Climb the wall: a profitable business on gymnastics machines

Fashion for a healthy lifestyle in our country has led to the fact that sport has become one of the most popular areas of leisure. Fitness centers, sports clubs, sports grounds, home gyms need high-quality and affordable equipment. This is the reason for the prospects of the enterprise for the production of exercise equipment and other sports equipment. The article will help you understand the peculiarities of this line of business, understand what difficulties you will have to face and what costs to incur.

This industry is highly competitive. They will have to compete with both domestic and foreign (mainly Chinese) manufacturers. You should be clear about which market segment you want to occupy. This can be the manufacture of simple gymnastic complexes for the home, small equipment, exercise equipment for sports grounds, etc. It is also worth remembering the seasonality factor (for example, the demand for sports goods usually increases in the spring, when preparations for the beach season begin).

Starting a Business

Significant work needs to be done before launching the enterprise:

  • define a circle of potential customers;
  • draw up a business plan and calculate production costs;
  • , if necessary, attract investors;
  • go through the legal procedure.

For the production of small volumes of products, it is advisable to register as an individual entrepreneur (IE). It is better to create a larger enterprise in the form of a legal entity (LLC). The cost of state registration of an LLC will be 4 thousand rubles, an individual entrepreneur - 800 rubles. When filling out the documents, you must indicate the OKVED code 32.0 (production of sports goods).

After that, you can start solving technical issues (purchase of equipment and materials, hiring personnel, finding premises, etc.).

Hiring Staff

At the first stage, you can do it yourself or hire one or two workers with experience in working with tools, welding, assembly of metal structures, etc. The salary of such an employee will be about 20 thousand rubles.

When expanding production, in addition to additional workers in the production workshop, you may need:

  • a qualified specialist for the preparation of drawings of simulators (salary - from 30 thousand rubles per month);
  • an accountant who will take over the work with documents and reporting (about 30 thousand rubles);
  • driver for delivering products to customers (from 20 thousand rubles);
  • marketing manager for sales of finished products (from 30 thousand rubles); r. monthly).

# wlad

Recently, a girl threw up an idea about the manufacture of horizontal bars and beams for the house, because I am a welder.

I decided to try it, bought pipes for 1000 rubles, a can of white paint and a brush. I already had a welding machine, so I decided to start.

It took half a day to make the wall beams + another day for the paint to dry. In total, it took me about 300 rubles for some bars, I have a small city of 16 thousand people, place in a group that bars are sold, 10 people inquired in three days, sold for 1500 rubles. If you have a large city, then there will be at least three orders per week for the horizontal bar, and there are more bars, because the horizontal bar at home is easy to make, but the bars. So, if you know how to cook and your hands grow from where you need to, then I think it's worth trying.

What you need: Pipes, paint, brushes, welding machine + electrodes, grinder + cutting wheels, for "bars + press" you need dermantin, two and paralon. The announcement can be placed on VKontakte in groups in your city or on Avito.

# makedon-k

Yeah, I bought my wife home, a wall-mounted horizontal bar for 1200 rubles in Metro, can you make it cheaper? - dyed, comfortable, with rubber grips and all sorts of crap.

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# wlad

if only it does not fall apart, during operation

Lately there are a lot of business ideas on hobiz. u relate to a sports lifestyle. Although, frankly, sports culture has always been in a person's life in one form or another. Suffice it to recall the history of the Olympic Games. The first documented ancient Olympic festivals took place in 776 BC. Almost three thousand years ago. And since that time, a healthy lifestyle has not lost its relevance.

And now, thanks to government programs, sport has become more accessible than ever to the general population. All kinds of workouts, multifunctional compact exercise machines, multi-speed bicycles and special bike paths, the general organization of the urban environment - all this contributes to the development, mood and general popularization of a sports lifestyle.

And how can you not remember the "classics" of simulators - wall bars?

The Swedish wall is a staircase with a frequent lattice of steps, attached to the wall with a significant gap, or standing separately, firmly barred. It is assembled from at least two vertical posts and many crossbars fixed between them. The Swedish wall is a special gymnastic trainer used in gyms and at home for training, physiotherapy exercises and physical rehabilitation.

The history of the Swedish wall originates from ancient Asia. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Swedish doctor and teacher Per Henrik Ling, an expert on the physical culture of ancient China, developed his own system of gymnastics using oriental practices. Later, his son Hjalmar, with Ling's students, developed special gymnastic apparatus and simulators. Today, widely known to all - a wall, a log, a jumping springboard and a bench with a saddle.

