How to start a modular painting business from scratch

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Our company will provide the following services:

  • development and design of paintings;
  • processing of graphics and design;
  • printing images on modular paintings;
  • embroidery, drawing or portrait painting;
  • development of advertising on products of any type.

We open the production of modular paintings

  • Computer with graphics processing software.
  • Quality color printer for printing on textiles. Better to buy a plotter. It is used for printing large image formats. The cost of a good plotter is more than 150 thousand rubles.
  • Consumables. You need a cloth to apply images with a printer. The fabric is pulled over stretchers. They can be bought in a specialty store or ordered from a private wood craftsman. Instead of stretchers, sheets of chipboard and plywood are suitable. Just keep in mind that such canvases will look cheap.

How to earn even more on custom-made modular products? You can set up a full production cycle and make stretchers yourself. The raw materials will be slats with a cross section of 50 × 20, 40 × 20 and 50 × 25 mm.

The purchase of printing equipment and consumables will have to spend about 500 thousand rubles.

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing technology is simple. Even a person who has never dealt with art can easily master it. The main difficulty is caused by the creation of the future image. This is true not for template, but for individual orders. This is where the skill of a designer is needed. If you are not sure that you can handle the design of the drawing, it is better to hire a designer. The painting technology looks like this:

  • Preparing the image, decorating the graphics on the computer.
  • We print the image on the fabric using a color printer or plotter. It is better to print not one canvas, but several, which will overlap each other in the pattern. This is the main idea of ​​modular paintings.
  • Cut out the printed fabric.
  • We fix the fabric with the images on the stretcher. You can use a furniture stapler for this.
  • Everything is ready!

This is what the production process looks like on an industrial scale:

We rent premises for production

  • 1 How much money is needed to make and sell modular paintings
  • 2 How to start making modular paintings
  • 3 How much can you earn from manufacturing modular paintings
  • 4 What equipment to choose for organizing a business
  • 5 Which OKVED to indicate when registering a business
  • 6 What documents are needed to open a business
  • 7 Which taxation system to choose for work
  • 8 Technology of production of modular paintings
  • 9 For a beginner in the production and sale of modular paintings

Modular paintings are a new trend in interior decoration.

They are compositions of several parts, which are inextricably linked by a single theme.

The use of such decorative elements will allow you to decorate any room (apartment, hall in a restaurant, cafe, cinema, children's development center, etc.).

Making and selling modular paintings is a pretty good business idea for starting a business.

Few people know that the market value of such products is quite high (from 400 rubles per square meter).

A highly profitable business can be built on the manufacture and sale of these decorative elements.

How much money is needed to make and sell modular paintings

To organize a business in the manufacture and sale of modular paintings, an initial investment of about 500,000 rubles is required.

How to start making modular paintings

A beginner entrepreneur needs to register an individual entrepreneur, find a spacious room for fulfilling orders and storing finished paintings. Purchase printing equipment, as well as allocate part of the funds for transportation costs.

Today, the way to create beautiful interiors using modular paintings is in great demand.

Therefore, the business idea of ​​opening a studio for the production of modular paintings is quite a promising and profitable business.

Modular paintings are in great demand, they look great in the interiors of a wide variety of rooms - kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, reception rooms in offices, halls in cafes and restaurants.

Such composite modules are often used to design advertisements (in the form of banners and stands).

Therefore, the prospects for the development of this type of business are obvious.

How to open a studio for the production of modular paintings

Multi-part paintings are a good investment.

An entrepreneur who wants to manufacture this type of product can sell finished products in batches, make them to order.

In order for a business project - the opening of a studio for the production of modular paintings, to start making a profit, you need to make every effort to produce these products in large quantities and constantly look for wholesale buyers.

Experts advise not only to engage in the production of modular paintings, but also to master all stages of their implementation.

Decorating homes and offices with modular paintings is a fashionable design solution. At the same time, even in large cities, there are few competitors in this area. How to create a studio for creating model paintings? What investments will be required to implement this business idea?

Features of organizing a business for the production of modular paintings

The business of creating modular paintings does not require significant financial costs at the initial stage, and the technology can be easily mastered by anyone. Sense of style and creativity are more important.

The main cost item for organizing a studio for printing modular paintings is the purchase of an inkjet printer, the delivery of which is most profitable from China directly from the manufacturer's plant.

What features of creating modular paintings should a novice entrepreneur take into account:

Important point: If an entrepreneur will carry out a wholesale purchase of raw materials (canvases, paints, etc.), then as an additional line of activity, you can sell consumables at retail.

If the business is organized correctly, the price of a model painting can be 2 or more times higher than the cost.

Modular painting technology

The process of creating modular paintings may seem complicated only at first glance. It does not require the knowledge of the artist, but the skills of a designer are an integral part of the activity.

The technology for making modular paintings can be represented in the following sequence of stages:

  • Creation of a complete graphic image. It can be generated in graphic editors (Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator) or downloaded on the Internet as a high quality picture and significant expansion.
  • Prints an image on canvas using an inkjet printer. As a base, you can use expensive linen canvas and budget glossy paper.
  • Cutting the picture. It is done manually using a special cutter.
  • Editing frames. Frames with hinges are neatly attached to parts of the painting. For modular images, you can use any frame - from expensive baguettes to simple plastic edging.

What equipment and material will be required to make modular paintings?

Modular composite paintings for the interior are several linen canvases on which different parts of the same image are applied. Composite canvases are considered one of the most stylish and original elements of modern design and are very popular among different segments of the population. Modular paintings look great in the interior of the living room, kitchen, bedroom. They are gladly purchased for office decoration. Panoramic composite images are often used to create billboards and banners.

Business idea: production and implementation of composite images

Starting investments - from 0 rubles.

Market saturation - medium.

The production of modular paintings is an original development of designers, which can serve as the basis for creating a profitable enterprise. The growing popularity of composite images, little competition in this field, and the existence of affordable earning options based on manufacturing and distribution are the undeniable advantages of such a business.

An entrepreneur can work in several directions:

  • An entrepreneur can make modular paintings to order. In this case, it is necessary to conduct a competent advertising campaign, during which people will be notified of the new service. Potential buyers should learn as much as possible about composite images, terms of cooperation, cost of production.
  • The online store of modular paintings for the interior is an excellent choice for beginners, because the costs of opening it are minimal, and the audience coverage is quite large. Lack of rent, utilities and other costs helps to reduce the cost of paintings. Photos of finished products with a brief description can be displayed not only in the catalog of the online store, but also on pages in social networks.
  • A multi-part painting on a wall is a product that is in constant demand. Therefore, an entrepreneur intending to work in this direction can sell ready-made images in batches. But to implement such a project, you will have to make every effort: production of a large number of products and search for wholesale buyers.

Experts recommend combining all the above areas to create a successful and profitable enterprise that brings stable high income and has a good base for further development.

Business Features

Do-it-yourself production of modular paintings as a business does not require serious financial investments at the opening stage. Almost anyone with a sense of style, creativity and printer skills can organize production. A beginner needs to invest only in the purchase of a flatbed printer and consumables.

When drawing up a business plan, it is important to determine the list of services offered to potential clients. The production and sale of modular paintings involves:

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