Change houses production as a business

A change house is a temporary utility room that is used to store tools, implements, equipment, as well as for construction workers. An alternative to the change house is a block container with a metal frame that protects even the worst weather conditions.

Could a change house business be profitable? Where should an entrepreneur start and how much money will he need to invest? Let's consider all the main questions in the article.


The first thing a future entrepreneur should think about is the form in which he will carry out activities. There are two options: activities in the form of an individual entrepreneur (IE) or a limited liability company (LLC).

If you are going to work with legal entities and companies, you should choose the LLC form. If you have not yet fully decided on the sales market and want to start with small production volumes, an individual entrepreneur will do.

For registration, you can contact the MFC at your place of residence. You will need the following documents:

The OKVED code that you indicate during registration is 20.30.2 (Production of prefabricated wooden buildings) - for the production of wooden cabins or 25.11 (Production of building metal structures, products and their parts) for the production of a block -containers.

The decision to register as an individual entrepreneur is made within 10 working days from the date of submission of documents. If defects were found in the documents, they will be sent for revision.

Upon completion of registration, you will receive the following documents:

  • List of entries in the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs (USRIP). This document will confirm the fact of making an appropriate entry in the register on registering you as an individual entrepreneur. It also contains the OGRNIP number and registration date.
  • Statistics codes. You will need this information when opening bank accounts and filling out tax returns. The following statistical codes can be assigned: OKATO, OKTMO, OKFS, OKOPF.
  • Notification of registration with funds. As long as you carry out activities alone, you do not need to do anything - the Pension Fund will register you on its own using the IFTS number. After hiring workers, you must register as an employer with the FIU and the FSS.

IMPORTANT! During production, it is also necessary to take into account SNiP 3. 1. 1–85 "Organization of construction production" and 2. 9. 4–87 "Administrative and domestic buildings", as well as GOST 22853-86 "Mobile buildings (inventory). General technical conditions ".

In this article, we will consider a truly profitable business idea that anyone can launch. And which in the future is capable of bringing significant profits. Next, let's consider the idea of ​​building cabins from cargo containers. And how with a similar business idea to make more than $ 2500 monthly. And if you are interested in how to launch such a business and start making high profits, then read the article to the end, where your insight awaits you.

Concept and model of a business idea for the production of a change house

A change house near a private house will never be superfluous. This is an additional space where you can store garden supplies, store personal belongings, various equipment, etc. There are those who turn the change house into:

  • summer kitchen;
  • temporary hut;
  • bath and sauna;
  • veranda;
  • office;
  • gym;
  • summer and / or guest house;
  • use it as a barbecue area.

And they find many other uses for a small space.

Construction of an additional facility on the site will not always be the best solution. It takes money and a lot of time. Yes, and a stationary structure will always remain in this place. That is why mobile cabins that are created from old shipping containers are in such great demand in the market.

The main idea of ​​your future business is to purchase supported shipping containers that are written off for one reason or another. Then equip them and sell them in the form of ready-made objects, which simply need to be installed on a private territory. This is a fairly simple project that can be implemented with a minimal initial budget. And without much experience in the construction business.

You purchase a container, design its future layout and simply put everything in order. Then find a client and sell him this building. Making a decent profit.

In the West and in Europe, such container cabins are in great demand. In the domestic market, old wagons were often used as temporary housing for builders and other workers. But, if you make a good offer and launch competent advertising, you can earn decent money. And to popularize a new type of cabins in the domestic market. The competition is minimal. Therefore, nothing will prevent you from developing.

Benefits of business in cabins and used sea containers

Change houses are premises for temporary residence and storage of tools. They are used by builders, assemblers, oilmen and representatives of other professions. Modern cabins can be used not only for temporary residence, but also as a first-aid post, security post, mobile office, etc. Recently, such trailers have been replaced by block containers. They are distinguished by the presence of a rigid frame and the ability to combine several modules into one. But "classic" wooden cabins are less expensive, so they are more in demand. The production of change houses as a business, with the right approach to solving this issue, can be a great idea for a stable income.

Organization of a change house manufacturing business

Such products have a highly specialized category of buyers. Most often, these are construction organizations that need comfortable conditions for their personnel engaged in the construction of facilities away from home. The cabins are especially popular in the winter season. When the low temperature imposes special requirements. To increase labor productivity and meet the necessary working conditions, space is required to heat workers.

Modern small townships can be assembled into multi-level buildings and consist of several rooms.

This business is not particularly busy today. The production of construction cabins cannot meet the growing demands for such products. Manufacturing costs are low. Materials are sold at any building base. Therefore, to resolve this issue, it is only necessary to find a place for production and a team of workers.

