How to start a key making business

Keymaking as a business cannot be called a new, uncommon or less competitive business idea. It belongs to the working, proven methods of earning money, which do not require serious initial investment.

If every member of your family has a key, and you came before everyone else, you will have to wait for someone to return home.

This is not so scary, of course, but there are times when a person has a scheduled time in minutes, and he ran for some documents, and there is no way to get into the house except to knock down the door.

To avoid such an unpleasant situation, you should make duplicate keys. Developing this business idea may seem like a waste of time, but it's not entirely true.

How to start a key making business?

A desire and a certain amount of money is all that is required of you at the first stage. Most of the finance will go to the premises, and such a thing as a key-making machine should not be the last in line to be purchased. If you have a suitable place to work, that's great, but if you don't have one, you will have to rent or buy "square meters".

The second stage will be the purchase of blanks for future keys, which can be purchased in the same place where the equipment is.

And the final stage, but no less important than the previous ones, is advertising. You must attract potential customers, without which there can be no question of any profit.

Market Analysis

Key making as a business, like any other type of entrepreneurial activity, cannot but have competitors. Therefore, before organizing it, you should analyze the market for the presence of competitive firms providing similar services, determine the possible scope of work and the future location of the workshop.


The choice of premises should be made based on the volume of future business. If you are planning to buy one machine for making keys and work with it, then a space of 3-4 m 2 will be quite enough. It is best to rent or buy premises in a crowded area. It can be a market, metro, supermarket, underground passage. A small parking lot for customers will come in handy. In the future, with the expansion of the enterprise, it will be necessary to look for new premises for work.


If you are thinking about how to start your own small business that will bring constant profit, then consider, as an option, a business plan for making keys. This is an excellent choice for novice businessmen, which does not require serious investments, quickly pays off and is easy to register. With the right approach, you will recoup your investment in 3-4 months, after which you will begin to receive a constant profit, quite comparable to a high salary. In this article, we will take a closer look at this business and analyze its nuances.


The essence of business is simple - every person has keys. They can be from home, from work, from a car, from a safe or utility rooms. Sooner or later, these keys wear out, break, or get lost, and people need a duplicate. You make duplicates and get a reward for it.

Note that making keys requires some experience. There are training courses in many cities, and the equipment manufacturers themselves often conduct trainings for buyers, combining them into groups. One way or another, you need to learn this business - there is nothing complicated about it, and if you know how to work with a tool or have generally turned before, you can master this science without any problems.

Risk Assessment

Before getting down to business, there are two things to do:

  • Create a business plan that describes the process and your vision.
  • Calculate possible risks in order to be prepared for them and be able to adequately respond to force majeure.

This is the foundation of any entrepreneurship. You need a plan to organize data, understand the vector of movement, build strategies and calculate profitability, and risk assessment helps to protect against ruin in the event of a situation.

What are the risks in the key making business? In fact, there is only one - the flow of customers will be lower than your costs + expectations. A similar situation can arise if you have chosen the wrong place or provide low-quality services, so people are in no hurry to contact you again and do not recommend to friends.

Let's dwell on the choice of a place. For work, 6 m2 is enough for you - all you need is to put a small machine and hang a shelf with blanks. The machine operates from a regular 220 volt outlet, so you don't need any additional lines. It is best to choose a place for the location of the outlet - the higher the flow of people, the more customers you have. It can be a market, a metro station or a transport interchange, a residential area or an office center, a large supermarket, etc.

We select equipment

Investments: from 70,000 rubles

Payback: from 1 month

Key making will always and everywhere be a demanded business. Many people lose them, in some cases the keys break. Family members, tenants may need a new copy. Therefore, your potential clients are the entire solvent population.

Business Concept

You can work in this area both yourself and with a companion or students. People come to you with a sample of the key. You make a duplicate from the "blanks" (blanks) you have, which are processed on the machine, and you get the same key as the customer.

A second-hand key making machine can be found for less than 5,000 rubles, but you should not take a "used", except perhaps in addition to the main machine. It is better to buy several machines - both for the assortment and in case of breakdown.

