How to open a pizzeria from scratch: basic steps

Everyone at least once looked towards the culinary business - profitability clouded the eyes of future businessmen. At the same time, the business of opening a pizzeria is popular. Depending on the competition in the market, you can decide on the format of the case, and then draw up a step-by-step plan with an item of expenses.

Should you open a pizzeria?

As a rule, even if you live in a small town, there are pizzerias, and they are "monopolists" in their way: a small network opens up, which over time expands and takes the lion's share of the market. But it is important to understand that over time, heavily advertised brands get bored, besides, they can significantly lose in quality, so a new promising pizzeria, with proper marketing, has a good chance to promote itself.

Even if the pizzeria-monopolist is on everyone's lips and, let's say, remains at the height of product quality, no one canceled your opportunity to act as a "breath of fresh air" through additional promotions, advertising or mobility in the "pizza on wheels ". Everything is in your hands!

Pizzeria format

It is important to analyze the options for opening a pizzeria, and there are enough of them for any "wallet":

  • Arrange pizza delivery. You can cook it at home, of course, word of mouth works perfectly and if you have a good assortment for home conditions, your own zest or a novelty, then, taking into account the resulting profit, you will be able to discover new horizons for yourself in this business.
  • A pizza on wheels or a moving van. In such a van, you can sell whole pizzas, as well as slices. In any case, this is a profitable business, since you can change your location and attend the highest grossing places during the day!
  • Kono-pizza is not very popular in the CIS countries. It looks like a roll, although it is a wrapped pizza that will be easy to eat on the go. If you are looking for something original for your establishment, then kono pizza is an ideal option.

  • A kiosk-pizzeria (pizza shop, food court) in a large hypermarket or a shopping center, or a "attachment" to a cookery or a canteen or a cafe - all this is also quite payable business products, but you need to have time to "capture" a place in the sun. Or choose it in advance during construction.
  • A small pizzeria, for example, for 15 seats with an equipped kitchen, is already a costly business not only due to rent, but also due to equipment. But if you have a start-up capital of a million, you can start.
  • A pizzeria with delivery is the most costly option that requires considerable investment, since in addition to rent and wages, the purchase of equipment, additional items of costs for delivery, support service, etc. are added. As a rule, delivery is free, which is a big plus in an advertising campaign, but a minus in terms of cost.

So if you want to start a business but don't have enough capital for a pizzeria, delay delivery. You can even start with a small pizza on wheels, win over customers, gain experience, and gradually expand.

Activity Registration

You can register your activity as an LLC or individual entrepreneur (if delivery or small initial production is expected). This article will help you choose between an individual entrepreneur and an LLC. The tax regime that meets your expectations in this business vein is UTII, but the STS and OSNO will be more costly.

In addition to registering with the tax office, you will need the following documents:

On the one hand, it is easy to organize a pizza take-out business, because you do not need a large room, and on the other hand, it is difficult, because you still have to go around the authorities for permits.

But if you cope with the problems, you will be able to create a highly profitable business, perhaps even in the future you will open new points. It all depends on the initial capital, dedication and ambition.

Business features and specifics

The first and foremost problem on the way to the goal is the large number of competitors in the industry. They will be all those establishments where pizza is prepared and delivered, highly specialized pizzerias and restaurants.

Therefore, when drawing up a business plan for a take-out pizzeria, you need to include in it an expense item for advertising, for which, if possible, allocate enough funds. This will allow you to create and promote your website with delivery, as well as advertise on social networks, place banners and advertisements around the city. The name of the pizzeria should be well known.

The fact is that clients go to those establishments where it is high quality, fast and tasty. Therefore, you will have to work hard to gain a reputation. Advertising can help in this, then it's only about high-quality products and the professionalism of the chef.

Financial side: starting capital calculation

We calculate the minimum costs:

  • From 15 thousand rubles per month for renting premises.
  • Purchase of equipment from 170 thousand rubles.
  • Repair of the premises (if necessary) from 50 thousand rubles, depending on the "severity" of the situation.
  • Purchase of raw materials and products from 100 thousand rubles.
  • Wages to employees monthly 200 thousand minimum.
  • Spending on advertising and company registration process - 50 thousand.
  • Payment for utilities - 30 thousand every month.

The amounts are approximate, minimal, may change upward depending on the city and region.

When will the business pay off?

The average profitability will be 35-40%, the average payback period is 2.5 years. If we assume that the cost of one pizza is 90 rubles, and we will make a mark-up in the range of 200-300%, in total we get 250-300 rubles per pizza.

Add 20 different pizza names to the menu. If we deliver at least 30-50 pizzas per day (including some orders we include 2 pizzas each, because such orders are often made for a large company), the total is 240 thousand rubles per month.

The routine tradition of a modern city dweller is undoubtedly going to a cafe, fast food restaurant or pizzeria. Every day more and more catering outlets appear on the streets of cities, which somewhat frightens off start-up entrepreneurs. But you shouldn't be afraid. There are no clearly leading market players among pizzerias. Therefore, it is possible and even necessary to work with this niche today.

In this article, we'll talk about how to start a pizzeria from scratch. What kind of room is right for this? How to select equipment and personnel? Read about this and many other significant points below.

What kind of pizzeria should you choose?

If you are thinking about how to open a pizzeria, first decide on the type of business. Let's consider the main types of pizzerias and compare them.


Assumes an average start-up investment. The demand for pizzerias-cafes is huge, as is the number of competitors on the market. For such an institution, a small space is being built or rented, or a hall in a shopping center. In addition, such a cafe does not require many employees, which will significantly reduce monthly expenses. Payback in most cases is observed in a year and a half.

