How to open a company for the production of corrugated board

The construction market is constantly changing, the requirements for the production of quality materials are increasing. Decking is a fairly versatile material used in many areas of construction. The demand for the material is stable at a high level due to the large volume of construction work in the regions. A comprehensively worked out business plan for the production of corrugated board will help in opening a profitable enterprise.

Market Analysis

Opening your own company for the production of corrugated board is a promising and highly profitable idea. Competition in the construction market is always quite high, there are many factories and private enterprises that produce such building materials.

The market of the selected region, before deciding to open a business, should be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Development of metallurgical production - purchase of rolled metal blanks from manufacturers, at the cost of the manufacturer, will reduce the cost of finished products.
  • Are there metal-profile large factories within a radius of 200 kilometers? If they are available, it is worth considering well whether it is worth opening your own production. Winning customer recognition will have to be done through low prices and huge advertising investments.
  • All existing competitive offers should be examined: their prices, product range, production volume and material manufacturers.
  • Construction features of the region - the volume of private and state construction, the presence of nearby summer cottages that may require building materials.

Business Registration

For a business on professional flooring, it is better to choose the form of organization - LLC on the general taxation system. Thus, it will be possible to conduct business both with private enterprises and make wholesale sales to the state.

The following OKVED codes must be specified:

  • 46. 3 - retail trade in metal structures and non-metal structures.
  • 53. 4 - wholesale trade in construction materials.
  • 33 - production and sale of roll-formed steel profiles.

The production of corrugated board does not require specific certification, but still it is worth adhering to the manufacturing standards according to GOST 24045-94.

You also need to obtain a work permit from the fire inspection, the production premises must comply with all sanitary standards.

Establishing a product sales market

How to open a company for the production of corrugated board

Decking is a material that is widely used for roofing various types of roofs. Recently, it has gained immense popularity due to its low price and attractive appearance. In this article we will discuss how to open your own mini business for the production of corrugated board in your city and what you will need for this.

There are several types of corrugated board: roofing, wall, load-bearing. Roofing material is usually covered with special protective films. This building material is compared with tiles, but it costs much less, which is probably why it is in such great demand.

Profiled sheeting is made from sheet steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum steel with various decorative coatings.

The thickness of this material produced in industrial volumes ranges from 0.5 to 1mm.

If you are going to launch a plant for the production of corrugated board, then you definitely need to know the basic information about the marking of this material.

Grades of corrugated board include alphabetic and numeric designations in their designation. So with the help of letters they indicate the intended purpose of this material: C - wall, H - load-bearing, NS - universal type of material.

Numbers indicate wave height, sheet thickness, sheet width and length.

Below are the technical characteristics of the most popular brands of corrugated board.

Installation width of the sheet, mm

Running meter weight, kg

Weight per square meter, kg

Bearing and roofing decking

Open the production of corrugated board, the level of competition, sales of products, the choice of equipment and personnel, premises for production, the benefits of starting a business on the corrugated board, the profitability of the enterprise

The question of whether it is possible to make money on the production of corrugated board cannot be answered unequivocally. The market for this building material is considered dense. And in fact, if you go to any specialized store, you can always or almost always buy corrugated board, and in any quantity. If there is no required volume or assortment, then everything that is needed will be delivered to order in a matter of days without any problems.

However, such an initiative should not be discounted either. “At the very least, it’s hard to call a start-up for the production of corrugated flooring a failure,” says Igor Malyugin, an expert on small business. - The fact is that you won't find simple solutions in entrepreneurship for a long time. Here, too, you first need to carefully consider and think and only then draw conclusions. " That is why we will try to take a broader look at the popular and, as it seems, well-known business idea.

Looking for competitors

There is no shortage of professional flooring in our country - a fact. They write about this on business forums:

“… We have a lot of metallurgical plants that do not know where to sell similar products, so… competition with these monsters is unrealistic,” writes Vodemam.

“Profiled sheeting is in sufficient and stable demand, but the market is very saturated with offers from suppliers, so at first you shouldn't count on easy sales and making big profits,” agrees Vladimir German.

What is causing this? The opinion of Igor Malyugin is as follows: “Despite the fact that there are indeed a lot of these products, in our country there are many places, including small towns, where the professional sheet is transported from afar by various commercial structures. Due to high transportation costs, they have to raise prices. But even with all sorts of problems, they make decent money without producing anything. What can we say about those who in such small towns undertake to produce such products themselves. "

So, in our opinion, in order to be successful in the corrugated board business, you need to enter limited and not yet oversaturated markets - the markets of small towns in the provinces that do not have large metallurgical plants in their own and nearby territories.

