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In this case, it is necessary to take into account the entire conjuncture of the construction market, to study all fluctuations in demand and cost of products. It is also necessary to provide for all seasonal nuances, economic conditions and the saturation of such a market with products from other manufacturers. It should be constantly remembered that the production of materials for construction has always been and remains a very profitable business, even with a decrease in the pace of industrial and residential construction. According to experts, the share of small and medium-sized businesses in the production of such materials is at least 17% of the total industrial volume. The main types of such products, which are manufactured by representatives of small businesses, are polymer, wall materials or various reinforced concrete or other structures.

Choosing your niche in the production of building products

Starting a business in this direction, an entrepreneur needs to understand that for the production of building materials, several important conditions are necessary. First, you need to choose your niche in the total amount of materials for construction. To do this, you need to study all business ideas for the production of building materials and opt for the direction you like. Secondly, in order to carry out production activities in the field of construction, it is necessary to have premises and appropriate equipment. Thirdly, having studied the market conditions for such products, it is necessary to organize and establish sales of your products. Fourthly, you need to constantly monitor fluctuations in the building materials market, and be always aware of the latest technological developments and novelties.

For the production of building materials, an entrepreneur can choose any niche, but at the same time take into account the available funds. For those who start their business from scratch, an interesting direction for the production of thermal blocks is offered. Such products have recently won their consumer demand, and are one of the materials for construction in demand on the market. When drawing up a business plan for the production of thermal blocks, it is also necessary to take into account the possibilities of cooperation with companies engaged in individual residential and industrial construction. It will be useful to envisage the possibility of expanding the existing range of products.

Description of building material

Modern construction technologies and methods of installation work have allowed the use of innovative materials. Thermal blocks are a striking representative of this class of products. They are used in the construction of houses, various outbuildings that need insulation. Thermal block construction is becoming more and more popular due to a significant increase in labor productivity in the construction of frame structures. The high rates of construction and installation work when using thermal blocks leads to a decrease in the cost per square meter of the structure being built. At the same time, the prime cost is reduced by about 40% compared to similar brick buildings. And the existing holes in the thermal blocks can be used for the installation of communications and fittings.

If we talk about the construction of thermal houses, then it is quite lightweight, but at the same time durable, since the concrete will be protected by a layer of expanded polystyrene, and the impact of the external environment will not have such a destructive effect. And if we compare the indicators for thermal and sound insulation, then they are higher, and much exceed such parameters of brick and concrete structures. With such advantages, thermal blocks are in high demand among consumers, and are successfully sold in the construction markets.

Setting up a business for the production of thermal blocks

Important: If an entrepreneur decided to organize his own business, which is associated with the production of thermal blocks, then he will definitely need a room and special equipment.

There are currently a sufficient number of proposals for the supply of such equipment and supply of its component materials. The only decision that the future manufacturer must make is to determine the planned volume of products and their financial capabilities. Of course, it is necessary to start with small production volumes, with the use of a minimum of equipment, but the calculation is based on the future expansion of production.

Economists make disappointing forecasts. Even top officials from the Government report a decline in GDP and expect an increase in unemployment. Meanwhile, nothing special is happening. Whatever the root causes of the current Russian crisis, market economies are cyclical. You can read about this, for example, in "Capital" by Karl Marx. And always - even in the most difficult times - there were enterprising people who successfully solved personal financial problems at this time.

“First of all, you need to decide on an idea, the implementation of which will bring income,” advises Igor Malyugin, an expert on startups. "True, this must be done taking into account reality." According to him, those entrepreneurs who will be able to offer cheaper and higher quality products will win. Of all types of goods, even with a downturn in business, building materials are of particular interest. But is it possible to start the production of building materials if only a personal garage or a courtyard in the country is available from the production area, and at the same time "finances are singing romances"? Let's try to answer this question.

Will there be demand?

You can find a great variety of such sad posts on the Internet. All of them are united by the need for cheap wall or finishing building materials for low-rise construction. “The demand for wall stones will persist if prices remain at last year's level or rise by the percentage of official inflation,” said Albert Grushin, an expert on commodity markets, from XLFM analytical service. - In my opinion, the time has come for the production of the same cinder blocks using the technology “at home”. Once, thanks to this building material, almost all of the current garage cooperatives were built. "

By recipes -x

The 90s are associated with crimson jackets and mausoleum-like six-hundredth Mercedes of the “new Russians” who made fortunes on speculation. However, those who became poorer turned out to be hundreds of thousands of times more. Although there were those who earned money by honest labor, in particular on the molding of cinder blocks. “We made collapsible wooden molds, lined them with sheet metal from the inside, and used plastic water bottles for the voids. Semi-dry cement mortar with slag filler was poured into such boxes, - recalls Sergey Krikunov from Rostov-on-Don. - They warned that the stone is intended for sheds, garages and one-story summer cottages. Everything they did was taken apart like hot cakes. "

Recommended equipment from the catalog

Meanwhile, in the arsenal of today's cinder block molders, in contrast to the "pioneers from the 90s", there are much more opportunities and adaptations for work. For example, thanks to the Internet, you can find drawings and even manuals for making a portable machine tool with your own hands.

