How to open a mini sausage workshop

The manufacture and sale of meat and sausages is strictly regulated by the SES and Vetnadzor authorities and cannot be carried out in a domestic environment. To build a profitable business in this area, you need a separate room, qualified personnel and specialized equipment. The only option when the production of sausage at home as a business will be safe and profitable is to use private land plots to organize a full-fledged mini-workshop.

Initial Business Plan and Profitability Determination

To draw up a business plan and determine the profitability of sausage production, you must first of all work out the list of products and technology. Each type of product is compared with the established GOSTs and TUs of the current legislation of the country in which the company will be registered. Based on the assortment, its volumes and technological sequence, equipment is selected, workshops are designed, the number of hired personnel is calculated.

The initial price of a mini sausage production workshop includes the cost of:

  • Arrangement and operation of the premises (equipment, utilities, cleaning products, protective clothing for employees);
  • Staff compensation and taxation;
  • Purchase of raw materials (meat, spices) and auxiliary materials (packaging);
  • Transportation costs.

Technological process and premises

Depending on the level of funding, the production of homemade sausage as a business can be realized in a rented premises or in your own (this can be a building on a private plot of a private house). All technological areas should be distributed in such a way that the final product and raw materials do not intersect during the manufacturing process.

Stages of the sausage production process, according to which the production line is built:

  • Receiving and processing of meat;
  • Ambassador and preparation of minced meat;
  • Forming and settling of products;
  • Thermal processing;
  • Packaging and storage.

Separately allocated premises for the storage of bulk materials, raw meat and finished products. It is mandatory to have a water supply, sewerage, power supply (including backup sources for cold rooms), high-quality lighting, heating and a ventilation system. The walls and floor of the workshop must be tiled. A separate dressing room is allocated to prepare personnel for work.

When organizing a workshop on a backyard area, it is necessary to ensure production noise insulation, timely waste removal and disposal, as well as installation of filtration on ventilation systems, in order to avoid the spread of unpleasant odors and annoying sounds that cause discomfort to your neighbors.

Sausage production process in a specially equipped sausage workshop

Making sausage at home as a business is a promising idea, which is confirmed by numerous arguments. The main one is a decrease in the quality of products of large meat processing plants. Introduction to the composition of products of additives that reduce the taste and benefit from the consumption of the product. In addition, interest in natural food is increasing due to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and rational diets.

Where to start?

First of all, you need a room that meets the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor and sanitary and epidemiological services. It is forbidden to produce anything in a city apartment, therefore this type of business is suitable for owners of their own detached buildings - country houses, summer cottages, etc.

  • Constituent.
  • Confirming the ownership (lease) of the premises.
  • Assortment.
  • Raw material documentation.
  • Data of the conducted examinations.
  • Samples of finished products.

After the control activities, it will be possible to conclude a certification contract and the corresponding Certificates. But before these, you should register a business.

Registering a business

Room preparation and equipment selection

The workshop should be designed with special attention to the technology and regulations of the regulatory authorities. Sanitary and Epidemiological Services require the autonomy of the movement of raw materials and finished products. These components should not intersect under any circumstances. Among the rules are the distance from residential and commercial buildings at which production should be located, special requirements for the laying and connection of engineering systems. It is optimal to seek help from a specialist in order to avoid large fines and even a ban to engage in this type of business.

The minimum area is 200 m2, the walls of the production room are laid out with an easily washable base (preferably ceramic smooth tiles) to a height of at least one and a half meters, the rest of the room is covered with non-toxic paint or enamel, which can be washed daily and sanitized processing with specialized preparations.

Equipment for the sausage shop implies the presence of:

  • cutter (professional powerful meat grinder, raw material grinder);
  • vacuum filler;
  • minced meat mixer;
  • ovens;
  • heat chambers;
  • refrigeration units;
  • stationary and measuring instruments: scales, hangers, saws, cutting tables.

The first mention of such a tasty and healthy product as sausage dates back to the period of Ancient Greece. In our country, the product appeared in the 17th century. The sausage shop is a profitable enterprise that brings a decent income.

