Car shampoo production as a business

The number of cars in Russia is growing inexorably, with the growth of motorization of the population, niches for the production of goods for cars are actively developing. Today we will consider a popular business idea, the implementation of which does not require large financial investments and complex business processes - this is the production of car shampoos, a business that allows you to recoup your investment in the shortest possible time and start earning.

From the classic household chemicals that each of us uses when washing dishes, detergents for the car contain more aggressive substances that allow you to wash off various contaminants from the body. Shampoo is purchased on a regular basis by car washes, as well as by car owners who wash their car on their own.

Why is this business attractive?

  • Most of the products are imported from abroad, in Russia the market is not yet fully filled with enterprises producing auto chemicals. The right marketing campaign and you will gain market share.
  • The composition of products and production technology are readily available, the production process takes place in automated equipment.
  • The market for manufacturing equipment is well developed, which allows savings on a limited budget.
  • No large area required for production. It is possible to install compact equipment even in the garage.

Market research

Car shampoo production as a business is a promising direction. But first, you need to conduct a study of this market, and answer the questions:

  • the presence of competitors in the region
  • the presence of demand for detergents for cars
  • the number of car washes and potential customers
  • It is important to note that regardless of the fact that the car market in Russia is developing rapidly, the state of affairs in different parts of our country can be strikingly different, i.e. first study the market, only then make a decision. By studying the demand for auto chemicals, you can establish business relationships with potential wholesale buyers.

    Legal aspects

    Production of car wash shampoo is not subject to compulsory licensing. To start activities, you just need to register an individual entrepreneur or LLC at will, as well as choose the optimal taxation scheme, the next item will be obtaining permission from the fire and sanitary inspection, i.e. the production process is associated with the use of fire hazardous chemical concentrates harmful to human health.

    Car shampoo manufacturing technology

    The range of car shampoos is mostly divided into two types:

    • standard concentrate (diluted 1 in 3 or 1 in 5)
    • reinforced concentrate (diluted up to 1 in 12)
    The composition of a non-contact car shampoo includes demineralized water, chemical concentrates and additives, the ingredients for the production are freely sold and are relatively inexpensive. To develop your own recipe, you need to involve a specialist. To obtain a high-quality shampoo, it is necessary to use the appropriate raw materials, if the shampoo does not fulfill its main function, then such a product will not find its consumer.

    The technological process can be divided into the following stages:

    To keep the car always clean and well-groomed, the owner has to regularly spend money on special cleaning products. This means that the business for the production of auto chemistry has good prospects. The number of motorists is growing, which means that the demand for car cosmetics will always be high.

    Business Organization

    First, you need to draw up a business plan and study the sales market. Find out what products are most in demand, calculate upcoming expenses, including business registration, equipment purchase and projected revenue.

    Registration and licensing

    When opening production with several partners, it is preferable to register an LLC, especially if cooperation with legal entities is planned. If the owner is alone, then you need to open an IP.

    After obtaining a license, it is necessary to conclude a service contract with the utilities and obtain a work permit from the fire department.

    For each product, special specifications must be drawn up. It looks like this:

    If you plan to develop and release your own unique products, you need to develop a trademark and patent the product. It will take no more than 3 thousand rubles to complete all permits.


    Auto cosmetics are best made in industrial areas. In such places, rent will be much cheaper than in the central part of the city. So, on the outskirts of the Russian metropolis, you can rent a suitable room for 20 thousand rubles.

    Premises for the production of auto chemical goods must meet the following requirements:

    • area - not less than 50 sq. .;
    • availability of water supply, sewerage, electricity, heating and ventilation systems;
    • the temperature does not drop below 5 degrees;
    • the room meets fire and sanitary standards; <
    • the area can be divided into a warehouse, production and administrative area;
    • the production part is inaccessible to direct sunlight, which can spoil autochemistry;
    • the presence of a convenient site for the entrance of large Vehicle.

    Wastes that will arise during the production process must not be released into the environment. For the disposal of chemical residues, it is worth renting a room equipped with a sewer collector. In this case, the collector must go to the treatment plant. Otherwise, you will have to regularly call a sewer truck to pump out waste.

    As the number of car owners in Russia increases, so does the demand for goods for cars, as well as for the corresponding service. Car shampoo is a type of product that is in demand both among car owners and at car washes and service stations that are not equipped with their own production line. That is why the production of shampoo for car wash is a highly profitable and promising type of business that requires moderate investments and quickly pays off. You can organize such an enterprise even in a garage, and, at the same time, compete with large manufacturers.