You also need to understand the keys. Basic types:

  • English, both double-sided and one-sided;
  • rack (transom);
  • lever (barbed);
  • perforated ;
  • cross ;
  • Finnish (semicircular);
  • magnetic keys - "tablets" from the intercom and RFID card.

And more about safety: you will work with metal. You must purchase glasses, gloves and a first aid kit.

What is required for implementation?

First of all, you need to understand if a metal business is right for you. If you've never used your hands seriously before, you'll need to acquire the necessary skills first. But first of all, you need to draw up a business plan and calculate the finances that will be needed to start. To start a business, you will need equipment and materials for work: one new machine of European or Russian production, several cheap (used) machines, a copier for intercoms, blanks, tools (files, measuring instruments, and so on).

Business start-up instructions

The key-making business can bring its owner a permanent income. The profitability of such a project turns out to be very high, and the reviews of experienced craftsmen indicate that this is a very promising and profitable occupation.

But before you start organizing your business, you need to carefully study the market, determine the skills and abilities, and also analyze the main competitors in the city. Focus not only on the established rates, but also on the services offered, the location of similar companies, the volume and speed of their work, etc.

Business Registration

To open a workshop and manufacture keys, it is enough to register with the tax service as an individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur). To do this, you should submit only copies of your documents (passport, TIN), a ready-made application and a receipt for payment of the state duty.

Taxes can be paid through UTII or STS. The types of activities are indicated immediately. Usually the following OKVED codes are suitable:

  • 6 - for the manufacture of hardware and lock parts;
  • 63 - if you additionally offer the locks and door hinges themselves;
  • 7 - for metal products;
  • 4 - in the retail trade of various accessories and related products.

If you are going to hire employees for the workshop, then you will have to register as an employer with the Pension Fund and the FSS. At the same time, insurance contributions are necessarily paid from wages.

It should be noted that no licenses are required to conduct such activities. But if, in addition to your main job, you are going to offer opening locks, doors and cars for owners who have lost their keys, then it is advisable to coordinate this direction with law enforcement agencies and act within the law.

Choosing a location for the workshop

It is very important to find the right location for your business. This will largely determine the number of customers, orders, the need for additional advertising, and hence the profitability of the idea. Choose crowded streets, close to public transport stops, metro stations, train stations. You can open an establishment in a residential area, but it should be visible from afar and easy to find if necessary.

The size of the room is 3-4 sq. m should be enough for a small workshop. But here a lot depends on what volume of work you are going to perform per day and how much equipment is available. Each apparatus is positioned so that it is easy to approach.

What do you need?

In addition to locksmith skills, to implement a project from scratch, you need to purchase enough machines to create various duplicates. This is the largest expense item when starting a business, but it is necessary to carry out activities. When choosing the right equipment, you need to be guided by the following criteria:

Now it has become fashionable, and most importantly, it is possible to have your own business. Previously, a car was a luxury item, today almost every seller of a more or less popular store moves by car. Finding 300-500,000 rubles for a normal working person for your future business is not a big deal. And some of them look towards making keys, towards key business.

In this article we will talk with you about what the key-making business is, how it is organized, what pitfalls there are in this business, and what needs to be focused on first of all. And so on.

Why is there interest?

Why do people even start looking at key businesses without having any business experience?

Because it seems to them that with relatively small investments - here you can get huge sums. Yes, comrades, the preparation of a 70 ruble key, at the moment, costs 10-14 rubles. Preparation of a 200 ruble key - 28 rubles.

Not bad, huh? The margin ranges from 200 to 1000% per key.

At the same time, we note that, by and large, it is relatively inexpensive to open a workshop for the manufacture of keys. Now many are not a problem in one way or another to find half a million, which will be enough.

At the same time, there are practically no norms and requirements for this type of business. There is a lot of haemorrhoids, inspections and excise taxes for a stall with bread and vodka, but we have nothing. It's just some kind of spool!

But, not everything is so simple, comrades, which we will talk about further.

What you need

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