Compound feed production as a business

Breeding of poultry and livestock is a very important area in every country, and, as a rule, highly specialized companies are engaged in the production of compound feed. If you have experience and skills in this area, then this type of business will be a great option. Usually, organizations involved in the field of agriculture give preference to imported feed, but due to the rise in price of the latter, they often began to buy domestic ones, which are not inferior in quality.

Pros and cons of this area

Compound feed production has its advantages and disadvantages.

The pluses include the following:

  • A demanded product, since agriculture does not stop in its development and constantly needs to buy high-quality feed.
  • Ease of doing business. To open this business, you need a minimum of knowledge and skills.
  • Small capital investments, their optimal ratio to profit, which ensures a quick return on costs.
  • Despite the high level of competition, even a start-up company can find its client base thanks to well-designed advertising.
  • Possibility of further development. Despite the nuances, the business is promising, and a small business may subsequently grow into a larger one, occupy a large part of the market.

Despite the advantages, the sphere has a number of disadvantages:

  • Competition.
  • Difficulties in finding quality raw materials.

So, despite a number of disadvantages of the project, its opening will be very promising and will bring the owner significant amounts of profit and the opportunity for further development.

Types of feed and purposes of their use

There are several types of compound feed that are dependent on nutritional value. The optimal composition depends on the recommendations of veterinarians, as well as on data from recent studies that reflect the effect of certain substances on the taste of food. With regard to production, it can be noted that any product must be saturated with the full range of essential nutrients, and their proportions must be strict.


The main question that the manufacturing companies will face is related to the quality of their products. The fact is that animals that are bred and raised at home need to consume high quality feed, because their health and life expectancy largely depends on this moment.

Mixed feed production is a profitable business line in the agricultural sector. In order for the consumer to receive a flawless final product (meat, eggs, milk), animals need full and high-quality nutrition. That is why balanced feed mixtures are in great demand. A huge plus is the ability to launch a production line with little investment. Let's figure out where to start and what profit to expect when opening your own mini-factory.


About business

Compound feeds are dry combined mixes for animals.

This is a combination of grain mixtures, raw materials with a high percentage of feed protein, vitamins and minerals. Eating combined feeds, animals grow faster and get sick less. Reduction of terms leads to an increase in financial performance, which is the ultimate goal of any businessman.

Therefore, large volumes of compound feed will always be needed, both for small farms and large poultry farms and livestock complexes. Entrepreneurs engaged in the production of compound feed characterize it as a highly profitable business with a quick payback and an active turnover.

For example, to grow one pig up to 100 kg, you need 1.5 tons of compound feed, and 10 broilers - 40.1 kg. Considering that the number of animals on the farm is in the tens and even hundreds, a lot of such consumable material as compound feed will be required. Therefore, as long as people have such products as bread, meat, milk, it will be profitable to produce compound feed.

First Steps

Before defining compound feed production as the main activity, an entrepreneur should analyze the potential sales market.

If the geographic location of the mini-plant will coincide or be in close proximity to regions with a developed agricultural industry, this will be an ideal solution.

If there are no problems with the sale of products, you should consider what types of feed and in what quantities you are going to produce. This has a direct impact on the choice of equipment. Livestock breeders have great demands on the quality of feed, so the technology should be approached with particular seriousness.

Agricultural business is a fairly promising area of ​​activity, provided that you are able to competently organize your business. The number of farms in our country is constantly increasing, respectively, the demand for feed and other consumables is growing. Experts believe that compound feed production as a business is the best option for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Business Features

Recently, the agricultural industry has begun to develop rapidly. In this regard, various feed mixtures are in great demand on the market. Therefore, many novice businessmen, when choosing a direction of activity, give preference to the production of compound feed.

Modern livestock breeders put forward serious demands on the producers of such products. One condition remains unchanged under all circumstances - it is a balanced diet. Manufacturers regularly develop new recipes using various legumes and grains, as well as all kinds of hybrid varieties.

When developing a business plan for the production of compound feed, it is necessary to take into account that only high-quality products are in great demand, which is a combination of components rich in vitamins, microelements and natural protein.

According to experts, such a business is highly profitable. But it requires a lot of capital investment. To open such an enterprise, you will need at least 2 million rubles.

