Garage business

What is a garage business

Garage business is a very good way to make money. Most have a garage - a good place to do business without worrying about high rental costs. Getting started is always difficult, but worth it, especially in the long run. For many, taking the first step is the hardest part in business.

What to do in the garage? - almost everyone who owns a garage space is interested in this issue. Here they organize workshops where they make various parts, furniture, etc. You should know not only the pros for the job, but also the certain pitfalls of this line of business.

Cons of starting a business in a garage:

· The key of them is the legitimacy of the company that is in the garage. This building is not intended for trade. Make a request to the SES, fire inspection, because it will take a long time. Most people register as private entrepreneurs, or LLC, choosing a simplified tax system.

· There is a risk of losing everything, because if your building is located in an area that is illegally rented, for example by a cooperative, or is generally illegally built, then it can be demolished, and you will not get anything, however, if the garage legally stood, then only monetary compensation will be given.

Many people who are trying to start a garage business have a general idea of ​​what they want to do, but they have no specific plan. Before considering investing money, you should know in advance what you want to achieve. Since the goals may differ, the amount of time spent may vary.

In the beginning, a passionate desire to make money is enough. When you have made the decision to implement a business, then decide on the field of activity. Many people start their business from a garage converted into a car workshop. Perhaps they will receive a small income without buying expensive franchises, and without acquiring a staff of hired employees, but on the other hand, they will not be tied to the company and work for themselves.

Garage manufacturing is setting up a small business to manufacture something. Find an option that can give you a profit in the first few months, while the production costs should be low, do not require permits and licenses, as well as approval from residents of nearby buildings.

What can you sell in the garage? It doesn't matter as long as it makes money. If your garage is located within the city limits, you can absolutely use it as a retail facility. Take care of the insulation of the building, install a security system, and video surveillance. You can be sure about the benefits of small production in the garage based on many points. If you are a purposeful person, you understand what you want, and do not doubt your own abilities, then you can say, in fact, that everything will work out for you. Read more: Basic business processes.

Features of the garage business

You can start a business in a garage with any amount of money, but the garage business has a number of features.

In this article, we will offer business ideas for manufacturing in a garage for men, which will help to generate additional income or become the main field of activity.

Cabinet furniture production

Many cabinet furniture manufacturers started their business in a garage. This is due to the small start-up costs - about 12,000 rubles. - and quick payback.

To start production, it will take about 8,000 rubles. for instruments and 4,000 rubles. for materials. You can recover these costs from the first sale.

The received profit should be invested in business development and modernization - marketing, purchase of equipment, tools.

Experienced furniture makers advise buying materials after receiving an order. This ensures that the money spent is returned because the finished product is immediately sold.

Constantly investing profit in improving production, in six months there is a chance to reach a high level of profitability. And in the future - to open a full-fledged factory.

The number of customers will depend on product quality and marketing effectiveness. Production should be promoted using:

  • site - online showcases
  • social networks - group, community, profile
  • contextual and targeted advertising
  • advertising in print media, radio and TV

Key making

Key duplication is a popular service. Therefore, the garage can be converted into a workshop, which does not require a large area. To do this, you need to buy machines, files and workpieces - an investment of about 150,000 rubles.

Not every garage is suitable for this kind of business. Because it must be located in a place with good traffic of people. This is not always possible. Customers will definitely not go to a garage cooperative to look for a workshop.


Do you have a garage that is idle or misused? It's time to turn it into a source of additional or even main income!

With you Denis Kuderin - financial expert of the online magazine "HeatherBober". I'll cover the most popular and affordable garage business ideas, how to implement them, and the challenges aspiring entrepreneurs may face.

We read in full: in the final you will find expert advice on how to improve business efficiency, as well as an answer to the question of how much money is needed to launch a project and what earnings await you.

Have you fastened your seat belts yet? Let's go then!

Garage production - maximum cost savings

Almost all types of private business need space for implementation. But if you have a garage, you don't need to think about renting. There is no need to pay a monthly bribe to anyone and make sure not to inadvertently litter the premises. It is yours. Do whatever you want with it. In our case, do business with him.

Of course, not every garage is suitable for a business. To use a garage not only as a storage for a car, it must be roomy, insulated, with all the necessary communications.

If you have such a room - congratulations and a little envy! It is enough to clear it of unnecessary trash, and you are the owner of a full-fledged platform for running your own business.

How will we earn? The choice of direction depends on your personal preferences, skills, knowledge, opportunities, availability of free time.

Sometimes, at first, a person is ready to devote only an hour or two a day to an additional task. Gradually he gets involved in the process, realizes its prospects and suddenly realizes that his side business brings more than his main job "for his uncle." Happy moment for every entrepreneur!

If you are ripe for a complete transition to "self-sufficiency" now, it will be easier for you - you will be able to devote maximum time to your project.

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Tell me how to do everything officially? t. I have 2 garages in a garage cooperative, I want to make a mini-bath out of garages and rent it out for rent. But the question arises how to do it all legally, i.e. you need to transfer the garage to non-residential is it generally real?

The garage is a favorite leisure and hobby place for men. And some especially entrepreneurial ones turn it into a real business center, actively earning money and combining the useful and the pleasant.

How to open a garage business correctly

First of all, you need to decide whether the garage is in the private personal property of the future entrepreneur (for example, a garage on the territory of your own land plot, next to an individual residential building or right in it) or in a garage cooperative, a complex. In the latter case, before implementing working small business ideas in the garage, you will have to deal with formal issues. Namely, by agreeing with higher authorities on the procedure for using the garage territory allocated to the owner. As a rule, a set of measures includes:

  • registration of a long-term (unlimited) lease or purchase of premises into ownership;
  • putting out a separate electrical panel, automatic machine and registering equipment in your name;
  • coordination of formalities with the Ministry of Emergencies in the field of fire regulation. Most likely, the windows will need to be equipped with bars, change the wiring to a safe one, install fire extinguishers and undergo regular checks.

  • LLCs have no right to spend funds from the company's accounts, only profit remaining after taxation and their own wages;
  • Any salary can be assigned, not lower than the minimum region. But with a high salary, you will have to transfer significant amounts of taxes, pension and insurance contributions, and these are additional costs;
  • Legal entities must keep accounting records and submit a balance sheet. That is, in the absence of skills and knowledge, the company needs an accountant. This is also a waste.

If, nevertheless, the form of registration of an LLC is chosen, simplified systems - UTII or STSN will become the optimal tax regime.

Business ideas in the garage from scratch

Working ideas of small business in the garage are actively and successfully implemented in many areas and areas of activity. Here is a list of the most popular and traditional ones directly related to the garage:

Car wash

The advantage of opening such a company in a garage complex will be a steady demand from neighbors - car owners, especially given the huge queues at car washes during the bad road season.

Car service

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