Cooked sausage production - technology, equipment, cost

Sausage is a meat or meat-containing product made from minced sausage, formed into a sausage casing, bag, shape, net and heat-treated until ready for use. And the production of sausages is quite a promising and profitable business.

Organizational Plan

If you are planning to open a sausage shop, you will need to carry out a number of activities related to both the development of a business idea and the physical organization of the production process. To begin with, you need to study the volume of the sausage market, formulate requirements for the product that you will produce, think over the range of products, determine the suppliers of raw materials and the sales market, calculate the required amount of investment and the payback period of the project. It is advisable to arrange this in the form of a business plan with the calculation of the project's profitability.

Next, you need to register the future enterprise. You can register both a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur. The cost of registering an individual entrepreneur is about 800 rubles. Registration with the pension fund and statistics authorities is also required. Further, to start the project, you need to obtain the following documents:

  • lease agreement or documents confirming ownership of the premises;
  • Rospotrebnadzor documents of the Russian Federation of the established form, certifying the veterinary and sanitary standards of the products, including veterinary conclusions for production premises;
  • documents of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, confirming the fire safety of the building.

Product Certification

All requirements for the safety and quality of manufactured products are collected in the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union: "On food safety", "On the safety of meat and meat products", "Food products in terms of their labeling" and " Safety requirements for food additives, flavorings and technological aids ”.

According to the above documents, the conformity assessment of sausages is carried out in the form of a declaration of conformity. The manufacturer can issue a declaration of conformity both on the basis of tests carried out in his own laboratory, and on the basis of tests obtained in a certified third-party laboratory. The declaration of conformity is subject to registration with the territorial bodies of Rosstandart.

Premises and requirements for it

All requirements for premises, equipment and personnel are regulated in the Technical Regulation 021/2021 "On food safety".

Your own sausage shop is a fairly profitable enterprise, the profitability of sausage production is at the level of 30%. And the payback period for this business is short - 2-3 months. But in terms of product quality, such a workshop can quite compete with the giants of the sausage business.

Own sausage shop: Premises

To open your own sausage shop, you first need to choose the right room. According to the instructions of the veterinary inspection, the premises of the sausage shop should not be located in the former kindergartens, baths, rest homes, residential premises. It is worth inviting a specialist in the meat industry who will analyze the possibilities of using the premises, indicate where the meat will be deboned, where the production process will take place, where refrigerators will be installed. According to the new "Interim Sanitary Rules for Meat Processing Enterprises" dated September 30, 1996, your sausage shop must have:

· low-temperature chamber for storing raw materials; · Refrigerating chambers: one for ripening minced meat, the other for storing finished products; · Separation of raw materials defrosting and preparation for processing; · Raw materials shop; · Production workshop: grinding and salting of raw materials, preparation of minced meat, sludge of loaves; · Thermal department; · Warehouse for storage of dry bulk products; · A room for storing and preparing spices; pantry for storing inventory and auxiliary materials; · Washing returnable containers; · Room for storage and preparation of sodium nitrite solution; · Utility rooms: locker room, bathroom, showers, kitchen, storage of sanitary clothes; · Expedition.

There is a second option for organizing the work of the sausage shop - to buy a monoblock mini-shop in a container. Such a workshop was assembled taking into account all the requirements of the SES. In this case, to start sausage production, you just need to rent a plot of land and bring communications. Monoblocks are very convenient for rural areas, where it is difficult to find a suitable room.

For sausage production to be profitable, the production capacity of the shop must be at least 200 kg of sausage products per shift. Such a workshop requires an area of ​​at least 45-50 sq / m: · a 6-cubic-meter refrigerating chamber (designed for a week's supply of raw materials) will take 4 sq / m; · Refrigerating chamber (for finished products), the volume of 400 liters will occupy an area of ​​2 sq / m; · The equipment itself will fit 15 sq / m; · The rest of the area will be occupied by driveways and other utility rooms.

Thus, renting a space for a sausage shop with an area of ​​50 sq / m will cost you 3,500 USD per year. More powerful sausage production (800 kg per shift) will require an area of ​​100 sq / m and will cost 7,000 USD per year.

To service the sausage shop, personnel are needed, which consists of a technologist who controls the quality of products and composes sausage recipes, two butchers for cutting carcasses and deboning meat, a freight forwarder, an accountant, a mechanic and two workers. Since all the processes of modern sausage production are automated, one person may well combine two positions.

Own sausage shop: equipment for the production of sausages

The minimum set of equipment for the sausage shop includes: a boning table, a special set of knives for cutting carcasses, separating meat from bones, trimming and chopping pork fat, two refrigerating chambers, a meat mixer, a grinder (electric meat grinder), a cutter for cooking minced meat of boiled sausages and pates, a syringe for stuffing minced meat into a sausage casing, oven with a smoke generator.

Most people dream of working from home. Working for oneself, the idea of ​​starting a private business attracts many. However, there is often a fear of losing finances. There are many ideas for a profitable business, one of which is making homemade sausage at home.

Sausage is one of the popular products that no festive table can do without. High demand for it - the ability to organize a business with the lowest investment.

Making high-quality sausages is the prerogative of not only meat processing plants. Many people start their own production in private ownership. Such business ideas at home can be quite profitable.

Features of making sausages at home

  • the minimum amount of expenses for starting a self-made production;
  • unnecessary rent;
  • production in a private house;
  • no need to go to work;
  • no boss or subordinates. As an assistant, you can take someone from your family, friends;
  • profit depends on the quality, quantity, demand for sausage.

