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"April ends. The earth is dry. Daylight hours are getting longer and longer "... at first glance, the phrases listed are quite suitable for a literary introduction to a work of art, for example, to a story. However, for real men who are ready to work hard for fame and for good money, the onset of warm days means the start of seasonal work, primarily related to real estate. “Search engines record a sharp increase in requests for small businesses in the construction industry, as well as entrepreneurship in adjacent areas,” says an expert from the startup community, Ph.D. D., associate professor Igor Malyugin. “This applies to the production of foam concrete, joinery and carpentry works and, of course, the manufacture of metal fences and their installation.”

That is why there is a reason to dwell in more detail on how to make money on the desire of people to build an iron fence around the perimeter of their possessions. As the experience of past years shows, the demand for this product is growing rapidly.

“In any case, no matter what the house is - a large palace or a modest bungalow - the owner seeks to define the boundaries of his ownership, - explains the entrepreneur Andrei Sysoev, director of Brotherhood of Kuznetsov LLC. - The ratio of price and quality comes to the fore. For most homeowners, a metal fence with a gate and wicket door seems to be the best solution, as there are options available to most. Hence the earnings of people who are engaged in this business. We can talk about 70 or even 100 thousand rubles of monthly income. "

Tips for beginners

The easiest place to start is by making simple lattice fences. There is a steady demand for them due to the budget price tag. For a successful startup, you need a grinder, a hammer drill, a welding machine, a pipe bender, and a concrete mixer. “The easiest way is to mount a fence made of a U-shaped metal picket fence, which is industrially made from steel with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 2.0 mm,” Andrey Sysoev shares his experience. - Sections from such a picket fence are assembled exactly like wooden fences made of pine or birch beams, only instead of a carpenter's saw and a hammer, they use a "grinder" and a screwdriver. A three-meter span from a picket fence is attached to steel pipes embedded in the ground. The resulting enclosing structure looks quite civil and has good stability. "

A more budgetary option is a reinforcement fence. Such fences are in demand among people with low incomes, for whom minimization of payment is important. The team may need a knitting gun used to assemble the foundation gratings. “A very convenient thing for work,” writes a forum member with the nickname master84. - Usually, when welding a span of a fence made of reinforcement, two people work - a welder and an assistant who holds the metal during welding. Expensive and ineffective. Now I am alone assembling the entire structure on the site using a pistol, having previously cut the rods of the required length, and then welded the joints. Labor costs are cut in half, and time costs - three times. "

Making a forged fence

The high aesthetic properties of these fences are achieved through the use of various metal products in the structure, as well as elements such as peaks, plugs for posts, inserts into balusters, baskets, and so on.

“Moreover, you can even buy forged roses and grapes on the market,” says Andrey Sysoev. - As for projects, there are a great many of them, just look at the Internet. The question for manufacturers is whether to make forged fittings themselves or buy them in specialized stores. Moreover, this question is far from idle, since the added value of such products is calculated in tens of percent. For example, the machine Azhur-1M for the manufacture of a simple, so-called smooth "paw", as well as faceted "peaks" and various "curls", will easily pay off in six months with constant orders. "

According to Andrey Sysoev, those whose orders for the manufacture of metal fences with elements of artistic forging are permanent and, most importantly, predictable, need to properly equip their workshop.

  • Full production will require about 80 sq. meters of space and an approximate set of equipment:
  • forge, compressor, assembly table, manual tools;
  • cutting machine, for example OS-7, for 55 thousand rubles;
  • a machine for bending and twisting metal, for example Azhur-1m worth 150 thousand rubles;
  • a bending machine, approximately 180 thousand rubles;
  • a hydraulic press for forming and cutting out products at a price of 610 thousand rubles ...

As for the presses, you can find decent used options for 100-150 thousand rubles. Thus, a good workshop for the manufacture of forged fences can be assembled for 500-800 thousand rubles. In this case, the factor of seasonality, although present, is not decisive, since work can be carried out in winter.

My own PR man

Production of fences with a profit of RUB mln / year!

Start working for yourself!

With low costs for equipment and raw materials for the manufacture of products, you will very quickly return your investment. And you will start earning decent money.

Training, internship and subsequent advanced training with a visit to your production site.

The planning of the production program allows, regardless of the season, not to stop the production of products all year round, but during the cold season to continue manufacturing to the warehouse for implementation in future orders. ™

We will tell you in detail how to create a full-fledged business and offer your products with a full service "turnkey fence", receiving income not only from production.

You will receive a complete and necessary set of tools, devices and mechanisms for optimal production start-up and subsequent work.

Consulting on all production and promotion issues throughout the year.

1 year warranty for a set of equipment against structural destruction. Long equipment life with correct operation and proper maintenance.

A detailed description of the subsequent post-warranty service and restoration of molds.

Investments: from 200,000 rubles

Payback: from 3 months

Building fences can be a very profitable business. For a novice entrepreneur, you can concentrate on one type of fence - corrugated board. Let's take a look at this business idea: find out how to start and how much you can earn.

Business Concept

Consumables in the construction of fences are corrugated board and metal profiles.

Owners of private houses and land plots who want to install barriers to prevent unauthorized passage into their territory will be your direct clients. The fence has a fairly simple and reliable design: a sheet of corrugated board is inserted into a rectangle made of a metal profile, and fixed with bolts and nuts, or it is welded to the frame.

What is needed for implementation?