“Of the tools, you will need a grinder and a welding machine, and components are easy to buy on the local market,” Ilya Amorov shares his manufacturing experience. - In three to four days, you can make a machine for molding one wall stone. Even if you buy sheet steel and pipes at the base, the "apparatus" will cost no more than 3-5 thousand rubles. "

Modern alternative

Trade is considered the fiefdom of aspiring entrepreneurs. “This is the simplest and therefore the most widespread type of small business,” said sociologist Arkady Semyonov from Moscow. - Take, for example, a building materials store. According to selective surveys, where would you start your business, from the list of ten ideas proposed, many preferred exactly the trade in goods for the repair and decoration of apartments. It turned out that it is even more interesting than a car service or farming. "

And in fact, almost all people, with very rare exceptions, one way or another at least once in their life bought wallpaper for an apartment, self-tapping screws for fasteners, taps for plumbing. Moreover, due to the constant bustle and queues, it seems that almost all stores of this profile are successful. Is this really so and what needs to be done to open a successful retail outlet with goods for repair, we decided to find out.

Judging by the information and discussions in Runet, the theme of your building materials store is popular. Here are some worthy posts:

"... I would like to hear the opinion of knowledgeable people: how cost-effective is opening a building materials store?" - the forum member bulavka is interested.

“If there is an opportunity, then there is even nothing to think about, open up, develop, prosper! This type of business will always be in demand, ”another forum member, shahter78, is convinced.

“I have been in the subject for a long time,” a certain Dmitry Ivanovich doubts. - There are enough problems, the most important of which is an attractive price. I don’t know how to achieve it. Repairmen are smart people. They are looking for where it is inexpensive. They dig the earth with moles. If you raise the price a little, customers are blown away by the wind. And trading is cheaper than that of competitors - at a loss. "

Professional advice

Experts-economists, in particular Mira Kolomiytseva, who specializes in small business, considers the last statement to be a kind of cry from the heart. “Numerous publications about 'my building materials store' have nothing to do with reality,” she says. - For example, some authors link starting amounts to retail space, they say, these are key indicators. Abstract figures are given, the observance of which supposedly guarantees the success of the undertaking. In particular, 500 thousand rubles are needed as working capital for a point of 100 square meters. Meanwhile, this is disorienting for aspiring entrepreneurs. "

This is a kind of roadmap that should be drawn up even before the start. “Buyers don't like the narrow specialization of the building materials store,” says Valery Andreev, a businessman from Rostov-on-Don. - As a rule, they come with a list according to which they buy. Therefore, the assortment should be as well thought out. I know one entrepreneur who stood at the checkout in a large chain supermarket of building materials and imperceptibly took into account who buys what and how much. "

In this assortment, on the one hand, duplicate items should be excluded, since it is too expensive to maintain. On the other hand, transport and storage costs have been optimized. “We need to establish a clear system of interaction with distributors,” advises Anna Smirnova, director of a small building materials store. - Good personal relationships are important here. In this case, it may become possible to access the changing prices of wholesalers via the Internet. "

Cost arithmetic

Therefore, it is necessary to install specialized racks up to 3 meters high and 1 meter wide, as well as several glass display cabinets that can be locked with a key. You will probably need a turnstile for buyers, a checkout box, a packing table and about ten chrome carts for purchased building materials.

Of course, each store should have its own business project, but the basic indicators should still be taken into account. We will present them in a simplified table.

Financial model of a hardware store

Brief Investment Memorandum

Opening your own building materials store can seem like a simple and low-cost business. But is it really so?

This business plan is designed to open a small building materials store in the center of the newly built residential complex "Kamenny Ruchey". The store development strategy allows you to save on attracting customers, meeting the most important requirements of the modern market environment: flexibility and mobility.

Of course, this business does not promise to bring you a million-dollar profit, but it is quite possible to have a stable income of 100-150 thousand rubles. As the advantages of this business, it can be noted that the main investment falls on working capital. That is, if necessary, you can quickly release the invested funds.

The main thing is to clearly identify the target audience and try to satisfy its needs as much as possible when choosing an assortment of building materials.

Initial investment amount - 804,600 rubles;

The breakeven point is 4 months;

Payback period - 13 months;

Monthly profit - 110,730 rubles.

The business of selling building materials remains relevant in any economic situation, because the need for people to carry out repair work does not disappear anywhere. In most cases, an open store of building materials rarely turns out to be unprofitable, it pays for itself in literally a year of work.

The business plan below is for opening a small shop of materials for renovation work. This idea does not bring millions in revenue, but a stable income of 100,000-200,000 rubles per month can easily be organized. When opening a business, it is important to remember all the nuances, conduct a market analysis in the selected region, consider in detail the possible risks and think over a future strategy for attracting customers.

Relevance and prospects of business ideas

The building material is sold by small shops engaged in small deliveries and retail sales, and large wholesale companies.

The relevance of the building materials store is constantly growing, all because the population is constantly engaged in repair work, albeit minor. This is due to the fact that the market cannot fully meet the existing demand for the range of materials and product quality. Based on this, the competitive niche still remains free for entry.

The relevance of trading in such material is determined by the following:

  • Private houses and summer cottages need annual repairs (plastering, filling cracks).
  • Constant development of areas with new multi-storey buildings.
  • Apartment owners strive to improve their living conditions and carry out at least cosmetic repairs in the premises.
  • An increase in the level of income of the population leads to the emergence of a desire to alter something, finish building, repair.

Business prospects depend on many factors that, to varying degrees, influence further development. But one thing can be said for sure - the likelihood of opening a profitable business is high, favorable conditions for development are pushing businessmen to engage in construction sales.

Project Summary

The main goal of the project is to open a small business for the sale of building materials, with a stable profit and prospects for future development with an annual increase in profit.

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