And by the middle of the XIX century, these shells are widely distributed throughout the world. In countries where physical education and culture have appeared. So this simulator, called the "Swedish wall", appeared in Russia. In Switzerland itself, the trainer is called ribbstol, which means "frame with crossbars". And in English-speaking countries - wallbars (valbars) - "wall grill".

Despite its impressive age, there are still no adequate alternatives for the wall bars. This simulator is used everywhere - in gyms, gymnastics rooms, there are also home options. By the way, this is an excellent gymnastic apparatus for the home. On the one hand, it takes up little space, on the other hand, it is the basis of many practices. Additionally, a variety of extensions can be installed on the home Swedish wall - from a horizontal bar to a press bench. And the price, thanks to the simple design, is quite affordable. Therefore, wall bars sell well and are well bought. So why not make your business out of it?

We are talking about handmade Swedish walls. After all, the first exercise machines were assembled from wood. Although, now, due to manufacturability, the available Swedish walls are made of metal. But, what is useful for conveyor production is harmful for artisanal production.

So, NOHrD, known for working with wood, producing exercise equipment. It turns out environmentally friendly, fashionable and curious. The experts did not go round the Swedish wall, or rather, if we speak in their language, the Valbars.

NOHrD WallBars is a home wall bar with additional accessories that allows professional athletes and amateurs to train.

The adjustable structure allows you to place the structure in any room and adjust the projectile to any body size. The simulator is assembled from various hard wood species - cherry, birch, beech, ebony. Additionally, the company offers various accessories that expand the functionality of the projectile.

The initial cost of the Ash Wall Bar is $ 334. Walnut - $ 649

Hello moneymakers! My name is Yuri Morozov. I live in the small town of Orenburg. For more than 5 years I have been selling sports equipment and exercise equipment. There is a retail store in the city center called Sport56, as well as an online store Sport56. f. I work with both individuals and legal entities.

My path as an entrepreneur began with a banal purchase of a horizontal bar for a house. The goal was to keep my body in good physical shape. At first I was looking for a horizontal bar in city shops, but I could not find normal options for an adequate price, then I climbed on Avito, but there was not a single announcement. Then I found a group of horizontal bars manufacturer in VK and ordered myself a horizontal bar with 2 in 1 bars from Ufa. I liked the horizontal bar and the idea came to my mind to try to sell such horizontal bars in my city. There was no money for the purchase, I decided to start by submitting an advertisement for Avito in order to understand whether there is any demand for these products at all. As it turned out later, there is a demand and quite good - they called 3-5 times a day. I agreed with the manufacturer that he will send me the first batch of horizontal bars for sale, and from the second I will already order with my own money. The guy was not afraid that I would throw him and sent me a batch in the amount of 12 thousand rubles. So I was the first to start selling horizontal bars through Avito in my city, there were no competitors at all. Only a couple of months later, other ads for the sale of horizontal bars with prepaid shipment from other cities began to appear.

A little later I found new suppliers. The assortment was replenished with new models. The horizontal bars were stored in his brother's store, in the back room, at that time he was selling jewelry.

Selling horizontal bars brought me a net profit of 15-20 thousand per month, which was not bad for a student at that time. A year later, I graduate from university, and get a job in an office supply store, which is located in the same trading building where my brother with jewelry and horizontal bars.

At first, he worked as a storekeeper, unloaded cars and accepted the goods, then for family reasons, our manager quits and I take his place. The new position was interesting, I worked with legal entities, issued invoices, drew up contracts, received goods and released goods to customers, delivered bills, conducted audits in the store, studied the 1C Enterprise program inside and out. After working as a manager, I become a store administrator, and a new manager is hired in my place, whom I trained in all my work. I had a lot of free time, and I came to grips with my horizontal bars.

By the way, while I was working in stationery, I managed to get married and move out from my parents.

I understood that I needed to develop my business, look for new suppliers and expand the range. I also decided that my small business needs a website, because first of all, when a person searches for something, he goes to the Internet, but there was not enough money to create a website, everything went to the family. Then I decided to make a website with my own hands. Fortunately, YouTube is full of videos on this topic. In the evenings after work, I sat until 2 am and made my online store from scratch using video tutorials from YouTube. When something didn't work out, Google was there to help. You can find almost any information on the Internet, and the forums related to the creation of sites helped me a lot. Newbies like me asked mostly the same questions, and these forums easily found the answer. There is nothing difficult in creating your own online store.