Be clear about the ideas you want to implement. To organize a private business, as well as for a sausage business to become profitable, you need to adhere to some criteria.

  • Silent. If such production is very loud, there will be problems with neighbors.
  • Not explosive.
  • Low power consumption.
  • No harmful, toxic emissions.

It is not difficult to implement business ideas under the above descriptions. It is enough to correctly formulate the business plan of the sausage enterprise.

Required documents and business registration

First, you should register your own private enterprise. If all the requirements of the SES are fulfilled, the higher authorities will not close the production and will help to solve the problems that arose during the work.

After opening an IP (LLC), you will receive a certificate confirming the quality, compliance with the established standards. To do this, draw up a declaration.

  • correct application;
  • constituent documentation;
  • confirmation certificate from SES;
  • certificate of quality;
  • copies of examinations;
  • sample product;
  • certification agreement.

Before submitting documents, draw up an effective business plan for the manufacture of sausages, make a description (list) of the equipment required for operation, methods of preparation.

Opening our own production of sausages is becoming an increasingly popular way of investing, because this product is always in demand on the market. The production of cooked sausages is a profitable, profitable enterprise with a short payback period. For a successful start of a business, it is enough to open a small workshop that produces delicious sausages.

Required raw materials and recipes

Boiled sausage is usually made from beef, pork, less often from poultry and lamb. For products of grades 1 and 2, corned beef can also be used. Depending on the variety, by-products, protein stabilizers, food blood can be added to the products. To increase the viscosity, starch, flour, soy products are used, and to increase the nutritional value, animal fats are used. To improve the taste and aroma, spices and herbs are added to the product: onions, garlic, peppers, cloves, nutmeg, bay leaves. Sodium nitrite gives the finished product its presentation. Casings are made from intestinal raw materials or from artificial materials: paper, cellulose, synthetics and others. Raw materials for products can be purchased both from large manufacturers and from farms. The meat must be checked for compliance with existing standards and certified.

Below are the sausage recipes:


The complex of equipment for the production of sausages includes (in brackets - the cost in dollars):

  • butcher table ($ 80 - 370);
  • defroster (defrosting device, $ 950 - 1,400);
  • meat massager ($ 1650 - 5 140);
  • cold rooms ($ 840 - 1,420);
  • heat chamber ($ 3140 - 7,700);
  • machines for preliminary and secondary grinding of raw materials: tops (1600 - 6,900), meat grinders ($ 230 - 700), block cutters ($ 1,800 - 5,000), cutters ($ 830 - 5,300), meat mixers (mechanisms that perform both grinding and mixing, $ 2,600 - 5,000); <
  • salting container ($ 230 - 400);
  • knitting table ($ 270 - 450);
  • washing tub ($ 65 - 1100);
  • meat ripening chamber ($ 2,500 - 4,800);
  • ice maker ($ 1,200 - 10,400);
  • filling syringes ($ 10 - 9,000);
  • heat chamber ($ 2,300 - 67,800);
  • knife sterilizer ($ 220 - 1,000);
  • clipper ($ 10 - 550);
  • carts ($ 70 - 250).

Thus, the approximate cost of a set of equipment from the manufacturer is from 20 595 to 134 680 dollars. However, you can save a lot on this by purchasing used equipment.

Production technology

The process of making cooked sausages consists of the following steps:

  • Butchering, when the meat is cut into anatomical pieces.

  • Deboning is a process during which meat is separated from bones using special devices or manually with knives.

Sausage is a food product that belongs to sausages and is minced meat from one or more types of meat, fat and offal with the addition of salt and spices, heat-treated until ready for use and packed in an oblong shell. Sausage is one of the most common types of meat delicacies in our country.

Types of sausages

There are several main types of sausages that are produced by most modern domestic producers - both small and large. The most common and inexpensive types of sausages are boiled sausages made from salted minced meat. The most popular variety of this type of sausage in our country is "doctor's sausage". As the name implies, boiled sausages are cooked at about 80 degrees Celsius. Cheap types of sausages contain, in addition to the meat itself, a large amount of soy. Due to the high water content in boiled sausage, it has a short shelf life.

Cooked-smoked sausages are first cooked and then smoked. If cooked sausages have a uniform consistency and do not contain a lot of spices, then cooked smoked sausages are more spicy in taste and may consist of small pieces of meat. Milk, cream, lard, flour and starch are often used as additives in the preparation of these types of sausages.

Semi-smoked sausages, according to the recipe, are first fried, then boiled and finally smoked. Semi-smoked sausages are not inferior to boiled-smoked sausages in their taste. The only difference is that when they are heat treated, the weight loss will be significantly less.

Raw smoked sausages, unlike other sausages, do not undergo high-temperature heat treatment and contain the greatest amount of spices. In the process of cold smoking at a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius, the meat is fermented and dehydrated. It takes about a month (up to 40 days) to ripen raw smoked sausages. This period can be shortened by the addition of acid, which affects the change in the pH level, and starter cultures (usually yeast microorganisms).

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

Dry-cured sausages (for example, salami) are made from minced marinated meat, which is smoked in cold smoke for 3-4 days, and then dried at a temperature of 15-18 degrees Celsius.

Finally, there are also liver sausages, which are made from meat offal and are the cheapest types of sausages on the Russian market.

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