Car body craftsmen: how to open a car wrapping and branding business

Investments: from 150 thousand rubles

Payback: from 2 to 4 months

It's common knowledge that car owners love to decorate them with all kinds of stickers. The images used can pursue purely aesthetic goals or express deep thoughts, or they can be an indicator of the status of the driver or passengers. For example, inform about the presence of children in the cabin. Whatever the reason for using them, original stickers are definitely in demand. This means they can become an idea for a profitable business.

Business Concept

A potential client of an enterprise producing and selling stickers is any car owner. The product is not considered expensive, and the buyer's income does not matter. They can be afforded by anyone who wants to update the image of a car, hide damage, celebrate an upcoming holiday or for any other reason. You can sell both pre-made pictures and take individual orders for work.

What is required for implementation?

This business does not require unbearable investments. The main point in preparing for the launch is the selection and purchase of equipment. First of all, a plotter. The size of the stickers directly depends on its functionality. Provide functions not only for printing, but also for cutting. In order to avoid force majeure situations associated with equipment breakdown, it is better to have two plotters of different formats. However, you can get started with one.

For consistent print quality, purchase a plotter continuous ink kit and pigments to avoid refilling old ink cartridges.

To process images, prepare layouts and print labels, you need a personal computer or laptop: powerful enough to ensure the operational work of graphic editors that must be purchased and installed.

Since stickers are images, as a rule, large sizes, finding templates of the desired shape in the public domain is a difficult task. Therefore, refer to the databases of photo banks and download materials for work. But pictures are paid there, so budget money for these purposes.

In addition to dyes, printing consumables include specialty films. They must have increased strength to withstand various weather conditions without peeling or losing their appearance. The same list includes stained glass films and tracing paper. Solvents, degreasers and a tool for pasting images on cars will also come in handy.

Space requirements are minimal. Any spare room or garage can be used if it is heated. A table, chair and shelves for storing materials and products - that's all the furniture you need.

Trailers for cars are a separate dream for many vehicle owners. Thanks to a light trailer, an ordinary car turns into a small truck that can carry up to a ton of payload. Depending on the carrying capacity of the trolley, respectively.

And, as they say - if there is a demand for such trailers, there will be offers from manufacturers. Naturally, many aspiring entrepreneurs have a business idea - how to start the production of light trailers for sale. First of all, they turn to the Internet, where they are faced with a large amount of information. Sometimes wrong. So, the authors of some information sources, especially on social networks, argue that the business of manufacturing trailers is accessible to the forces of one person. Literally, in an ordinary garage. Others, on the other hand, describe production lines and workshop equipment. From which it follows that a business in the production of light car trailers cannot be started in a garage. Where is the truth? As always, in the middle. Hobiz. u will consider and tell the nuances about the organization of such a business production.

The production of car light trailers is quite simple. And, from a technical point of view, it can be started in any garage where it is possible to use the simplest and most affordable equipment.

So, the fundamental production of light trailers is the assembly of ready-made units and elements. To create your own trailer you need: complete wheels - a tire and a car rim; a towing hitch that allows you to put the trailer on the hitch; electrical wiring and lighting - room lighting, 2 rear lights with side lights, brake light and turn signals; chassis or axle with suspension elements. All of this is available commercially. Hobiz will reveal one little secret: even large trailer manufacturers do not invent their own, but use such ready-made elements.

In the next step, the finished elements are hung directly onto the cargo body. The cargo body is the frame and sides of the trailer. Frame - welded according to a preliminary drawing from square pipes. The sides and the floor of the trailer are sheathed with any sheet material - from chipboard to galvanized metal sheet.

That is, as the reader sees the hobiz. y, technically, such a production can really be organized in any garage by one or more locksmiths and welders. According to a rough estimate, one person is able to assemble a full-fledged light trailer with his own hands in the garage in 20-30 days.

That is, the part of the experts who claim that the production of trailers in the garage is possible are partly right. The production of caravans itself is only a small part of this manufacturing business. And here the first nuance arises, which the hobiz warned about at the beginning of the article.

The first nuance of the business on car trailers - the business of manufacturing light trailers cannot be considered as such if there are no state certificates (passports) for the manufactured products. The reason lies in the laws of the Russian Federation.

A light car trailer is part of a vehicle, which means it must be approved for use on public roads. The admission is handled by the local traffic police, which has the necessary powers. Any light car trailer is registered as a new vehicle and receives state registration numbers. Therefore, a newly registered vehicle, which is a trailer, must have a documentary justification for obtaining state registration plates and documents. What are they and how do I get them?

State registration of homemade trailers is reduced to two simple, but very capacious steps.

Step # 1. Having assembled your own car trailer, the garage manufacturer must contact the MREO of the traffic police at the place of residence with an application for registration of the homemade product. MREO issues a referral to undergo an examination in a specialized accredited laboratory that carries out certification tests of specific types of products in the Certification System of motor vehicles and trailers. This examination is paid.

Investments: from 130,000 rubles

Payback: from 1 month

Any business related to cars always brings a good income if everything is organized correctly. The idea of ​​replacing car glass will significantly improve the financial condition without huge investments. Let's consider a detailed plan of action.

