How to start a clothing production from scratch: equipment, documents

Clothes can be classified as goods that are in constant demand, regardless of the economic situation in the country. In fact, clothes can be equated with the food and hygiene products that people use every day. Yes, in times of economic downturn, buyers try to save money and cut the budget for buying things, but on the other hand, they constantly update the basic wardrobe, as things wear out and lose their appearance. Based on this position of this product, it is clear that many entrepreneurs are trying to make money by selling clothes, and often this business has the form of reselling purchased items on the wholesale market in retail stores with a surcharge. In this article, we will look at another approach to making money in this niche, namely a tailoring business, made to order, or with the subsequent sale of products in retail stores.

Own production allows you to get one of the main competitive advantages in this type of activity - a unique product with the quality level you need. Looking at the shelves of modern clothing stores, you see everywhere the same type of Chinese things, which, although inexpensive, but their quality leaves much to be desired, and we are not talking about the uniqueness of your style as a buyer of this product. The business idea of ​​opening your own clothing workshop allows you to create your own style for things and look for your audience of buyers, which you will target.

Pros and Cons

As in any kind of activity in the field of making clothes, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages that beginners should take into account, and, based on this, already draw a conclusion whether it is profitable to do this or not.

  • Constant demand for some product categories. For example: underwear, children's, casual and sportswear.
  • The ability to create a unique product that will give you a competitive edge.
  • Many sales channels for finished products.
  • Ability to adjust the price of clothing depending on the flow of business and the choice of materials.
  • Broad target audience.
  • Not a bad markup level for the product.

  • High level of competition, both online and offline.
  • The difficulty of finding unique fabrics, in terms of the choice of different patterns and the quality of the material itself.
  • Building a reputation in the market takes time, and the first year of work will be aimed at promoting the business and finding regular customers or partners in the distribution of clothing.
  • Difficulty finding professional staff: seamstresses and cutters, as well as designers and fashion designers.

If you have a clear understanding of how you see the future line of manufactured clothing and you know what its advantage over similar brands is, then you can start and think about the organizational aspects of starting a business, if there is no clear picture, then it is better think it over correctly and only then proceed to the next steps.

Why is it important to develop your brand? The main reason is that people evaluate the quality of things, their approximate cost and relevance in terms of fashion trends by the name of the brand. A brand is your reputation in the market. By the name of the company, people search for things on the Internet, in online stores or social networks. Building your own brand is a lengthy process that includes all the processes of your business, from the quality of materials and sewing in general to online advertising. Take some time, come up with a short and catchy name for your small clothing factory, check if there are such companies on the Internet and if the domain name for your website is free, and only after that you can order the development of a logo, tags and other advertising materials.

Business format

The business of tailoring, repairing and selling clothes can be classified according to several parameters, on the choice of which certain organizational steps and the future budget for starting a business will depend.

Target audience of buyers. This is the first category to decide on.

  • Male.
  • Female.
  • Children's room.

Types of clothing. Based on the choice of the target audience, we turn to the choice of specific types of things.

A person who decides to open his own atelier is guided by a simple logic: everyone needs clothes. On the one hand, the enthusiast is right, on the other hand, statistics show that from 30 to 45% of production facilities (depending on market conditions) are closed during the first 3 years of activity. Therefore, in order to make money, you need to draw the right conclusions from other people's mistakes and take advantage of the positive experience of successful entrepreneurs. We will tell you about how to open a sewing business in the article.

Market and risks of the sewing business

A survey of bankrupt entrepreneurs showed that businessmen did not properly research the local market. As a rule, they attributed the failures to the lack of stable demand and the dominance of dumping enterprises. Meanwhile, other firms for the repair and sewing of clothes, curtains, bed linen and workwear continued to work successfully in the same area.

When commenting on such situations, marketers say with irony: “even a world-renowned couturier won't convince a nudist to dress on an abandoned beach”. You can treat this satire as you like. But the fact remains that success is based on a careful approach to analyzing the key audience - more precisely, its requests. It is unlikely that a prominent entrepreneur with an income of $ 10 thousand a month will come to a semi-basement studio, where zippers are changed and jeans are hemmed.

