Business plan of an innovative project: structure and features

An innovative enterprise involves the development and practical application of new methods, the creation of profitable products and services. Innovative approaches are subdivided into progressive, substantial, radical. The list of the largest innovative companies includes Salesforce, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, VMware, ARM Holdings, Tesla, Amazon, etc.

Definition of innovation and main types of innovation

Innovation is the final result of effective developments and is presented in the form of a new or changed technology for manufacturing a market product used in the practical spheres of economics, science, industry, etc. The concept also includes the improvement of technological processes and services. An important condition is the receipt of income from the efficiency of innovation processes.

The concept of innovation consists of components:

  • creativity (the ability to generate new ideas);
  • strategy (determining the benefits of an idea for the development of the company);
  • implementation (development and patenting, product release, profit making).

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In accordance with the implementation result, an innovation is distinguished:

  • product ;
  • process ;
  • strategy.

Improvement of products and services is the result of the implementation of a program to improve quality, reduce production times. Innovation technologies bring profit to the enterprise and reduce costs.

Improving the process leads to increased profitability, productivity, employee salaries, etc. The direction includes the practical application of improved methods that reduce the cycle of the production process, transportation, and unification of services.

Every company that wants to be successful in the long term needs an innovation management system so that innovation is not random. Innovation management forms the structure and conditions for the innovation potential to be systematically identified, ideas formed, and then successfully implemented.

The scope of innovation management depends on the size of the company. Usually small and medium businesses do not have explicit innovation processes and roles, but are presented in traditional structures or only as a separate project. A relatively large company already needs its own innovation management to promote ideas and innovations.

steps to implement innovation management

Let us recall what steps should be taken to create an innovation management system.

The innovation process defines the management of an idea from a strategic search to a successful launch on the market and its transfer to operational management. This is the heart of innovation management.

Innovation management system Increasing the efficiency of innovations

The five steps above are the first step in a living innovation management process. Key elements of this process:

  • Forecasting and Trends
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Brainstorming and Research
  • Innovation Process Management
  • Project Management
  • Innovation Culture
  • Supporting processes such as crowdsourcing and open innovation, knowledge management, intellectual property management.

The goal is to create these elements in innovation management and continually modify and optimize them. At the same time, the goal is always to increase innovation potential.

success factors of innovation management implementation

Making fundamental mistakes or not making important decisions in the early stages of innovation management implementation can cause problems throughout the innovation process. Therefore, organizations should pay attention to the following success factors:

Innovative production is characterized by the use of forms and methods of development aimed at reducing costs and optimizing production management. The effectiveness of a systematic approach depends on taking into account the trend of the world market, the dynamics of production processes, the concept and type of innovative behavior.

Application of innovative technologies in business

The introduction of improved developments allows you to increase profits while organizing production while reducing costs. Innovative technologies as an element and a decisive factor in the company's strategy are aimed at ensuring stability of development and maximum efficiency.

The development of the world market and the growth of competition requires the creation of products that will be in demand among buyers. Therefore, an important role in the implementation of developments belongs to entrepreneurs who have the exclusive right to the secret of production (know-how).

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The transition of production to the use of advanced developments is associated with a change in its organization. Business development trends are based on quick payback and ensure the rise of the enterprise to a higher level of development.

When selling innovative products, energy costs are reduced, quality and compliance with environmental standards are improved. Scientifically grounded technologies are being introduced into the production of small enterprises engaged in the production of construction materials, the cultivation and processing of agricultural products, and the provision of services.

In business management, ideas are used that radically update management practices and are aimed at optimization in order to gain competitive advantages.

Where to find ideas for innovative technologies for production?

Technical or external changes to products, in contrast to innovations, do not affect the properties of the product. Therefore, when characterizing phenomena and production processes, innovative and traditional development groups are distinguished.

New technologies in business are based on creative solutions, using economically sound methods. Innovative processes are implemented in the manufacturing sector. Their development belongs to sectoral scientific enterprises that are studying the prospect of introducing changes taking into account social needs.

If you have an innovative idea, you need to format it accordingly. Of course, if this is not just a fantasy, but really an innovation that will be in demand on the market, which means it will make a profit. This can be the opening of a new business or the introduction of something in an existing production. But in either case, it will be necessary to draw up a business plan.

What is a business plan for an innovative project

To start any business, you need a project. The document in which it will be described from all sides is the business plan. All the points are briefly stated here: from the purpose of the innovation to the financial justification of its implementation and the risks that are possible during implementation. Such a document is necessary for all interested parties and, above all, for those who have conceived the introduction of innovation. It allows you to understand how appropriate it is.

