Growing hens to sell eggs as a business

To return to the topic of keeping poultry in private household plots (personal subsidiary plots), I was prompted by a genuine interest in this topic from many readers and a large number of comments on the previous article. In it, I briefly described the principle of keeping chickens, which allows you to get an egg in the winter. I started my path to private household poultry precisely with breeding and selling poultry. There was also the raising of day old chickens and incubation. He was engaged in the cultivation of broilers, the production of animal feed. In the end, I settled on the fact that the least costly, in terms of labor costs, is the maintenance of hens of egg breeds in order to obtain food eggs for sale.

What is the cost of a chicken egg

The cost of an egg without implementation costs was around 3 rubles.

  • 2.5 rubles - feed
  • 0.11 rubles. - litter (sawdust)
  • 0.029 rubles. - water
  • 0.03 rubles. - electricity

Not taking into account the depreciation from the cost of building a chicken coop (since during this period I did not spend on construction), and the cost of the canopy consisted of the cost of my own labor, used window frames (I have a warm walk) and corrugated board (also used). These indicators can be achieved at 90% egg production and feed cost 20 rubles per kilogram

When and where is the best time to buy chickens

At the initial stage, he kept 200 chickens, which he bought from a poultry farm at the age of 105 days. As you know, all vaccinations of chickens are completed at 90 days, so all the livestock was healthy throughout the entire growing period. As a preventive measure, he gave vitamins once a month (in drinking bowls). Chickens were purchased at the end of August. By November, they were reaching full egg production.

Why leave in summer only for own consumption

I sold livestock in May-June, because during this period the cost of eggs was falling and sales became even more problematic. This system cost me almost nothing in terms of livestock costs. There is no risk of carrying ticks. There is now time to prepare the premises for the reception of a new batch of chickens.

You will receive the egg, but what about the sale

Those who are thinking of keeping poultry for additional income should start by looking at marketing opportunities. After which it will become clear whether it is worth developing this business. It is more or less clear that you can get an egg at a price of 3 rubles apiece, but what your selling price will be, how much you will ensure sales, how much additional costs (material and labor) will appear, this will be individual for everyone. It should be borne in mind that if you sell on the market or through a store, you will need a certificate of conformity, which cost about 300 rubles per month. To obtain it, you need to go to the laboratory twice and three more times to the veterinarian, who will issue a certificate for implementation based on the certificate received, for a period of two weeks. Depending on how far away these objects are from you, it is not difficult to calculate your additional costs and how much time will be spent on it.

In short, I started for my health, and finished for the repose. Therefore, the best option is to keep chickens for their own needs, although there are different approaches here, and the conditions for keeping chickens depend on this.

If my readers are interested in this topic, and I can see it from your likes, readings and comments, I can continue to tell about my experience.

Eggs have always been and remain one of the most demanded food products. They are not only a source of protein, but also a storehouse of many trace elements and nutrients. This product improves memory, complements taste and has excellent nutritional qualities. It is indispensable in confectionery and cooking, it is included in recipes for dishes and pastries.

Therefore, for entrepreneurs, selling the production of chicken eggs as a business can bring a stable income. After all, products bought from farms located far from large cities are considered environmentally friendly and healthy, respectively, are in great demand. How to draw up a business plan for the production and sale of eggs and what are the advantages of the business, we will discuss below.

What is a business plan for

For the successful implementation of the project, you need to draw up a high-quality business plan for the production of chicken eggs with calculations. A business plan "poultry farming and egg sales" can be drawn up both independently and entrusted to professionals. This document describes in detail all the points that relate to this business and determines its profitability, that is, the ratio of the investment and the profit that is planned to be obtained.

To organize this business, you need to have a private house or a small plot of land, because when raising poultry, you cannot do without the presence of a person. Also, all chickens need to be vaccinated. Products from your small poultry farm can be sold in the markets, through a distribution network, or your own store, buyers should not have any complaints about your product.

The organization of such a business requires certain investments. In addition to purchasing poultry and feed, special equipment will be required to maintain the temperature in the cages.

Experts classify this type of business as highly profitable, reaching 100%. Provided that the scale of local activity is limited to a small poultry farm, the payback period can be as little as six months.

At the beginning of the journey, when you have no confidence in success completely, you can postpone registration a little. Better focus your attention on raising chickens, and also try to establish the sale of your products. Over time, when you begin to increase the volume of mass breeding of poultry, you will register your activity, which will allow you to supply eggs to retail chains.

Correct laying hens

Thanks to their unpretentiousness, chickens are the best suited for breeding. Most of the people in rural areas are engaged in raising poultry for personal needs, but few of them dare to do this business on a large scale.

Good afternoon, experienced and novice poultry farmers. Today we will talk about growing layers at home for selling eggs. How to start and what to consider in this direction of business? Features of creating a business for growing layers for the sale of eggs.

Chicken is a poultry with an unpretentious disposition, so a business project for breeding it will not bring much work and financial investment.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs fear a lot of competition in this area. Although, given the fact that eggs and tasty meat are quite popular products, the business is profitable.

Huge consumer market prefers environmentally friendly products. Whenever possible, people try to buy food from individuals, and not in a store.

Raising layers for selling eggs

Performing preliminary calculations for building a long-term development strategy, a novice businessman should carefully consider all the nuances.

