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There is no serious shortage of tables and chairs in the furniture market, but by opening your own production, you can achieve success. Domestic products have a number of advantages over the goods offered by Chinese and European factories - this concerns logistics, service, delivery times.

Market Analysis

The table and chair market is convenient for buyers and manufacturers:

  • the consumer properties of these pieces of furniture are simple and understandable (unlike kitchens, hallways, wardrobes, there is no need to stipulate many nuances);
  • in general demand does not depend on the season (monthly dynamics is insignificant, a surge of interest usually occurs at the end of the year, while there are no active declines). But the dynamics can change significantly for specialized types of products, for example, for tourism and garden furniture;
  • the buyer does not have to wait long for his order.

Most domestic manufacturers do not have a narrow specialization - tables and chairs are produced along with other pieces of furniture and their share in the total volume is insignificant. There are few federal players with a narrow focus. They have their own production facilities:

  • “Mebel-Alliance” (the company offers furniture made of beech, MDF);
  • “Utah” (mainly work is carried out with solid birch and beech);
  • PJSC “Beshtau” (priority for solid beech);
  • “KLM-furniture” (solid wood is used in various shading options - beech and coniferous wood in priority);
  • "Domoteka" (furniture is produced from oak, metal, glass, MDF, chipboard);
  • "Vista" (the company sells its own and Italian products).

“A. R. Impex ”,“ Elburg ”,“ Mebel Kit ”are distributors offering mainly imported products. Some firms (for example, "StolBeri") assemble furniture in their own production, but from ready-made components.

The catalog of manufacturers usually includes 30-60 models, but taking into account various modifications of finishes, buyers have the opportunity to choose the appropriate option from hundreds of possible ones. Distributors offer 2-3 times more models.

Wholesale prices of Asian manufacturers are in the economy segment (1-1 thousand rubles). Domestic manufacturers offer products at a price from 1. to 6 thousand (depending on the materials used, the cost may change up or down). The average retail margin is 30-50% or more (depending on demand, region).

The main manufacturers have already occupied their niches in terms of materials, style, price, sales geography, therefore, with a high degree of probability, the new market player will be able to start a successful business. The target audience is wide - chairs and tables are purchased for home, summer cottages, offices, catering establishments, administrative buildings, educational and other institutions.

Design Features

There are different types of tables and chairs - a furniture company can specialize in the production of certain models, but in order to expand the circle of buyers, it is better to offer a varied assortment.


Blog Topics

Do you have minimal carpentry skills or ability? Have you ever made some pieces of furniture yourself? Are you interested in the furniture industry, current trends in this area and manufacturing technologies? If you can confidently answer at least 1 of these questions in the affirmative, then perhaps you should turn your hobby or passion into a profitable business and organize a furniture business.

Furniture production is a highly profitable business with minimal risks, a relatively small threshold of entry and a fairly simple organization at the initial stages. Almost any interested person without specialized skills and large start-up capital can start a business in the field of furniture production.

In this article we will tell you how to start a furniture business from scratch and get the most profit and professional experience from such activities.

Where to start a furniture business?

Even before the direct organization, it is necessary to determine the positioning and the main approach to this matter. At the moment, there are 2 main approaches to organizing a furniture business. These approaches are fundamentally different, both in terms of investment and complexity of implementation. The first option involves assembling furniture from ready-made components and practically does not require serious investments. The second option implies the opening of its own full-cycle furniture workshop, which will be engaged in the production of components and the direct assembly of furniture from them.

Despite the theoretical complexity of the implementation of a business model of the second type, with certain specialized skills and free space for furniture production, even the second option can be implemented with minimal investment.

Starting a furniture assembly business does not require any significant investment at all. At the initial stage, you will need a computer, a printer, an ordinary drill and a small set of hand tools for processing wood and assembling furniture. You will also need to understand the process and specifics of furniture assembly. You can get skills and get acquainted with the assembly process by watching free promising lessons or by reading specialized books, which are presented in large numbers in open sources.

You can assemble modern furniture, and even premium furniture, which is presented in the best furniture showrooms, on your own, with a minimal understanding of the technical process and a basic set of tools.

The attractiveness of the furniture business for a potential beginner entrepreneur lies in the possibility of organizing production with minimal investment, as well as a relatively high profitability, which is at the level of 50-60%.

Moreover, there is the possibility of organizing a business without any investment. The money at the first stage will be invested by the clients themselves, to whom you can competently present yourself and bring them to order furniture.

