Description of the technological process of manufacturing a biofireplace

General information

Heating device manufacturing technologies are constantly changing, as are their applications. Literally 10 years ago, few people knew what a biofireplace was. Today, this technology is so widespread that they can be found in every tenth house. The growth in popularity is due to their unique qualities: biofireplaces do not require additional installation costs from the owner, they do not emit harmful substances for the body and are completely autonomous. Such advantages pushed enterprising people to the idea that they could do business on such fireplaces.

Diagram of the installation of a biofireplace with minimum distances

Where to start?

A business idea for the sale of bio fireplaces does not require large investments. You just need to have in your pocket about 30 thousand rubles and the ability to work with a power tool. Additional tools include: metal shears, wire cutters, hammer, welding and safety equipment.

Business idea for the sale of bio fireplaces

Next, it is necessary to define the methods of advertising the finished product. We will use free advertising methods: social networks and specialized services.

The first buyers appear very slowly, since the majority of people do not trust new products, and even more so, made with their own hands. Therefore, to attract the first buyers, it is recommended to use the method of creating an artificial demand for the product. Someone might think that it is quite difficult to build a business on such a basis, however, as practice shows, artificial demand helps to develop consumer confidence in a new product.

Manufacturing Procedure

Thus, the business of manufacturing and selling biofireplaces is a fairly simple activity that requires a small investment and minimal effort from a person. Fast payback contributes to systematic business growth and an increase in the number of regular customers. The high level of relevance of the case accompanies the development of factors such as industrial production and franchises.

Hello my dear readers! Just the other day I decided to make some changes to the interior of my home to refresh the bored look. The wife offered to purchase an inexpensive biofireplace to give the living room a more modern look, but at the same time maintain a sense of coziness. Coming from the store and unpacking this miracle of technology, I was surprised how simple it is. Naturally, another business idea immediately rushed into my restless head, which I hasten to share with you in this article. If you have a technical education or just hands grow from the right place, then the production and sale of bio fireplaces is the business for you! Financial investments are minimal - the profit is tangible.

What are bio fireplaces?

Biofireplace is a special type of fireplace that runs on environmentally friendly biofuel. As in “real” fireplaces - a fire burns in a bio fireplace and heat is emitted. Only special biofuel does not produce any harmful combustion products that are hazardous to health. That is why biofireplaces can be of completely different sizes - from compact table-top to massive floor-standing ones. The biofireplace device is extremely simple: a metal "hearth", glass casing, mesh and decorative stones for better heat distribution. Biofuel is produced on the basis of pure ethyl alcohol and its small volume provides a fairly long combustion process.

Biofireplaces have a number of undeniable advantages over their "colleagues in the shop":

a) do not require a connection to electricity or gas; b) easy to operate (even a child can serve them); c) flexibility of use: you can use them all year round in different rooms; d) do not emit harmful combustion products and are not contaminated by themselves. It is enough to ventilate the room for a short time after using the biofireplace.

In general, biofireplaces are not only a modern and fashionable element of the interior, but also a rather useful thing!

Production and sale of bio fireplaces: how to make a lot of money

Immediately a small disclaimer: if you are not sure that you can make a good biofireplace with your own hands, then it is better to hire a qualified craftsman. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to demand from him any experience in this area - the main thing is that he does not abuse alcohol and know how to work with glass and metal.

For the production of a standard bio fireplace you need the following "ingredients": glass, at least 3 mm thick; high-quality glass cutter; metal construction mesh; medium-sized stones or pebbles; metal box (its size depends on the type of fireplace); wick; silicone sealant.

The process of making a bio fireplace includes the following steps:

a) installation of a glass casing, which will serve as a fireplace screen. Glass sheets are cut strictly to the size of the metal box and sealed with silicone sealant. The sealant dries for about a day, and sagging and stains from it are removed with a clerical knife or a regular blade;

Bio-fireplaces are becoming quite popular today. It is not surprising, because in addition to its many advantages, this type (group) of fireplaces can be easily assembled in autumn and can be installed even in apartments, restaurants and office premises. And all because they do not need an additional outlet (we are talking about a chimney). Due to which it is possible to significantly reduce costs, and what is important to avoid additional construction work. You can also build your business on it, taking the idea of ​​mass production for weapons. How to carry out all the stages - we tell in the most detailed way.


In order to install this fireplace you do not need to coordinate your actions with the appropriate fire fighting services. In addition, bio fireplaces are environmentally friendly and absolutely safe. And this is perhaps their most important advantage.

It must be said that many clients treat these fireplaces with distrust and a certain degree of doubt, since they are initially convinced that fireplaces (even the most expensive and modernized models), in fact, cannot be environmentally friendly, and even more so, absolutely safe. In fact, these fears are unfounded. Because during the operation of the biofireplace (in the process of combustion of biofuel), a minimum amount of carbon dioxide remains in the room. At the same time, it does not contain harmful toxic substances, and therefore is not capable of causing harm to our health.

The only mandatory requirement in this case is regular ventilation of the room in which the fireplace is located. This must be remembered and in no case should this rule be neglected.

Stages of setting up production according to the business plan

As for the financial costs, we will immediately stipulate that a certain amount of funds is required to start a business idea.

