Cigarette business: cigarette production

The demand for cigarettes is quite high. However, the cigarette business scares off entrepreneurs with high costs. But you need to know that a lot of income is always fraught with risk, so it is worth giving it a try.

Cigarette making

Even though the state tightly controls the production of cigarettes, and the presence of a large number of excise taxes, which are levied on it, this business has a high profitability. The fact that all the leaders of this market started with tiny factories that supplied their goods to small shops speaks of the possible success in this area. However, today, having withstood all the tests, competition and other troubles, these corporations, which are based on the production of cigarettes, cover the whole of Russia, and sometimes even abroad.

Profitability of filter cigarette production

Any businessman is primarily interested in the profitability of the enterprise he decides to do. The situation in tobacco production and sale of cigarettes is somewhat different from other areas. Many are discouraged by the fact that tobacco products and all related activities are complex and expensive. In order to start the production of cigarettes, it is necessary to purchase equipment, the cost of which reaches seven million dollars. Not everyone is able to allocate such an amount.

In this case, the risk of losing money in case of failure is minimized. In addition, the equipment can be resold to recover almost the entire amount spent.

The profitability calculation is as follows. A kilogram of tobacco will cost about a hundred rubles, and there are twenty grams in a pack. It turns out that on average one ton of two hundred kilograms of raw materials will be required per day, which will cost one hundred twenty six thousand rubles. Taking into account monthly income, number of working days, productivity and cost of tobacco, the cost of each pack will be a little over two rubles. Added to this are the costs of excise taxes.

As a result, another five and a half rubles will be added to the cost price. And if we add to them the costs of filters, paper, packs, workers' salaries, foil, utility costs, etc., it turns out that each box of cigarettes will cost the manufacturer 22.4 rubles. Moreover, the average price for a pack in our country is about fifty-five rubles. As a result, the manufacturer will have about thirty percent of the profit.

How to make cigarettes

The premises where the production of cigarettes will be organized should not be rented. It is also expensive to build your own plant, so the most optimal option would be to buy an area, especially since in each city you can find many empty industrial buildings that will then need to be refurbished.

Those who have been in the cigarette business for a long time say that investments in this area, starting from scratch, are measured in tens of millions. The minimum amount into which a small business will pour out with the existing premises is about twenty thousand rubles to buy used lines. A set for such a price will make it possible to produce seven thousand packs per hour.

The line performs most of its operations in automatic mode. Her first machine crushes dry tobacco sheets and transfers them to the next device, which wraps them in special paper and glues filters. Packing cigarettes into packs also occurs without human hands. The next machine glues excise stamps, and the last machine wraps the packs in foil.

Cigarette business: cigarette production

The cigarette business continues to be one of the most profitable types, subject to all serious requirements, including excise taxes. Equipping the mini-factory with all the necessary mechanisms, you can quickly achieve a stable profit.

Manufacturing process

The most convenient option for a do-it-yourself cigarette business is an automated mini-factory, which does not require large personnel.

The cigarette manufacturing process is simple and includes several stages. The raw material is leaf tobacco, dried after being harvested according to certain technologies. Different varieties require separate preparation, so this stage should be studied in detail in order to determine the specific type of cigarette. After that, the process for their production goes in the following sequence.

Packaging involves several technological operations:

  • placing cigarettes in packs;
  • gluing excise stamps;
  • wrapping packs with polypropylene film containing a tear tape;
  • placing packs in blocks, which are then wrapped with polypropylene film;
  • gluing a marking sticker on the block;
  • placing blocks in a corrugated cardboard box, followed by gluing a marking sticker on it.

General description, features and differences from large production facilities

You can start a business for the production of one or more varieties of cigarettes by purchasing separate units. Analysis of opinions on this issue shows that it is more rational to purchase a single technological line at once, which will allow you to quickly start activities.

Such a relatively small and fully equipped cigarette factory has several advantages when compared to the largest cigarette companies.

Materials and equipment

Fighting smoking with high excise taxes, unfortunately, does not deter smokers. Today, in our country alone, more than thirty percent of the population smokes. The demand for cigarettes is quite high. However, the cigarette business scares off entrepreneurs with high costs.

Tobacco smoking as an engine of demand generates huge profits for tobacco factories. At the same time, a number of entrepreneurs have emerged who specialize in tobacco control. One of the areas in which such entrepreneurs work is the production of "herbal" cigarettes, a kind of alternative to this addiction.

In this regard, we will consider a business idea for the production of nicotine-free cigarettes, and also try to answer the questions whether it is possible to earn money on this in Russia and what are the pros and cons of this startup.

Scientists have derived an empirical relationship, according to which each cigarette smoked reduces life by 7 minutes. “Numerous statistical studies have shown that tobacco addicted people live 5-7 years less than those who do not smoke. This is a 100% result, - says the narcologist Marina Kovalchuk. "At the same time, it is extremely difficult to quit this addiction due to the withdrawal syndrome."

However, a number of experts believe that nicotine addiction can be cheated by offering cigarettes that use other herbs instead of tobacco. It is this ancient principle (and “herbal” cigarettes have been known since the days of Ayurveda!) That served as the basis for alternative smoking.

“Fumigation with juniper smoke was also practiced here, in Russia, in ancient times,” writes the forum member gfhaeu @. - It was believed that in this way evil spirits were expelled. In reality, antibacterial treatment was carried out and the immunity of the patients was toned. True, healers and ritualists did not abuse this. So nicotine-free cigarettes in one form or another have existed since ancient times. "

What do you need to know?

