is not different at all - the difference is greater in the cost price and the selling price of the product. A tin can is more practical and cheaper. But recently, customers have especially fallen in love with glass containers for their "transparency" - in it, as they say, you can't hide anything.

Development of production technology

Before contacting suppliers of raw materials and equipment, you should carefully consider each production stage.

In general, the technology for the production of stewed meat and other canned meat can be described as follows:

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