How to start a production of urbeches from scratch

Investments: from 148,000 rubles

Payback: from 6 months

New enterprises are opened in Russia every year, not counting the large number of already operating organizations that need seals to start production activities. Therefore, a business in this area can become an effective and profitable investment.

Business Concept

The company will manufacture and sell seals and stamps. All activities include the following stages:

  • search for clients;
  • receiving an order indicating the main print parameters, documents on registering a client as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity, sketch. If there is no sketch, it can be drawn for a fee by the artist, that is, you;
  • making the sketch on film;
  • materializing the cliché. It depends on the chosen method of making stamps;
  • installation of the cliche in the tooling.

The cost of the finished product will be influenced not only by the cost of the cliche, but also by the price of the tooling (the stamp element where the cliche is inserted). The bases can be made of metal, wood or plastic.

There are several technologies for making seals. The simplest and cheapest option is photopolymer production, which requires a minimum of consumables.

The vulcanization method is inexpensive in terms of cost. The only drawback is that a pungent smell of rubber is emitted during the manufacture of stamps. However, the quality of the finished product is better than with the photopolymer manufacturing method.

Flash technology is based on the complete automation of the production process. To make an impression, special settings are required. The method is expensive, in addition, in one cycle it will be possible to make only one seal.

Laser engraving is a modern and high-tech method. The main drawback is the too high cost of the engraver (about 800,000 rubles).

If you are new to this field, stop at the first method. Later, when the business goes uphill and the investment pays off, it will be possible to expand production and master new technologies.

Potential clients will be start-up entrepreneurs and firms who have decided to change the existing seals due to changes in the statutory documents.

In this article, we will tell you how to open an edible spoon business, what capital is needed and what income awaits you. Use it!

Relevance of business idea

Environmental issues are increasingly covering the market. The use of plastic dishes and plastic disposable tubes in cafes is already considered bad form. On this basis, edible dishes are gaining popularity.

For customers, this is a delicious alternative to conventional appliances. After a meal, you can eat a spoon.

An edible spoon business idea is great for aspiring entrepreneurs. After all, production can be started even at home.

Costs and Benefits

For the production of edible spoons, it is necessary to rent a room that will house a kitchen for making spoons and a storage space for ingredients and finished products. The dimensions of the production area directly depend on the desired volume of the finished product. For small production it is enough to rent a room of 20 sq. m. It will comfortably accommodate 4 baking ovens or a pastry line, a work surface and storage racks. With such a production, it is possible to provide with constant supplies from 7 to 10 points for the sale of ice cream, cold desserts and yoghurts.

Starting a business will require about 800,000 rubles. The payback will be 6 months. The profit depends on the number of orders. The prime cost of ready-made edible spoons is about 5 rubles apiece, and the market goes from 25 rubles apiece.

Initial costs:

Monthly expenses:

Permits and Documents

To start a production of edible spoons, it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur by choosing ONS (tax 6% of profit). To register, you will need to contact the district FTS and submit the following documents:

  • Application for state registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur (Form No. Р21001)
  • Copy of Russian passport
  • Receipt of state duty payment <

???? There are few highly specialized projects in the field of production, but the competition among them is also high. You can take your place with a successful combination of several factors: good quality, affordable price, availability of demand. We will tell you how to start a production of a rare but affordable product.

Relevance of business idea

The popularity of peanut butter in the United States is breaking all records, and we also have our own domestic counterpart - Urbech. It contains no sugar and any additives, its composition is completely natural. At the moment, Urbech is produced by only a few family-owned companies in our country, their volumes are clearly not enough to cover the demand in the market.

Costs and Benefits

According to preliminary calculations, at least 600'000 rubles will have to be invested in the production of Urbech. Production costs are high and you should not expect a quick payback, at first, before the product is promoted and sales channels are established, you will even have to work in the red. However, reaching the minimum profit of 100'000 rubles will make it possible to recoup investments in the project in six months.

Start-up costs: approximate calculation for Stavropol

Monthly costs

Permits and Documents

Business Registration

Urbech production is not a big deal. But, like any other business, it requires registration. Register an individual entrepreneur and choose the appropriate form of taxation - simplified or UTII.

List of documents for registration

Room selection

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