How to start a pasta production

Entrepreneurs who want to create a successful income in the manufacturing sector should think about organizing entrepreneurial activities for the production of pasta. Just note right away that this requires sufficient start-up capital. The main advantage of this business is that pasta always remains in demand.

Content of the article:

Consider the detailed instructions for setting up a pasta production company. First, assess the market for products in your area. How many established manufacturers are there? Are their production volumes sufficient to meet the demand of all consumers? Are there any strong players who will be in great competition in the future? Note that this is a good business option for a small city, since you are unlikely to encounter large enterprises there.


You need to register as a business entity and indicate the OKVED code: 15. 5 - production of pasta.

What else to do:

1. Receive a production certificate from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service. It is a permitting document for the operation of the premises for the manufacture of food products.

2. Obtain permits from executive authorities, fire protection and environmental services.

3. Get a certificate. The production of pasta must comply with GOST R 52378-2021. The certificate is issued on the basis of an expert opinion on the quality of samples of the manufactured product. This procedure is carried out after the start of the technological line.

Equipment and technological process

Today, practically in every region of the country there are manufacturers of equipment for the production of pasta. You just have to determine the price category, familiarize yourself with several options and choose the most suitable one. Don't skimp, as the price is usually the quality.

For a novice entrepreneur, such a business as the production of pasta will be a great start, because it is not difficult to find a buyer for such a popular product. Below we will tell you in detail how to properly organize production and get a stable profit.

Business and Trademark Registration

When choosing between an individual entrepreneur and an LLC, it should be borne in mind that there are fewer requirements for an individual entrepreneur in relation to accounting and taxes. But in the event of financial troubles, an LLC is liable to the law only with its authorized capital, and an individual entrepreneur - with all its property.

Wholesalers and large suppliers prefer to cooperate with LLC.

When registering a business, do not forget to indicate the activity code - OKVED 15. 5 - "Making pasta". What other documents do I need?

  • permission from the sanitary-epidemiological service;
  • permission from the fire inspection;
  • permission from the environmental safety service.

All these documents are issued after checking the production premises. When the production line is launched, you will be checked for compliance with GOSTs, in particular No. 31749-2021 “Fast food pasta. General technical conditions ".

Obtaining all of these permits will take several months and will cost about $ 800 if you prepare the documents yourself.

If you will sell pasta in packaging, and not in bulk, then it is worth registering a trademark with FIPS (Federal Institute of Industrial Property). This procedure lasts six months to a year and costs $ 700-1000.

Required space

The total area of ​​the premises must be at least 100 square meters. The workshop, warehouse and office space must be separated.

The warehouse is equipped with racks for storing finished products and raw materials. The following requirements are imposed on the production premises:

  • Ceiling height from three meters;
  • Availability of ventilation equipment, the ability to regulate the microclimate;
  • Availability of a fire-prevention system;
  • Availability of sewerage, industrial power grid 380 V.

The rent will require $ 700-800 per month, and the repair and preparation of the premises for work - $ 1000-1500.

A few years ago, pasta was considered a cheap product for preparing simple and affordable meals on a daily basis. At the same time, their benefits were called into question by supporters of healthy and dietary nutrition. The myth about the dangers of pasta for the figure seemed to be a completely natural and obvious fact, and therefore those who followed their forms tried to include them less often in their menu.

In recent years, the attitude towards this product has changed dramatically, including thanks to the closer acquaintance of our citizens with European cuisine. It turned out that pasta can become the basis for truly healthy, refined and even low-calorie dishes. Today this product is in demand by all categories of citizens, and the new premium segment that has emerged makes the production of pasta quite an interesting and profitable business. Competition in the elite segment is lower, and the demand for the products of this group is quite high and grows every year. That is why now is the perfect time to "get in the flow" and start your own high quality pasta business.

Content of the business plan: organizational highlights

Pasta is consumed by everyone, from children serving it for lunch in kindergartens and schools to business people eating this dish in restaurants. In this regard, a well-built production will surely find its niche and will be provided with demand in the food market.

