DIY PVC inflatable boats production according to drawings

For many fishermen, preparation for the season consists in purchasing the necessary tackle, traveling to specialized stores in search of the right suits and equipment. Although there are those who are thinking about buying a boat or even making it with their own hands.

Purchase or self-gluing

Of course, many trust only eminent manufacturers who have excellent equipment for the production of PVC boats, experienced specialists work, and they have been known in their field for more than a dozen years. True, others prefer to purchase products from private craftsmen who cut out the parts with their own hands, glue them, pass and check each seam. These manufacturers are responsible for the quality of their products.

There are also craftsmen who buy a piece of PVC material, various components that make up the boat, and assemble the finished product. True, only a few can independently deal with the production of these products. Therefore, it is much better to entrust the manufacture of inflatable boats to professionals who know all the nuances of the correct cutting of the material, its verification and processing.

Start of production

If you have some experience working with PVC materials, you know how boats are made, then you can think about your business. First of all, it is necessary to choose equipment for the production of PVC boats and specialists who will be able to choose the right material, cut the parts, connect them and, of course, test the finished product. Of course, it is better to automate all processes to the maximum, leaving a person only to control the process.

But the selection of material for such products should be carried out with great care. According to the established government standards, a PVC fabric with a density of 640 g / m2 can be used for a regular rowing inflatable boat. However, experienced manufacturers prefer to make more durable products. Some for cylinders acquire material with a density of 850, and for the bottom - 1100 g / m 2.

Cutting and connection options for parts

When purchasing equipment for the production of PVC boats, you should pay attention to special devices for working with patterns. With the help of a laser, cutting is done with millimeter precision. This completely eliminates possible problems when assembling the finished product. If the pattern was made correctly, then the connection of the parts will not cause any difficulties. However, during operation, it is not only the correct shape of the boat without obvious deformations that is important, special attention should be paid to the quality of the seams.

There are currently two options for assembling PVC boats. Some manufacturers prefer to glue them. Moreover, such seams are often more tear-resistant than the material itself. True, for a reliable connection, it is necessary to use a special adhesive made on a polyurethane base.

Content of the article:

The popularity of inflatable boats is due to a number of advantages: lightweight, compact, easy to use and quite cheap. The latest production technologies and advanced equipment make them more durable and reliable. Find out what equipment you need to start a boat manufacturing business.

Manufacturing process

PVC boat production

  • 640 gsm ... (state standard);
  • 850 g / sq. .;
  • 1 100 g / sq. .;

Equipment includes:

Features of HDTV machines:

  • the ability to program the machine;
  • the electrodes on the machines can be of different sizes;
  • the product is located in any position;
  • the receipt of defective products is excluded.

Equipment for welding seams

The machine can weld:

  • inflatable boats;
  • awnings for cars;
  • tents;
  • mattresses;
  • stalls;
  • overalls.

Content of the article:

Business products should be affordable and easy to use. In this case, there will be great demand.

Competition in boat production

Marketing research has shown that the market for the production of inflatable boats is not overcrowded yet, but there are already competitors. Inflatable boats made in Russia are provided by the following companies:

  • Ufa and Yaroslavl plant;
  • PFC Mnev and K LLC;
  • Leader, TD Fregat LLC;
  • TPS Center Mnev, Rotan, Mobile Group;
  • Solar;
  • Badger (St. Petersburg - South Korea);
  • Korsar (Moscow - St. Petersburg - South Korea).

Products of foreign companies such as:

  • Zodiak;
  • QuickSilver;
  • Suzuki Marine;
  • Honda.

Be prepared for the fact that the boat manufacturing business will require significant investment from you, as well as some work experience or specialized workers. Anyone will not be able to do this business. The boat business plan should include significant time resources for manufacturing.

Boat types

They have an outboard engine of different power and operating conditions. They have a rigid transom for mounting the engine. Advantages - easy to fold and float quickly. These metrics make them very popular.

They come with a small motor and an inflatable bottom, which allows them to easily fit into a bag, as well as a powerful motor and a rigid bottom.

Fishing has not lost its popularity for many years, it is still one of the most popular hobbies among men. You can have an active and fun time, as well as get a big catch with the help of PVC boats, they are also used during extreme recreation, sports and other activities.

Starting a boat manufacturing business is a profitable and quickly recoupable idea, it is only important to correctly calculate the cost of goods and the rate of profit, as well as work out the distribution channels for goods.