Investments: from 715,000 rubles

Payback: from 5 months

Today there are many factories where office chairs are made. However, not everyone can boast of the reliability and quality of products. Therefore, opening an enterprise for the production of high-quality office chairs, with the right tactics and strategy, can bring income to a novice entrepreneur.

Business Concept

When arranging the office, attention is paid to the correct choice of chairs not only for the senior management of the company, but also for the staff. One of the most important characteristics of products is quality and convenience, because some employees have to spend 8 hours a day at their desk. The office chair got its name precisely because it meets these requirements.

It is planned to open an enterprise for the production of office chairs. The main buyers will be individuals who purchase furniture for personal use, as well as companies that carry out bulk purchases for office equipment.

The manufacture of any chair begins with the development of the design. It should be in line with current fashion trends. In this case, you should not dwell on one option, you need to develop a product line. Then the buyer will be able to choose a product that fits the interior.

The next step is to select the materials that will be used in the manufacture. Usually natural wood, metal are suitable for the production of high-quality furniture, very rarely - high-quality plastic. Here they are determined with fittings, components.

Another stage of the production process is the assembly of the frame base, the installation of mechanisms by which the height will be adjusted, the back of the chair will be lowered or raised.

Then the back and seat are stuffed with soft materials, the frame is sheathed with fabric. It can be natural or artificial leather, suede, cotton, dense knitwear, etc.

After the chair is ready, it is sent for a reliability and quality check. Only then is it packed and transferred to a warehouse for storage or immediately delivered to the buyer.

How to start the production of metal chairs

Metal-based furniture is traditionally used in conference rooms, offices, catering establishments. Strong chairs are in constant demand, but competition in this market is also growing. Study the state of this segment in your area, you may be interested in this business idea.

How to start production of chairs

The arrangement of a conference room, office space, catering facility requires the use of furniture that would be distinguished by increased strength and aesthetic appeal.

In establishments of this type, furniture on a metal basis looks great and reliably serves.

Chairs are particularly demanding, since they are in constant use and bear considerable loads.

Since metal-based chairs are widely used, and there are enough varieties of them, depending on the nature of the institution, it is logical to assume that the production of such chairs can become a promising business. Consider the circumstances of the opening of such a production, find out what is required for this, and what economic efficiency can be expected.

State of the metal furniture market

Small enterprises are mainly engaged in the production of metal-based furniture. The reason for this is an interesting situation in the demand market.

Small companies with 5-15 employees have clear advantages: they can subsist on small individual orders.

They do not feel the competition of large enterprises, since they work in different market segments with them. It is today that the market is favorable for newcomers to business.

The volume of production of the furniture industry has significantly decreased, while the demand for chairs, sofas, armchairs has doubled.

The decline in furniture production occurred due to the saturation of the market with imported furniture, most of which is supplied from Belarus duty-free. Another reason is the high customs duties on imported components, accessories and materials. At the same time, all major manufacturers declare high competition in the furniture manufacturing market.

Despite the economic crisis, furniture sales continue to grow. Many residents of our country change headsets and sofas every few years, becoming regular customers of brand stores and salons. The supply is large, but the demand is not fully covered, so the industry is open to new participants, including beginner businessmen who are planning to open a workshop for the production of furniture from scratch.

Organizational part

Before starting to create an enterprise, you need to start monitoring the market situation in a particular region. If it is oversaturated by companies producing large batches of chipboard furniture, it may be worthwhile to stop at the production of products to order. In this segment, there is not very high competition, but this option will require the involvement of highly qualified specialists. If we manage to find worthy employees, the company will be in demand among fans of exclusive interior items.

After making a final decision, you can proceed to decisive actions to create an enterprise.

The sequence of steps looks like this:

  • consulting with successful representatives of this business;
  • drawing up a business plan, including detailed calculations;
  • obtaining a loan and concluding contracts with investors, if necessary.

Company registration

For a novice businessman, the optimal form of registration of production is the status of an individual entrepreneur. It allows you to sell finished goods only to individuals, but start-up costs will be much less. After the development of the case, the legal form should be changed to LLC in order to be able to make deliveries to companies.

To obtain the status of an individual entrepreneur, you need to prepare the following papers:

  • application form Z-21001 for state registration of individual entrepreneurs;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • application for the tax service on choosing a simplified taxation system in the form 26. -1;
  • a copy of the passport spreads.

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