How to start a fish business from scratch: practical recommendations

Everyone has thought about starting their own business at least once in their life. And the first thing such people face is finding a niche that is not yet occupied. It would seem that there is simply nothing to surprise the modern consumer with. But if you look at it from the other side? What is fashionable today? Healthy lifestyle, exclusive clothing and footwear. Consider the current option - a fish business from scratch.

Have an idea: where to start?

The idea needs to be visualized, namely, to draw up a detailed business plan that will clearly show the profitability of the business in your region, the payback period and possible risks.

The first step is to obtain a permit from Rospotrebnadzor, which is issued only after inspection and approval of the point selected for the sale of fish. Then you will need to prepare a sanitary production control plan. You can collect the documents yourself, but it will take a lot of time and effort. It would be more rational to assign this responsibility to a lawyer who understands all the nuances.

Finding a suitable place to sell products

Finding and choosing a point for selling fish is one of the key points on which the success and profitability of this business depends. The important thing here is not how to open a corresponding store, but where. An excellent solution would be to open a point near the grocery market. Your advantage over competitors who sell your product directly on the market will be the availability of special equipment and a store that inspires confidence. If you offer competitive prices, then the flow of customers is ensured.

As for competitors, it is advisable to choose a place for opening a store where they do not exist. Otherwise, you will have to surprise the buyer - with prices, assortment, presentation. Because people prefer proven stores and do not rush to everything new, especially when it comes to food.

Product range

Assortment is the next key factor in the success of the fishing business. Where to begin? How to surprise the consumer? You can choose a narrow specialization, for example, selling only smoked fish products. But it is better that the store has a product for every taste, namely:

  • Live fish.
  • Seafood.
  • Fresh frozen fish.
  • Fresh product.

The business idea of ​​fish farming is a profitable production that, if done right, brings high incomes. This is a pretty lucrative idea, today we will tell you how to make your own business and start raising fish in a pond. Let's talk about the main ideas for product promotion.

  • Investments: 1 million rubles
  • Profitability: 40-45 thousand rubles per year
  • Payback calculation: 2.5 years

Before starting fish farming, you should decide on the type of fish that you will put up for sale. Today, the most popular are carp and trout fish farms. Some industries combine both. It's pretty beneficial. Recently we talked about vending machines, maybe it will be interesting for you.

How to breed trout? Different reservoirs are suitable for growing carp, but the trout breeding business is a rather laborious and difficult process. The most popular habitat is ponds. Special attention should be paid to the fish habitat. A piece pond or pond will do. The optimum water temperature in artificial reservoirs should be from 24 to 25 degrees. The fish is raised at a depth of 1.5 to 2 meters. Keep your ponds clean and environmentally friendly. You can also grow fish in a small area.

Breeding fish in a pond is a rather laborious process. The main costs will be spent on feeding fish. Carp feed is cheaper than trout feed. Try not to overfeed the fish, in which case it may simply stop growing. Be sure to pay attention to the nutrition of the fish. An obligatory element of the diet is nutritious food. Profit from fish farming should be expected in about a year. It will take 2-3 years for carp to grow, and 1.5 years for trout. The profit will depend on the established distribution channel.

How much does a trout cost? Approximately 1,000 rubles per kilogram. How much does carp cost? 300 rubles per kilogram. Proceeding from this, carp farming is less costly, but trout production is still more profitable. It gains weight faster and costs more. I hope you now know how to breed carp and trout.


What kind of staff are needed in a fish farming business? When recruiting personnel, you should be extremely careful, it is best to hire a professional fish farmer or administrator who is familiar with the equipment. For profitable production, you will also need a fish farming specialist, an accountant, administrative staff, RAS operators, and auxiliary workers.

Trout farming in a pond is a laborious process, so employees should be well versed in this issue, know everything about the necessary conditions for fish farming. The first place is taken by diligence, accuracy and attentiveness. Goodwill and a positive attitude are also important.

Registration of a fish farming business

Most Russians include fish in their menu, so a seafood store can become a profitable business, especially if you choose the location for it correctly, and select the assortment taking into account consumer demand.

Fish shop is a profitable business

The sale of food products ranks first in the popularity rating of various types of business. But the success of an enterprise depends on the chosen niche: the more interesting the assortment, the higher the profitability of the outlet. Bread, meat and vegetables can compete with fish in this respect. Seafood is bought by wealthy citizens, the middle class, and low-income people.

Fish trading has advantages such as:

  • demand for products;
  • large assortment;
  • affordable price;
  • low investment in business organization; <
  • fast payback of the store.