Inflatable boats are mainly used for leisure activities. And according to research by marketers, it was found that people get the most pleasure from their leisure time. And it really is, everyone is ready to spend money at their leisure. But a certain segment of consumers will also purchase an inflatable boat for professional fishing for subsequent sale. In any case, the demand for inflatable boats is at a good level.

DIY PVC inflatable boat

Do-it-yourself inflatable boat drawings patterns for a pattern:

  • bow blank;
  • intermediate bow blank;
  • central blank;
  • intermediate feed blank;
  • feed blank;
  • valves;
  • bottom;
  • corners;
  • protective petals;
  • elastic bridge;
  • rubber mounts;
  • mirror image of the bow blank for the opposite side;
  • washer for attaching the rail;
  • wefts (handles);
  • oarlock.

How to make a PVC inflatable boat with your own hands:

  • A piece of PVC cloth with a density of 640-850 g / m2 is selected.
  • It is used to mark the patterns for the sides and bottom.
  • Next, the patterns are cut out. It is best to do this with devices that use a laser to cut tissue with millimeter precision.
  • Patterns are glued together and welded together. For gluing, polyurethane-based glue is used. Welding is carried out by vulcanization, ultrasonic welding or hot air treatment of a building hair dryer.
  • Product testing is a must.

It is advisable to first model the future product in a 3D editor. In the program, you can visually analyze all stages of the work and eliminate possible errors.

How to glue a PVC boat with your own hands:

  • Degrease the joints with acetone.
  • Coat both surfaces with PVC adhesive (eg Obrador Adhesivos) with hardener (Desmodur RFE 750) and set aside for 20-30 minutes.
  • Warm up both surfaces with a building hair dryer (for example, BOSCH GHG 660 LCD) and connect them.
  • Roll with a roller for rolling PVC coatings.

The pattern drawing shows a simple pattern to start with. Over time, as you gain experience, it will be possible to produce more complex and attractive models:

In addition, you can do not only the manufacture of PVC inflatable boats, but also their repair or even tuning:

The production of PVC boats has become popular for a long time as a business. The profitability of such a project in certain seasons reaches good indicators, and the feedback from the shop owners and the customers themselves speaks of the constant demand for the products.

Is it worth opening such a production facility and what is needed for this? Many questions scare entrepreneurs, especially newcomers, at first. But all the nuances can be dealt with gradually. Moreover, this process is unhurried. The main thing is to maintain the quality of the manufactured products at a decent level.

Business Features

This business area may seem too busy. There is indeed high competition on the market among well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. But some groups of tourists, fishermen and other individuals sometimes prefer a local manufacturer, who personally monitors the quality of each product produced. Moreover, you can buy a boat from such entrepreneurs at an affordable price.

But there are certain difficulties that a novice businessman should definitely take into account:

  • Only a person who is familiar with the technological process firsthand can deal with such business as the manufacture and sale of PVC boats. Indeed, even with automated equipment, you need to have experience in the selection of material, know how the devices work, navigate their settings and be able to test the finished product.
  • The process itself takes a long period. PVC boats are not a commodity that is produced in mass quantities. Depending on the type of product, it takes 2 to 6 months to create and test it. Although with powerful equipment and a significant staff of employees, this process can be accelerated.
  • Severe competition scares off a budding entrepreneur. PVC boats are produced by well-known brands and are sold in all tourist and fishing shops, making finding customers an especially difficult task.
  • There is a strong seasonality in this area. They sell goods only from mid-spring to early autumn. The rest of the time, the products will be mostly idle on the shelves or in the warehouse.

Types of boats

Mankind has already come up with many options for improvised transport in order to move along the water surface. Among them, ordinary wooden and inflatable ones have become the most popular for many years. For a tourist or an amateur fisherman, the latter are more interesting, since when folded they take up little space, and they can be transported with you to any chosen recreation area. Therefore, PVC boats as a business are considered a promising direction.

Among the inflatable varieties, there are:

  • Powered - characterized by the presence of an engine that is attached to a rigid transom. Thanks to the power of the motor, the boat picks up high speeds and enables a person to move in a short time to the right place. During their manufacture at the plant, certain GOSTs are adhered to.
  • Rowing - more interesting for a private entrepreneur, as they consist entirely of inflatable elements. Their operation is also easy, simple and safe. The sides are usually additionally divided into several compartments, which prevents the craft from sinking even if one of them is damaged.

In both the first and second versions, the bottom of the boat can be different - semi-rigid (made of plastic or plywood) or rigid, for the manufacture of which light alloys are used. Sometimes, for greater strength and convenience, a bench is also attached between the sides.

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