Taking a calculator in hand

Of course, we do not set the task to estimate the cost of production down to the last kopeck. This should be done by startups themselves, since only they can take into account all the nuances. However, let us designate the main parameters for the calculation.

Brand of corrugated board Thickness, mm Weight of useful square. meters (the required number of rolled steel for its production), kgС8-11500,454,29С10-11000,44,05С21-10000,454,93

A semi-finished product for the production of corrugated board is sheet metal in coils with a coating, including galvanized coiled steel (GOST 14918-80), coiled steel with a polymer protective and decorative coating (GOST 30246-94) and sheets of thin-sheet rolled steel with aluzinc coating (TU 14-11-247-88). Prices for this raw material range from 18 thousand rubles / ton (for galvanized coating) to 55 thousand rubles / ton and more. You can find the most transcendental figures.

To this must be added transportation costs, including reloading from a railway carriage to road transport. Next, the startup takes into account taxes, depreciation and implementation costs, as well as the margin (25%) of the seller of the nearest building materials store. Total total cost per square meter of C8-1150 will be approximately 286 rubles.

Profiled sheet is in steady demand in the construction market. It is a modern roofing and facade material, durable, practical and cheap in comparison with other types for wall cladding and roofing. Its production is quite costly, but the payback is fast, provided that sales are established. A business plan for opening a workshop is in the instructions below.

Organizational issues

The first step is to register an individual entrepreneur or LLC. At the initial stage, it is enough to obtain the status of an individual entrepreneur. It takes 1 to 3 days. Documents can be submitted directly to the tax office or through the MFC.

This form of business is easier in terms of paying taxes and keeping records. For tax purposes, a simplified regime is chosen, in which only income is taken into account. The amount of tax paid is 15% of the profit.

Registration of production

When choosing a type of activity, they rely on the all-Russian classifier. In this case, you need to select "Processing of metal products using the basic technological processes of mechanical engineering."

Search for premises for a workshop

Profiled sheet production requires a lot of space. Therefore, the minimum area of ​​the premises will be 150 m 2. Requirements for the availability of communications are minimal, only electricity and heating are enough. If the workshop will operate only during the season (spring-summer), then you can rent a cold one, without heating.

Ventilation and storage space for finished products will be important.

The location for the workshop is chosen in the industrial zone, with the presence of access roads or a platform for loading and unloading operations.

Staff building

Equipment for the production of a profiled sheet does not require special qualifications, it can be serviced by one employee working in one shift for 8 hours. An experienced manager is required to organize sales.

Erection of frame-type buildings, which are used as supermarkets, parking lots, warehouses, roofing, installation of strong and durable fences - all such processes require high-quality building material - corrugated board or profiled sheet, as it is also called. The demand for such products is constantly growing and in connection with these factors, the business in the production of a professional sheet can become a good source of income if it is properly organized and prioritized correctly.

Initial investment - 5,000,000 rubles.

Market saturation - medium.

Difficulty starting a business - 8/10.

Key factors to consider when starting a business

Before opening a profiled sheet production plant in Russia, you need to pay attention to factors that can have a significant impact on the profitability of your business and its profitability:

Business plan for the organization of production

Before opening a plant or workshop for the production of a professional sheet, draw up a business plan for yourself, on the basis of the points of which you will perform step-by-step steps to organize a business.

First of all, it will be necessary to analyze the market for the demand for products and the availability of demand for it. Next, you should make official registration as a legal entity and an individual - the choice of the form will depend on the number of founders of the business and on its planned scale and ways of selling products. The next point should be the study of production technology, the definition of the main range of products and the search for suppliers of raw materials.

Having decided on the assortment, you can start looking for a suitable premises for a workshop and purchasing equipment that will provide you with the planned volume of goods release. Then there is a selection of personnel for production and thinking through marketing moves aimed at finding potential customers for the sale of finished products. The final step should be to calculate the planned costs of starting a business and determine the planned payback period and further profits.

Registration of a business for the production of corrugated board

Business registration is carried out at the department of the Federal Tax Service. In the event that your company is registered as an individual entrepreneur, then you will need to contact the place of registration of the person who will register the company. If the legal entity becomes a legal entity, the application is already being submitted at the place of the legal address of the future LLC.

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