Italian Restaurant

The most difficult project and requires a lot of investment. An entrepreneur will have to spend a lot on rent or purchase of premises, interior decoration and equipment. The menu of an Italian restaurant usually contains many dishes and a huge number of types of pizza.

In the case of a restaurant, a selection of trusted suppliers, a large number of documents, a search for a qualified chef and staff are required. The advantages of opening an Italian restaurant are the unsaturation of the market and, accordingly, little competition. Also, such a business pays off quite quickly (about a year).


A fairly popular type of pizzeria lately. A small room is required to open a kiosk. It should be divided into a kitchen and a pick-up area. At the kiosk, pizza is prepared quickly at the customer's door. However, you can also accept orders through the website or by phone number.

Pizza, fast food, Japanese cuisine - it's hard to imagine the everyday life of a modern city dweller without these dishes. All new cafes, bars, restaurants open here and there, it seems, instantly grow out of the ground, like mushrooms after rain. The market for catering establishments grows by 25% annually. This figure scares aspiring businessmen who want to try their hand at the restaurant business. However, fear is not always justified. For example, among cafe-pizzerias there are no obvious leaders, the largest players, as, say, among fast food establishments. The pizzeria market for new players is free to enter.

Opening a pizzeria: is it profitable and where to start the process?

If you decide that you want to open a pizzeria from scratch, the first step is to determine what type of establishment it will be. The following options are possible: restaurant, cafe, pizza shop, pizza delivery.

An Italian restaurant is the most complex and expensive project. It is costly in terms of renting, buying or building premises, equipping halls, purchasing special equipment. The menu of the Italian restaurant includes a wide assortment of dishes, a large number of varieties of pizza. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort to compose a menu and find trusted reliable suppliers, you will need to issue a license for the sale of alcoholic beverages, look for an unrivaled chef (ideally, of course, an Italian) and impeccable administrators and waiters. But a successful solution to these issues will pay off a hundredfold. This market is not as crowded as the café and bistro market, where you can quickly grab a few slices of pizza. There are good chances to find your own circle of regular visitors. In addition, the payback of the business occurs on average in 1 year.

Cafe-pizzeria - requires much less financial investment. The demand for establishments of this type is huge, but the competition is also great. You can build or rent a small room, a hall in a shopping center, open a summer cafe - there are many successful options. Not a lot of staff required. But in this case, an extremely scrupulous analysis of the competitors' market is required. The average payback period is 1.5 years.

Pizza shop (pizzeria-kiosk) is a popular, developing by leaps and bounds direction. This is a small room that only consists of a kitchen and a product dispensing area. There may not be a hall for visitors at all, or only 2-3 tables will be placed in it - for those who want to have a snack on the spot or are waiting for an order to be issued. In such establishments, pizza is prepared right in front of the customer - in 15–20 minutes, or orders are taken by phone or the Internet.

Pizza delivery - can be an independent type of business or be combined with other types of pizzerias. The easiest option to organize, but also the least profitable of all. Requires a well-designed advertising campaign. After all, visitors will not be able to get acquainted with the institution with their own eyes, advertising is required in the media, in entrances, elevators, attracting promoters, etc.

The first pizzeria was opened in Naples in 1738 and was called "Antica".

Currently, there are about 500 stationary pizzerias in Moscow. The average payback period for any type of pizzeria is 1.5–2 years. With a competent organization, a business is profitable, the main thing is to approach its organization wisely, consult with knowledgeable people, and turn to specialists.

Create a pizzeria business plan

When starting to develop your own concept, remember: the desire to bring to life the ideal model of an establishment in your mind is not the best idea. As they say - to taste and color ... First of all, it is worth analyzing your financial capabilities, then assessing the demand and preferences of the mass consumer, and only after that it can be compared with your desires and ideas.

A pizzeria business plan is necessary not only for you personally to detail your idea and search for approaches to its implementation, but also to provide it to investors, partners, banks - if you apply for their help.

Here are the main points that should be covered in any business plan:

A pizzeria is a pretty profitable business if you approach it wisely. The profitability of a startup directly depends on preliminary calculations, the economic state of the market and other factors. The article describes a detailed business plan for opening a pizzeria with the following rough data:

  • Initial investments - no more than 2.5 million;
  • Area up to 200 sq. m for 40-50 seats;
  • Payback - up to 2 years.

Market Outlook

Despite the unfavorable market situation, some business ideas remain relevant. Since during a difficult economic situation, Central Asian incomes are declining, the priority remains establishments offering quality food at an affordable price. Pizzerias are like this in almost every format (with the exception of Italian restaurants with pizza on the menu).

Why pizzerias are in demand:

  • Convenient location - you can open an institution almost anywhere. Depends on format and concept, initial investment.
  • Fast service and affordable price. Modern equipment allows you to cook pizza in 10-15 minutes. The average bill in establishments starts from 200-300 rubles (depending on the region).
  • The popularity of the dish. This is one of the most popular options for both a quick snack and a full meal with friends.
  • Wide audience coverage - everyone loves pizza. The bulk of visitors will include children, their parents, students and schoolchildren, and the working middle class.

In the near future, establishments offering healthy tasty food and a large selection of accompanying dishes will be popular in the catering market. The current trends have 3 reliable foundations - a healthy diet, natural products and the maximum rejection of dyes, flavor enhancers and preservatives.

To occupy your niche in the market in 2021–2021, it is enough:

  • keep the average check in the available range;
  • work competently with regular customers;
  • attract more target audience.

Below are detailed instructions for starting a pizza business.

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