Business plan for packaging production

Investments: from 850 thousand rubles

Payback: from 3 months

Today, 80% of exported and imported goods are transported in cardboard boxes. It is lightweight, environmentally friendly and recyclable. Therefore, the carton box business is very profitable.

Business Concept

The essence is to open the production of cardboard boxes, which will be sold to various plants and factories. The advantage is that you do not need to sell your products by the piece, you need to find several large customers to whom the entire product will be sold. It can be confectionery factories, wine and vodka factories and any other enterprises in the food industry. Manufacturers of equipment and electronics also need cardboard boxes.

What is required for implementation?

Best of all, this business, of course, will work in large cities, where it is easy to find a potential client. But if in a small town there are enterprises that produce and sell their own goods, then it will be more profitable for them to purchase cardboard boxes from you than to order in another city.

The main costly step in the implementation of a business idea is the arrangement of the premises and the purchase of the necessary equipment and raw materials.

The hardest thing is to find a room that meets the following requirements:

  • average area 100 sq. m for machines and 50 sq. m for a warehouse;
  • air temperature in the room + 18 degrees, in the warehouse +5, humidity - 80%;
  • the room must be absolutely dry, protected from moisture.

The next step is purchasing equipment. The manufacturing process itself consists of the following stages:

  • sheet cutting;
  • printing on cardboard;
  • making box shapes;
  • gluing containers.

This requires the following equipment:

In many areas of industry, plastic containers are used - this is the most inexpensive and convenient way to pack food, medicines, hygiene products, toys. This means that entrepreneurial activity in this direction can become highly profitable. To start a business, one has to find a suitable premises, buy equipment for the production of plastic containers, and study the technology. The Russian market is not overflowing with offers, so newcomers have every chance to take a solid position in this segment. A small enterprise, if you establish distribution channels, will very soon begin to bring consistently high profits.

To minimize any financial markets, analyze the sales market in a specific region. Are there many competitors? Can you find wholesale buyers? Where will you buy raw materials? Having drawn up a detailed business plan for the production of plastic containers and packaging, you will be able to calculate costs and plan further activities.

Initial investment - 3,000,000 rubles.

Market saturation - medium.

Difficulty starting a business - 6/10.

Registration of a business for the production of containers

Start by registering a business. In this case, it will be more convenient to register the activity in the form of an LLC - so it will be possible to establish cooperation with wholesale buyers and suppliers of raw materials.

Selecting OKVED, choosing the form of taxation, drafting the charter of a future company - the procedure for registering an LLC is rather complicated. And in order to save yourself from running around in instances, it is better to entrust the case to lawyers.

Decide on the product range

The production and sale of plastic containers as a business is a profitable direction. But in order to minimize financial risks and not open the 10th plant in the region, analyze a specific sales market. Plastic containers are different. Start the production of one in which nearby industrial enterprises are interested - this will reduce transport costs for the delivery of finished products, and you will be sure that the entire volume of the manufactured container will go to customers.

Interested in purchasing plastic containers:

It is always better to accompany the discussion of the attractiveness of a business idea with real examples. I asked a friend of mine to comment on the widespread belief that packaging is a profitable business at all times.

The owner of the packaging materials company, who started his business in 2021, told the truth about how he managed to build and keep the business.

Is it possible to earn money on making packaging

We start by answering the question whether it is possible to earn money on the manufacture of packaging materials.

Without a long description of all the nuances of doing business in the Russian economy, we will answer: YES, the production of packaging brings a stable and high profit.

But there are conditions under which it will be profitable:

  • if there is a steady demand for products, regardless of the season;
  • if the company is profitable, and the monthly net profit is at least 10%.

These two factors are fundamental, they guarantee the sustainability of the new project.

There are other important nuances:

  • The production of packaging materials is a costly project that requires significant initial investment. The payback period is from 20 to 40 months, subject to stable demand and profitability. If there are no sales prospects in the future, at best the entrepreneur will recoup the investment. In the worst-case scenario, he will face large losses.
  • When choosing exclusive packaging as your main product, you need to have firm sales guarantees. In an unstable economic situation, premium brands and non-essential goods are the first to suffer. People will save on packaging for gifts, and this will immediately affect the company's income.
  • Having given preference to simple packages that are constantly in demand in trade and industry, one must be prepared for tough competition. Marketing and financial plans should contain activities (and costs for them) for the promotion of products in a "busy" region.

To summarize: it is possible to make money on the manufacture of packaging, but the amount of profit will depend on many parameters, including the economic situation.

What kind of packaging can be produced

When making any purchase, the buyer always pays attention to the packaging. The packaging protects the goods from mechanical damage, dust, moisture, etc. The quality and pleasant appearance of the packaging creates the impression that the purchased product matches. Is it possible to make money on this? The article will describe for you a business plan for the production of packaging.

Project Summary

Consider an example of a business for the production of plastic containers for dairy products: sour cream, yoghurt, etc.

In the Russian Federation, the production of packaging materials, especially plastic containers, is very poorly developed. The packaging imported from abroad is expensive, and its cost can ultimately be up to half the price of the goods. It follows that the niche for the production and sale of packaging is currently developing and the competition is relatively low.

You can open a business in any city where there are milk processing plants. This will ensure standing orders, i.e. the population constantly purchases dairy products.


To start your own business, you need to register as a legal entity. For this, registration as an individual entrepreneur or LLC is suitable. In the process of registration, we select the taxation system (STS "income" or STS "income minus expenses"). We recommend the 2nd taxation option, i.e. the tax base will be reduced by documented production costs.

You will need to develop or purchase a finished technical specification for your products.

For registration, it is better to contact a specialized organization. The total cost will be about 110 thousand rubles.

Finding a room

Industrial equipment is required, which means that it needs a 380V supply network. Because of this, you need to look for a building in a production area with communications installed. You will need a room of approximately 90-110 sq. m. This area will house equipment and a warehouse. The monthly rent will be approximately 50-60 thousand rubles.

Equipment purchase

Let you decide to open the production of plastic containers. To do this, you will need to buy a thermo-packing machine, a compressor, molds for the products that you will produce.

Initial investments for organizing the production of blister and hard plastic packaging will amount to about 200 thousand dollars. The payback period is from two to four years.

The production of plastic packaging is considered the most promising direction - it occupies over a third of the market, only slightly yielding the position of packaging made of paper and cardboard. In plastic packaging, goods are better protected from damage and damage, and they look more elegant, therefore, it is easier to sell them.

Rigid plastic packaging is mainly purchased by enterprises producing food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, hygiene products, and household chemicals. The scope of application of another type of packaging - blister - is even wider: you can pack almost everything in it, from toothbrushes and toys to car parts.

Packaging Business Profitability

The profitability of the packaging business is based on three pillars - the circulation of the ordered packaging, the cost of the blister mold and raw materials.

Much also depends on the efficiency of equipment and organization of work. Some metropolitan companies reduce production costs by locating workshops in the Moscow region, where the lease of production space is 15-20% cheaper.

The only article that is difficult to save on is salary. There are few toolmakers, mold makers and molding equipment adjusters in the labor market, and there is only one way to attract and retain such personnel - a good salary.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

Experts believe that optimization of all costs can double the profitability of production - from the standard 20% to 40%.

Problems of raw materials base for the packaging business

Plastic packaging is made of polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and some other polymeric materials - thermoplastics. The basis for their production is oil, the prices of which are constantly growing, which affects the increase in the cost of polymer raw materials (granulates).

Another problem is the lack of quality consumables.

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