Among the shortcomings, it should be noted:

  • paperwork for opening a point;
  • short shelf life of fish, so you have to refuse to purchase large quantities;
  • it is forbidden to open a fish store in a residential building.

The success of an enterprise depends on how competently the business plan is drawn up. When compiling it, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the location of the store, as well as the planned scale of the business and its budget, the payback period. If investments are attracted, a detailed business plan for a fish store with calculations will be evidence of the initiator's serious attitude to the business.

The document must necessarily disclose all the nuances of the business, specifically indicate what is required to run it:

  • paperwork for opening a point;
  • rent or purchase of premises;
  • purchase of equipment;
  • drawing up an assortment ;
  • selection of suppliers;
  • recruiting personnel;
  • decoration of a fish store (showcase, signs, advertising).

At the stage of writing a plan, you should pay attention to potential risks, think over options for the development of events in case they arise. As evidenced by reviews about the fish business, after opening a store, you should beware:

  • changes in sanitary and legal norms;
  • economic or political crisis;
  • seasonal decline in sales;
  • increase in wholesale prices;
  • expired products due to violation of the terms and conditions of storage;
  • competitors in their area.

Business Features

Smoked fish has long been considered a delicacy. Its taste and aroma leave no one indifferent, and it itself can be served as a festive treat or even as the main dish of any feast. Not surprisingly, there are always queues of customers at the smoked fish counters. This is why many anglers add to their hobby by smoking and selling fish, but if the production process is raised to a higher level, economies of scale can generate significant profits. Especially when you consider that the cost of manufacturing a product is much lower than its market value. Thus, fish smoking in well-established sales markets can generate huge income.

If we touch upon the choice of fish to smoke, then everything here is rather ambiguous. On the one hand, it is advisable to use fish from local waters. It is inexpensive, extremely safe, and meets the taste expectations of the local population. Also, "native gifts of nature" can fit into the concepts of local restaurateurs, which will facilitate the establishment of sales. But on the other hand, the use of other types of fish will significantly expand the range of products, which means, to conquer a larger segment of the market. However, this requires an impressive expense.

Starting a Business

The production and sale of smoked fish is a business niche with a high level of competition, but with the right approach, even a beginner will be able to get a decent income from doing this kind of economic activity.

Registration of a business entity

Before starting a business, it is worth registering your business officially. To do this, you need to register yourself as an individual entrepreneur with the tax authorities. This form of business will allow using a simplified taxation and reporting system (this is an extra savings on employees).

Selection of premises and purchase of equipment

The choice of premises should be approached very responsibly. Many fishermen who smoke fish informally do this with ordinary barrels in the open air. Although such production is as natural as possible, it does not at all comply with sanitary standards. So the room should in fact be a food shop. State standards require such a room to have an area of ​​about 50 square meters. ... (this will be enough to accommodate all equipment for the preparation, smoking and packing of fish), it was equipped with electricity, gas, water supply and drainage systems, as well as powerful ventilation.

At least 2 refrigerators are also required. The 1st is necessary for storing raw fish, which is being prepared for processing, and the 2nd is for the finished fish going for shipment. The cost of each refrigerator is about 30,000 rubles.

In this article we will talk about how relevant the fishing business is, how to start doing it, and what is required for this.

Relevance of fishing

Small business development is gaining momentum in Russia. Its main areas are: trade, services and entertainment, farming.

Today, many entrepreneurs in Russia are engaged in fish farming. This is very important, since fish is an important and valuable product on the Russian market. Russia is one of the most important suppliers of fish products. On the territory of Russia, there are a lot of lakes, ponds and many other bodies of water in which you can fish.

Based on the above, we can conclude that fishing is quite a topical business. But there is a small problem here. Fish is a perishable product, that is, you have to constantly purchase new goods. In addition, if you are engaged in the cultivation and breeding of fish at home, it is very difficult and expensive. Let's take a closer look at how to organize a fish business.

Main directions

There are many different directions in the fishing business. First you need to decide what you want to do. The most optimal and promising options would be: creating or buying a pond or other reservoir and breeding fish in it. This can be attributed to farming.

Secondly, it is the openings of their store selling fish products. This business can be done alone or in a company. Whichever method is chosen, it all comes down to one thing - to its implementation on the sales market.

Store opening

Opening a fish store in Russia is a very profitable business. It can be a small shop or a department in a large shopping center, your own small store. Then you need to choose a suitable location for the store, the most suitable will be a sleeping area, that is, close to potential buyers.

You also need to take a closer look at the area so that there are no competitors nearby. After that, you will need to register your individual entrepreneur with the tax office.

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