Garage business; 40 unusual ideas with minimal investment, tips

The garage can be used not only for its intended purpose or for storing old trash, but also as a platform for developing your own business. All giant companies started with a garage, the main thing is to find an idea, the implementation of which will bring a decent income in the future.

Glass processing

Unique interior items made to order are always in demand and their cost is an order of magnitude higher than that of serial goods. Artistic processing of glass products belongs to the category of ideas for a business from scratch - it does not require any special skills and serious investments to implement it.

The essence of the idea is to apply various ornaments to the glass surface by means of matting. This is done in several ways:

  • hydrofluoric acid;
  • matting pastes;
  • sandblasting.

Sandblasting matting is the processing of glass with sand or other abrasive material under high pressure. This method is more inconvenient since it is associated with the formation of a large amount of dust. You will also need a sandblaster, which you can buy at a store or make yourself. You can increase the profitability of your business by simultaneously organizing glass cutting according to the customer's size.

Glass is mainly used in pieces of furniture; the most promising option for selling products is furniture companies. It is worth paying attention to advertising organizations, glass workshops and, of course, private orders. Before offering your services, it is advisable to acquire a portfolio and conduct an advertising campaign in social networks or local media.

Imitation marble products

Artificial marble is a composite material that imitates natural stone. It is used for the manufacture of exclusive products of any shape by casting - countertops, bathtubs, sinks, bar counters, decorative elements.

The benefits of this idea for a garage business are obvious:

Apple, Microsoft, IBM ... Each of these companies is now famous all over the world: their products are elevated to the rank of elite, described as high-tech and extremely high quality. But few people know that the story of each of them began in an ordinary garage near the house.


If the garage is not used for its intended purpose, but simply stands and takes up space, it just needs to be rented out.

In Moscow, a large garage measuring 20 square meters and not far from the metro station is rented for an amount of 4,000 rubles per month.

Would an extra 4 thousand be in the way? In addition, the valuable garage space can be converted into storage space. Such a business is already flourishing in the US and in Moscow.

Auto repair shop

If you are an auto mechanic, you are simply destined to open a mini-workshop in an empty garage. Of the equipment, you will need a Trommelberg 1850 tire fitting machine (it will cost 37 thousand rubles), a Trommelberg CB 1930B balancing machine (costs about 34 thousand rubles) and a tire inflation device, for example, a Trommelberg NG3000, or a conventional compressor. Your own tire changer is ready!

If you are seriously interested in the car business, then read our articles on opening an auto parts store and attracting customers to an existing car service. Maybe you can open a car wash?

Macaroni and smoked meat production

If the garage can be supplied with water, sewerage and ventilation, it is easy to make pasta in it. This will require one or two production lines.

The most famous garage business was founded by Steve Jobs. It is about assembling the first personal computers under the Yabloko brand. Not so much has passed by historical standards of time, and Apple's capitalization has exceeded $ 600 billion. However, analysts have no doubt that a startup from a garage will cost at least a trillion dollars in the foreseeable future. Wondering what else you can start producing in your car house to get rich?

Framing workshop

The theme of their little factory in their personal garage worries a lot of Russians, and not only. At the forum of business ideas, many are wondering what can be made in it in order to have a good income. For example, a member of the forum scj12 is interested in those who have succeeded in this business: "Share your experience," writes scj12. "I'm tired of being poor."

A certain entrepreneur, calling himself a "self-taught from a cooperative", told about his success: “The garage needs to be insulated, which I did. Then he opened a workshop for the production of baguette frames. Bought an inexpensive baguette guillotine, tabletop version, and a binder and started a business. I am very pleased that I don’t have to pay rent to anyone. ”

Installing anti-theft devices

Startup expert Igor Malyugin also responded to scj12's question: “I looked at a dozen successful businesses on the stated topic,” says the analyst. - And I saw that the installation of anti-theft devices is in good demand. The garage box is very convenient for these works. Of course, a certain qualification is needed, but if a person feels the strength in himself in this field, then training, or rather a master class, can be passed in companies that distribute "alarms" and mechanical blockers of the gearbox. "

Ivan Sergeevich Markelov, a pensioner, took and opened a smithy in his personal garage. “All my life I dreamed, but I was afraid that it would not work out,” says the gray-haired blacksmith. - Now there is a forging press, a forge, a cut-off wheel and a welding machine. I make whatever the client wants out of metal: fences, stairs, gates and even furniture. " According to many entrepreneurship experts, this very idea of ​​manufacturing in a garage is potentially the most lucrative garage business. The simplest start is estimated at fifty thousand rubles, while income from thirty thousand rubles can be received.