Anyone who has decided to associate his activity with pasta and make it a profitable occupation needs to decide on a number of critical questions. To do this, you need to draw up a business plan for pasta production, and this article is intended to help with this. The main points to decide on:

  • Consumers and distribution channels for finished products.
  • Types and technology of pasta production.
  • The need for resources, including raw materials, to organize the production process.
  • Equipment for the production workshop.
  • Pasta business feasibility study including investment, profitability and profitability.

Pasta production as a business today is quite an attractive activity that can provide a good profit to the owner. Having solved the main issues regarding the opening of your own manufacturing enterprise, you can proceed directly to its actual implementation. Let's start studying them by identifying the main consumer of future pasta products.

Target consumers and ways of selling pasta

It is very important to clearly define for whom the products of your workshop or factory will be produced. There are consumers in any segment, but the most profitable and cost-effective segment is the premium segment. With a fairly low cost of goods (including those of the highest class), the cost of finished goods is several times higher than the price of economy and middle class pasta. The focus here is not on quantity, but on quality, which allows you to increase profits by setting higher prices.

At the same time, in the elite segment (as in all others) there are several options for selling products:

  • direct sales to retail chains of supermarkets and grocery stores;
  • wholesale to large distributors;
  • supply to restaurants, cafes (HoReCa sector) ;
  • supply to the municipal sector, i.e. budgetary organizations (suitable for economy and middle class products).

Analyzing consumer demand in your region, as well as competitors already playing in this market, will help to determine the choice of segment and distribution channels.

Pasta production: types

Among the entire assortment of side dishes familiar to the domestic consumer, pasta is rightfully the most popular and affordable dish.

They are easy to prepare, versatile in terms of combining with other food, do not contain harmful additives and have an almost unlimited shelf life.

Thanks to these properties, the popularity of pasta is growing every year. In proportion to the growth of consumer interest, the assortment of pasta also increases.

Today everyone can find pasta to their taste. Given the growing demand for pasta, the opening of a mini-workshop for the production of pasta is guaranteed to become a profitable business.

Obtaining permits and registering a business

When starting your own business in the production of pasta, you should obtain registration and permits from the following state authorities:

  • Tax Office.
  • SES.
  • State fire control.
  • Statistical bodies.
  • Pension Insurance and Tax Service.

The form of ownership when registering an enterprise with the tax service will depend on the scale of the pasta business.

A small workshop or home production can be registered as an individual entrepreneur, specifying the activity code according to OKVED 15. 5. For large production, the best option would be to register an LLC.

It is advisable to hire an accountant to work with government agencies. The services of an accountant are most in demand when opening an enterprise and at the end of each quarter for drawing up reports, so there is no need to hire him on the staff. You can outsource the work.

Organization of raw materials base

Depending on the tasks set by the plan, an average production line with a two-shift work schedule can produce up to 200 tons of finished pasta per month.

Measure seven times, cut once. It is this saying that very well indicates where you need to start any business. This folk wisdom is perfect for business.

Reconomica today will not talk about the achievements of enterprising people, but, on the contrary, will tell the story of a business failure. Our next interlocutor told us about how he, without listening to professionals, got in touch with a person far from business and lost a decent amount of money. This story will be a warning for those who want to start their own business, but do not know where to start. Here you will not see clear instructions on how to do it. On the contrary, you will see how not to do it. Sometimes this information teaches more than any instructions.

Nothing foreshadowed trouble

Greetings to all readers. My name is Kirill, I live in Astrakhan. I will tell you about my bad experiences in business. This story will amuse someone, and teach someone and warn against the problems that any person may face.

Study, work - everything is like that of people

First, I'll tell you a little about myself. In 2021, I graduated from the university, where I received a technical education. With work, it gradually developed: I got a job in our local division of Gazprom. The salary was paid normal - from 60,000 rubles. Life, it would seem, was a success: family, work, career and everything that should accompany a person through life.

It seemed to me that life was good.

During my studies at the university, I met Nikita. It was the wind man. He was light on his feet, active and always dreamed of big money ideas. He always had a lot of business ideas. Some were real and could work, and some bordering on stupidity, or so it seemed to me.

After university we parted ways. We only met three years later. It turned out that we work in the same organization.

Nikita raved about the ideas of big money and again encouraged me to all kinds of adventures. I resisted. Until Nikita offered me one business project that seemed very interesting to me. It was a pasta business.

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