Candle making

Making candles at home as a business is a rather original and profitable idea. But in order to implement it, it is necessary to initially plan and think over the concept, strategy and plan for the start and development of the company in order to avoid unnecessary expenses and problems.

In order not to face the same problems, it is advisable to foresee all possible risks and reserves already at the planning stage.

First, you still need to master the technology in its most elementary form. Not as a business, but for yourself. See what happens, how aesthetically attractive and practical the product is. Then - to plan the organizational and legal aspects of the case.

Finding a room

If you have a high-quality exhaust and ventilation system, you won't even need a refrigerator, the goods will remain intact. And the storage area should be at least 5-6 square meters in order to evenly scatter the candles, not allowing them to join, pressing each other with a mass. It is good to install racks, they will allow you to use not only the area, but also the height, expanding the possibilities of the room.

If there are candles for confectionery products in the assortment, it is worth disinfecting surfaces with special solutions for the kitchen several times a day.

Important points of taxation of this business

Initially, it is possible not to register a business, working as a craftsman. At the same time, at the end of the year, before April 1 of the next year, you should fill out and submit a tax return in the form of 3-NDFL to the IFTS.

The law permits the use of the accelerated methodology for leased equipment. Also, expenses include the price of purchased raw materials net of VAT (if purchased from a VAT payer). Sometimes it is advisable to choose such a tax regime as UTII. If the planned revenue exceeds the costs by 2 or more times, UTII will become a more profitable system.

Simultaneously with the registration with the tax office, the entrepreneur must register with the Pension Fund and statistics authorities. The fines for failure to provide statistical information today are quite high - several tens of thousands of rubles.

Purchase of equipment and raw materials


Candles have been in demand at all times. Today, decorative items used to decorate the interior are of the greatest interest. However, household and table candles also have their customers. The business associated with the production of these products will be highly profitable and will not require large investments.

How to start a candle business

Such a niche is relevant, and everyone can occupy it, subject to a competent approach to opening a project. First of all, it is necessary to develop a detailed business plan, which will contain all the calculations.

There are three options for organizing production, differing in the amount of start-up investments and the scale of production:

  • Home production is a simple and practically cost-free way. In this case, you will not need to hire staff and rent premises. The costs will consist only of the purchase of raw materials and advertising for product promotion. However, in this way it is impossible to produce large volumes of candles, since it does not provide for the availability of the necessary equipment. This means that the number of finished products for daily sale will not exceed 50 pieces.
  • Mini-production. Unlike a home business, this venture will be able to generate much more profit. For production, you will need a separate room, which at first will be a garage. The production of candles here can be carried out both manually and on special equipment. In this case, the items of expenditure will expand, as the costs of equipping and renting premises will increase. It should be taken into account that small production facilities will not be able to organize the production of the entire assortment due to low capacities.
  • Full-scale enterprise. This option involves the release of products in large volumes with a wide assortment, including all types of candles. In this case, you will need a substantial amount of start-up capital for renting or purchasing production space and purchasing equipment. Launching a project will require significant efforts and material costs, but over time, the business will bring good and stable profits.

Each of the three options for the candle business must be registered with a government agency.


For the registration of production, it is recommended to choose the form of individual entrepreneur, and as a taxation system - STS with a rate of 6% of income. If the company plans to work with VAT, then it will be necessary to apply the general taxation system.

  • preparation of the required package of documents;
  • appeal to the Federal Tax Service;
  • choice of tax burden;
  • indication in the documents OKVED code;
  • Obtaining a certificate of registration with the tax authority.

The procedure will require:

  • passport ;
  • INN ;
  • application for registration (form Р21001);
  • receipt of payment of state duty in the amount of 800 rubles.

Candle production: how to make a candle at home + register an individual entrepreneur + premises for a candle factory + purchase of equipment + whether you need to hire staff + which candles are most profitable to produce + where to sell products + profitability of the candle business.

Candles can not only help out when the electricity is cut off in the house, but also give a special comfort to the house, set it up for romance and relaxation. This is not the most necessary product on the Russian market, but, nevertheless, there is and will be demand for it.

Moreover, sometimes this product is simply swept off the shelves. For example, as soon as the media spread another duck in 2021 about the end of the world, people rushed to buy candles en masse.

You can create your own candle production from scratch - both at home and open a small factory. A big plus: candles are durable, so don't worry about spoiling your product.

How to make candles at home?

