How to open a donut

Food production and sale is one of the few niches for an entrepreneur where there are always customers. Moreover, given the high-speed rhythm of life for most of us, food that can be consumed quickly, on the go, is in special demand. Donuts are one such dish. This means that a donut business can bring its owner a good and stable income. Making donuts to order, setting up production and marketing of products and other aspects of starting such a business - we'll talk about this further.

Choosing a place and trading format

The place of trade is no less important aspect for such a business than the quality of the product itself.

Your own mini-cafe

Coffee with a donut is a great snack, and if not on the go, but at a comfortable table ... Therefore, the option to open your own small cafe is optimal. With this format, the following aspects should be taken into account:

  • Think carefully about the design of the room - it's not bad if it is just cozy.
  • Location - even a sleeping area will do if it has good human traffic.
  • Alternatively - a small cafe on the basis of the mall. There will definitely not be a shortage of clients.

It will be somewhat more difficult with registration - you will need to obtain permits from the sanitary and epidemiological station, fire department.

Trading on Wheels

Selling donuts as a business idea from a van is the best option if the budget is limited, in which case you can significantly save on renting premises. A particular advantage of such a business implementation is mobility, since it is not difficult to move the van to any place. You can also highlight the following advantages:

  • A minimum of furniture for furnishing a working space.
  • The business pays off quickly, as the costs are minimal.
  • A van can be rented, and it will be definitely cheaper than renting a space for a cafe.
  • A couple of tables for customers can be placed next to the van during warmer months.

By the way, the van itself, if it is not rented, can be arranged accordingly - branded advertising will not be superfluous.

Delicate, fluffy and fragrant - these are all donuts! It is difficult to imagine a person who could resist this yummy. And, as you know, it is very profitable to do business on the weaknesses of people. Today we'll talk about how to open a donut shop from scratch on our own, whether this activity is profitable and where to start implementing the idea.

Project implementation format

A donut business idea can be implemented in several ways. Each of the methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, and also differs in the amount of investment. Let's take a quick look at each of them.

  • Vending. Now on sale are special automated machines through which ready-made donuts can be sold. DONUTERY automatic machines are in great demand. Loading is 96 units. The device itself occupies 1 sq. m area. The principle of operation is very simple: you loaded the machine with donuts and regularly monitor its filling. Before dispensing donuts purchased by the client, the machine will heat up the product. It only takes 45 seconds. Small investments - high profitability. A great advantage of vending machines is that they can be installed almost anywhere: from gas stations to shopping centers.
  • Food courts. The ideal location for a donut bar is food courts located in large shopping centers. There are always a lot of people there, there is an opportunity to cook on the spot, due to which the aroma of fresh baked goods will attract more buyers.
  • Mobile trading. Another option is sales through commercial vans or trailers. An interesting option that allows you to come to the consumer yourself. But there is one "but" - there are not many standards in the legislation that would regulate trade "on wheels". Therefore, the registration process can be lengthy and hassle-free.
  • Take-out trade. Organization of a stationary point of sale in which products will be simultaneously prepared and sold. By its principle, it is similar to a food court, but this option does not imply the availability of places for a snack for visitors. Drinks, from tea and coffee to milkshakes and soda, can be used as an accompanying product "to go".

Organizational issues

Manufacturing and trading donuts is a simple business that can exist under the status of an individual entrepreneur. With LLC, there is more paperwork, from which in this case there is no sense.

As for taxation, the best choice would be between PSN and STS (income minus expenses). Both systems are simple enough to run without assistance. Thanks to this, you can significantly save on the services of an accountant.

OKVED, under which you can open a donut (new classifier data):

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  • 56. 0. 1;
  • 56. 0.2;
  • 56;
  • 56. 0;
  • 56. 0.

It is imperative to obtain permits from the sanitary and epidemiological station, fire inspection. It is also worth touching on the topic of production. You can legally cook donuts only after issuing a declaration of conformity. You can get the latter at a certification center, of which there are now a lot in every city. They will help you choose a suitable technical specification or GOST, or, if necessary, offer services to create your own standard. Such declarations are issued for a certain period, after which it is necessary to renew their validity. At average prices, registration of these securities for a year will cost 7,000 rubles.

Step-by-step instructions for opening a donut bar are as follows:

Confectionery is in great demand at all times. Often this is a great temptation, which is very difficult to resist, regardless of whether a person is following a diet or playing sports. It is almost impossible to pass by the delicious snacks that irritate the sense of smell. And fresh baked goods carry the aroma throughout the area. This also applies to donuts, which are simply adored by lovers of "on the go" snack.