Realizing a business and purchasing the necessary materials, as well as finding workers will not take a lot of time.

Consult with experienced people in advance and find everything you need on the market. The fence is installed in sections; as a rule, the length of one section remains unchanged, but the height is chosen by the customer.

  • sheets of profiled metal (corrugated board);
  • metal profiles;
  • metallurgist, welder, and a team of workers to install the product.

It is recommended to prefabricate a sufficient number of sections so as not to make them at the last moment. The cost of one such section is about 1-2 thousand rubles, but it can be sold at a price of 4-5 thousand.

Step-by-step startup instructions

In the life of every person, safety comes first, therefore, the installation of fences to protect personal property is one of the priority tasks during construction. You can install the fence yourself, having bought all the materials necessary for this, but the process will be much more reliable if you entrust this business to professionals. Therefore, more and more consumers every year turn to specialized companies for help. If you have all the necessary skills and knowledge, you can install fences, we suggest considering the business of installing fences, which can bring considerable profit and become a truly socially useful activity.

Most often, newbie entrepreneurs enter the market offering services for installing fences from a chain-link mesh. This is explained by the fact that the material has a fairly low cost, and the installation of such fences is quite easy and does not require special knowledge on the part of the master. But at the same time, this niche has one rather big drawback: it is completely filled, and the competition here exceeds all possible indicators. To break into the market, you need a great desire, make as much effort as possible, attract the attention of customers with loyal prices and high quality of work performed. It is quite possible to fulfill these conditions, and therefore it is not worth giving up the business just because of the presence of a large number of competitors.

Another area of ​​activity is the installation of corrugated fences. Recently, more and more consumers choose these particular fences to fence their property. This material has such advantages as lightness, practicality, ease of use, durability.

The main positive qualities of corrugated board are the following:

  • All construction works will not take more than 3-4 days. This is exactly how long it will take to enclose a standard plot of about 6 acres.
  • No additional calculations and drawings are needed, which significantly reduces the cost and simplifies construction work.
  • A closed fence protects the site from prying eyes, protects it from wind and noise.
  • A wide range of colors of material allows each consumer to make their property more unique, maintaining the design of the site in a certain style.
  • Profiled sheeting is a very durable material that does not lose its qualities when exposed to environmental factors.
  • The service life of the material is more than 50 years.

What do you need to start a business?

If you have decided to start a fence installation business, the first thing you need is knowledge in the construction industry. But you can't do without helpers here either. We need to find workers who understand welding and have general construction experience. It is very important that the entrepreneur has organizational skills, can not only form a team of workers, but also control their activities, as well as provide all the necessary materials and tools.

The main components for organizing a business:

  • a team of several workers (the number of teams will increase as the business develops);
  • a vehicle for moving the team and the necessary materials and tools to the work site ( most often a Gazelle is used as a car, it is roomy, it is relatively inexpensive);
  • as a minimum set of tools you will need equipment such as a welding machine, generator, drill, grinder, screwdriver, drill, level, shovels and etc.).

Customer Searches & Advertising

Dmitriy_Krepost "over a year ago

In this article I would like to share my experience and constructive thoughts about the business in the production and installation of corrugated board fences.


Attracting orders

First investments: equipment and workshop

As the funds were received, they began to buy the instrument. The first important purchase was a gas drill, they drilled holes for the posts in a day, the next day they called a mixer with concrete and on the second day they installed the posts. Gates and gates were cooked right on site and this was the first factor - an irritant that indicated that an assembly shop was needed, i.e. the quality of assembly, painting, often weather conditions, simply did not allow us to make quality products. And we rented a room, this became the first expenditure obligation, which amounted to 15,000 rubles.

With the advent of the workshop, the work began to play in completely different colors. Work has become faster and easier, and most importantly, the stress level has decreased instantly. So we worked the first year. We had money to cover our expenses and live, but no more. The first truth that I learned on my hump: "Working with your hands above the ceiling you can't jump!", In our case the ceiling was 50,000 rubles for each, at best, no more. The thoughts began to come to me that it was time to delegate my responsibilities and slowly move away from physical labor.

First big disappointment - professional site

At that time, it was 2021, I was sincerely convinced that a cool website made at a professional level would save us. I contacted a web studio and ordered my first, really serious site, for several months it was created, changed, I plunged into this process myself. We spent about 100,000 rubles on the site and 15,000 on setting up Ya.Direct, the season was beginning and I was in anticipation of a new level in my business. We launched, several days passed, not a single application. The director of the web studio calmed me down, said that it takes time for the site to adapt, gritting my teeth, I began to wait. It took 10 days, we poured 10,000 for advertising, received 3 applications and everything went by.

At that time, I experienced the first disappointment in my business, as I had high hopes for this site, and in the end I received 0, and 130,000 rubles spent. No, do not think that the site did not bring leads later, no, they finished it in half with grief, it brought 1-2 applications a day, but the fact is that it was almost the same level as our first landing page , and on its creation we spent 6,000 rubles and this left a very strong, unpleasant aftertaste, so I say the second truth that I learned from this lesson in life: "You should not believe that web developers will make a website for you and orders will fall from the sky ".

We finished 2021, at a level slightly better than last year. We got ourselves a tool, assigned several crews for installation, but still, to stay afloat, we had to work with our hands. And now the second winter has come, of course there is no work, the shop is idle. At that time, I, disappointed in web developers, decided that I would try to master Yandex Direct on my own during these "winter holidays".

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