  • purchase of materials for the manufacture of fireplaces - from 25,000 rubles;
  • company registration - from 3,000 rubles.

Monthly costs will be:

  • advertising - from 15,000 rubles;
  • purchase of materials - from 25,000 rubles;
  • other expenses - from 10,000 rubles.

Purchase of materials - 25 thousand rubles. Profit per month - 155 thousand rubles. The payback period is 0.5 months.

Bio fireplaces are rapidly gaining popularity. They can be installed in apartments, cottages, offices and restaurants. At the same time, for their installation, you do not need to install a chimney and perform additional construction work. The installation of such fireplaces does not require approval from the fire service. All biofireplaces are environmentally friendly: carbon dioxide released during the combustion of biofuel does not contain toxins and is absolutely harmless to health. The only requirement for people with such fireplaces is to regularly ventilate the room. Jok fireplaces are easy to make with your own hands, while the production costs of such a fireplace are minimal. And you, having started such a simple business, will easily find your niche in the market of goods and services.

Manufacturing technology

The following materials are used for the manufacture of a bio fireplace: silicone sealant, glass, glass cutter, metal mesh, small pebbles or stones and a metal box. A construction mesh is perfect as a mesh. You also need to purchase fuel for biofireplaces and a string to create a wick. First, a glass casing is made - the future fireplace screen. For this, glass is taken with a thickness of 3 mm. If the glass is not at hand, you can disassemble the photo frames and get the glass out of them.

The glass is cut to fit the size of the metal box. All glass elements are connected with a sealant, which must then dry out for a day. To make the fireplace screen more neat, use a blade to clean away stains and excess sealant.

An ordinary metal planter can serve as a fuel block for a bio fireplace. The main thing is that the previously made glass casing should be well attached to it. Do not take too small a box: in this case, the glass may break when heated.

The metal mesh is pre-cut to fit the box. Fuel for a biofireplace is placed only in a metal can, which is then installed in a metal box and covered with a mesh cut by us. You can lay the mesh in several layers. Then stones are laid out on the grid. In this design, they serve not only as a decorative element, but also contribute to an even distribution of heat between the grill and the glass casing. The wick, made of string, is placed in an open can of fuel.

A container with fuel is enough for a couple of hours of burning. For reuse, the can with fuel is replaced with a new one. You can carefully pour the fuel into the same mold, pushing the stones aside. You can prepare fuel yourself by mixing rubbing alcohol and gasoline for refueling lighters. It is necessary to mix in a proportion of 90% alcohol and 10% gasoline. Shake biofuels before use.

1 liter of Biofuel burns within 2 to 4 hours, depending on the combustion chamber. No need to use a chimney. No electricity or gas connection required. No soot, smoke or dirt. No additional costs (installer, chimney sweep, maintenance, etc.). The biofireplace can be used all year round (in the summer on the terrace, in the winter in the apartment). Ideal for an apartment, winter garden, home or office.

The client can be logged out according to the following schemes:

1. Radio, television, internet, print advertising, leaflets and booklets. 2. Agree with construction firms and crews, and reach out to clients directly through them. 3. Sell manufactured biofireplaces to the builders themselves.

However, you can choose any option for cooperation, as well as the process of manufacturing biofireplaces. Not everyone's hands grow out of the right places, and not everyone knows how to sell, search for clients, and close deals. It is not necessary to have construction skills. You can simply find a suitable specialist and promote services and goods, while earning good money and providing work for your neighbor.

Let's calculate the approximate profit

The production of biofireplaces is a very interesting and easy-to-implement business idea with minimal investment in the production of unusual things. Due to the good market demand, bio fireplaces can become an attractive source of income for novice businessmen. It is possible to start a business without a high initial investment. The technology of manufacturing biofireplaces is not particularly complicated, due to which this direction is mastered in the shortest possible time. These units are designed for decoration and space heating. They do not require a chimney, which reduces overall costs and installation time.

What biofireplaces can we offer?

Biofireplaces can be installed both in private households and in apartments. They do not need a gas or electricity connection, which is quite convenient. During the operation of the unit, only a small proportion of carbon dioxide is released.

The device is made of metal and decorated in various ways. The main element in the biofireplace is the fuel tank into which the biofuel will be poured. Fireplaces have transparent screens through which the playing flame will be viewed. There are the following types: floor, wall, built-in, desktop.

Biofireplace production

Most entrepreneurs start the production of such units at home, since the manufacturing technology allows you to do this and is simple in itself. This direction is often chosen by those people who have experience in working with metal and glass. At first, you can do without hiring workers; fireplace designs can be assembled independently. To build you will need:

  • thermal glass ;
  • steel box;
  • metal mesh;
  • silicone sealant;
  • small dispersion pebbles;
  • fuel;
  • wicks.

This list is only needed to create simple, inexpensive devices. In order to produce more complex fireplaces with decorative elements, expensive materials will be required - natural stone, paints, steel rods and others.

Future business prospects

If you make quality products and invest in advertising, then after a while you will be able to get good income. Even if you start small, you can be quite successful in developing your business. Business options:

  • Launching your own outlet. Your own store will allow you to manufacture and sell units without intermediaries. However, this will require some investment in the rental of premises and related costs.
  • Creation of an online store. With the proper promotion of an online platform, you can get a good profit.

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