Nowadays it is difficult to surprise a customer with a new assortment, the market is simply replete with a variety that amazes the imagination. But traditional donuts have also undergone many changes, so they continue to be in demand. So, opening a donut shop for a novice businessman is a good solution that does not require large initial capital investments at the initial start, unless, of course, we are talking about large production.

The initial investment in the most modest point can be from 20 thousand / r. It is not difficult even to borrow such money, and what to do next - we will analyze in detail in this article.

Timetable for opening donut production

The basis for the success of any business is a well thought out, analyzed business plan. And it is desirable to start it with a calendar. So it will be clearer from which points to build on and in what time frame to meet the task.

To open a donut shop, where to start? In any case, the first step is to analyze the market in order to understand in which direction to move. It is quite possible that you will have to look for help from investors, so you need to be convincing in terms of specific numbers and terms:

  • In the first stage, for a period of one month, you can include the registration of activities, having previously found a suitable premises, preferably renovated. Otherwise, you will have to invest in preparation and design.
  • For the second month, you can schedule the purchase and delivery of equipment and the selection of employees.
  • Plans for the third month may include the purchase of start-up products and the implementation of an advertising campaign.
  • In the fourth month, you can already add the opening of your point. Depending on the format chosen, it can be either a very small take-away room or a small cozy cafe.

The timeline shows that work can begin as early as four months after an idea is born and decisive action is taken.

Project implementation format

Before you open a donut shop and start choosing a format, it doesn't hurt to inquire about the legislative framework. In addition to the fact that small business is supported by the state through various incentive programs, it is quite possible that in your region there are additional benefits provided by the municipal authorities. This will help to count on additional funds in investment, which means to equip a more or less stable point from the very beginning.

The most acceptable option would be a take-out trade, which does not require a large room and a special room for a snack. This means there is no need to buy "extra" furniture: chairs, tables. It is enough to equip a convenient counter for those wishing to stay for a couple of minutes. Both hot and cold drinks will help to dilute the range.

Despite the large-scale development of the modern fast food market and great competition, there will always be a sector more or less free for beginners to open your own business with a competent approach. According to experts, today about 35% of grocery stores are ready to sell donuts. They have a high demand for these products, producers supply donuts half as much as the consumer wants. The competition in this market segment is not that great. With the use of different types of fillings, the product range can be expanded to dozens of types. Therefore, the idea of ​​opening a donut production with a competent organization can bring a good profit to the owner.

Stages of organization

Design Features

Without a special package of documents approved by Rospotrebnadzor and SES, this type of production, like any associated with the manufacture of food, will not do. To open a donut production, you will definitely need the following documents:

Organizational matters

At the present stage, for the opening of a confectionery shop for the production of donuts, the most profitable option for organizational and legal registration is an individual entrepreneur. Its activities are suitable for the minimum taxation regime (15%). If you need a detailed business plan with an analysis of the market characteristics of your region and calculations made on this basis, market analysis, you can always order specialists to draw it up on an individual project.

Workshop space

To organize such a business, the premises are selected in accordance with a number of special technical requirements:

Client search, advertising

When drawing up a business plan for opening a donut shop from scratch, it is important first of all to determine such aspects as methods of production and sale of products. You can consider options:

The donut business idea is distinguished by a simple start, low initial capital and little competition.

Baking cakes, rolls and pies is more popular in the confectionery industry. An aspiring entrepreneur can still easily enter a relatively free niche by choosing one of the methods for selling airy, fragrant donuts. This can be selling at a kiosk on the street or in a shopping center, organizing a food court, mini-cafes and supplying baked goods to stores.

Self-trading does not require large investments: it is really possible to promote a business almost from scratch. Opening a cafe and a store is more costly: you will need to save up start-up capital.

Where to start

If you expect to attract investors, then the business plan should be made concise, clear and logical. Some points need to be embellished, but getting carried away is very dangerous. Start a business plan with an assessment of the current situation, resources. It should have approximately the following sections:

  • Resume ;
  • Description of the product or service;
  • Production plan;
  • Organizational plan;
  • Budget;
  • Expected results from the implementation of the business plan.

Before you sit down to write a business plan, gather as much information as possible on the topic of donut business.

Seat selection

The key to the success of any outlet is the correct location. Ideal locations: Near and within office buildings, universities, schools, shopping centers, hospitals.

A good option is stops, metro stations, basements of high-rise buildings, where regular customers may appear.

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