Corrugated cardboard workshop

Cardboard boxes are one of the most demanded packages that are used for transportation and storage of all kinds of products, household and electronic equipment, food products. It is estimated that about 80% of all goods produced and sold in Russia are packed in cardboard boxes. Thus, an entrepreneur who has chosen this type of activity will not have problems with the sale of products. In addition, the production of boxes compares favorably with its simplicity, low cost and environmental friendliness.

Selection of premises and staffing

For production, you will need a room with an area of ​​at least 100 sq. ... (another 50 sq. m. is usually allocated for a warehouse). All communications must be arranged in it, since a dry and warm place is required for cardboard.

The number of workers depends on the type of equipment. On average, 2-3 people are enough for a normal work process. Perhaps you will hire a driver and accountant, as well as a sales manager. To cut costs, you can start by doing financial accounting and product sales yourself.

Raw materials used

For the manufacture of boxes, the so-called corrugated board is used. This material consists of several (from 2 to 7) layers of paper and cardboard, which are glued together in a certain way to give the structure strength.

Corrugated board can be purchased from a paper mill or from wholesalers. In the future, when expanding production, it is recommended to produce it on our own: for this you only need a corrugated press.


Cardboard boxes of a wide variety of shapes are produced using the following devices:

  • cutting and creasing machine - cuts corrugated cardboard and applies special grooves for bending the sides;
  • flexographic machine - applies the necessary graphic information to the cardboard;
  • automatic press - forms the required structure of the box;
  • folder-gluer - performs the final folding and gluing of the box.

All this equipment has a high degree of automation, so workers only need to supply material and control the technological process.

Investments: from 6.5 million rubles

Payback: from 2 years

Entrepreneurs planning to open their own packaging business should pay attention to such material as corrugated board. According to experts' forecasts, the demand for it will increase in the near future. And this means that the company will bring considerable benefits. Due to the permanent development of retail trade, the emergence of an increasing number of branded products, increased requirements for the storage of goods, the demand for packaging materials is steadily growing. Corrugated cardboard, in turn, is considered the most popular among them. It is environmentally friendly and can be recycled after use. It attracts users and its relatively low cost.

Business Concept

Currently, corrugated cardboard packaging is used almost everywhere. It is difficult to find a product to which it would not be applicable. Food products (pizza, confectionery), shoes, clothing, glass, ceramics, and household chemicals are also packed in cardboard boxes. Therefore, it can be said without exaggeration that a potential customer-consumer of corrugated cardboard is any manufacturing enterprise.

However, it should be borne in mind that, in the presence of stable demand, there is competition in this area of ​​business. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider the choice of corrugated cardboard, which will be produced at the newly opened enterprise and, having analyzed the proposals of competitors, build a competent pricing policy.

Implementation Requirements

You can open a business in two ways - purchase a ready-made enterprise or go through the process of starting a production from scratch. The first method involves the purchase of an already operating plant with all the equipment. However, as a rule, this is a plant that does not produce corrugated cardboard itself, but products from it - boxes. That is, already produced corrugated board will be supplied to production as a raw material. The minimum cost of such a plant will be about 3 million rubles.

If you choose corrugated board as a production product, you need to purchase the appropriate equipment, which will become the main item of investment costs. What kind of equipment you need depends on the type of cardboard - on the number of layers.

Corrugated cardboard can be 2-, 3-, 5- and 7-layer. The first type is flexible, consists of flat and wavy layers and is used mainly for wrapping. Other types are used in the production of rigid packaging. The most popular corrugated board is three-layer.

Forming a production line requires:

Cardboard and products made from it do not lose demand for a long time. This material is used in many industries.

Therefore, the demand for such products is consistently high, and the business based on the production of cardboard brings visible profits.

Before starting your own business, you need to decide what type of product you plan to manufacture, since the necessary equipment will depend on this factor.

The following types of material are distinguished by the scope of application:

  • printing ,
  • construction ,
  • packaging ,
  • electrical engineering ,
  • shoe ...

Based on the above calculations, we will consider the production of packaging and corrugated cardboard.

Starting capital

To equip a small production line, the cost of purchasing equipment will be from 1,500,000 rubles. This amount is sufficient for the production of packaging cardboard.

If it is planned to manufacture a corrugated product, then the production equipment will cost no less than 4.5 million.

An additional expense will be the rent for the premises, if the novice businessman does not own the area necessary for the mini-workshop.

In the rating of packaging materials of the future, cardboard packaging occupies a leading position. After all, this type of packaging has an impressive list of advantages, including the increasingly popular environmental friendliness of the material.


To organize the production of corrugated packaging, it is necessary to register a legal entity (LLC).

Before submitting a package of documents to the IFTS, you need to consult with an expert in this area, or use the services of an organization that provides accounting services. In addition to the standard set of documents, it is necessary to draw up the Charter of the LLC and the Decision on the creation of an enterprise (in the case when the entrepreneur is the only founder).


It is necessary that the goods meet the requirements of TR CU 005/2021 "ON SAFETY OF PACKAGING", taking into account the standards of GOST R 52901-2021 "Corrugated cardboard for packaging products."

Warehouses and production premises

The production of corrugated paper and cardboard, as well as containers from it, requires considerable space to accommodate a technological line and warehouses for storing both raw materials and finished products. For the equipment of the workshop for the production of goods, a minimum of 800 sq. , for packing - another 800 sq. , and for two warehouses - 500 sq. ... Accordingly, the total area for production will take from 2,600 sq. ...

In addition, there should be a sanitary facility and rest rooms for employees. The production facilities are provided with a hoisting device (telpher) or an electric loader. As for communications, the following are required:

  • electrical network;
  • cold and hot water supply;
  • heating;
  • ventilation system;
  • climate system (temperature should be maintained from 18 ° С, air humidity up to 20%).

Staff building

When starting your own business, the main question is what exactly to produce? The success of the entire operation largely depends on this, because it depends on the demand for the goods whether the funds invested in the business will pay off.

It would be a great idea to channel efforts and resources into the production of cardboard, because it is used for a variety of purposes - as packaging, in the manufacture of stationery, etc. This article will describe in detail how this ubiquitous material is made, as well as what equipment for the production of cardboard will need to be purchased.

Necessary equipment for cardboard production

In order to produce cardboard, you need a special machine, or, as it is also called, a line for the production of cardboard. This line includes the following machines for the production of cardboard:

  • Material stirring mill.
  • Headbox. It provides an even distribution of the mass of raw materials on the grid. In addition, the speed of the output of raw materials must match the speed of the mesh. The quality of the product largely depends on the headbox. For modern machines for the production of cardboard, a closed type of headbox is used - they are most convenient for working at high speeds. The open type is suitable only for models operating up to 300 m / min.
  • Mesh part. It can consist of one, two or three layers. This element consists of a forming board, drying elements, hydroplanes and suction boxes. The mesh is washed under high pressure.
  • Press. With its help, the material is dehydrated before drying, as well as its compaction. The press consists of several shafts. The mechanism is cleaned with scrapers.
  • Dryer. It is a collection of special drying cylinders. Dehydration of the material is carried out using evaporation.
  • Calender. Gives the board the required thickness and also makes it smooth.
  • Actuators - mechanical and electrical.

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Required equipment

The following equipment (minimum) is required to open a corrugated board workshop:

For these purposes, one of the options is the following items.

The purchase of equipment for the production of corrugated board is the main cost item for a new enterprise.

The production line for the production of 5-layer corrugated board of the Chinese brand WJ120-1800-A, has a production speed of up to 100 m per minute. The cost, including delivery, is about 10 million rubles.

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