There are many free CMS or in Russian - content management systems (from the English Content Management System) allows you to manage the site, regularly update it, edit and create new pages, articles, products, images. To create your own online store, you just need to choose a convenient CMS for yourself. Upload it to your hosting and start posting products and editing the content of your store. Basically, you download a ready-made website editor. If you wish, you can download for free or purchase various "modules" (add-ons to the site) or templates on the same forums where webmasters sit. I usually buy modules and advise you, because if something is not clear or does not work out, then you can always get free technical support.

In order for your site to have visitors and, accordingly, sales, you need to promote your site. Be sure to post information about your store on all search sites in your city, primarily on Google and Yandex, 2gis. You need to provide as much information as possible: store name, address, opening hours, phone number, links to social. network, upload a photo of a store or product. It is important not only to write useful articles on your site, but also to use "key queries" in the text, so that the search engine itself brings your site to the top. You can read more about SEO website promotion on the Internet, this topic is very extensive and will require a lot of attention. I wasn’t really bothered by SEO and started promoting by placing contextual advertising in Yandex and Google. I also studied independently using YouTube. If something did not work out, called technical support, the guys from Yandex and Google will not leave you in trouble and will always help you customize your ad.

While I was making the site, the administrator of the Golden Elephant Hotel called me with a question whether I could equip their gym with exercise machines? Without thinking twice, I replied that I could. I arrived at the hotel, talked to the manager, found out their needs and then started looking for suppliers of simulators and equipment. Later I learned from the administrator that he was just looking for exercise equipment, got to my website and called me. At that time, I still did not have my own individual entrepreneur and current account. I tried to last as long as possible without registering an individual entrepreneur, so as not to pay taxes.

But without an individual entrepreneur, I would not be able to pay for goods to many suppliers, put a terminal and accept payment on a card, I would not even be able to write an invoice for simulators for a hotel. As a result, I had to register, then open a bank account, and for convenience I installed the 1C Enterprise program for myself to keep records, issue invoices and invoices to corporate clients.

Not so long ago, at one of the city holidays, I happened to see such a picture - a crowd of drunken young guys and men besieged the boy, the owner of the attraction, handing him hundred bills.

As it turned out, this is an attraction. You just need to hang on the horizontal bar and get paid for it. The conditions are very simple - whoever can hang on the horizontal bar for 2 minutes gets 2,000 rubles. To participate in the attraction, you need to pay 100 rubles. True, the horizontal bar was not ordinary, but slightly modified - the upper crossbar could freely rotate under the participant's own weight, since it was attached to the stands with bearings.

The spinning horizontal bar attraction has various names - a horizontal bar with a rotating bar, a horizontal bar, a drunk horizontal bar, a fun horizontal bar, a slippery horizontal bar ...

Despite the seeming simplicity of performing the attraction, rarely anyone could hang for more than 1 minute, or even 15-20 seconds (if hanging with a "classic" hang, without grabbing the bar with two hands from two different sides). The trick is that if the upper bar rotates freely on the bearings, a very large force is created on the wrist and fingers - it is really very, very difficult for an unprepared person to stay on the bar. According to statistics, only one in 300 people can hang on this horizontal bar for about 2 minutes.

But, of course, it is very difficult for brave guys to understand this for hot alcohol.

And when the next poor fellow jumps to the ground after a dozen or two seconds, another "Rambo" shouting "Come on, give me" shoves a hundred square meters to the owner of the attraction and jumps onto the horizontal bar. With all this accompanied by the cheery shouts of the cheering group, an imposing crowd gathers around, further inflaming potential members, advertising the ride, and increasing profits for its owner.

Net earnings of 100 rubles per minute, or even in a dozen or two seconds - this, you see, is a very good indicator. In our opinion, it is quite possible to earn 25-30 thousand rubles in one holiday with a large crowd of people.

The downside is that this attraction works very efficiently during any holidays. Although on the usual weekends you can make good money on it. It can be installed on beaches, near shopping and entertainment complexes, in recreation parks - in general, in any passable places.

You can buy a horizontal bar, or you can make it yourself. The design of a conventional horizontal bar is a little complicated by two bearings at the top. Any custom welder will make it in a couple of hours.

With this attraction, you can travel around cities, knowing in advance the dates of various holidays - fairs, city days, federal holidays. Well, registration as an individual entrepreneur will be required, and permission from local authorities. Dealing with the authorities is not as difficult as it seems.

Having held negotiations with representatives of the local administration a couple of times, in the future you will become a specialist in conducting a "fair" business.

It is very easy to earn initial capital for a more serious business on a rotating horizontal bar.

More information on this idea for starting and running a business can be found here.

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