The profitability is about 30%, and the payback period is from 2 to 3 months. Therefore, for novice businessmen, this is a good option.


You need to register with organizations:

  • STE ;
  • SES;
  • Vetnadzor;
  • Fire part;
  • FIU.

This is costly and time consuming. Only after completing this stage, proceed to the rest.


Elite products are manufactured on a conveyor belt. List of required installations and devices:

  • deboning table;
  • refrigerators (at least 2 pieces);
  • Volchok electric meat grinder;
  • knives for butchering carcasses and chopping lard;
  • a high-performance cutter;
  • a syringe to stuff sausage casing with minced meat;
  • a smoke generator for smoking.

Room selection

Renting allows you to save money. A little later, they can be invested in a full-fledged production workshop.

Select an area of ​​at least 50 square meters. Finished products should not come into contact with raw materials that have not been processed. The sanitary services strictly enforce the rules, and they must be strictly followed.

How to open a sausage shop. Sausage production equipment and technology.

In this article, we will consider the main stages of opening a sausage shop, the required equipment for production, the production technology of sausages, how to obtain permits from the SES and the veterinary service, how to obtain a certificate for sausage products.

Sausage production equipment

Equipment for the sausage shop must be selected in each case individually, depending on the technology of the production process, as well as the expected production volumes.

A minimum set of equipment is required for the production of sausages:

  • Freezer for carcasses.
  • Tables for boning meat products.
  • Industrial meat grinder.
  • Sausage cutter.
  • Industrial vacuum filler for stuffing stuffing into a casing.
  • Thermal camera.
  • Refrigerated chambers for finished products.

All equipment must be certified.

Premises for a sausage shop

According to the requirements of the SES and the veterinary service, the sausage shop should consist of several production facilities:

  • Raw materials processing workshop.
  • A room with refrigerated chambers for storing raw materials.
  • Manufacturing workshop.
  • Thermal shop.
  • Warehouse for raw materials.
  • Warehouse for finished products.
  • Household premises.

After Russia introduced protective sanctions against the EU, high-quality sausages have almost completely disappeared from store shelves. The expected import substitution did not happen - stores were filled with low-quality products from domestic manufacturers, who decided to reduce the cost of production as much as possible by adding vegetable fats and fillers to sausages. There is an acute shortage of quality meat products on the market. That is why now is the time to open your own mini sausage production shop and take your place in the sun.

Market Analysis

First of all, study the market situation. There may already be a sausage maker in your area. Find out what kind of products he produces, what is his price range, how the production is organized. Visit several large stores, find out the prices for sausage products, think about where you can take finished products.


For a small workshop, you need a fairly spacious room that is not combined with a residential building. You should not look for a place in the city center - the outskirts or even a building in a nearby village will suit you.

In the building you will need to place:

  • Refrigeration units for storing incoming raw materials.
  • Special cooling chambers for minced meat and finished products.
  • Separate room for meat processing.
  • A separate room for defrosting raw materials.
  • A separate room for the production of sausages.
  • Separate storage area for spices.
  • Products heat treatment shop.
  • Utility room for storing materials and tools.
  • Separate room for equipment washing.
  • A room for household purposes.

Your premises should be spacious enough - usually a mini-workshop takes about 200 m2. Some premises can be combined with each other, but when planning it is better to consult with the local sanitary and epidemiological station, so that in the future you do not have to redo the workshop.

Before opening, you will need to draw up a technical assignment, indicating in it the volumes of processed products, the range (approximate), make a list of the equipment used and describe the technological process. Then the terms of reference are coordinated with the SES and the local veterinary service, and only after that you can proceed to further actions.

What documents are required

First of all, you need to go to the local tax office and register as an individual entrepreneur or LLC. You will also be given the appropriate codes by which you can work. You are interested in:

  • OKVED 15. 3, allowing the release of meat products.
  • OKVED 15. 3., allowing the production of products from meat, offal and blood.
  • OKVED 15. 3., allowing the heat treatment of meat.

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