    Benefits of a car shampoo making and selling business

    The production of car shampoos (including non-contact for professional washing) has a number of advantages over other small business options:

    • The demand for automotive products is growing every year, and the enterprise, organized now, will always be able to expand its client base, as needed.
    • The production of non-contact car shampoo does not require special knowledge and skills. The entire production process is automated as much as possible, and the recipe is unchanged. No waste is generated during the manufacturing process of the product.
    • The equipment is universal and, if necessary, on its basis, you can start the production of other mixtures, for example, a glass cleaner or coolant.
    • The production volumes are limited only by the workshop area - the line is easily improved and supplemented with new elements.

    First steps in business

    Having firmly decided to organize a business in the production of car shampoo in Russia, an entrepreneur must do three things: study the market, draw up a business plan and register his business. Registration can be done after purchasing the equipment, but it is better if all the necessary papers and permits are ready in advance.

    Market monitoring is necessary in order to determine the level of demand in a particular region. Further, at the same time as drawing up a business plan, you can begin to establish contact with potential clients and partners. The production of non-contact car shampoo will require the establishment of sales channels in car washes; a more universal shampoo can also be sold at retail to private customers.

    To organize such a business, no special permits and licenses are required, it is enough to open an individual entrepreneur or LLC (depending on the planned scale of the enterprise). In addition, after the organization of the production workshop, it is necessary to pass the checks of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the sanitary inspection.

    Car shampoo production technology

    There are two main types of car detergent mixtures:

    • Non-contact car shampoo;
    • Car shampoo for hand washing.

    The recipe for the mixture for each type is slightly different, but the production line is completely universal, and allows you to produce any of these types on the same equipment.

    Auto business is becoming more and more attractive to entrepreneurs. And this niche does not always mean high costs of starting a business. For example, the production of car shampoos compares favorably with other business ideas in its simplicity. With a competent organization of activities, it is quite possible to reach the break-even point in the shortest possible time.

    Detergents for the car differ in composition from the "standard" household chemicals - they contain more aggressive substances that can remove even strong dirt from the surface of the car. The products are actively used by both car owners and car washes.

    Why is business attractive?

    There are not many enterprises in Russia that produce auto chemical goods. Products that are in demand on the market, if you think over a marketing strategy, will quickly find their customers.

    Simple technology will allow starting a business even for those who studied chemistry only at school. The production process is carried out using automated equipment, which will avoid spending on the payment of salaries to qualified specialists - you can hire employees with professional education. There is a large selection of processing lines on the market - select low cost machines to minimize capital costs. The compact equipment will make it possible to open a mini-enterprise in small areas - even in a garage.

    Where to start?

    Car shampoo production as a business is an attractive direction. But before starting the implementation of the idea, it does not hurt to study the market:

    Are there any similar enterprises in the region? Is there a high demand for detergents for cars? Are there many car washes and potential wholesale buyers of finished products? The Russian car market is developing rapidly. But the state of affairs in this niche can be assessed only by monitoring a specific region!

    In parallel with the market analysis, start looking for wholesale clients. So you will open a shop, having already concluded lucrative contracts with customers. Having finished collecting information, you can start registering a business, searching for premises, purchasing raw materials and equipment.

    Legal business

    Investments: from 918,000 rubles

    Payback: from 9 months

    The booming automotive industry has long attracted the attention of aspiring entrepreneurs. However, most of the activities are associated with significant financial investments. Nevertheless, among all the variety, there are areas that do not require large initial investments, allow you to quickly recoup the start-up costs. For example, the production of car shampoo.

    Business Concept

    The idea of ​​the business is related to the opening and launching of a workshop for the manufacture and sale of shampoos for car washing.

    The main buyers of auto chemicals will be commercial enterprises: car washes, auto parts stores.

    All car shampoos are conventionally divided into two main types:

    • contactless ;
    • for manual washing.

    At the same time, the composition of each mixture is different from each other, but the production technology remains identical. Therefore, for the manufacture of any type of composition, the same equipment is used.

    The technological process includes the following stages:

    • the chemical concentrate is diluted in the required proportions, added to the vacuum reactor;
    • the mixture is heated to obtain the required consistency;
    • ready-made shampoo cooled using a special refrigeration unit;
    • the product is packaged in containers.

    What is required for implementation?

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