Aims and objectives of the compilation

Business plan is a predictable model, it is not concrete yet. But without it, it is impossible to assess the pros and cons of the project.

The main purpose of the document is to substantiate from all sides the perspectives conceived by the authors.

To do this, you need to solve the following tasks:

  • study the sales market related to the products that you plan to release;
  • analyze the upcoming costs;
  • determine the potential profitability of the business; <
  • examine possible implementation difficulties.

Thanks to such work, it will become clear whether it is worth investing in the planned business. In addition, if the plan is approved, it can easily be used to develop a program of specific actions for the implementation of the project.

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Business plan structure

This document is not regulated by law. Each developer approaches its compilation as he sees fit, taking into account the nuances of the project. However, there are sections that you cannot do without:

  • Summary. Here you need to briefly highlight everything that will be described in the document. This section immediately introduces the project - its purpose, product, implementation timeline, costs and effectiveness, the area of ​​use of the results. Since it contains the totals of the remaining sections, it is drawn up last.
  • Project team. If this is a new business, you must specify who is the initiator of the creation, who is part of the organization team. If it is an operating company or enterprise, complete information is given about them. It is important to emphasize what the company has already achieved, what prospects exist. Be sure to provide information about the financial condition of the company. If it is a joint-stock company, indicate the data on shares, controlling stake.
  • Project object - products. These may be innovative products or services that need to be described. Complete information is indicated so that you can visually present the product and understand its purpose. For this, photographs, models or a prototype are suitable. It also provides data on the range of consumers of the product, projected demand, pricing policy.
  • Sales market and marketing strategy. It reflects the results of the analysis of the market where the offered products will be sold. It is obligatory to indicate data about competitors in order to understand how to get around them, what advantages the company has that has developed a new project. For this, a marketing plan is given, that is, information on how to resolve issues related to the distribution and promotion of a product or service.
  • About the manufacturing process. The main part of this section is a description of the production technology. It also indicates all available capacities and what will need to be purchased. Provides information on labor resources, personnel qualifications, supply system at the enterprise, the level of marriage.
  • Organizational plan. First of all, the already existing organization structure at the enterprise is indicated here. It can be presented in the form of a diagram, where the relationships between all the links are built. To it, a decoding is given about the duties performed, the degree of agreement between employees. If there are vacancies, they must be reported. If a business is only planned to be created, a proposed scheme is given. The second part of the section is a concrete plan for the implementation of a new project. Here are the exact dates of implementation in each paragraph.
  • Financial plan. This section provides projected costs and revenues for the new project. Accordingly, a balance is drawn showing the effectiveness of the innovation. Information should be provided on the cost of the product, the cost of its implementation, the profitability of the project.
  • Investment plan. This section is needed if you plan to attract investors. Here it is necessary to describe in detail what amounts will need to be invested, and where the money will be directed. The percentage of profit set for the investor is also indicated.
  • Risks and their elimination. To make it clear to the investor how much he risks by investing in the project, all the moments that can contribute to this are analyzed. This section provides an assessment of the risks and how to eliminate them. Business insurance reduces the risk.


The basis of transparent concrete, or "illumicon" in a scientific way, is an optical fiber, which is combined with a fine concrete mixture. This building material is used for the manufacture of walls, partitions, countertops, doors, biofireplaces and many other objects.

This concrete is not called transparent for nothing - it has a very high light transmission, which does not depend on the thickness of the sheet.

The rooms, decorated with an illumicon, acquire a fashionable modern look. How to organize the production of transparent concrete from scratch - read below.

Stages of implementation of this business idea

Making an illumicon isn't really that difficult. The production line is easy to maintain and a large number of highly qualified personnel is not required. Let's consider the main stages of organizing this business:

An excellent way to promote your business will be to establish friendly relations with famous designers and architects, so that they “PR” your company for a fee.

Investments and income

Organization and launch of a production workshop for the production of transparent concrete will cost a pretty penny to an entrepreneur. The main items of expenditure are as follows (the figures are relevant for the Central Federal District at the beginning of 2021):

  • Rent of a workshop and purchase of equipment - 1,500,000 rubles.
  • Staff recruitment and training - 350,000 rubles.
  • Creation, optimization and promotion of a site, as well as groups in social networks - 100,000 rubles.
  • Large-scale advertising campaign - 50,000 rubles.
  • Purchase of raw materials, which include fine-grained cement, various colors, marble chips, optical fiber - 500,000 rubles.

As a result, at the initial stage of the business, the businessman's bank account will "lose weight" by about 2.5 million rubles.

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