Business Concept

The main client of such a business service is car owners, for whom the condition of the car is extremely important. Replacement of glasses, as a rule, is necessary after any road accident, mechanical damage (falling heavy objects, etc.) or during general tuning.

The main thing is correct advertising and an excellent place for the service. It is not at all necessary to choose the city center. It is important that there is good transport accessibility, proximity to the highway.

What is required for implementation?

To implement a business, you need a rented service for several cars, a good mechanic, and proper marketing. For all this, you need to hire a team of specialists. As for the service, a great option is the trails in the direction of summer cottages or apartment complexes. A lot of cars pass along such roads every day and, unlike long-distance highways, car owners pay attention to services due to long traffic jams. In the future, if necessary, they will know who to contact.

On average, you will need a room for 2-3 cars with an office for the administrator. If we consider proposals for the capital and the region, then such a place can be rented thousands for 100.

Step-by-step startup instructions

Financial settlements

Starting capital

The business of pasting the car body with vinyl and branding "golden mountains" is unlikely to bring in, for that a stable income in this niche of the auto business is possible even with a small initial investment.

Vinyl film is a versatile material that allows you not only to radically change the appearance of the car, but also to protect the paintwork from chips and scratches. Vinyl wrapping of the body is offered as an accompanying service by various tuning studios, but recently there are more and more companies that professionally deal only with this area.

The demand for vinyl covering of body elements (Western tuners call this area Car Wrapping - literally "car packaging") is growing from year to year, while the market is still far from saturation.

Don't think that only fans of bright tuning will become your clients. You can also make money on more prosaic projects. For example, a vinyl atelier can meet the needs of various corporate clients for branding vehicles. Printing on vinyl, combined with plotter cutting of the material, can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers with complex orders.

A couple more words directly about the material itself. Many treat the film as something short-lived, but in fact, the life of not even the top-end vinyl is about 5-7 years. However, if the decorative trim of the body gets tired over time, nothing prevents you from peeling it off - of course, without damaging the color of the car.

First Steps

So where to start when opening a vinyl wrapping service? For starters, we strongly recommend that you take your time and practice by getting a job at other ateliers. By the way, now some Moscow companies even specially conduct training seminars for start-up entrepreneurs - they cover in detail the entire technological process and the nuances associated with gluing vinyl film.

After gaining experience, you can register your business. The best option would be to open an individual entrepreneur using a simplified tax form. As for the activity code according to the OKVED classifier, it will be the same as for the usual "paint brushes": 45. 0. Maintenance and repair of cars. This includes maintenance, repair of electrical equipment, repair of tires, their installation and replacement, including adjustment and balancing of wheels, mechanical repairs (engines, suspensions, steering, brakes, etc.), repair of bodies and their components (doors, locks, windows), including staining.

Room selection

To organize a vinyl wrapping atelier, you will need a well-lit heated box for 1-2 cars. The average rental price on the commercial real estate market is about 20,000 rubles. It is optimal if the neighboring tenants also work in the auto business - service station, detailing, car wash.

Purchase of consumables and equipment

Most vinyl film manufacturers offer a choice of samples with the entire palette, so at first you will have to buy only the most popular color solutions - gloss black and mat, carbon-like films and white pearl.

Now a little about the most popular vinyl producers:

If you have a personal car and a desire to earn money, this is enough to start your own business in a self-employment format. In this collection you will find 10 ideas that require a minimum of money and time to implement.

Courier Services

Today, many companies require couriers, which they prefer to attract from outside. This is done in order to save money. Advertisements for the search for an employee with his car can be easily found on the Internet. To contact the employer, it is enough to call the indicated number. Another way to search for orders is through special services (Dostavista and YouDo), which help the courier and the customer find each other.

The essence of making money is simple: you deliver parcels or correspondence by your car, and the employing company pays full fuel costs and provides a fixed income.

The advantage of a business is a flexible schedule and the possibility of part-time work. For example, you can deliver during your free time from your main job. The disadvantage is that the courier is responsible for shipping. If, for some reason, something happens to the cargo or you do not have time to deliver it on time, the costs will "hit" your pocket.

How is the work paid? Some companies set an hourly wage for the courier, while others prefer to hire an employee for a long-term period. Payment for your work is 100 - 150 per hour. By simple calculations, we find that in 3-4 hours of work you can earn up to 600 rubles. If you work in this mode for 20 days a month, the profit will be 12,000 rubles.

An important requirement for a courier is punctuality and responsibility. This will allow you to deliver orders on time and not receive a late penalty. If punctuality is not about you, then it is better to choose another idea.

Balloon delivery

Investments: from 20 thousand rubles

Today helium balloons are in great demand, being a frequent element of festive decoration. They are bought for birthdays, weddings and other holidays to decorate the premises.

If you have your own car, you can organize a balloon delivery business. The advantage of this format is the savings in renting premises. Moreover, even in the absence of orders, you will not suffer such losses as, for example, when renting a retail outlet. Another advantage is the small start-up capital. You only need to buy a helium bottle and the balloons themselves. This will have to spend no more than 20 thousand rubles. All this can be safely stored at home, and the business can be promoted through social networks. First, you will attract customers, then word of mouth will start working for you. You can buy balls at wholesalers in your city, from Russian suppliers through online stores or from Chinese suppliers.

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