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This product is very popular all over the world due to its usefulness, it is used for various dishes, is used in its usual form and even as a substitute for sweets for tea drinking.

Required Permissions

Order a technological project, coordinate it with Rospotrebnadzor. The project will comply with GOST, SanPin, Russian legislation, SES and fire safety regulations. The cost of obtaining these documents is 2 thousand rubles / square meter of the premises.

We also need sanitary and epidemiological conclusions. The following documents are required for their registration:

  • certificate of registration in the tax service;
  • registration of a legal entity;
  • list of manufactured products;
  • agreed a project with Rospotrebnadzor;
  • an agreement on disinsection and deratization;
  • sanitary books of employees.

These products must comply with the following GOSTs:

1. GOST 12021 - 76: Dried fruits. Packaging, labeling, transportation and storage;

2. GOST 32896 - 2021: Dried fruits. General specifications;

3. GOST 28501- 90: Dried stone fruits. Technical conditions.

We form a range of products

  • apples ;
  • grapes are everyone's favorite raisins, but I only make them from some grape varieties. When drying, ¾ of the mass will be lost;
  • plums - used to get prunes;
  • pears;
  • cherries;
  • apricots - dried apricots - the most popular dried fruits in Russia, use only undamaged ripe apricot halves.

Dates and figs are no less profitable. In addition, you can dry the following berries:

Dried fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. They contain a lot of proteins and glucose. They are in great demand. They are in demand in the fields of healthy food, cooking and confectionery. At the same time, they have a long shelf life of up to six months. Starting capital - from $ 7,500, payback period - 6-8 months, monthly income - up to $ 6,000, profit - about $ 1,300.

Model and benefits of a dried fruit business idea

The trends of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle make the business of selling dried fruits and nuts quite profitable. The product is in high demand, while it does not create problems with a limited shelf life, it has a considerable margin, often reaching up to 300%!

The format of the business is such that it allows a separate small retail outlet with dried fruits to be profitable even in the vicinity of large competitors - retail chains. After all, the micronishe business can offer a fresher, more convertible, wider and more frequently updated range. The business idea has a significant plus in the possibility of expanding and selling related food products - the same nuts, honey, etc.

Registration of dried fruit trade

To open your own business selling dried fruits, it is optimal to register an individual entrepreneur with the simplified tax system. The procedure is now available electronically and in a shorter time frame.

Location and placement for dried fruits

A place with a counter in the market and a small stall, as well as an "island" in a shopping center or a small shop are suitable for selling dried fruits. In any case, the maximum required area is 20-25 sq. m. In large cities with a million inhabitants, rent will cost an average of 750-900 cu. ... per month.

An assortment of the most demanded dried fruits on the market

The most popular dried fruits are:

If a person is interested in a business with a small investment, he should pay attention to options that do not require colossal financial costs. The most attractive methods are those that do not require large investments, but you can count on a quick profit. Usually experts recommend choosing a trade.

However, the next difficulty to be faced is choosing a product. Food products are always in demand, so there is tremendous competition in this area. For a home business, it is better to choose dried fruits, which is especially important during a period of increased demand for healthy food.

Pros and Cons

Dried fruits are especially popular in autumn and winter, when the cost of fresh vegetables and fruits skyrockets. This is why shoppers choose dried fruits, which also contain vitamins as well as trace elements, but are cheaper.

The main advantage is that the sale of dried fruit does not require huge investments. This type of business is available even to housewives who are on maternity leave. In addition, this product is not classified as perishable and can be sold over a long period of time. If you choose a season of high demand, then you can start making profits pretty quickly. Another good news is that there are not many competitors in the dried fruit market, so there should be no problem finding customers.

Of course, not everything is perfect. Dried fruit sells especially well when the price of fresh fruit rises. This means that during the summer and early fall, you do not need to count on high incomes. For the same reason, it is better to use the sale of dried fruits as an additional, rather than the main income.

What dried fruits are profitable to sell?

If you dry fruit properly, you can preserve useful vitamins. For this reason, the product is becoming in demand among people who are interested in proper nutrition.