The starting stage is the selection of a land plot, the area of ​​which depends on the available capital. You can build a chicken coop yourself, hire a team of specialists.

A warm room will make it possible to receive eggs even in winter. Birds can be caged or caged. With a large number of chickens, a spacious poultry house is set up, divided into sections.

Ceiling height should not exceed two meters. The daylight hours of the bird, falling from 6 am to 7 pm, can be increased in autumn and winter due to artificial lighting.

The room should be equipped with natural ventilation, daylight sources. Regular disinfection will help avoid problems with various infectious and bacterial diseases. It is advisable to paint the floor and walls with lime.

Experienced poultry farmers recommend placing the front door on the east side of the room. Roost and nesting places are established at the rate of one place for 4 layers. For walking, you need to fence off the area adjacent to the chicken coop.

Thermal insulation of a building before the coming cold is the main task of the owner, because frostbite with negative indicators threatens to reduce egg production, and sometimes even the death of layers.

The study of special literature and the experience of specialists will help create comfortable conditions for living, breeding chickens.

Many residents of cities large and small, tired of years of pursuit of money, stress at their not always favorite job, increasingly began to think about how to make money for themselves, completely disposing of their time and devoting themselves entirely to their beloved work ...

However, when choosing a business area for yourself, often all desires rest on the question of where to get so much money to open a store, hairdressing salon or print salon, where the initial capital can be quite substantial.

One of these types of business, well known to many, is raising chickens for the development of egg production. As you know, eggs are a universal product and are always in demand in cooking. Naturally, it is not suitable for urban conditions, but with a little effort, a city dweller can always find a small plot in nearby villages and small towns, acquiring or renting a dacha or something similar.

This article will tell you what kind of business to open for 100 thousand rubles, or rather how to start your own business in the production of chicken eggs, with a total of 100 thousand rubles, and what ultimately comes of it can work out.

Egg Marketing

Before planning the economic effect of this seemingly simple business, like chicken eggs, you should clearly imagine who and how it will be sold.

By and large, there are no problems with the sale of fresh, home-grown eggs. The demand for this product is always stable and there is no need to fear competition from chain stores, since homemade eggs have their own market niche and their customers. In order to plan the volume of products required for the production and sale, you should first of all decide on the main groups of consumers. These can be:

  • Retail buyers, if you plan to sell on the nearest market
  • Friends and former employees, neighbors and all those who will put reliability and quality first product
  • You can offer as an option the sale of eggs by delivering them to offices, enterprises where employees can purchase a quality product from a well-known supplier
  • You should not neglect such modern distribution methods as advertising on the Internet, print ads

This, in principle, will be quite enough for a constant circle of buyers and the volume of orders to always cover business costs and provide an acceptable level of profit.

The advantage of this type of product distribution is that the customers themselves will be the best advertisement and quality mark.

What do you need to start?

Despite the fact that eggs are a highly demanded product category, it will be difficult to build a business on them due to high competition. To be ahead, you need to properly organize it and work out marketing strategies that allow you to stand out from the crowd. Where to start a business on chicken eggs, what are its features and nuances that need to be considered?


Chicken eggs are popular products for all categories of citizens. The quail product is more difficult to sell, since it is aimed at the amateur, but if it is properly advertised as a useful product used for medicinal purposes, as well as in the preparation of gourmet restaurant dishes, then there will be no problems with customers.

The egg business can be built from the perspective of the resale of eggs purchased at a bargain price. A better option is to raise poultry to sell their products. When they are received at our own poultry farm, the production cost will be lower, but more funds will have to be invested in the business.

Financial aspects

At the stage of production planning, you should think carefully about the project and outline its aspects in the business plan. Such an approach to business will determine how profitable it will be, and how soon the investment in it will pay off.

Statistically speaking, one hen lays six eggs a week. If you buy 100 chicks, then it will take 4 months before they start laying, after which a production cycle of up to 400 days begins. After their expiration, the poultry must be rejected for meat, since its productivity sharply decreases and it is not advisable to keep it further.

As a result, over the entire life span of 520 days, the number of chickens purchased will lay 34,200 eggs. The average price for a dozen of them ranges from 60 to 120 eggs. You should not be guided by high cost marks, since they are retail. Calculations should be carried out at the lowest value of 60 rubles, at which it will be possible to sell the product in bulk.

Making simple calculations, we can conclude that with a normal bird keeping, 205,200 rubles can be earned in 520 days, which is 11,091 rubles per month. Based on this basic calculation, a potential entrepreneur can determine how much he can buy chickens, which is determined depending on the desired level of income. For example, when planning to receive a monthly profit of 100,000 rubles, it is necessary to increase the number of chickens by 10 times from the base value, according to which the settlement operations were performed.

When making calculations, it should be borne in mind that up to seven percent of poultry will be culled due to illness or failure to achieve standard egg production parameters. For a large number of birds, it will be necessary to hire staff to maintain it, which will cause additional costs for their labor.

In order for the activity to bring a stable income, it is necessary to organize the timely sale of products, which is important especially when focusing on large volumes of products. For example, when keeping 100 heads, an output of 600 eggs per week is obtained, from which 20 trays are formed, which is easy to implement, however, when the livestock is increased to 1000 pieces, 200 trays are obtained per week, which requires a responsible approach to their implementation, since Otherwise, the business will be irrational.

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