How to open a pie shop from scratch and earn income in the first month of work

Russia is famous for its culinary achievements. The abundance of various gastronomic dishes is amazing. From hearty soups to amazing desserts, Russian cuisine can satisfy the most whimsical tastes. But homemade baked goods occupy a special place in the hearts of Russians. And this is not surprising.

The grandmother's pies, loved since childhood, have remained in the hearts of thousands of people. Many are trying to learn how to cook them, but not everyone is able to perfectly master the art of baking pies.

Usually all recipes are passed down from generation to generation, which means that all cooking traditions are preserved. The tenderness of the dough and the abundance of filling makes people return to their childhood memories.

For people with an entrepreneurial streak, the ability to cook various baked goods with their own hands can play into the hands. For those who want to start their own business, if they have a culinary talent, you can offer to cook homemade cakes for sale.

So the business idea of ​​selling homemade pies takes its rightful place among the demanded types of business. Any business before starting requires careful calculations, and this can be done only by sketching a business plan. How to prepare a business plan yourself can be read here: business plan yourself.

How to start a homemade pie business

No matter how blasphemous it may sound in relation to grandmother's pies, many have long been accustomed to this area. Firstly, this is due to the fact that large cash costs are not required. Secondly, such baked goods are very popular.

In this age of various pesticides and other harmful substances, homemade baked goods are heaven for those who want to eat well.

So how much money do you need to invest to start a homemade baking production? First, it is worth taking care of the production certification. To do this, you need to obtain a special certificate for the production of certain products and for specialized equipment.

After receiving all the papers, you can think about the assortment. It is better if there are several different types of pastries: pies with several types of fillings, muffins, gingerbreads and something else.

Where to sell homemade cakes

We need to take care of the place where the products are sold. One of the most important factors is the weather. For example, if there is no stationary point of sale, then you will have to sell products on your own feet, but on a rainy day it is not very convenient.

Pies are bought in winter and summer. Hot - with potatoes, cabbage or jam. Someone likes it with tea, someone with broth.

The pie business is a profitable business. It provides a steady job and income. Such a business is never unprofitable.

You need to weigh your financial capabilities, draw up a detailed business plan, calculate profitability and solve a number of practical problems.

Choosing the type of establishment

First, the question of how to implement it is decided. What the establishment will be like:

  • Cafe-bakery ;
  • A kiosk selling pies to go.

When a cafe is located in a place of large gathering of people: a beach, a market, educational institutions, then the costs will pay off quickly.

The first option is good for everyone, but requires a significant initial investment.

In the second, the costs of starting a business are lower, but the quality of service will decrease. It is more pleasant to eat a pie over a cup of tea than to chew "dry water" on the street.

The kiosk may not stand up to the competition.

Choosing a suitable room

Before deciding on a lease, it does not hurt to invite a sanitary doctor and inspect the premises for suitability.

The kiosk can be rented, purchased or built by yourself. Less risky is to rent and see if there will be a profit.

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  • 4 Which equipment to choose for organizing business
  • 5 Which OKVED for the production of bakery products
  • 6 Which documents needed to start a business
  • 7 What is the taxation system for a small bakery
  • 8 Are permits required to open a mini-bakery
  • 9 Technology of bakery production
  • 10 New to the pie delivery business

Many analysts argue that food delivery services will become more and more in demand.

It is easier for them to order food at home using the services of specialized firms and this is a rather popular business idea.

As a rule, the most common meals delivered to customers at home are pizza and sushi.

However, such products are already beginning to become boring for many consumers.

Pies are a great alternative. On their baking and delivery, you can organize a profitable business with low investment at the start.

How to start a pie making and delivery business

An entrepreneur who decides to open his own mini-bakery for baking pies must register his business.

After that, you need to find a room with an area of ​​30 square meters or more.

It is desirable to give preference to the central districts of the city, in this case the time for the delivery of pies can be reduced.

For the purchase of equipment and furniture, a businessman will need about 150 thousand rubles.

One of the great options for doing business is the pie business. This is an area of ​​activity for which there will always be demand. The pie business is characterized by a high level of competition, but at the same time it is not difficult to find a new place to open a pies stand.

The main thing is to earn a base of regular customers. For example, residents of neighboring houses or office workers in a circle. For this, it is necessary to ensure the high quality of the products offered.

What type of premises should you choose?

When opening a pie, you need to consider everything possible for this institution. Alternatively, you can open your own small bakery, or put stalls with pies on wheels. If at the beginning there are no funds for renting premises for a bakery, then you can arrange a business at home. If an entrepreneur wants to open a business with a short payback period, then you can make a whole cafe with pies and other products. At the same time, you need to be ready for large start-up investments.

How to register a pie business?

Like any commercial activity, the pie opening business requires official registration. For this, two organizational forms of activity are best suited: LLC and individual entrepreneur. For a pie, the most convenient option would be to design an individual business.

For this, it will be possible to create commercial projects and conduct their business using simplified systems. It is not difficult to maintain accounting records for such an organizational form; for this, you do not need to hire a special employee.

LLC is suitable for entrepreneurs who decide to go into a large pie business. For example, open a chain of bakeries or mini-cafes. This form is also necessary when hiring a large staff of employees.

In order to register an individual entrepreneur, you need to collect a package of the following documents:

  • copies of the passport and TIN;
  • a completed application for business registration;
  • a receipt for payment of the state duty in the amount of 800 rubles.

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Where to start?

You need to start your own business with drawing up a business plan. Thanks to this document, a novice businessman will be able not only to understand where to start, but also to distribute the start-up capital in advance by analyzing planned and unplanned expenses and possible losses. A business plan will allow you to eliminate any surprises both at the initial stage of the development of your business and in the future.

Business Registration

However, before starting a business, it should be registered with the tax office as an individual entrepreneur or LLC. The advantage in the case of opening the latter, lies in a higher status when working with large clients, as well as guarantees of obligations to the creditor only with the start-up capital, while when opening an individual entrepreneur, in case of bankruptcy, all the property of the founder is at stake.

However, individual entrepreneurs maintain much simpler reporting, and can do it themselves, without the help of an experienced accountant. Therefore, if you decide to open a mini-bakery with a staff of no more than 6 people, including a deliveryman, it is best to register your business for the production of Ossetian pies, quiches with fillings and other baked goods as an individual entrepreneur. In this case, it will be necessary to pay only 5,000 rubles for the paperwork. In addition, when opening a mini-bakery, you need to obtain a work permit from the fire inspection and SES.

It should be noted that every employee who is involved in the production of baked goods must have a health book, only in this way they can work in a bakery without breaking legal rules. Therefore, make sure that your employees have medical books issued in accordance with all the rules.

Room selection

Before renting a room, you need to call a SES specialist and ask him to evaluate the possibility of placing a bakery in this building, only after his positive answer and obtaining permission, the lease can be signed. It is best to rent a room that used to be a bakery or a canteen, in this case you can significantly save on its refurbishment.

Purchase of equipment and kitchen utensils

For a bakery to function properly, you need to purchase an oven, refrigerator and shelving. Also compulsory for the purchase of utensils include:

  • mixer ;
  • trays ;
  • meat grinder ;
  • trays ;
  • kitchen harvester.

In addition, you will need knives, rolling pins, spoons, forks and other trifles. Cooks and other employees will need to dress in special clothing that meets hygiene standards. In the sales area, you will need to purchase showcases, shelves, a table and a microwave oven. In general, the arrangement of the premises will require from 100 to 120 thousand rubles.

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