For example, the Indian company Maans Nirdosh, better known under the brand Nirdosh (Nirdosh), has long been specialized in the production and distribution of nicotine-free cigarettes. In particular, they are distributed in Russia under the Tavolga brand. “The composition of these cigarettes speaks for itself,” says Nikita Samoilov, a consumer of these products. - This is St. John's wort, coltsfoot, sage, oregano, horsetail, motherwort, mint and yarrow. I trust these herbs. "

However, there are other opinions. For example, American researchers write that only tobacco has a minimum percentage of tar, and "herbal cigarettes" exceed the permissible limits by 2.5 times. “Lobbyists can also say this,” says Marina Kovalchuk. - I met other information, in particular, the examination of the laboratory of experimental herbal medicine at the Institute of the Brain did not reveal any deviation from the MPC.

How much does it cost to enter this business

One way or another, small firms and even individual entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia are actively involved in the production of these cigarettes. “You need to understand that our legislation contains a constantly updated list of drugs, the production and distribution of which is a criminal offense,” explains lawyer Vasily Erin. - Therefore, an entrepreneur who decides to make money on this should attend to an examination in which it will be written in black and white that his product does not belong to narcotic substances. By the way, laboratories doing such examinations must have a license. "

Igor Malyugin believes that machines for the production of cigarettes will be required for the start. True, you need to correctly orient yourself with the volume of output. For example, equipment PAP 25 (25 cigarettes per minute) worth 35 thousand euros or PAP 100 (100 cigarettes per minute) with a price tag of 55 thousand euros will require significant reserves of medicinal herbs.

“You can find cigarette rolling devices with a capacity of 10 cigarettes per minute,” says the expert. - These are, as a rule, Chinese cigarette production lines, relatively inexpensive. I advise you to start with them. " The expert's analysis shows that a pack of twenty Ayurvedic cigarettes costs 20-30 rubles (with a selling price of 50-70 rubles). It is about using the purchased medicinal herb.

This article will deal with the question: "How to start a cigarette production?" Choosing your business idea is always a time-consuming job that needs to be approached with all seriousness. Within the framework of this article, we will discuss the manufacture of cigarette products. Although at the moment the world market is literally filled with various tobacco brands, you can still make good money on this business. After all, even the world's largest companies once started from scratch, while they also had to fight with other firms. Next, you will learn how to start a cigarette production.

Product's Popularity

Despite all the warnings coming from the Ministry of Health and all government agencies promoting the fight against smoking, cigarettes occupy a leading position in popularity among all products. For example, on the territory of the Russian Federation, the total number of smokers (based on social surveys) is approximately 45 million people.

The tobacco companies are not stopped even by the fact that this business is completely controlled, and that a special excise tax is imposed on it. For those who do not know: the last point increases the total cost of products through additional taxes.

How production works

If you do not focus on individual details of production, then the technology for the production of cigarettes has the following stages: special pre-dried tobacco enters the machine for cutting individual parts, after which the finished product appears at the exit. But now let's take a closer look at everything.

The cigarette making machine itself consists of the following parts: a section for assembling and installing the filter, a mechanism for making an insert (a collar is needed to fill the filter), an assembly for the final complete assembly. But naturally, the production does not end there. For a complete set, it is necessary to additionally purchase automated devices that perform the following actions: packing all manufactured cigarettes into a pack, packaging products in foil (this is a mandatory process), producing a box, wrapping goods in cellophane.

Of course, this is not a complete list of required equipment. There are a number of specific devices that will vary depending on the country of production, the location of the factory and other characteristics. For example, if you intend to manufacture goods on the territory of Russia, then you need to purchase an automatic machine for pasting an excise stamp. It is worth noting separately the production of cigarettes at home. Based on the opinions of most people who have tried this, nothing good will come of it. Even if we discard all the problems with legitimizing this process, the profit comes out scanty.

Equipment cost

Many aspiring entrepreneurs try to bypass this business. Since all the equipment for the production of cigarettes costs a lot of money. At the present time, the approximate cost of all machines for the factory will cost you $ 7 million. Plus to this you need to add the price of the conveyor line, which is 800 thousand dollars.

All these numbers look very frightening, especially for young businessmen. But you can always use alternative options, for example, rent all the necessary funds for production or buy used equipment.

It will cost several times cheaper than the new one, thereby squeezing the start-up capital. Used equipment will also be less risky if the whole tobacco business seems unacceptable to you. As a last resort, you can try to sell all units with minimal losses.


In this article, we'll take a look at the controversial, unpopular and yet highly lucrative filter cigarette business. Despite the efforts of state and non-state funds and institutions to combat smoking, the number of smokers is not decreasing. For example, in Russia the number of smokers is kept at about 44 million people. Even despite the fact that the production of tobacco products in our country is a business controlled and subject to excise taxes, it will still be very profitable.

The currently existing assortment of tobacco products should not confuse you: all the current large cigarette manufacturers started with a tiny segment and developed gradually, withstanding competition from other players. If the newly opened company produces high-quality and inexpensive products, it will also take its own place in the tobacco market.

Cigarette production How do tobacco factories work?

Technically, the production of cigarettes is as follows. Dried and specially prepared leaf tobacco is fed to the tobacco cutting machine, where it is converted into particles of the required fraction.

The actual cigarette-making machine consists of several units: a filter assembly machine, an installation for making an insert (collar) and a unit that collects a cigarette from finished parts and stuffs tobacco into it.

In addition, such production requires a number of additional devices: for packaging cigarettes in foil, for making a pack, for packing cigarettes into packs, and packs in blocks, for cellophane of packs and blocks.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

In addition, according to Russian law, tobacco factories must obligatorily equip each pack with an excise stamp - a separate machine is also required for its labeling.

Filtered Cigarette Production Profitability

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