Here are the types of dried fruits most in demand among Russian buyers:

  • apple ;
  • dates ;
  • plum ;
  • curaga ;
  • raisins ;
  • prunes.

You can make all the listed types of products yourself. However, you will need hardware. If you do not plan to make financial investments, an alternative would be to purchase goods from wholesalers.

However, you should not write off the fact that when trading your own raw materials, you can offer higher quality goods. If the demand is high, you can expand the assortment and add berries and other products to it that will ensure demand throughout the year.

Video version of the business idea

Nut and dried fruit business in the field of healthy nutrition

"Eating right" is a very popular topic nowadays. Using the words in the slogan: PP, health, sports, you will give your business special popularity.

Using social networks, for example, Instagram, you can easily find the necessary hashtags to promote your profile and store as a whole.

In the description of each heading, add its beneficial properties, vitamin content, effects on the body and the possibility of treating diseases.

Don't forget about fitness and bodybuilding. For athletes, it is desirable to highlight the effects for weight loss, muscle gain, energy value and the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

Show that your product is a healthy alternative to unhealthy foods such as sweet desserts and pastries.

Home business on nuts and dried fruits

My relative, being on maternity leave, decided to earn money for a car. She could not open her own store due to lack of money and time.

But the idea of ​​making money without investing at home was found! It was a business of nuts and dried fruits, with the sale both in the classical way and in gift wrapping.

The upcoming New Year holidays have created an overwhelming demand.

This article will focus on creating from scratch a private (or small) highly profitable enterprise for the procurement of agricultural products of plant origin (fruits, vegetables, etc.) and their processing using industrial drying units with further packaging.

Only issues of organizing the production of dried fruits are considered, excluding accounting.

Enterprise Tasks

The main raw materials for drying and subsequent packing are apples. Their yield is periodic - in 2021 there was a peak, therefore, in 2021 the yield will decrease, next year it will increase again.

But even with this, the cost of raw materials will always be very low, since apples are very common throughout Ukraine and in the European part of Russia, and practically no one is seriously processing their industrial processing using drying units, and even more so by packaging is not engaged now. Meanwhile, packed in 100 or 200 gram polyethylene colorful bags, they can quickly find a buyer. If we take into account that about 3 liters of high-quality compote can be prepared from 100 grams of dried fruit, it is easy to calculate that at a cost of up to 3.5 hryvnia (0.45 dollars) for such a package, the cost of a glass of drink will be slightly more than 20 kopecks - cheaper than a glass of tea.

In addition to processing apples, with the established production of dried fruits, you can use other available local raw materials: cheap and high-quality, - apricots, cherries, plums, pears. Now such dried fruits are sold practically only in the markets and by weight. Sold in bright packaging and even with a minimum of advertising, they will quickly become in demand, since they do not require much hassle during cooking, and their useful properties are well known.

In addition to dried fruits, it is advisable to dry greens, in particular, it is most beneficial to use dill and parsley as raw materials. In order to load the enterprise with such raw materials, it is enough to conclude agreements with 5-6 owners of private plots (30-40 hundred parts each) in the villages. With the current level of unemployment and the amount of vacant land, they will willingly go to the cultivation of such greenery, even for minimal payment. It is only necessary to provide them with seeds and pay for the raw materials received on time, then it is realistic to receive 3-4 harvests of greens from their sites for drying per season.

Another type of raw material can be forest raspberries and blackberries in the form of old dry shoots. Having concluded an appropriate agreement with the forestry, it is possible to harvest the dead wood of these plants in almost unlimited quantities in winter, without violating environmental legislation, since the plants release fresh shoots by spring. The advantage of such raw materials from medicinal plants for drying is that it can be processed almost until the end of spring.

It is advisable to equip a small business in a small settlement, preferably in the regional center. Firstly, all permitting services are located here - from the district council and the tax inspectorate to the sanitary and epidemiological station. Secondly, in such an area it is quite easy to pick up empty industrial premises for a reasonable price - for buying or renting.

Business units

Even before obtaining permits, it is worth picking up a building for a small business or state of emergency for drying and packaging agricultural products. It must meet the following requirements.

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