Car service

But car service is definitely a more profitable business. If the garage has a comfortable and lighted pit, then tools and hardworking hands are needed to be successful. “I used to have an old“ six ”, - a forum member ABVCRG shares his story. - She also repaired. Then he helped the neighbors start their cars. Then he began to take money for it. I soon realized that I could earn several times more in the garage than at the factory. In the end, I went to auto mechanics courses in one automobile and road college with a specialization in "budget foreign cars".

The Great Tinsmith

A member of the forum Yuraufa also addressed the Internet public: “I want to start production in my garage, which is in a cooperative: tuning, service, painting. There is an idea to do real chrome plating. Who exactly was involved in this case, please help. I think you can use a regular spray gun, car putty, etc. ”.

Car body repair specialist Sergey Mikhailov from Moscow, commenting on this idea, is confident of its success: “I don’t know how chrome plating, but straightening and painting are always in demand, especially in the days of the“ great tinsmith ”- right away after the first ice ".

Manufactures in the garage began to open in Russia back in the 90s. With all the advantages and seeming simplicity of the organization, entrepreneurs are faced with difficulties in obtaining permits to open a business, bringing communications to the premises. A variety of ideas for the "garage" business from Europe and China and advice on their competent implementation will help to determine the field of activity.

Choice of direction

A garage is not suitable for every type of activity - something will not be profitable, and some industries simply cannot be opened in such a room.

You might have problems with the following business ideas:

  • bakery,
  • smokehouse ,
  • dumplings workshop,
  • trade,
  • car wash,
  • tire fitting,
  • car service,
  • tuning,
  • airbrushing,
  • seasonal storage.

Some of them (food production) may not be approved by Rospotrebnadzor. Trading is likely to be unprofitable due to the usual arrangement of garages. The car service business also depends on road proximity. Seasonal storage as a standalone business is likely to be unprofitable.

The ideal garage business is to start a small non-food business or workshop. These activities are practically independent of traffic and pedestrian flows.

Currently, Europe and China offer the most interesting ideas for home production. For a budding Russian entrepreneur, the synthesis of European ideas and Chinese raw materials and equipment is an ideal start to their own business at minimal cost.

The video shows 9 small business ideas from Europe and China. Filmed by channel ZhazhdaPro.

Best Garage Business Ideas from Europe

The European Union has strict rules for the operation of property, even to replace an outlet in your own apartment you need an electrician's certificate. However, local residents find ways out of this situation by organizing a home business.

Antifreeze washer fluid production

A business in a garage is opening a business on the territory of a garage. There are many ideas for earning money, for the implementation of which a small area of ​​several square meters is enough. Men are more likely to become "garage" entrepreneurs. Many of them do not have significant start-up capital, and commercial activities in a garage format become a real chance to earn decent money. For those who have not yet decided on an idea for a business, we have collected in one article a description of the best types of income in the garage.


Garage business: what is it

The garage business gained wide popularity back in the 70s of the last century.

In the parking lot, literally everything was opened: from a banal auto repair shop to a stable. In most cases, a "garage" businessman is a middle-aged man (35-45 years old) from the province, a representative of the working class.

But there are also young start-ups with innovative ideas who use the garage for experiments and scientific development. For example, Steve Jobs' legendary "apple corporation" Apple was born in a garage.

According to statistics, today in Russia about 15% of the adult population has a business in a garage, the income from which is their main income. Moreover, some of them work illegally, others are legally registered and formalize an individual entrepreneur or LLC. Why is it attractive to work in the garage:

  • no spending on rent;
  • minimum initial investment (from 20,000 rubles);
  • comfortable conditions for doing business;
  • a month you can earn from 20 to 250 tr.

But besides the clear advantages, there are also pitfalls of using the garage for commercial purposes:

  • the complexity of compliance with SES and fire inspection standards, if it is necessary to obtain permission from these authorities;
  • in most cases, the consent of neighbors is desirable;
  • poor location, remoteness from densely populated areas, major roads, streets with good pedestrian traffic;
  • the likelihood of demolition of the garage may lead to the end of the work.

But, if these nuances do not stop you, and you are determined to open a business in a garage, start by studying the market and the demand of potential consumers. In a garage, you can not only repair cars and store products, but also smoke fish, raise poultry, organize a hotel for animals or equip a gym.

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