If you are just trying yourself in this niche, then you should first try to make a candle at home.

Most of the materials for this are at hand, so there is no need to make large investments at the initial stage.

What you need to make a candle at home:

  • Candle mold (cost - from 300 rubles). They come in metal, silicone and plastic. Based on the material of the mold, the price will vary.
  • The wick costs, on average, 9 rubles. for 1 meter.
  • Dye or colored sand (from 50 rubles per 200 grams).
  • Paraffin (from 100 rubles per 1 kg).
  • Aluminum pans of different sizes - 2 pieces.
  • Stove.
  • Thermometer.

As soon as we have purchased all the necessary equipment for making candles at home, we start preparing them:

Minimum start-up capital

Making decorative candles can create a home business. To start, you need a minimum of skills and an amount of up to 10 thousand rubles. This is an option for those who love handicrafts and want to make money on creativity.

Making decorative candles is a great option for a home business. If you love handicrafts, but are still a beginner in entrepreneurship, then this idea will come in handy. Making candles does not require specific knowledge, large investments and is within the power of anyone who has imagination, a creative streak and a desire to make money. You don't need complicated machines and equipment. The experience of other entrepreneurs shows that an investment of a maximum of 10 thousand rubles will be required to start. Much more important in this business is hard work and the ability to make not just a candle, but an original product that the buyer will like.

Manufacturing technology and materials used in candle making are available to everyone. The main task is to find the niche that will bring you profit. There are more than enough people who want to decorate the house and add coziness to it today. See the variety of candles sold in stores: scented, curly, and even gel. Moreover, decorative candles are used not only in the interior. These can be wedding candles or cake decorating. For a long time, decorative candles have been an important attribute of the New Year holidays. In general, there is a demand for this product - the main thing is to come up with an original offer in order to stand out in the market.

How to start a candle making business

At the start, you need to decide which candles you will make. It is better to start with paraffin wax, as it is the easiest to work with. The technology is simple: melt the paraffin, add flavors, dyes and salt to it, and then pour into the mold and insert the wick into the mixture. Having mastered the technology of making paraffin candles, you can start mastering more complex things - making wax, glycerin, stearic candles or candles with a colored flame.

Each candlestick material has its advantages. Paraffin, for example, is the cheapest and most unpretentious raw material. Beeswax is an environmentally friendly, natural product that emits a delicate pleasant aroma when burned. Candle gel is a soft and pliable material that allows you to experiment with shape and content. So it's a matter of choice and personal preference. Give preference to the material with which it will be most interesting for you to work.

There are many types of decorative candles now. Each of them have their own pros and cons. For example, it is not recommended to burn paraffin candles in a living room. When paraffin burns, it releases many harmful chemical compounds.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

Candles are now more often considered as an element of decorating houses and establishments or an original gift. In Russia, the demand for this product is high and, according to forecasts, will grow. So candle making is an interesting business idea with little investment.

How to properly organize a business, what to take into account, what profit you can get - we will tell about all this in our business plan.

What kind of candles can you make at home?

Several types of candles are sold in Russia:

  • Canteens, household. Ordinary candles, for the production of which inexpensive materials are used.
  • Church. They are divided into several subspecies: for parishioners, service, patriarchal, Easter, deacon. Sells well in and around temples, churches. They can be of various shapes and colors, and are composed of wax.
  • Decorative. They look bright, unusual and very original. Various materials are used in production. They are much more expensive - manual labor is required for their production, the image of the product is created by the designer. Such candles are used to decorate premises, restaurants, and are presented for holidays.
  • Aromatic. During burning, they spread soft, unobtrusive aromas. This is accomplished by adding essential oils to the molten mixture.

Business Relevance and Brief Market Analysis

In most regions of Russia, candles have not been used as a light source for a long time, but in other areas they remain in demand. Candles are needed for religious ceremonies of different denominations, as a gift and an element of interior decoration.

More than a dozen large candle manufacturers work in Russia: SOFRINO, Omsk Candle Plant, Svechnoi Dvor, Veresk Plus. In addition to them, there are dozens of smaller enterprises and private craftsmen.

Even though there are many participants in the market, the entrance for new manufacturers is open. According to experts, the demand for candles in the country will continue to grow, and by 2023, within the framework of the baseline forecast, will grow by 7%.

Candle making technology

Standard candle manufacturing technology (injection molding) consists of several stages.

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