Types of compound feed

Since animals and poultry are most often kept in closed ranges, they need balanced feed to maintain their normal physical condition. Many farmers start the production of compound feed at home in order to provide their farm with high-quality feed mixtures and receive additional income from the sale of their surplus. A good owner understands perfectly well that you cannot save on quality feed, so such an enterprise can become a real gold mine for you.

Manufacturers produce a huge range of animal feeds for different species. In addition, they offer products for young and adult individuals, pregnant and lactating females of various product orientations.

According to the nutritional value, compound feeds are divided into:

The most popular are bulk feeds of medium grinding, as well as granulated fractions. They are commonly used for raising poultry and pigs. Briquetted forage is produced for cattle breeding.

Scheme: compound feed production

If there is agriculture in the country, then the production of food for livestock will also always be relevant.

Combined feeds are in demand as they are the main diet for some livestock. Consequently, it is possible to earn money on the production of compound feed, and such income will be stable, and with competent development of the enterprise, it will also grow.

For any business, you need to draw up a business plan - this will help you to develop your business in stages, predict payback periods and income. We will talk further about how to open an enterprise for the production of compound feed.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The positive aspects of the mixed feed business are:

  • the product is always in demand - the number of farms is increasing, which means there will always be a need for livestock nutrition;
  • no large start-up capital is needed to start production;
  • simple production technology - you do not need to hire specialists with a high salary check, purchase expensive rare equipment;
  • you can easily scale your business - from a small workshop to an enterprise that will manufacture and sell different types feed.

  • high competition, especially if you work in an agricultural region;
  • if you only work in one region, then it is difficult to develop a good client base, since there their suppliers are already working and a newcomer to the market is unlikely to immediately pay attention.

Also, you need to carefully monitor the raw materials purchased for the manufacture of combined feed - if there is an omission, then the product will not be of the best quality, and this is a minus of your reputation and poor sales.

What kind of feed can be produced?

The following varieties of combined feed are in demand in agriculture:

  • feed mixture - contains the main vitamin and mineral components that are necessary for the vital activity of livestock;
  • complete - such feed completely replaces the nutrition of livestock, they have all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals for healthy life, weight gain, etc.
  • concentrated - this feed contains an increased amount of certain elements. This variety is used precisely to balance the main diet;
  • feed additive - used to strengthen the immunity of livestock, improve survival. For example, there are supplements for chickens, newborn cattle;
  • protein and vitamin supplements - they have the same direction of action as other feed additives, but here the emphasis is on increased amounts of protein and certain vitamins; <
  • Premixes are additives that contain a concentrated amount of certain vitamins / minerals.

Combined feeds can be produced in the form of briquettes, grains, granules.

Compound feed is a balanced food product rich in nutrients and microelements for feeding domestic animals and birds. It includes: grain products, various herbs, meat and bone and fish meal, chalk and other components.

Due to the fact that the development of animal husbandry is a very relevant business today, the demand for pet food and its production has rapidly increased. Basically, there are many small farms and private farms for raising and raising livestock, small poultry farms and fish farms. Businessmen interested in the health and longevity of their animals, as well as in quality products, are looking for inexpensive and balanced feed for their nutrition.

Product range and sales market

Separately, each type of animal has its own recipe for the production of compound feed. The purpose of raising livestock or poultry, age, breed, species is taken into account. For example, they produce a separate type of compound feed for broiler birds and a specific feed for laying hens.

Feed is distinguished by the amount of nutrients:

  • concentrate - feed saturated with a large amount of protein, vitamins, trace elements;
  • compound feed with food additives that provide the required amount of vitamins and other nutrients;
  • complete food - a replacement for the usual daily food.

Difference in form of combined animal feed:

  • small, medium and large loose products;
  • mixed feed in granules;
  • products in briquettes of various shapes.

Production of products in pellets is the most profitable business, as among buyers pelleted feed is the most demanded and widespread. They are used for feeding small livestock and poultry, and food in briquettes is more suitable for large animals. In order for the business to successfully develop in this direction, at the initial stage it is necessary to establish long-term relationships with buyers.

Potential buyers of compound feed:

  • zoos ;
  • farmers' farms;
  • private owners keeping animals;
  • fish farms;
  • circuses;
  • nature reserves;
  • resellers;
  • poultry farms.

In order to run a successful business, it is worth establishing cooperation with state-level enterprises, since they buy compound feed in large quantities.

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