The construction trailer can be made of wood or metal. Since this is a purely practical thing, it does not differ in design delights or stylish appearance. Much more important is the comfort that it can bring to those who will use this product.

In the production of change houses, they adhere to the requirements and GOSTs of our country. Wooden cabins are cheaper than metal ones, but have a much shorter lifespan. Therefore, a business for the production of wooden trailers can be built on one-time sales. If you want to enter this market for a long time, then take a closer look at metal structures. With the right organization, you can not only produce more durable products, but also make more profit from it. Although the production of wooden cabins can also be considered such a business. It does not require large investments at the initial stage.

The production of change houses as a business consists of the following stages:

  • Market monitoring.
  • Development of the concept of your business.
  • Collecting the necessary documents.
  • Find a room to work.
  • Search and recruitment of personnel.
  • Conclusion of contracts with suppliers of building materials.
  • Purchase the necessary equipment and tools.
  • Advertising and customer search

In addition to building change houses, you can work in the market of modular garden houses. This solution is also very popular today. The trailer will shelter gardeners from the scorching sun or rain. Garden bar cabins can be used not only for temporary residence, but also for storing crops in winter. In addition to the material of manufacture, garden cabins can be decorated externally and have a stylish interior decoration.

What are cabins

The construction business has always been one of the most profitable areas in business. The most unexpected areas of the construction business, the ideas of various small buildings, especially the mobile type, have recently become quite popular. Take, for example, container houses or houseboats - creative projects that find their buyers in our country.

A change house or construction trailer is a frame structure that is used to temporarily accommodate people. It is not a product of designer's imagination, the change house is a purely utilitarian thing. The wagons must comply with the specific requirements given in the GOSTs, where they are referred to as "Inventory Buildings".

There are two fundamentally different types of cabins:

  • wooden frame or panel houses intended for installation in summer cottages;
  • metal frame or block houses, created for permanent moving with one sites to another.

These two types of cabins differ not only in material. The first type of trailers is cheap, but it can be manufactured, sold and installed only once, since it will not be possible to disassemble and transport such a structure without damage. The wooden cabins business is a one-time sale to individuals.

Metal construction trailers are made on the basis of a frame made of channels, on which the walls are hung and insulated. Such a change house is "hardy", it is ready for constant movement. From a business point of view, the opportunities here are wider: you can sell them with higher margins or lease them, which will ensure an even flow of money.

The production of trailers, cabins for any type of consumer should be justified by the results of preliminary analysis and calculations. back to contents ↑

Production technology

Before starting the production of change houses, you need to read the requirements of GOST. First, it will greatly simplify the design process. Secondly, if the clients are construction companies, then they will give preference to those products that are standardized and meet the requirements of fire safety and sanitary standards.

The change house can have a variety of dimensions. According to the standards, it should be equipped with a door that opens outward and at least one window. If the size allows, a vestibule and a bathroom are arranged in it. The project should include a ventilation system and electrification of the trailer. Since the production of change houses is a serial process, it makes sense to order several standard projects at once.

Frame and sheathing

People who have just purchased land for their summer cottage prefer to buy cabins at the first stage before building a house. They are erected in the fields, and in large gardens, and on construction sites for workers and maintenance personnel. The size of a standard room is 6 by 2.3 meters. This area is quite enough for 2 people. Is it possible to base your business on the manufacture of change houses? This article will present you a business plan for the production of change houses.

Project Summary

Change houses are interesting not only for summer residents, but also for construction companies that build up areas far from the city. As soon as you start your business, you need to decide on the sales market (summer residents or construction companies). Both must be present in your area to ensure that there are enough customers.

Change houses are divided into the following types:

  • Construction. More durable, metal structures are used as a frame.
  • For summer cottages. They are usually collected from wood.
  • Composite. Used metal and wood.

Change houses vary in size. For work, it is worth developing several standard projects and offering the service of a unique configuration of the change house.

Special cabins for storing material values ​​can be distinguished into a separate category. They are usually used on construction sites as a warehouse for materials. They have special strength requirements, serious metal doors are installed and so on.

As for the quality, you don't have to be smart and use GOST 22853-86 “Mobile buildings (inventory)”. Here are the basic requirements for the assembly and quality of change houses. However, compliance with GOST is not necessary, you can develop your own specifications if the design is different.


You must register as an individual entrepreneur (if you focus primarily on individuals) or LLC (if on a company). Further, the type of taxation of the STS “income minus expenses” is selected, which allows to reduce the tax base by the amount of expenses that need to be documented.

Since collecting documentation for starting a business is laborious, this work can be entrusted to a specialized company that will collect the necessary papers and permits for the production of change houses.

The costs of opening an LLC, forming the authorized capital and obtaining quality compliance documents will amount to 120 thousand rubles.

Shop preparation

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