When making a business plan for your own tailor shop, it is important to choose a survival strategy:

Demanding clients, mainly fashionable women

Tailoring of dresses and suits for individual orders

Guideline for small and cheap repairs

Upgrading the atelier's status to "business +" format

Medium cities, but not less than 200 thousand inhabitants

Fitting new clothes to the figure

Clothing production can be used as a business idea that allows you to reach stable profits in a short time. However, the Russian garment industry has certain characteristics that should be borne in mind. Of great importance is the availability of a ready-made base of client companies, attracted, at times, not by the most traditional advertising methods.


About business

The clothing business is a rather specific area.

The key link “to establish sales - to produce - to sell - to make a profit” works, but with some errors. But a well-functioning production guarantees a constant income, because clothes are bought daily.

Clothes are classified by purpose and composition.

  • household ;
  • specialized (medical, protective);
  • sports;
  • uniform.

Each type (except for specialized), in turn, is subdivided into outerwear and lightweight.

Classification by composition means dividing clothes into:

  • natural (wool, cotton);
  • synthetic (polyester);
  • combined.


Investments: from 130,000 rubles.

Payback: 6 months or more

Building your own brand often starts with an idea rather than a business plan. Young designers and representatives of related professions (journalists, buyers, marketers), due to their deep knowledge of the industry, are the first to notice and occupy an empty niche. A person who is not familiar with fashion trends, market demands, assortment matrix will have to carry out a lot of research work. But it is not at all necessary to be able to sew and design clothes for organizing a business in the fashion sphere.

Business Concept

Own clothing brand begins with answering the questions: what we produce, for whom and in what price category. In this area of ​​business, such analysis is not so much a delineation of boundaries and recognition of the audience, but the basis of the concept of the brand and its range of products.

First, choose a clothing category:

  • underwear, clothing for home and sleep, swimwear;
  • hosiery, fabric indoor shoes;
  • basic clothing made of natural fabrics;
  • tracksuits;
  • clothes made of thick textiles;
  • denim;
  • knitted jersey;
  • outerwear;
  • special and work clothes;
  • business suits;
  • evening, wedding, carnival dresses and suits;
  • hats, scarves, shawls, accessories.

When analyzing the market and competitors, you should not focus on the giants of the mass market and try to cover everything. Novice designers, as a rule, create collections around one or two positions, track the reaction and further demand, and only then expand the range within the product group or from related areas.

In close connection with the product niche of the business is the belonging of a potential buyer to a certain group:

  • age: babies, children, youth, middle age, etc.;
  • social: students, office workers, businessmen, celebrities, etc.;
  • by type of activity: athletes, travelers, workers, future or young mothers, students, representatives of creative professions, etc.

Organization of sewing production is one of the most relevant and profitable business ideas in Russia. Products of foreign manufacturers do not meet our standards, differ in size, and the quality of tailoring is far from ideal. By deciding to open a sewing production, you will be able to help Russian consumers and provide yourself with a huge income, having recouped your investment in a few months.

Why is it worth starting a sewing production?

In the field of personal services, which includes the activities of this kind of enterprise, a significant increase in demand has been noticeable in the last year. In Russia, the number of such firms increases annually by 10%. Such enterprises are not afraid of crisis or seasonality, if the right approach to business creation is approached.

Organization of sewing production from scratch is almost a win-win option for any businessman. Among the advantages of a business idea, it is worth highlighting:

There are no particular drawbacks in the sewing industry. But you should be aware of the difficulties before starting a business:

Despite the difficulties, organizing a sewing production from scratch is a promising business idea. Domestic manufacturers should pay special attention to the niche of the mid-price segment, since it is the most interesting and relatively free.

Which clothing model is better?

If you want to open a sewing production, decide what services you are ready to provide to your clients. The following options are distinguished:

  • Sewing of overalls (medical gowns, uniforms, etc.). In this case, you can count on large orders from pharmacies, construction companies and other organizations in need of special clothing for employees. It will also allow participation in public procurement tenders.
  • Outerwear sewing. The purchase of special sewing machines is required, since you will have to work with leather, fur and thick fabric. The service is in demand among private clients.
  • Sewing light clothing. This option is suitable for those new to this business.

There are two main production models that can be successfully applied in the process of carrying out this type of entrepreneurial activity. When using the first, work is done to order, that is, firms that have developed a new product, but do not have their own workshops for sewing it, will apply.

If you follow the second model, then the company will have to go through the whole cycle: from the moment of creating new products to their independent realization under its own trademark.

What are the directions in sewing production?

Garment manufacturing companies produce many types of goods. They can be divided into the following categories:

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